Month: July 2015

Which would you choose?

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Hey there, hope this finds you well. I still can’t believe we are almost in the second week of July…wish there was a pause button! I am enjoying my time “out east”, going back and forth as business calls but am really finding the down time incredibly relaxing, therapeutic and much needed:) First and overdue […]

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Florist Extraordinaire- Karen Tran

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Hi friends, hoping you had a wonderful and relaxing July 4th weekend. We definitely did, cannot believe July 4th has come and gone! I? finally joined the Instagram bandwagon about 9 months ago and haven’t looked back. I love the constant inspiration and getting to discover all kinds of new talent, for everything from artists […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hello, and how is your July 4th weekend going ? Here we are so relaxed, having a wonderful time. I love waking up and opening up all the doors and letting in that ocean air, making my coffee sitting on the deck catching up on reading, doing a fair amount of work then spending the […]

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