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Hello, and how is your July 4th weekend going ? Here we are so relaxed, having a wonderful time. I love waking up and opening up all the doors and letting in that ocean air, making my coffee sitting on the deck catching up on reading, doing a fair amount of work then spending the afternoon doing something leisurely. A fair amount of work and play:)

Hope your holiday weekend is going well…..though they were calling for rain, we got very lucky and the second half of the day ended up being beautiful so everything was on schedule including the grand finale of the fireworks display. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..



1. A DREAM VILLA. I can’t believe I have never been to Tuscany, that is going to be changing sooner than later! Isn’t this villa (for rent) in Tuscany an absolute dream? Click here if you want more information (and feel free to invite me for a weekend)!


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2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always love to share with you what has caught my eye on Instagram and let’s face it….there is lots to be inspired by so sometimes narrowing it down can be a challenge. Here is what made my list this week…..

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3.A FABULOUS NEW BAG AND PERFECT SUMMER WEDGES. I recently bought both these items and am enjoying them so much, the bag is the perfect size and so practical while being very good looking with the rich looking matte croc leather……looks super expensive.? The shoes are so comfortable and look great with everything I have paired them with.

LOVE this tote, seriously looks like a million dollars (but is far less)!From Vince who I didn’t even knew made bags, but its not surprising I love this as I am a huge fan of their tissue weight cashmere sweaters, great line.? Click here for details, a perfect tote in my humble opinion.

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And I always have a hard time finding a good looking but comfortable white shoe, however this darling Prada wedge is a winner. Very comfortable (super key) and honestly looks good with everything from capris, to maxi dresses……plus its not too tall, so many of the wedges are like mini skyscrapers! I also love them in black… here for the 411


4. FAVORITE MONTAUK RESTAURANTS…..Montauk has some really wonderful, casual but cool vibe restaurants that have progressive chefs at their helm and of course the prefect seaside location. If you are planning a trip out this way….thought you might want to take note of? a few I highly recommend-

Harvest on Fort Pond- On a lake this is a long time favorite, wonderful food (we were there yesterday) where you can sit outside in the garden or indoors. It is wonderful!

photo4 photo8 photo1

Navy Beach- A hot spot that has gotten only more popular, good food, happening and being on the water where you can literally pull in on your boat makes this a boaters fave.

Navy-Beach-1-1024x681 NAVY_BEACH_salmon-tartare-2-1024x682 sunset-1



South Edison- Cute, funky and progressive, a newer restaurant, great food, lively scene with occasional live music.

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6. ROSE, I do love my Roses in the summer, they go perfectly well with just about everything:) Here are some recent faves, and all are priced really well:) Both of these are really really good, so happy that my local wine shop recommended them! If you like Domaines Ott you will love these:)

sancerre_rose_2011 maison-saint-aix-aix-rose-75-cl.-2013-1

7.CHARLES FAUDREE’S LAST PROJECT. I was so smitten with this fabulous mountain home that was Charles Faudree’s last project …talk about amazingly cozy and elegant. I was a huge fan of his work (still am)? and fell I love with this home, truly beautiful and so true to his elegant, effortless style, what? a legend and legacy he has left behind. Click here to read article in Traditional Home.

102330050_w 102330068_w 102330091_w 102330077_w 102330062_w 102330094_w 102330072_w

This butchers block took my breath away, I read that they designed the kitchen around it..I would have done the same thing:)


So there you have my seven on Sunday…anything excite you or get your attention? Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend, wishing you a great day and end to your weekend. Until next time…

PS I am not able to take any more pictures for the Blue and White Love round 2 contest, actually received more than the cutoff of 65 but expanded the contest a bit, however I am at capacity, thank you to all….so many incredible pictures!

PPS Announced a? July 4th promo on you guessed it, blue and white. Click here for details….



PS I cannot take any more pictures for my Blue and White Love round 2 contest, I am actually over and expanded the contest just a wee bit. I am sure there will be more blue and white love contests in the future:) Thanks to all who sent them in, all I can say is…WOW! Stay tuned for contest to start on or around July 14th!

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Debby on

Tuscany is on my bucket list! I would love to rent a villa one day. Love the wedges too. I’m glad you are enjoying your holiday weekend. xo

Ann on

Just wanted to add Crows Nest to the list of great Montauk restaurants

Deanna on

Happy Sunday to you! I love your instamgrams of interest. You have an eye for beauty and since I am trying to stay say from instagram, I get my fix through yours! The hydrangea post is beyond fabulous!!
Also have to say you have a wonderful eye for fashion!! Now I’m searching for blue and white dresses, ala Tina!!
Love your posts, please keep them coming, even from the beach house πŸ™‚

Janet on

Love “having coffee” with your blog! Blue and white is my favorite (I have two of your beautiful ginger jars) and Charles Faudree is also one of my heroes. Have you read Charles Faudree: Country French Legacy by Jenifer Jordan? Many of the images are familiar, his wit and wisdom are priceless and the stories told by his clients/friends are so endearing. It’s on my coffee table so I can read and reread whenever.
Have a wonderful time at the beach!

Karena on

You always brighten my Sunday mornings Tina!! Love it all and would love those Prada wedges!!

The Arts by Karena
Gallery Opening!

Linda on

Just returned from Tuscany(Montepulciano),and stayed in an 18th century Villa.
we had our entire family(12 of us),and i must say–when the opportunity arises to go-DO IT!!!
One of the most memorable,beautiful trips ever.
Talk about good food!!!(and of course wine).
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Katie Clooney on

Helloooo dear Tina… So glad to be back. Guess what blog I checked into first!!! You never let me down. Oh Lord… that house by Charles Faudree inspires me to start playing the lottery. OMG! Love every inch of it. As always, fabulous instagram pics. All are great but my fave is Sarah Tucker and her beautiful babies. Love the purses and wedges. Told the Mister that we need to visit Montauk. Hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for always supplying me with a week’s worth of eye candy.

Design Chic on

So glad you are relaxing and enjoying your trip. Love the villa in Tuscany and anything that has Charles Faudree’s name, I know I will be smitten?gorgeous post, Tina!

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

OM Gosh!! I love that Tuscan home!! Take me with you too! So many cute Instagram photos! You have such a great eye and I love visiting you here to get my daily dose of inspiration. XOXOXO

Luciane at on

Hi Tina,

Oh, I missed being here! I was working on a big project but I am off this week and I should come here more often! πŸ™‚

I hope you’re enjoying your time. My husband and I love to try new restaurants and I am adding these to my list. Thank you for all the tips! I loved reading them!

Have a Blessed week, my friend!

Luciane from

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