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Hi there and happy Thursday evening! We are having the most spectacular fall weather, every single day as of late as been a perfect “10”. As I periodically do…. I like to share random musings mostly taken with my trusty little iPhone. Since I spent a good part of this week and all last weekend being sick, I had a lot of catching up to do but suffice to say working from home was very convenient! Still some great things happening so here is a little recap…..




You asked and here they are….how cute are these, The Enchanted home notepads!! I love these….and will offer them online along with mugs, you heard right, mugs too!? So many of you loved this logo and asked if there would be any items with it, so here you are (will be added by next week)….




?I could not get enough of watching the Pope, seeing the welcome that we put out for him made me proud to be an American, and what a remarkable man! Love seeing him in his little Fiat……he is so good for our world!

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I made these huge and heavenly good pancakes for my boys…..they ate every single bite! Forget dollar sized pancakes we go for pizza sized in this house:)


Got in the most amazing box of gorgeous monogrammed cards in my signature colors from Laurie of LB Originals…almost too pretty to open!

And put together this beautiful bassinet filled with baby boy goodies for the shower I unfortunately had to miss last weekend….

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Here is the completed lower level powder room with the newly installed mirrored sconces, the mirror is temporary I am hoping to get this one below which I think will look amazing….love the paper!

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Is this the cutest fabric? I fell in love, from Duralee…think I am going to order for my laundry room shades, it is fun, whimsical and elegant all in one!



And more pillow beauty, these will be added sooner than later, how much can I tell you I love these?

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?Was so excited to get the gorgeous artwork from Patricia from PVE of my showhouse rendering…going to blow it up to feature at the showhouse, thank you Patricia!!



How darling are these small foo dogs coming in my next container? I will be offering them in six different colors….including mini blue and whites! A presale will be offered around mid October.


I am floored and so happy with the beautiful dining room of one of my edesign customers..we just had the gorgeous Paul Montgomery paper installed after redoing her dining chairs, adding the console, the new chandelier, added small shades and have a few more finishing touches but isn’t this a fabulous room!

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My magnificent chinoiserie pillows will be added tonight or tomorrow morning to my online shop for anyone who has been waiting..they are beyond words, truly the prettiest pillows I have ever seen!


And speaking of showhouse, remember the brackets aka my first DIY project? Well…think I did it! I am so proud:) I don’t think Martha has anything to worry about but my perseverance paid off….this is the effect I was after (after many attempts mind you), its basically a combination of a glaze, spray paint and gilding wax….7 more to go:) Click here if you missed the post on my showhouse plans.

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The glaze really made all the difference (thank you everyone for weighing in) it went from a hideous “Trump gold”? as I called them to a now? more antiqued brass color-

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Ahhhh….yes this is it!


So there you have it…..hope your week has been a good one. We have a busy wedding weekend this Sat/Sunday which should be loads of fun and knowing my good friend as I do I know I am for a treat of epic proportions..will make sure to have my phone handy:) Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful evening and end to your week!


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Jennie Murphy on

Always love everything you do. Always looks so classic. Blue and white always!

Elizabeth on

How absolutely fabulous! The entire post! I especially love the completed powder room, Tina. It is gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Oh, and those brackets, TO.DIE.FOR!

Karena on

Tina I always know I will get a huge dose of beauty when I visit!! Love it all, your logo pieces, the pillows, powder room perfection and more!!

The Arts by Karena
Painting Central Park

Iris on

Love the print for your laundry room. Love the stationary and mugs. Your post was a pleasure to read. Many things to look forward to.

Beldav on

Love the way the brackets turned out…burnished and classic….I was worried. In the South, somewhere between Staffordshire and Majolica, lies the “if ya can’t Mod Podge it into submission, ya have a problem” mentality. Nice save!?

Design Chic on

So much to love, Tina. Can’t get over the powder room – it is gorgeous?love the console sink, and the wallpaper?stunning – that was my pick!! Truly perseverance pays off – the sconces look amazing. Can’t wait to see them hanging in the showhouse. So happy you are feeling better!

Anonymous on

I don’t post much but I love seeing everything come together. So much fun!

Stephanie on

Sorry. That is me up above. Didn’t mean to be anon!

Kathy on

Always love your blog.
Pope Frances’ visit ties in beautify with what you are all about…beauty, unity, family and love! Viva Papa, God bless the world.

Julie Mathany on

I love. love the blue and white. So happy to find another sole mate. Thankyou

Elaine on

Love the mugs and note pads! You did it! Your design is going to be fabulous! Wish I could be there to see it in person. Can’t wait for all the pictures!

Lisa Kennedy on

I am so excited to have a new descriptive word for bad faux gold. There is no more perfect description than “Trump Gold”. I can’t wait to use it!

Barbara on

Hi Tina,

Love your blog!!!!!

Have a large box waiting to be open. It has to be Foo dog Lamps!!! So excited.

The mirror (chinoiserie) for the powder room??? Need one just like it. Please share your source..

Enjoy the wedding.

Sherry Saladrigas on

Tina PLEASE share the steps you went through to attain that beautiful shade of Gold!!!!

The Buzz Blog on

What a beautiful job you did with your client’s dining room, and your powder room is wonderful, too! We’ve been enjoying this great weather and looking forward to a great fall. Hope you have a fabulous Friday!
C + C

Katie Clooney on

OMG!!! I am so in love with the Duralee fabric, I can’t stand it!! Love your memo pads and monogrammed cards. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Tina.

Marie in AZ on

L.O.V.E. your powder room! And about those brackets…I think Martha DOES have something to worry about! Thanks for another great post.

Leslie @PrettyPetals on

Hi Tina! Your powder room is lovely – gorgeous sink and wall paper. Your note pad and mug is a great idea and so cute. I really like the illustration that you had created.. it’s perfect for your shop and blog:) It’s a rainy Seattle morning and we are headed to the wine country for a few days. Have a great weekend!

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

NICE work on your DIY brackets! And your client’s dining room is stunning!! Have a fabulous weekend, Tina!!! xoxo

April on

Love the wallpaper in your powder room! I haven’t used wallpaper in awhile, but I think I need to change that! I love how it instantly changes a room……love the sconces as well! Beautiful home!
Hopefully you are in the homestretch of your remodel. I’ve had a 2 1/2 year project going on across the street from me and I think they are about to move in. Yay! Look forward to your next post!

Linda on

You really don’t like Trump! Do not understand your continued comments about “Trump Gold”? You’ve lost another follower. Linda.

[email protected] and state on

so much is happening and so much to rejoice with you, congratulations tina! e-design, showhouse, mugs…….well deserved my friend

classic?casual?home on

Everything you do is grand! From your powder room to your pancakes!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

The brackets turned out beautifully! Well done!

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