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Hi there, hope you get this on Sunday morning as I schedueled it ahead of time. By the time you get this,?I will be on a little vacation for a few days and promised my family no or very minimal “tech device usage” πŸ™‚

I?will be back on?Thursday? so this is it until Tuesday (scheduled another post to appear and pray it will)!? I have included?a few?favorite posts of 2015 at the bottom just in case you miss me and need even more reading material:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here is what is on my radar…..



1. FABULOUS NEW COFFEE TABLE BOOK ! I have carved out time to read a few books this summer, not nearly as much as I would like but I will take what I can get. I am finishing up two of them so will likely share my list with you next week sometime but did just get in this which I HIGHLY recommend.

For your coffee table you? must get Sharon Santoni’s new book which is an absolute “home run”I got it right before I left so didn’t get to go through the whole thing but simply cannot wait to return home?to? finish, it is truly beautiful…….it can be ordered here.



2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always enjoy sharing what has caught my eye on Instagram, never at a loss of beauty and inspiration to share with you. Here are this weeks faves…..

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3. FAVORITE ROSE? WINES. I consider myself practically an expert on this subject:) I love Ros? in the summer and have a few favorites (and trust me I have tried many:) These are my top three this season-


Notorious Pink is light and wonderful, not to mention comes in this great frosted bottle with a glass top so you can reuse ( I use it for olive oil)


Whispering Angel is super light and crisp, great with everything, always have a bottle or two on hand


And Aix is another fave, a little more body than the two above


4. A CUTE PET PILLOW. How adorable is this? You input your dogs name, breed and 3 or 4 characteristics that?describe?him and for $21.00 you get this darling custom pillow. Great gift idea fo anyone who loves their dog:) Click here to order




5. A FABULOUS HOME. This home is so well done, I could move right in, what do you think? I love the light and “easy on the eyes” palette, it has? a clean uncluttered easy to live in appeal. Featured in Traditional Home, in case you missed it, I?thought it warranted sharing. What beautiful?curb appeal both from the front and back…it had me at the long pale gray shutters!



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6. FALL FROCKS. Yes I cannot believe I am saying it, makes me feel like such a traitor to summer but these were so could?I resist! Love these looks to get me looking stylish through the looong season of fall and winter-

This is so chic from Rebecca Taylor, click here for details


And I could getting a lot of use from this smart looking 3/4 vest with the curly lambswool panel, click here for the 411

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And this looks so expensive but at $395? I could not resist, love the styling and quilted leather! Click here if you want to see more



7. A WONDERFUL AND SO EASY APPETIZER! Whipped these up for friends who were stopping by unexpectedly and I must say they were so good. I was in a rush so didn’t get to take pictures of my own but trust me these are easy and delish. Also involves ingredients that most have on hand so makes a great impromtu appetizer.

(I used extra sharp cheddar instead of Pepper Jack) and with it being officially tomato season, there’s no better time than now to make these…..Click here for full recipe



So there are my seven things that got my attention this week, and how about you? Anything new and exciting on your end? In case you miss me already here are a few favorite posts from 2015 that you might have missed-

My lower level reveal

An ode to Provence

A breaking weather announcement (if you want a good laugh)

Color Crush- Camel and Gray

An homage to Carolyne Roehm

Be back on Thursday but hopefully a post I scheduled in advance will post on Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and fabulous rest of the weekend!


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Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Enjoy your family trip Tina! Love the instagram pics you shared. So pretty! And I wouldn’t mind having a little Rose with that tasty appetizer you shared. YUM!

Debby on

Hi Tina,

That decor book looks great – love the name! Hope you are well.

Deb xo

Bobbie hathaway on

Beautiful! Love the home. Gave me ideas for the home we have just purchased.

Will try the wine, too.

Thank you! Have a lovely trip.

Leslie Sinclair on

Tina I hope you have so much fun!!! How you have time before you go to put together so many wonderful ideas!!! Love the house and those doggy bowels are pretty cute!! xo Leslie

Karena on

Dear Tina, Enjoy your much deserved time off. This as you know is always my favorite posting of the week!

The Arts by Karena
Artist Nicoletta Belletti

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns Blog on

Tina, have a fabulous vacation and enjoy your family!

I love Sharons book! IT is fabulous! And a must for Christmas gifts.

As always love the instagram finds, I cannot wait to check them out!

Thanks for sharing!

Debi T on

that house featured in Traditional Home is right across the street from me and is even more lovely in person…..everything about it was done perfectly!


have a wonderful time + doggie pillow is sooo cute.

The Buzz Blog on

August is flying by and soon it will be red wine weather again… We love the Whispering Angel and might have to try a bottle or two of your other favorites! And for course, start shopping for that fall wardrobe.
C + C

Design Chic on

What a great post, Tina – always love seeing new to me instagrams! Hope you’re having a wonderful, well-deserved vacation!!

Lisa B on

Sharon Santoni’s book looks tre chic! Thanks for the suggestion. Love the awnings on the Bellpoint House. What a cutie pie on SnoopNattynat ( is that a name great or what!) Meh on the Traditional Home layout. I agree the shutters are stoppers. Just feeling a bit snow blind on the interiors. Wouldn’t you love to just throw in some blue and white here and there ( maybe everywhere)?
Just an FYI that that Puech Haut Prestige – Languedoc Rose Wine ( product of France) also uses the same opaque wine bottles with a sweet pink glass stopper ( no cork screw needed). Whispering Angel reminds me of Edgartown 2014 (beware her evil twin Screaming Devil who likes to greet the morning) Cheers!!

Sharon Santoni on

Thank you for the shout out Tina, I’m so happy that the book got to you safely and quickly and that you are enjoying it.


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