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Hi there, and happy Sunday to you, are we really already at the end of July! These weeks are flying by a bit too fast! First order of business is to announce the winner of the pretty blue and white vase, congratulations goes to-

#28 Debbie says:


Thanks to the hundreds who took part in my survey (click here if you missed it). I so loved hearing what you had to say, it is a total validation for me doing what I do and why I enjoy it so much. I will be sharing the results with you later this week.

We had such a great day yesterday, back in the Hamptons for the celebrity studded fundraiser to benefit ovarian cancer,? Super Saturday.Our friends were sponsors and invited us as their was such a fun day, and a nice treat after being homebound for nearly a week with my bad back. It was also a picture perfect weather day so it doesn’t get much better than shopping, great weather and good friends.? Today, just chilling then going to a BBQ party later and you?

As I do every Sunday here are seven things that have gotten my attention. Lots of pretty to share this week. ? And here we go……



1. A GREAT LITTLE REMINDER. This really made me stop and think about all that I have to be thankful for. I printed this out and put it on my fridge, not so much that anyone in my family will stop to read it but I certainly will be reminded every time I open it (and lets face it that’s a lot) and hopefully they (as in the men in my household) will take the time to read at least a few and be reminded to be grateful for even the smallest things, certainly worth sharing!


2.? A FABULOUS NEW ARTIST. So love discovering talented artists, one talent I wish I had! Really loving the work of fashion illustrator Joanna Baker, take a look at some of her amazing work. I cannot imagine having that kind of raw talent, this NY based designer is one gifted lady and I simply love her style.? Click here to learn more or visit her website.cda46845d49f527d66597488c8f5bda9 process margoandme-joanna-baker3 carolina-herrera-bridal-joanna-baker-small city-dogs-joanna-baker

instagram-recap-joanna-baker giambattista-valli-joanna-baker new-prints-joanna-baker1

3. AN ELEGANT UNDERSTATED PARTY. I loved the pretty and not overly fussy details of Suzanne Kasler’s party held at her home for SCAD. Such elegance! Could easily be in Provence,? what a beautiful setting….kind of makes me want to plan a party myself:)? Courtesy of Atlanta Homes Magazine.

ahl_kasler_009-469x640 ahl_kasler_008-469x640


?ahl_kasler_011-469x640 ahl_kasler_033-426x640 ahl_kasler_040-479x640 ahl_kasler_041-479x640


4.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always enjoying getting to share with you the insanely beautiful and inspiring pictures that have caught my eye. Suffice to say there is never ever a shortage of pictures to share. Ever!

And my four favorites of the week……

I mean seriously this dude has some serious style:)

What a great idea! I have to try this shrimp cocktail in a huge blue and white bowl…fabulous!

Love everything about this:)

Isn’t this fabulous? Jeanne of I Dream Of was inspired by my picture of this on instagram and painted it….amazing!

And I mean really……how funny is this, and the scary part is it’s true!


5. MORE TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS. You are one talented bunch..I never tire of getting in your incredible pictures. Thank you so much for sharing:) Here are some recently received new additions…

6. MOST BEAUTIFUL TENTS EVER! These make me want to have a party…..sure wish one of my sons could hurry up and meet the right girl, lol. Aren’t? these sensational? Boutique Tents is a bespoke custom tent company that fulfill all of your tent dreams! Click here to learn more

1.-0346 Screen+Shot+2014-12-18+at+11.33.26+AM

Herring-Entrance Beach-Tent IndianTent1080-50 Herring-Rich-Curtain Indian-Tent-BANNER

7. AROUND HERE. I have some big things to tell you about like the “lower level” and the dining room but those warrant their very own posts:) Here’s a look at some things outside the home this past week, everything looks so lush and green, nothing like a yard in the summer!

Added this beautiful new blue and white lamp to the secretary in my dining room, always loved pretty lamps on secretarys

Gorgeous cut hydrangeas from the yard and my two favorites roses’ of the summer…..Notorious Pink and Whispering Angel

Changed up the vignette on my kitchen island with those new blue and white planters to create a fresh summer feel

Got the fan in from Horchow and it’s perfect, we ordered two more, what a steal! If you are in the market for? a fan click here (use code welcome for an extra 20% off of anything on the entire site)!


Teddy having his splendor in the grass moment

Our newly restored fountain, love the sound and it adds such a lovely feeling to the back of the house


So that is what’s on my radar this week….and what about you? Anything new and exciting?? Thanks as always for stopping in! Wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend, until next time…..

Just as of Monday morning started a new promo on select porcelains at rock bottom prices as we make way for new container arriving next month! Click here to visit the promotion


PPS Look whose outdoor patio is being featured today over at One Kings Lane…woo hoo, exciting! (though they forgot to put my name, The Enchanted Home under photo) so I am waiting for that to happen!


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Anita Rivera on

WOOOOO that was fun, from the bulldog all decked out in blue to the TENTS! I want a tent in my yard. I’d sleep out there! YES!

Tina, your shares today are marvelous. So many talents out there….it’s fun to just be part of the human race, to simply express myself and try new things, as these people have. I am glad to hear you are enjoying your beautiful fountain, and yes, July is almost over so that means back to school for me in late August. NO! I want to still play.

Heal well and HAVE A BLAST! Anita

Jenny on

I love reading your blog! I am hooked and every time I receive your news letters it is like unwrapping a gift! I am new to the blue and white passion so my collection is not as vaste as yours but your impeccable taste and classic designs are surely inspiring! I hope one day to be able to afford one of your pieces. Thank you again for posting and God bless you and your family!


MLC on

Dear Tina, I bought a dozen of the lovely monogrammed napkins. But…no need to send to the dry cleaners (they wil get dingy). Wash on gentle cycle then remove and lay flat on a terry cloth towel and roll up and put in the frig for 24 hours. Then iron…they come out beautifully! Rather like you had a laundress in your home.
Happy entertaining!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina, that was a fun post…I to cant believe were at the end of July…time is going by way to fast! I’m pretty new at Instagram and I’m going to have to check out your recommendations.

Deb on

always love your exquisite taste. Could you tell me the color that your kitchen island is painted? I am in the middle of a remodel and I love the way yours looks.

Design Chic on

I love the list and such a great reminder to stop and think about all we have to be thankful for?always excited to see what you find on instagram?my latest obsession! Happy Sunday, my friend ~

Karena on

How can this summer be flying by so quickly?! Tina you always bring new beauty art, ideas and Instagram fiends !! I hope your back is doing better…..take good care!

The Arts by Karena
Ceramic Artist Leah Bowring

Sherry myers on

Tina, you ARE a talented artist. You have a gift for floral and decor design. Never sell yourself short! Many people would love to be the talented and skilled artist that you are. You have such an eye for beauty in SO many things. I don’t think anyone has a better eye than you do, especially in the area of spotting beautifully exquisite all things BLUE AND WHITE! I can only dream of having a gorgeous kitchen like yours! And, I am thankful I can dream!! Have a lovely week. Beautiful post! Always love Seven on Sunday..thank you.


thanks for the list + always grateful for

Marilyn the nurse on

Tina, another beautiful Sunday post. I look so forward to your blog — nothing could be more enjoyable. Blue and white has now become my passion. You inspired me, thank you!!!


I sit down every Sunday after church and add in new Instagram people to follow, based on your suggestions. You are like a personal shopper for tasteful Instagramers…it makes my week!

Joanna Baker on

Thanks so much for the feature, Tina! You are too kind!! =)

sally on

Hello dear Tina

Such lovely beauty you share as always, to make Sunday so pretty. The pictures of your garden with Teddy enjoying the sunshine…

I am thinking of you right now across the pond, as I watch ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ it is on tv 🙂
I feel like Im in the Hamptons!
So I hope you are getting to spend some time relaxing in your beach house

Much love to you xx

Patty on

Hi Tina!
Your talent is amazing…from hosting, cooking & entertaining to the understanding of the overall design aesthetic of a home and even a passion for the garden. I’m a former interior designer turned stay at home mother of 3 and you inspire me. You give me hope that I can now slowly grow a business, build a brand, etc as I raise my children & then expand, reaching new heights when they finally leave the nest. As they say, ” You can have it all, just not all at once”. I loved seeing your home featured on One Kings Lane. Any thoughts on how to start getting your home published? Did you seek it or did they find you? I’d love it if you would post advice from your overall experiences. Thanks!!!

Karen T. on

I was certain that was your outdoor patio today on OKL! Woohoo! I also was wondering why your name (or blog name) was not under the picture! Great post!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina – So fun to see your gorgeous home pop up in my email this morning with One Kings Lane! Love seeing what’s on your radar every week – so honored that you’ve included me in your Instagrams of note, thank you. And fun to see my friend Dana’s home here, too! Busy week ahead, thanks for reminding me of all the things I have to be thankful for – friends like you included! XOXO

Katie Clooney on

Helloooooo Sweet Tina! Your home looks fabulous as always! Congrats on One Kings Lane!!! Love that outdoor area. Great instagram pics. Any Housewives sightings in the Hamptons?

Chantal on

Hi Tina!

I’m greatful for happy tears especially when I saw the picture of Donald Trump!

You made my day!
Take care,

[email protected] Urban Mum on

Stunning blog and so thrilled I found you…so much content and all beautiful, I didn’t know where to read first. So making my way through it all. Magnificent artist above, oh to have that talent…x

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