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Hi and Happy Sunday to you. How is your weekend going? Hope well, I pulled my back so part of my weekend was spent doing absolutely nothing, am hoping with continued bedrest I will be back on my feet literally and figuratively very soon, I so? miss not being able to be at the beach this weekend.

But am watching documentaries galore and saw The Horse Whisperer for maybe the 40th time as well as the documentary based on the real “horse whisperer” which was really fascinating, it is called Buck and is available on Netflix FYI. As I always do…here are seven things on my mind this past week!



1. TORY BURCH IN PARIS. You might have seen this on the internet somewhere but boy I could stare at this? all day long, just love her newest store in Paris. Such a beautiful shop that feels so glamorous and sophisticated for an equally glamorous and sophisticated city. Yet one more reason to visit Paris:)

257590_518215_tory_burch_paris_flagship_4-1024x682 ?Home wares are displayed on a mezzanine level.

Snip20150707_5 tory-burch-paris


2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST, once again so much to love this week. I cannot get over the inspiration I find on a daily basis, it has me wanting to plan a party al fresco, whip up something yummy and do a little blue and white rearranging all at once:)


3. SNAPSHOTS FROM THE FARMERS MARKET. For me getting to spend time in the Hamptons/Montauk is all about bringing me back to nature. Lazy bike rides, long walks to the lighthouse or beach, relaxed afternoons reading on the porch, and of course hitting as many farm stands as I can find! Montauk has a farmers market once a week and it is such an old fashioned treat, had fun capturing it with my iPhone. I love taking pictures of farmstands and get so excited over beautiful fruits and vegetables…..go figure:)



4.MY TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS. I so love getting in your pictures…always fun for me to see what you are up to and how you use/display things you have gotten from me and my online shop…keep me coming. Here are a few recent pictures I got that were worth sharing……

5. GREAT DEAL ON MONOGRAMMED TOWELS!? I wait for this sale from Horchow all year…and then stock up! I just placed my order and thought this was a deal worth sharing! Where else would you? find a monogrammed bath towel in an array of colors for $12.99! Click here for more info…..

HCH7LCP_cz HC-5G0U_az HC-5G0U_mz

And aren’t these just gorgeous!! So in love with them, click here to view


6.ONE AMAZING BEACH HOUSE. I have the beach on my mind a lot lately, since we have been there so much and there are few more beautiful places than the Hamptons but an ultra posh beach location. How incredible is this amazing Hamptons beach house beautifully located between the ocean and bay? If you have 50 million to spare,


c0ef7490aaf44ce9f126177c41a0f936 f86fa58804b74f258d57119b37c7d8ae 86552066f4c92d4721da3421757efe7b f790fe47f09d976a4dbe854c240ba366 133502c240a5e5a8aff8abbef00de2d5 23be7c9823255a2d1701413dbc8ad13e

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7. ALEX PAPACHRISTIDIS HOME IN BRIDGEHAMPTON. Far more formal than what most think of when they conjure up a beach house but no less incredible, I love his book The Age of Elegance and refer to it often, it is to me a must have. Here are a pictures of his “beach house” in Bridgehampton…

b1b4754e3708145b11802d7c097943db e8e0220262520fc0e001dfe55370cac2 99ff4e9dcd15fcab749ded95f5737396

193179880bc274756c898b8f9d6fb16d SeatingAreaHDS2006P.EnnisAP_Interiors_H_0081 item12.rendition.slideshowVertical.alex-papachristidis-04-pool item8.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.alex-papachristidis-10-kitchen

And his wonderful book that is a must have for any design book enthusiast,? you can buy it here



So much beauty in the world…..I love seeking it out and am so inspired by it. Anything here excite you? What’s new in your world? Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping on this fine summer day. Until next time…..


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Deanna Eppers on

Happy Sunday, Tina! Beautiful pics this morning? And I went to Horchow and bought some towels! I love your recommendations. Thanks for a beautiful beginning to a (hopefully) beautiful day!

Design Chic on

So much to love, Tina! Tory Burch’s store is insanely gorgeous – blue, white and gold perfection, and we can’t get enough of instagram – our latest obsession! Happy Sunday!


My favorite day of the week for your blog, always fun and inspiring. happy new week,

Karena on

Great inspiration for this Sunday morning Tina!
I found a couple of new Instagram friends and what can I say about Alex! I too adore his book and any images of his own homes! Talented beyond!

The Arts by Karena

Lea on

Goodmoring Tina! I love your musings and the beautiful images that make me long for home.
Seeing the blue awnings on that beach house was so validating as I have them here on my CA home. Many ask why I would have blue awnings in surprise and some disgruntled as CA boasts neutral tones. I reply that if you knew where I was from you wouldn’t need to ask (I grew up on Cape Cod, MA).

So glad you enjoyed your beach vacation. The ocean roar and the salty air are so soothing. I wrote a poem about growing up in Cape Cod : ~Low Tide on the Cape~
Whispers of salty, windblown surf,
Wave?s curling fingers gripping the shore,
Pastel scallops coyly peek from the sand,
Tendrils of seaweed covet purple-blue periwinkles,
Shrieking , snowy gulls scoop wingfulls of spray,
Brown sugar sandbar?s rising humps, gleam.
Footprint wells, trek to the horizon,
Soft din of children, plastic pails in tow,
Rainbow hued Sunfish sails billow and lean,
Swirling eddies tease and tickle my toes,
Tide pools miniature museums, display.
Soft roar of cub waves, soon to swell?
Hurry to the slurry speech of shore.
Tingly, warming skin blossom with freckles,
Rolled pant legs drip with sandy vestiges of day,

Low, moan of fog horns lull me to sleep,

Seahorse and starfish waltz in my dreams.

~Lea Ruggiero Kagel

Perry on

Pure joy looking at these pictures! Envisioning myself and my two daughters (3 & 6) relaxing and having fun in the backyard of the last beach house. LOVE!!

LC on

Tina, it’s always relaxing to sip a cup of coffee and scroll through your posts.

Thank you for sharing the beauty and inspiration that fills your world. It certainly enriches mine, and helps me slow down and see it in my own.

Blessings to you and yours.

Fran on

Lovely post, Tina. Wish I could visit that farmer’s market. I have a ‘thing’ for fresh fruit and vegetables too! And that bread looks yummy. Enjoy your vacation. Hope your back is better soon.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns Blog on


So sorry to hear that you hurt your back, I hope that you are resting and relaxing. Make sure to take care of yourself as well as you take care of everyone else Tina…

I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR SUNDAY POSTS! I cannot wait to check out the new to me instagram links.

Have a great, healthy and relaxing week Tina!

mo at Mocadeaux on

Oh my! I can practically smell those fabulous looking peaches and cherries right through my computer screen! And with several showers coming up this summer I’m going to check out the Horchow sale. Thanks again for shining a spotlight on so many wonderful things!!

Nancy Kelley on

Your pictures of the farmer’s market were so lovely and enticing that I wish I could visit it! Take care and I hope your back feels better soon, Tina!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina! So sorry to hear you’ve hurt your back. My husband did the same about a week ago and is finally feeling better. Hope you are, too. Thanks for taking us to the Farmer’s Market – one of my favorite things about summer – and to some gorgeous beach houses, and to Tory’s new Paris shop. I think we need do a little shopping, don’t you?

Hope you are back to normal soon and it’s a lovely week! XOXO

Karolyn on

Tory has impeccable style!! I wish she would do a fabric line! I will also take that Hampton’s house, when do I move in? xo Happy Monday Tina!

Jill Karr on

Tina…Loved your Seven on Sunday today ( I have a little catching up to do). How do you get such fabulous photos of the market with an iPhone?.

I do hope your back is better VERY soon!,


Leslie Sinclair on

Spectacular Seven on Sunday! I might be most charmed by the crate of black sweet cherries!!
xo Leslie

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