Month: June 2015

The past 10 days……..

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Hi my dear long lost friends. I have so missed being on my blog and being in blogland in general. I feel so out of the loop, like a kid who’s been out sick for a long time making her debut back at school. As most of you know, we lost my mother in law […]

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Sad news…..

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Hi dear friends. I wanted to share with you that my dear mother in law passed away earlier today after a difficult struggle with cancer. She was one of the kindest, most genuine, least selfish persons I have ever had the privilege to know. After knowing her and sharing so much of my life with […]

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Random musings as seen through my iphone….

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Hi there friends….it’s the weekend at long last! How has your week been? Mine, hectic and somewhat stressful. We have a very sick relative who is not doing well. It’s been difficult seeing someone who love suffer so. So a lot of frivolous plans have been put on hold. I have been busy working, trying […]

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