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Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend. With my back being out, restful is about the only thing my weekend was. Headed to round 2 of acupuncture yesterday which generally has worked however this time I needed more so went to my orthopedist and am now on prednisone and painkillers….fingers crossed this will bring my much needed relief.

Onto one of my favorite subjects, architecture and design. The first time I saw a house designed by Geoff Chick, I knew I needed to know more. I was intrigued, fascinated and in awe because he had singlehandedly designed what to me is the perfect idea beach/coastal home.? I have since discovering him dreamed about designing a beach or lake house with him as he seems to have mastered that “low country” coastal elegant home vibe to perfection that I so love. Truly talented, I am an official fan.

When I am excited about “meeting” someone new, I in turn want to share it with you too. So thought this was a name worth remembering….you never know and it’s fair to say someone out there is in? the process of building, renovating, considering a new build, etc…and this is a name worth knowing! So without further adue, here is Geoff’s work.….





What kid would not be head over heels to sleep in this ultra cool bunk room!


I could literally live in a room like this!


Always like seeing “dead space” like landings get used so beautifully!house13pop2

Is this a dreamy coastal kitchen or what!


Seaside perfection if you ask me.

house7pop2 house7pop3

Great rooms like this which combine both a living room and family room are such smart uses of space

houseApop3 houseApop2 houseApop1 house12pop9

I love the vibe of this space for a beach/coastal home

house12pop8 house12pop6 house12pop2

Really love the feeling of this open concept….so conducive to great gatherings of family and friends


house14pop9 house14pop6 house10pop14

Yes I could see hosting all kinds of fun get togethers in this fabulous space

house10pop4 house10pop1 house11pop18 house11pop10 house11pop8

I love his clever and unique door design to the shower…fabulous!

house11pop6 house11pop1

A typical gorgeous coastal home of Geoff Chick

house15pop19 house15pop17 house15pop16 house15pop14

Absolutely LOVE everything about this home!


Yes yes and yes!

house15pop12 house15pop05 house15pop01

This is about the size I would want….not too big and not too small.



Even on a small scale, he gets it right!



What did I tell you…amazing! I have so many favorites I frankly lost count:) He is one talented architect. I love his “signature” of the huge great room infusing big open airy spaces as one. What a great way to bring family and friends together. I could see those spaces being used all the time. I love his approach to this particular style and would hands down hire him hopefully when not if we do design a beach/coastal home at some point. Click here to visit his website.

We are going back to Palmetto Bluff in the fall because I so fell in love with it that we are headed there with my brother in law and wife and these are the types of homes that are found there…just saying:) Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time…..

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Katie Clooney on

Love every inch of every room!!! Went thru the post 3 times because I didn’t want to miss anything. So sorry about your back, sweet Tina. Hope you are on the mend soon.

Mary on

MUST come and see Cassique in Kiawah SC ! Pure joy living here.
Can come & visit us. We built here almost 2 years ago. 🙂


Kathleen Cushmore on

Thanks, Tina. This post is oozing chic and charm ! Feel better soon.

Karena on

Tina thanks for the introduction to Geoff as I was not familiar with his work and love it!!
The Arts by Karena



Beldav on

Love the calmness of it all. So different from inland decor. Love the simplistic style!

Fiona on

Wow, wow, wow!!!!!


soo talented + great photos.

Barbara Kelly on

Love this look!!!!
All of the featured homes appear to be in the Seaside area at Watercolor.
Watercolor is located in the panhandle of north Fl; south Walton county.

I live in this area. We have the whitest sand beaches and emerald/aqua
waters of the gulf. Beautiful!!!

Jan on

Beautiful! I would love a seaside home with all the aqua’s & blues! Thanks for sharing these beautiful homes. I pinned them in case I meet a prince charming! I hope your back get better….I know how much pain you are in because I hurt mine and I have neck issues also. I tried a cervical care doctor and they did not help me and a friend suggested acupuncture. The doctor gave me a script for Methylpred but I have not taken it yet because of all of the negative comments about the drug. People were saying that they could not sleep at night and there hearts were racing. They said that it was not worth it. How are you doing on it? I hope that it works for you!

Regina on

So sorry you have a nasty back.
Get well soon.
Thank you for the beautiful exposure to such a talented architect.

pretty pink tulips on

Oh Tina?.your poor back!!! Thank goodness it was soooo hot these past few days, staying inside was preferable!

I’m on gorgeousness overload from this post! My best friend and her family just bought a house in Kiawah and will be redoing it. Now, i’m curious if this is their architect. I sure would want him to be mine!!!!

Keep resting!!! Hugs!
xoxo Elizabeth

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Stunning! Love his work and I agree with the great rooms! So pretty! Hope you feel better soon! Lord, heal Tina’s back and take away all the pain. Amen.

South Shore decorating blog on

Oh no you poor thing! I can’t believe you got this gorgeous post out while on painkillers. I really hope you get relief soon

mo at Mocadeaux on

Oh, Tina, I hope that your back is better soon! I would hate for you to miss too much of summer! My college roommate and her husband are building a home in Palmetto Dunes. I can’t wait to go visit them there!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina, I’ve been thinking about you…I read on Instagram that you hurt your back…you poor thing! I have had my back go out many times and had to have back surgery. Try to get into physical therapy when you can and try to get your core strong…it will help! Love this architecture…that shower door is amazing!

Design Chic on

His designs have always been a favorite! The room upstairs with the shiplap in the playroom and adjoining bedroom is adorable?wishing we had that at the beach!! Happy Wednesday, Tina!

Khadija on

I hope you feel better soon!
I love these color schemes so much.

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