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Hi there!? I am back in town and back to my desk and drawing board…ready to roll my sleeves up and get back to working! Today? I need your help and there is no make believe fairy today…….this is the real deal people:) We are talking two of my bathrooms. I would love your input on choosing a vanity for one and wallpaper for the second bathroom. Enough of my talking, let’s get voting….




BATH#1? This is an average sized gym bathroom with a shower. Here it is and here is the beautiful floor which is thassos white marble and cream marfil in this wonderful octagonal pattern, and then the contenders for vanities.

bath2 2bat 2bath


They will all come with solid marble top. Disregard generic faucets and? hardware, I will be replacing that with nickel knobs and have a beautiful faucet. So which would you choose?






CHOICE 3a16656410




? BATH #2. This is our lower level powder room. Love the floor which is white marble with a pearly trim around each octagon, have the vanity on order which I cannot wait to get and now want to add some wallpaper to jazz it all up. This is? a place where I can somewhat break out of my box and go a little? more transitional.

bath1 1bath bath12


Here is the pedestal sink due in any day (nickel base and honed carerra sink/top) –img28c


I love so many of the wallpapers shown here but in my own mind have narrowed it down to two so I want to see if you will reconfirm what I am thinking though truth is there is not a bad one in the bunch! Which would you choose? ? ?


CHOICE 1 ffbcdf73deee78a99186709f42f593bb

CHOICE 2 ? b4b75251b501cfff06ada708b6012763


CHOICE 3 ? ? a1035e255f846a743758cc9ef052a412


? ? CHOICE 4 ? b5593fec3e7af125f1679066af1ca805


? 81fe1c1c28c746328a08bf1da5246481 ?









? sca ?









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CHOICE 10? ?? 5005054

? ?

Thank you for stopping by, I so value your input and cannot wait to see which come out on top! I want to finish off these bathrooms and know that the lower level is DONE! And let’s not forget this was all my husbands idea, not mine:)

But I must say it is a fabulous space and we are enjoying it…though it will be really nice when we have bathrooms to use:) Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time…..

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JoaNne on


Love your thoughts. What is the source for vanity 1 and who make wallpaper 1?

Thank you!

Peggy Thal on

It will be beautiful! Love wallpaper 1. Who makes that pattern it is so pretty. I have a guest bath that would look gorgeous in . Is it Waverly?

Lisa B on

Vanity #2 is my choice. I think the lines will go well with the floor tile. I feel the others may take away from the floor which is gorgeous! The drawers provide storage and the lower shelf is perfect for towels ( colors?). I went back and forth three times in with the wall paper and settled on #9. Hey, that’s just me:) Good luck!

Christine Pajonas on

I am looking for wallpaper for my powder room…love number 1 and number 5. Would you care to share the sources?

Anonymous on

Where is the powder room vanity from? Love it!

jennifer getman on

I love 1,2, and 9 wallpapers! I would love to know who makes them too!
All beautiful!

monica on

Drooling over the tile in the bathroom …the title shape i have to one day use in my redo master bath.

ddem on

I chose wallpaper 9. Since it’s the lower level and a bit more tailored, I could even see this paper without the design in it and just the background look of silky grass cloth for the space. I love some of the other papers that are so, so beautiful but decided they could be just a bit too feminine/dressy for the space. It’s going to be beautiful no matter what you choose!

marcia sullivan on

Love #2, its a Thibault, but who makes #1 wallpaper?
thank you!

leslie on

Love all your choices Tina! The console sinks are the best and I like how yours has the storage area on the bottom. Enjoy your Thursday ~

Kelley Taylor on

Too funny! I have the exact same vanity with the metal base in my powder room! I’m also having trouble picking out wallpaper for that room, too. Good luck in choosing for your project. I’m sure the polls will help.

Karolyn on

Girl do you have room for me to move in?? I am always loving the projects you do and these are simply elegant!! xo Karolyn

Design Chic on

For the vanity, I would choose number 2. I love them all, but wouldn’t want any lines in the vanity to fight with the AMAZING tile – it is a showstopper! For the wallpaper, I love so many, but I personally want #9 for my bathroom so I want to see what it looks like in yours! How fun to have these projects – happy Thursday!

SOuth shore decorating blog on

The vanity was a no brainer for me (#1), although I’m sure they’d all work. I chose paper #3, which turned out to be the least popular. I liked it because it was more transitional, but again how could you go wrong with so many beauties ?!

Lee on

What is the octagonal- marble banded tile, please ?

Joan Grier on

Tina….Wallpaper # 1 in a STUNNER!….ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Would you ever reveal its source on your blog???

pink camellias on

Tina, I am curious why you are putting a double vanity in a gym bathroom? I associate double vanities with a master bath.

Btw – all of your choices are gorgeous!

Katie Clooney on

The fabulous Tina asking my advice? My ultimate fantasy. I voted and if you choose something other than my choices… we will still be friends. Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan Hayes on

Vanity #2 because #1 & #3’s distinctive patterns might “fight” with the octagonal flooring. #2 would be “fun” for a gym bathroom with the baskets that could be placed underneath.

Wallpaper #6 because the powder room appears to be a small space and needs a more open feeling to avoid being “closed in upon”. Assuming you want the floor to be one of the highlights of the room, the geometric shape of the tile either needs a companion wallpaper with a similar geometric or no geometric at all. So the Greek Keys are out and any other strongly geometric paper.

They are all beautiful selections though!

Susan Hayes on

Whoops! Sorry, I said octagonal when it really is hexagonal!

Heather mccormick on

I personally love #7 wallpaper. It is so sophisticated and a bit different for your home. Have used it for clients in that color way and in the navy and white – perfect!

Lisa on

My favorite is #9, but I’m betting you will pick #1, which is gorgeous. I am excited to see your final results!

Trish on

Would you share the name and company of the wallpaper on choice #1? Love it and hope you choose that one.

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Those bathrooms are going to look great Tina! Can’t wait to see the finished projects!

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