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Hello and happy Sunday to you. Sorry this is getting there so late…had problems with my mail subscriber but it appears to be all fixed now.? Thank you so much for your very warm response to my “A farm, a dream and my very vivid imagination” all about my dream of possibly owning a farm/country estate and how I see it (click here if you missed it), seems I have? lots of company!

Hard to believe summer is over and it’s full steam ahead into fall. Such a very very busy week…I feel like I am just coming up for air this weekend, the only relaxing weekend I will have this month, lots going on.? It was my son’s birthday so we had celebrating to do…always fun and I kid you not, but I feel the very distant whispers of the holidays coming…scary but true!

I for now,? just want to enjoy fall…..even though it’s still hard to believe summer is really over, still much to do on my “summer bucket list”, guess there is always summer 2016 which does have a nice ring to it:) Anyway onto to my Seven on Sunday…..



1 FUN PARTY ITEMS . If I had a summer party this year I would have gone a little nuts on this fun site bursting with such fun, whimsical items. Also a great resource for kids (and adults who are kids at heart) birthdays,etc……here are a few of my favorites. Click here to visit


These pool floats are fantastic for the kid in your family and how amazing is this enormous beach ball!

BM1368_product-main BMPF-DC-action-main BM1516-product-main

Then they have lots of fun novelty items like….

BM1581-product-main BM1507-product-main

And I got and have so enjoyed these fun ice cube trays that can elevate even the simplest drink and how about a light up LED wineglass lol!

unname6767d un4343named


2 KIM PETERSON ART. Kim and I follow each other on Instagram. I am constantly amazed by the frequent works of art she churns out, being the talented painter she is. She has been inspired to paint several paintings based upon pictures I have featured on my blog which is of course the highest form of flattery.

I am always on the prowl to discover new wonderful talent and Kim Peterson’s art is worth sharing. Love how much she paints using blue and white and her prices are so reasonable! Click here to visit Kim.? Here are some recent favorites……

il_570xN.714943183_i0av il_570xN.665616601_3352 il_570xN.585350412_pgql il_570xN.788474669_jwfo il_570xN.754570588_jylw il_570xN.814306558_hgan


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Have such a beautiful and fun roundup this week…I love sharing with you what I am loving on Instagram. It’s such a wonderful way to find new resources and inspiration for well….jut about everything from food to fashion, decorating to entertaining:) There is a very generous helping of blue and white inspiration this week…..

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4.LEMONADE!I love it and drink it year round, not only is it super tasty but it can be so pretty, especially pink:) Really found this handy and already tried the sparkling peach lemonade which was sooo good (added a little vodka and created a new cocktail for guests last week).? Thought it was worth sharing in case you too love lemonade!



5. NEW ITEMS AT THE ENCHANTED HOME SHOP! I am very very excited about some wonderful new things coming this way. First off for anyone who is awaiting the container of blue and whites…it’s here in NY! It is to be delivered to the warehouse sometime this coming week. Once it arrives we need a day to unload and then the shipping of orders will begin right away so I expect by end of this week orders will begin to ship, stay tuned as I will announce the arrival on my blog.

Finally just got these fabulous pieces back in, hope to have them added to my online ship this week. If you were one of the ones waiting on these, you can still order them now just email me at [email protected]

bigplanterunnamed squareunnamed scalllopunnamed

And these fabulous Imari pieces were just added to the shop, love them-

Incredible Imari Tureen
Incredible Imari Tureen

Fabulous Imari Fishbowl

Wonderful Small Blue and White Trellis Planter
Wonderful Small Blue and White Trellis Planter

I wanted to show you a few fabulous new items…I shared the custom chinoiserie pillows with you a few weeks ago. Many of you emailed me about them. Well they are here and will soon be online. These are pillows for orders and I of course had to order a pair for myself:) They are beyond beautiful and will be online hopefully later this week however if you want info now just email me at [email protected]

unnam998ed unnamed8uu unnauumed

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How about this incredible chinoiserie mirror! I have 2 places in my home for when they arrive….will be offered in four colors, should be here by early November!


And got in the most exquisite and I do mean the prettiest handbeaded evening bags, this company does private labels for some of the biggest names that you most certainly would know. I have a promo just started on these and they will be then added to the website. Click here to view promotion



The very popular blossoms and hydrangeas have now been added to florals online and are all in stock currently. Click here to see

sample3 sample2 sample1forblossom


FABULOUS COATS. So every year I generally buy 2 coats or 1 coat and 2 jackets, have learned the best selection is now. I have learned by waiting that some of the best coats are gone or are only available in very limited sizes.

So I always welcome the new season by treating myself to a coat or two and given my selections here, I realized its safe to say I will end up with at least one gray coat:)? So here are some of the coats/jackets I am loving and think will see me through a stylish winter…

This is super warm and love the style, love that kind of stand up collar click here



A “so me” coat love the color, the style and the length, plus I love anything by Vince..sold! Click here for info



This was calling my name, love the colors, the style and that fabulous collar, click here for details




Are you familiar with Mackage? Discovered them at Saks a few years ago, they make some fabulous coats and this pale gray beauty is a classic. Click here for the 411



Such a classic, gives me an Ali McGraw in Love Story vibe,? this fabulous double breasted military coat is amazing and at $400 a steal. Click here for information



6. THE MOST AMAZING PUMPKINS EVER. Speaking of talented artists, I do mean ever. Karolyn of The Relished Roost completely bowled me over with her most exquisite chinoiserie pumpkins….anyone who saw them urged her to get busy making more to sell….it was a business made in heaven. I am so delighted that she is now offering them for sale and will soon have a small online shop.

I wanted to share the beauty with you as I know my readers would want to know. Her prices are remarkably fair and she will customize it to your specifications. I cannot wait to put mine out!

You can email your inquiries or orders directly to Karolyn at [email protected].

Here they were from my bloggers luncheon…

unnamedafc Tehlunchpumpkinsclose

And some recent masterpieces…

pump 7 pump 4 pump 2


7. EASY AND SUPER DELICIOUS FLANK STEAK SKEWERS. Have made this flank steak recipe for many many years (thanks Mom) but I changed it up by cutting the flank on the diagonal in thin 1/4″ strips and threading them onto small bamboo skewers. They cooked perfectly and were so delicious and best of all easy to eat, great for a big group.

You need-

  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1 large flank steak
  • bamboo skewers
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 1 large bunch of chopped green onions
  • 1-2 Tbsp grated fresh ginger
  • 2-3 Tbsp toasted sesame seeds
  • 1/4 cup oil (not olive oil)

So take your ingredients mix together in a ziploc bag. Meanwhile cut your steak on the diagonal with a very sharp knife into strips about 1/4″ thick. “Thread” them onto the skewers and place in a large flat tupperware or aluminum dish.

Tupperware is great because with the airtight container you can put it upside down when you need to rotate the skewers in just a few seconds. Seal and refrigerate. Ideally overnight but min. 6-8 hours for maximum tenderness and flavor. Put on a hot grill, they cook pretty fast and be prepared for some mighty tasty steak skewers!
You can also of course add vegetables to this as well….


Not the greatest pictures but you certainly get the idea!


Also made mini chicken sliders and the best Greek orzo side salad/pasta, click here for the recipe






So there you have my Seven on Sunday! Anything catch your eye? Lots to take in this week!? Hope whatever you are up today is wonderful and mostly relaxing. We are heading into the city for a family birthday dinner for my son….you know one of those birthdays that is not a day but an entire weekend:) Until next time….

PS Newest promo on the most exquisite beaded evening bags ends Monday night, click here for details






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Karena on

Tina your Seven on Sunday is amazing this week. I cannot wait for the arrival and color selection in the Chinoiserie Mirror!! The evening bags are glorious!

We are following the same great Instagram accounts and it is a rabbit hole for sure!! Love seeing our friends and their photos on the screen! Patricia, Loi, Jeanne, and more……

I am fortunate to have received one of Karolyn’s painted pumpkins last year after a surgery , what a treasure it is!
Come and see my latest adventure!

The Arts by Karena
Featuring India Hicks!

[email protected] on

Good morning Tina,

I love your 7 on Sunday because then I have a few things to explore after reading them! I always discover a new and interesting Instagram feed for instance.

I love Karolyn’s pumpkins and in fact featured them in my Friday Favorites this week! She is incredibly talented!

Love your new products! The pillows are gorgeous!

I am going to check out the grey coats now, it is my new favorite color the last few years and I have yet to find a coat that I like.

Have a wonderful week Tina!

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Love those Instagram accounts that you’re following! I need to check them out! Hope you have the best Sunday!

classic casual home on

WOW! Another fabulous post!!! What kind of vitamins do you take to have so much energy and creativity??? You amaze me all the time.

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Happy Sunday, Tina! I love all you picks today…your new pillows and mirrors are stunning. Karolyn’s pumpkins are really spectacular, aren’t they? And, your flank steak skewers and peach lemonade look SO tasty! I hope the big birthday festivities were all tons of fun!!! xoxox

Karolyn on

I love you Tina!You are truly so supportive and I appreciate that so much. I am swooning over those pillows and that mirror too! I had so many complements on those pagoda outdoor dinnerware and passed your name right out! I hope to see you soon keep those fabulous things coming in that wonderful store of your. XO Karolyn

[email protected] on

wow! look at your new blog design and all these fresh offerings in your shop! i love karolyn’s pumpkins and the recipe is a must try. happy new week, my friend and peace to you.

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…I love the new mirror…so pretty! I’m going to check out Instagram..I always love seeing what Loi has to post!

Anonymous on

Tina, here’s a great idea: for your bext promotion, how about offering your current home to one lucky winner? Once you give it away, you can move to your dream farm.
Hard to argue with this solution for your dream, right?

Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

Your beaded evening clutches are absolutely exquisite! I wish I had seen them sooner as I could have used one for a wedding I’ll be attending next Sunday. Well, I’ll have to remember them for the next special occasion.

Lee Kirch on

Only one question??.when do you sleep?

kim Peterson on

Tina thank you so much for featuring my art!! I am very honored and grateful. Your post as usual was amazing today, I love everything!! Your new chinoiserie pillows are incredibly beautiful, the instagrams are always so fun to check out I find new feeds to follow every week, and those pumpkins are amazing!!

andee on

I love the blue and white fabric on your instagram shot.
How can I find out what it is?
It seems to sitting on a black leather chair???

Barbara on

Missed you this morning!!!

Love all the new and upcoming goodies.

Mirrors!!!! OMG,I have looked until I am blue in the face.
Am so anxious to see Chinoiserie in color choices……..I need two!

Kathy on

Tina…love your seven on Sunday! This is how we found Kearsley Lloyd for my daughters’s invitations and they were beautiful with a watercolor monogram. I see u love Monique wedding dresses….she wore one. So sorry the cherry blossoms did not work out but thank u for trying. I’m a dedicated fan of your blog !

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina! So behind in blogworld, but love getting a quick catch up on what’s up in your world via your Sunday posts! Those pillows are about the most incredible things I’ve ever seen – just beautiful! As, of course, are Karolyn’s pumpkins – just unreal what she is able to create. I have mine from our luncheon out and it reminds me of that wonderful day! Hope you are well and have a wonderful week ahead! XOXO

Luciane from on

Hello Tina!

Oh, it was so nice hearing from you today! What a surprise!

Your blog is looking amazing! I love the new design and this post is simply wonderful… you have the gift of bringing us all into your world. Thank you for that!

Have a Blessed week, my friend!


Luciane from

cindy hattersley on

So much to love here!! I adore Karolyn’s pumpkins…so clever! And…I love your coat choices. I am up for something gray as well!

carol on

Tina – I’m just catching up with blog posts. I like to save 3 or 4 and read them all at once to get my Enchanted Home fix! I love that you are adding more clothing posts. I’m getting great ideas – LOVE that Fabiana Filippi coat!! And can’t wait to try the orzo pasta salad recipe!! I just love when you do multiple posts in one week – what a treat!!

Take care.

Mo at Mocadeaux on

It is indeed time to start planning our cold weather wardrobe. I think I will bridge the seasons by shopping while enjoying one of the lemonade recipes!

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