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Hi, don’t know about where you are but over here it’s been brutally hot, as in weather you feel like you could melt in! This is my fourth post on the series “Color Crush” and there is no better time than to showcase the freshness and vitality of showing green in all its glory than in the greenest season of them all….summer! Whether its a crisp upbeat lime green paired with striking white or a deep luscious forest/moss green in a dark moody room…suffice to say green rooms are pretty fabulous!

I have always been drawn to green and go to the two extremes, the palest celadon all the way to a dark and deep moss green. I would love to finally give in to my impulses one day and paint a room a glossy moss green. I might just do it:) So how about you? Love green too? Even if you aren’t a huge fan, this post just might change that…….

So today a look at green in all it’s many shades…….




This is breathtaking, green chinoiserie…oh yes!!! Harpers Bazaar


Ellie Saab…of course, the maker of the most beautiful gowns in the world!


This pale minty green and cream are a match made in color heaven, Brooks and Hill Custom Builders


Top greens, in case you are thinking of taking the green plunge!


Wow almost love this as much as I do a glossy black front door, beautiful!


How about this mossy green, love the floor! Beneath my Heart

Hunter Boots small

Green Hunter boots…..yes!


Beautiful crisp celery green and white in the outdoors is breathtaking, Veranda


Isn’t this green and white wedding cake so simply magnificent and? elegant, Colin Cowie


Shelly Johnstone hit a home run with the choice of this wonderful shade of green

Large Square Box Planter Pale Blue/Green with Gold
Large Square Box Planter Pale Blue/Green with Gold

How about my beautiful new pale green and gold chinoiserie planters? Have two in my hallway and love them:)


What a wonderful little kitchen this is, feels so fresh and welcoming, Jenny Wolf Interiors


Green and brown are fabulous together, James Michael Howard


So inspired by this tablescape, I will have to try this one day!


This green kitchen is absolutely fabulous! Carla Aston


Fabulous bedroom by uber talented Cathy Kincaid


Emerald green is so rich!


A long time favorite, the earthy colors with the pale green are breathtaking, Rinfret Designs


What a fun space, the freshness of the green is so uplifting! Babble


This ultra rich shade of moss green is a favorite of Tory Burch


Yes! This is giftwrap perfection, Carolyne Roehm


Love this dreamy loftlike bedroom done in a sea of cream and green, Phoebe Howard


Something very fresh about this apple green painted butlers pantry, Greg Natale


I don’t need to tell you how head over heels I am with this space, the pale minty green paired with the blue and white is sublime! House Beautiful


Incredible shade of aged green……magnifico!


Green and white wallpaper is so fresh and so pretty, Katie Kelly McCormack


The detailing on this incredible green Ellie Saab dress is over the top beautiful


How about this pretty soft shade, love it for a bathroom, paired with the light woods, it feels so soothing


Paired with blue, green just comes alive, Lacefield Designs


Love this cozy green nook by Phoebe Howard


No words needed, simply sublime!


Why paint a mudroom predictable white when you go green, isn’t this fabulous! Ashley Campbell Interior Design


How pretty is this green and white tablescape, it’s so fresh and crisp and never thought a fern could look so glamorous! ? Carolyne Roehm


Might as well end on a high note…..this Hermes birkin in green makes me weak in the knees:)


So much to love about green, in all its many shades. I must say I have always had a love affair with mossy green for interiors, next to blue and white it is sensational! So what do you think about green? Do you wear it or have it in your home? Would love to hear your say on the matter. And here is a little recap on just how fabulous green really is…

Also if you want to see other Color Crush posts, just type in “color crush” in search bar on top right of my blog and it will take you to all the posts I did for this Color Crush series.


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Susan B on

Hi Tina, I absolutely love green. The walls of our home office are painted in two shades of green and it is such a relaxing color. I’m shopping around for a new area rug for that room and can’t decide because of all the beautiful choices! I have a few emerald green sweaters that I enjoy wearing and always receive compliments (must be the contrast with my chestnut colored hair).

On a completely different subject, I am in the process of creating a TV/reading room for myself. I want it to be feminine and elegant but comfortable. My walls will be painted a soft lavender and the furniture will be mostly white. I still need to purchase a chair/ottoman and accessories. If you would post some pictures to give me more ideas I would love it!! I can’t seem to find any pictures, they are usually bedrooms or home office/studies.

Thank you Tina – I really look forward to your posts.

Katie Clooney on

Hi Tina! Never considered myself a “green” person until now. Those images are gorgeous. My fave is the bedroom and the beautiful table outside. Have a great week. Stay cool – don’t be uncool. πŸ™‚

Karena on

Tina I haven’t used green in my homes; however some of the rooms you’ve shown could make me change my mind!Especially the deep bright and rich greens! Thank for all of the beauty!

The Arts by Karena

Christine BakeR on

Thank you for this post .
I am delighted to see talent devoted to “Ode to Green” !
Greens and Blues go so beautifully together – just look out your window .
Because of your inspiration , my green decor keeps company with blue and white pieces. Refreshing and classic .
I enjoyed each and every picture !

Nancy potter on

Love love love this post. For so long green has been my go to color as it is neutral and anything works with it. So fresh soothing and is so of nature it renews me. A color of no color. Also a great choice for someone who likes to change some rooms for the seasons. Truly a color for someone who has commitment issues. Thanks for playing to my heart. Nancy

leslie on

Gorgeous H. bag;) Yes to GREEN and I always have just a little .. maybe a bowl of limes in a blue and white bowl or a couple of herbs growing in containers on the counter πŸ™‚ A pop of green is a fresh addition to any room!

Karen on

When my husband and I were trying to complete our wedding gift registry we really could not/would not agree on china. He wanted a certain black and white pattern used at the White House and I wanted a very English style pink rose floral pattern. We ended up with an outrageous turquoise pattern that took us in a very interesting path for decorating our dining room. For every day dining we choose Napoleon Ivy by Wedgwood and have loved it for these past 25+ years. We went from planning to be a very blue household to becoming a very green one. I have most of the fancy serving pieces and every autumn we host a dinner party and I love to show off my two large soup tureens by offering two home-made soups. The green from the Ivy has carried over into the granite counter tops and back splash in the kitchen to the paint and draperies in our family room. We laugh at ourselves now and think how fortunate two hard-heads were to find such lovely pieces with which to adorn our lives. The Ivy is beautiful any time of year and mixes well with so many linens, floral arrangements and other china patterns. Our master suite is a combination of sage green and rose, so we have spread the beauty throughout most of our home. I recommend this color family to anyone and everyone!

Leona on

It is the same heat wave here in CT, open the front door at it feels like a furnace, worse than a hot flash. Thanks for the post on green, but my heart will always skip a beat for blue. However I must admit I am GREEN with envy when I see the pictures of your beautiful home, truly Enchanted and thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns Blog on

Tina I love your clot crush series. I LOVE green, mostly emerald and kelly green. These are some fabulous images filled with wonderful and inspirational ideas.

Stay cool and enjoy the weather. Winter will soon be here.

Mary Jane Nash on

I painted my kitchen Marret by Duron. It is a beautiful soft green with just a hint of yellow in it. My collection of antique Blue Willow is so pretty against this color. I love it!


could it be because i am a redhead? + adore green

Teresa Kamm on

Wow, Tina, you’ve opened up some possibilities for me with this post. I have a dominant green bedroom in my home and for some reason, i never thought I could use any of your beloved blue and white porcelains. Now, after seeing how gorgeous they are with green…I am going to go for it! Thank you so much and have a great day!

Fran on

My entire home is decorated in shades of green. It pairs so well with other colors. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images!

Barbara Kelly on

Love to mix the bright green with blue.
Always refreshing with white.

Sherri on

So happy to see this post as green has always been my favorite color. You chose some magnificent images; I am now inspired to paint my office.. maybe do some molding or just chair rail. Green is truly gorgeous… nature doesn’t get it wrong.

Judith Presgrove on

Thank you Tina for your lovely tribute to “Green”! I LOVE the color “Green” and have it all over our home. I love every shade there is!
I so appreciate you and your beautiful blog. I was just thinking the other day that I wish someone would do something on my favorite color, green, and YOU came to the rescue with your beautiful post today! Just what I needed….thanks again. πŸ™‚

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

So funny! I just bought a dark green shirt for work and was thinking about how much I love that color. The photos here are so pretty… the embellished dress and hunter boots are gorgeous. πŸ™‚

michele@hellolovelystudio on

you make a splendid case for green, tina! i am currently living with a green kitchen which i have zero fondness for. seems i can only wear this color and love it on trees! peace.

Debby on

Hi Tina,
When I think of green I think of Tory Burch’s NY home too. I love here green velvet sofa – it’s amazing!!

Shelia Roberts on

As always, The Enchanted Home has the B E S T post!!!!!! Thank you!

Patricia on

MY COLOR!!!!!!

classic?casual?home on

whoa! So many great things to pin. I have to read this twice. Heavenly taste, Tina.

mo at Mocadeaux on

Green and blue separately are surely my favorite colors – together they are magical!

franki on

Gees….I’m not a “green” person either…however…these photos (and FASHIONS) are fabulous!! franki

Belinda on

I preferred and loved the “old Tina, Enchanted Home” which was chic and had plenty of class. The new website lacks the original warmth of the written word.

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