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Hi there, hope you are having a great weekend. By the time you read this I will be away on a little unexpected getaway…..have a few posts scheduled to post until I return next Wed (sure hope they do) I have been really busy working on a number of design projects and though I love them, they are very time consuming.

I am really trying hard to give myself at least 2 days a week designated as “me” days until the end of summer. It is fleeting and I find I do my best work when I have had some down time which is what I gave myself this week.

Today as I periodically do I share my life’s happenings with you as seen through my trusty little iPhone. I love how just the pictures with little narration can tell a story, how did we ever live without our phones!

So here’s a snippet of my week as seen through my iPhone….



You know how much I love farms/farmstands, the other day had an impromptu day with a friend, hit a few wineries, some favorite farm/flower stands and of course threw in a little retail therapy for good measure, but it was the farmstands that really had me dreaming…..

If you are ever on the “North Fork” you MUST stop off at Briermere Frams for the most outrageous pies (known far and wide) and incredible array of homemade jams and jellies….

Of course had to pick up a few bottles of sparkling rose from Croteaux, the cutest boutique winery


Starting to think about window treatments for the dining room, thinking a solid silk flowy panel with a gorgeous pale blue tape of some kind


Been enjoying plenty of downtime with good reading material, a glass of rose and nothing but the sound of the birds doing their thing


Oh and Teddy taking a sip:)


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My pretty fresh farm flowers in blue and white vases in the kitchen give the space such cheer


Had such a great time at my friends beach party last weekend


One of the three e design projects I am working on at the moment (selecting breakfast room chairs)

Look who thinks he owns the place

Love the way my new chinoiserie planters look on my console, crazy about this color



Set up an impromptu? coffee break for a dear friend stopping in (love the dried flowers from the farm which is funny because I am not a purple person)!

So I treated myself my husband to this really neat frozen margarita machine from Williams Sonoma, and let me tell you these were goooood (as in I could me? whipping up a batch every afternoon). Just kidding, well kinda. Naturally had to give it a test run before I let me family try:) Cheers!


So that’s whats up in my world..and you? Anything new or exciting. Thank you for stopping in, until next time……


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Katie Clooney on

Great pics from you iPhone!!! I love farm stands too! I’m sure that your dining room window treatments will be stunning. Enjoy your “me” time – no one deserves it more!

Sharon kAy phillips on

Luv your flower pictures

Nancy Kelley on

Gorgeous shots of the lovely farmstand produce and flowers! Sunflowers are brightening up my kitchen, too! Have a fun getaway, Tina!

Jann on

Where did you get those lovely blue and white teapot plates? Jann

Carol Davis on

Can I come live with you? Your Home is so full of the best eye candy, you always find time for another beautiful project and a way to enjoy ALL of the flavors of life! Thank you inspiring me, you are amazing in every way~

Vicki on

Love all the flower pics especially the sunflowers. It is so hot here in southern FL not much is blooming except hibiscus.

Grace on

Beautiful photos as always. I absolutely love those forks on your island. Where did you get them?

Karena on

Tina I always love to see what you are enjoying in your life. The sunflowers, the fountain, the loggia, areas of your home and gardens to relax after all of the effort you have ( and continue) to put into your home and business!

The Arts by Karena

leslie on

I just love those happy sunflowers Tina and they look so pretty with the blue and white porcelain. It will be exiting to get your window treatments done. The pieces you showed look gorgeous and I know whatever you choose will be beautiful.
Have fun on your little getaway!!

Barbara Kelly on

Love all the pictures.

Your trim selections are beautiful.
My first choice would be the center one.

Where can we find the lanterns you have on the loggia?

Enjoy your get away

CathyR on

Good morning Tina!

Thank you for the restaurant recommendations for the Hamptons. We tried several of your selections while on vacation last week and loved all 3!

Enjoy your time off…have fun, relish in the warm weather and lazy (well kind of) days of summer.

Cathy R

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Love the snapshots and that farm stand looks amazing! My uncle has that margarita mixer and I can agree it sure does whip up a delicious drink!

Anne on

I have spent this lovely hot summer Saturday going over my new book…One Man’s Folly…. Thank you so much for the recommendation and the link to order it!!!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Great idea setting two days a side for you…I wish I could do the same…have fun on vacation!

Marie In AZ on

Life is good…flowers to enjoy, fresh fruit to eat, books to read….and then, of course, Margaritas! Lovely post, Tina. And as always, your beautiful pictures make my day. Have a great getaway!

pretty pink tulips on

Just love having a peek into your world! Wish I could just tag along!!

You’re the friend everyone wants?.with that lovely coffee break or afternoon margaritas. My husband treated himself to the “Jimmy Buffet” margaritaville machine. Quite funny!

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer?.looks like it from all I can see!
xoxo Elizabeth

Debbie on

You made such lovely photos. I whis I was there!

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