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Hi there, hope this finds you well and enjoying your weekend. Hard to believe we are down to the last few weekends of summer isn’t it? I still have some “unfinished business” aka more time at the beach, books to read, lobster roll binges and late afternoon cocktails:)

As I do every Sunday here are seven things on my mind….



1. JOANNA BAKER! I decided I wanted to do a new header for my blog, I like to change things up and had this vision in my head for a while though I still really love my topiaries by Jeanne of I Dream Of and they are still very much a part of The Enchanted Home.

Joanna Baker, a very talented fashion illustrator was the artist I chose to for what I had in mind,? not to mention she was an absolute peach to work with. I had this exact vision floating in my head for some time?it kind of captures me (well my legs are not exactly that long and skinny but I don?t mind pretending they are:) However she just nailed it, I told her my vision right down to the Jack Rogers and Teddy?s blue and white bandanna.

We went back and forth a few times plus she indulged my OCD tendencies with the silliest little attention to detail and did it with such class. I am a huge fan and cannot recommend her highly enough. If you have a custom art project under consideration, monogram something, whatever?she is a talented artist that is up for the job!? Click here to visit her website and contact her.

Here is the final draft (next time you see it, it will be with my logo on top of my blog)! LOVE IT!



2. A BOOK I CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON. I am a huge huge fan of Carolyne Roehm, in fact I might appoint myself as unofficial president of her fan club:) I don?t remember the last time I was this excited for a new book, the cover alone sends my senses into overdrive, what a fabulous book I know it will be. Click here to preorder, something tells me this will sell out before it even hits the shelves!



3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never one to disappoint, Instagram is always chock full of beauty for me to marvel at. This week was such a busy week I didn?t get to go on Instagram quite as often as I normally do but suffice to say when I did??I found more than enough to share with you this week!



4.? EXCITING HAPPENINGS FOR MY SHOP. So many amazing things are going on?as I eagerly await the arrival of my next blue and white container and then next month I am getting in a container of GORGEOUS silver (more on that in a few weeks).

In addition always on the prowl for great and unique finds that fit well into my shop/collection. Yes, to the many of you who asked if this exquisite line of handpainted pillows will be on The Enchanted Home Shop site- they will and? within a week or? I will be running a special introductory presale as I normally do sometime this week, so stay tuned!


The sconces are the prettiest I have seen period. They are not resin but hand carved wood, really substantial with beautiful attention to detail, plus they each and every one is custom colored to your specifications! VERY excited to soon start carrying these….


Plus some gorgeous new arrivals now online (click here to visit)

Amazing Bird Trellis Tureen
Amazing Bird Trellis Tureen
Bird/Twig Wonderful Condiment Server
Bird/Twig Wonderful Condiment Server
Amazing Bird and Branches Caddy
Amazing Bird and Branches Caddy
Bird/Twig Ice Bucket
Bird/Twig Ice Bucket
Wonderful Trellis and Bird Rectangular Tray
Wonderful Trellis and Bird Rectangular Tray
Amazing Pair of White Foo Dog Lamps
Amazing Pair of White Foo Dog Lamps

WHITE1-547x410 lightgray-547x410

5. A? BEAUTIFUL AND CLEVER TABLE NUMBER. How beautiful is this, for a wedding or any event really. Instead of a flimsy little number/marker on paper, you have an ovesized number done in boxwood. I have made a mental note for when one of my boys gets married? this idea!



6. OUR LOWER LEVEL PROFESSIONALLY SHOT. I flipped over these pictures taken by a professional photographer, boy a camera and a true professional really does make a difference!! Love the way they came out, I will feature a part 2 on the lower level sometime later this week or next, stay tuned. If you missed? my post on the lower level click here.

04Safavieh2015MichaelsBarRoom_0098 02Safavieh2015MichaelsBarTable_0057 01Safavieh2015MichaelsBarFull_0007-1

7. An easy peasy cocktail with less calories than most, when I am not busy making my daily round of frozen margaritas:)

You take your favorite Rose, diet Seltzer flavored with raspberry add half and half of each to a glass (sometimes I had a bit of finely crushed ice) and add a few frozen raspberries (just freeze a bunch on a little plate in the freezer a few hours before) on top and voila, you have the tastiest cocktail and extra points because it looks so pretty too! Very elegant to serve a round for entertaining?.cheers!



So there you have it. Anything here excite you or do you have something to share? Please do?wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Hope you are doing something fun and mostly relaxing:) Until next time?.

PS Last day (ends tomorrow morning) to take advantage of the amazing “hodge podge” promo, some things are sold but some still remain! Click here…..



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Katie Clooney on

Hello Miss Tina… my first comment disappeared, but that is to be expected with all your tweaking. Positively ADORE your new logo and I love that you included your beloved Teddy. Your lower level is gorgeous and the photos are stunning. Enjoy your Sunday!

Anita Rivera on

OH TINA! First of all, I love your new art design for your blog. You and Teddy making the rounds with the beautiful blues and white is the perfect logo! And that book, I think I must go raid Barnes and Noble to look for it! Secondly, I used my chargers last night for dinner guests; I was so involved in getting things ready for the dinner that I didn’t take photos, but I ‘ll have to stage the table again. Everything looks so lush, and my French chicken stew was delicious.

YOU featured my blue and white, my BLEU ET BLANC! Oh how kind of you! Thank you so much. I am a blue and white girl too, often leaning more on the aqua side of things, but your signature colbalt blue has be hypnotized these days! Thank you for such a kind gesture.

Well Tina, it’s the changing of the seasons, and we are going to be ready, right? White pumpkins for me, maybe if we can find ourselves some of those fab blue/gray pumpkins, we will have fun decorating.

Enjoy your Sunday, Anita

MIchel cohagaNm on

Tina, love the new logo, it’s so you and so perfect. I love Carolyn Rhoemn, got to see her do a talk on one of her lovely books, what a lovely person. Love your new pillows! I will have to try the new drink, sounds delicious!!

franki on

This entire read was enchanting!!! franki

Karena on

Tina your new logo is adorable beyond!! I love it and change is always a good thing!! Lots of great new finds for your shop as well! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

The Arts by Karena

Patty B on

Love the new logo. Tina, you have so much beauty in your life. Thank you for sharing this gift of beauty and for making a more beautiful day for all of us. You truly are an inspiration!

Shawna Burnett on

Hi Tina! Loved this entire post! Happy Sunday!

Bobbie hathaway on

Great logo! Pic are beautiful. Love your downstairs. Thank you!

pink camellias on

Your logo is so cute! I love your lower level – the tile floors look great. I agree with you about using a professional photographer – it makes a huge difference in how the photos look. Several great example are on Cote de Texas – Joni’s posts when she shows published photos and then real estate photos illustrate how a skilled photographer can make a room look its best.


your new logo is a winner + lots of handsome items for the shop.

Barbara Kelly on

Your new logo says it all!!!

Downstairs stunning!!

Always look forward to the Sunday blog.

Am anxiously awaiting my new foo dog lamps from your shop.

Susana Lucena on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new logo. Marvellous! It’s nice to have Teddy in it.

Joanna Baker on

Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words, Tina! I’m so happy you love your new logo and can’t wait for it’s debut on your website =) And your home is absolutely stunning!!

~Joanna <3

Lory at Designthusiasm on

Ooooh, so fun to see my Instagram photo included! Thanks… 🙂 And your pillows are stunning!! Looking forward to seeing those in the shop!

Elizabeth on

Stunning post, as usual. The new logo is utterly adorable and charming! It was so wonderful to see the lower level as well. Beyond incredible!!

I am also very excited for some of the new items you are going to be carrying. Super excited for the silver shipment!!

mo at Mocadeaux on

The new logo is adorable! I hope that the tech changes weren’t too painful.

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