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Hi? there friends, so this is the big week of the Ronald McDonald showhouse! I am both excited and admittedly a little nervous, OK maybe a lot nervous. Praying my space comes out as beautiful as it is in my mind and on paper (thanks to the gorgeous rendering from PVE). I am thinking positive and trusting it will all work out.

Many of you have asked about this is so for anyone? in the Long Island, NY area….click here for more info.? It is such worthwhile cause to come out and support. You can attend the Ronald McDonald gala Thurs night or come Fri-Sunday to view the spaces, where every single item in each space will be for sale.

As every single item for the showhouse is a donation and stays there to be sold, one relies heavily on donated items. I was incredibly lucky to have had the generous support of many, and I will be doing a follow up on the finished room along with the wonderful donations and companies that made it happen.

The fabulous renderings of my space by PVE-


One of the things I needed for my room was 6-8 antique gold brackets to hold ginger jars. I priced them out and they were $180 and up for nice quality brackets. I didn’t have any inexpensive resources for them so put my thinking cap on. I decided (obviously on a day I was in a handy mood) to buy unfinished resin brackets and take it on to finish them myself. This is coming from me, a non DIY’er.


So after returning from the hardware store equipped with a few different colored spray paints and an old beach towel,? I went to town and what I ended up with lets just say is not exactly what I had in mind-

I referred to this as Trump gold. One of my readers took offense to this name, I can tell you in all honesty this was never meant to offend and in fact one look at his apartment, and I can tell you even “the Donald” would be proud that this gold bears his name:)

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This one was better but too flat and too subdued. Didn’t think it would pop on the mossy green walls. Needed more depth

u32xxnnamed unna4vmed

Return to the hardware store. Read comments on my blog and get advice from “those in the know”. Go back to hardware store. Again, got Design Master’s Gold Medal this time….


Design Master Gold medal works great if you are using a gold rub over it or if you prefer a subdued gold


This glaze was great…Minwax Dark walnut (color 2716)

This time I bravely took a whole new approach. Armed with a new paint can and a? dark brown glaze, I? slathered on the glaze rather generously. Let it dry. Held my breath. THEN added the gold spray paint. Aha….we are getting somewhere.


Then I realized I needed a bit of highlighting to create depth on the areas that were more prominent. I bought a few gold/gilding waxes and a little tube of the famed Rub n Buff? started playing. Finally with a bit of this and a little of that, got the result….this is the stuff dreams are made of.

I finally achieved the effect I was after and had in my mind but up until now was having a hard time making materialize. These are the “helpers” I really liked these two in the pot as they gave me the desired effect…..

u3ednnamed unbvvnamed

Gold Rush by Decorart is the top one and the one I used the most, second one was another Decorart color and finally Rub n Buff was the last one, much more potent


I love all of them but my purely novice take is that the Decoart metallic lustre in gold rush was easier to work with, slightly less potent and didn’t try as fast. Rub n’ Buff is great but super potent and dries lightening fast which for a novice like me is not necessarily the best thing…I know Rub n’ Buff has a cult following so please don’t be upset with me:)


I finally got it exactly as I had hoped…of course not without a few pair of spattered shoes, stained hands that make me look like a cement layer, a few mad, frantic darts running outside to save my drying brackets when it suddenly started to downpour, and certainly not without some worry that I might have bitten off more than I can chew.

But I don’t give up easily and the OCD in me makes me keep on going, I become obsessed when I want to do something and will it to happen:)? So I am? thrilled with this result, I have completed the six brackets but who knows, I might just keep on going:)

Then with a newfound “DIY swag”,? I decided that I can brave taking on not one but two small console tables. They were the perfect size for the small space but wrong color. I wanted an antique gold as that would really pop against the green walls.

So first I painted the consoles one light base color, in this case Annapolis Gray because I happened to have a near empty can of it in my garage. I soon realized this little project was a little trickier and about halfway through I was in near tears fearing I had ruined what I started and gotten too confident too fast.

unna45asfdmed unname9988d


However once I added the brown glaze then the spray paint, I started to see these little tables were the little tables that could…..

unnattmed unntt3amed

Added some of the glazed wax and lo and behold….I was achieving the effect I was after


I took a very tiny amount of the glaze when all was said and done along with a damp paintbrush and gently “brushed over” everything to create a more antiqued look with a little depth


Then as the paint Gods would have it…the table actually started looking good. Really good. Exactly as I had hoped good. A lot of experimentation later, with the blackened fingernails and stained hands to prove it, at last I got the desired effect on my tables!

Gratifying…heck yea. But let me remind you there is no “secret formula” and that it was just learning as I went, trusting my instincts (sometimes), taking deep breaths and making sure my steely determination did not waiver.


And added this gorgeous Annapolis gray (Benjamin Moore)? to create a stone-ish looking top


And voila played with a few blue and whites just to see how it looks and by golly, I am thrilled!


The lighting in my garage is fluorescent so disregard the green cast here, will be much prettier against these mossy green walls!



This might have opened up a can of worms…..I am kind of liking this. Now I get what the fuss is about…it was therapeutic I will not lie, playing, experimenting while crossing my fingers about how it might come out. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes with knowing you created something completely by your own two hands.

To recap on what I did-

Used a primer (any white primer will d0) I happened to have the gray/white paint in? my garage so used that

A few sponges and 2 paintbrushes

An inexpensive painters tray or large plastic/aluminum container

A dark brown glaze and a dish of water, plenty of paper towels

Design Master spray paint in a gold of your choosing

A? gold wax, either the ones I used or something comparable (Decorart or Rub n Buff)

A few pair of those thin plastic gloves you can buy just about anywhere

Invest $3.00 in a big plastic drop cloth….TRUST ME!

And a whole lot of patience, confidence and perseverance!

And that my friends,? is the story of my first official DIY! Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful Monday afternoon and start to your week. As it will be a busy one, I may not post again until Thurs. or Friday. Will be sure to share progress via my Instagram:) Wish me luck, until next time….


P.S. Down to the end of the blue and white going going gone promo (ends tomorrow), some things are sold out but I have 1’s and 2’s left of several more. Click here for the details-


P.P.S. If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here (it’s a good one)!

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Karena on

You go girl!! Brava! I love how your projects have turned out so beautifully!! It has been awhile since I have done much DIY , however it is so fun when they turn out!!

The Arts by Karena
Parish-Hadley Tree of Life

Robbin on

I’m proud of you Tina!!! Everything looks FANTASTIC!!!! And isn’t it such a feeling of accomplishment? You go girl!!! Thanks for sharing :0!!!

franki on

KUDOS!!! (I’ve been there and I feel your pain…and delight!!!) franki

Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

Isn’t it a great feeling to do something like that? I recently learned to use chalk paint on furniture with wonderful success, as it’s so forgiving. Bask in the glory of a job well done, that you will be proud of for many years to come.

Celia Becker

kate Abt Design on

You did an amazing job Tina! Can’t wait to see pictures of your amazing space. Yes once you get started on all this you start looking for other things…. I’ve changed quite a few chandeliers for clients with the rub n buff! It’s awesome but I love the way you blended different finishes.

Mary Jane Nash on

Wow, even Amy Howard would be envious. Great job. The wall brackets look fabulous and those tables are precious.

Grace Williams on

I actually have 2 corbels lying around in my garage. You have inspired me to do something with them. Your project came out fantastic.

Deanna on

This is truly an inspiring post. I am ready to take on a table or two. The husband used to refinish antiques as a job to get through college, but I’m going to grab a table and see what magic I can make. Your tables are beautiful, and I just know your room will be gorgeous. Good luck with the room?may everything sell! And have a wonderful autumn filled week. I just love your posts!

Melissa on

I think “Trump Gold” is a perfect description of that color!!

Rosemary Abate on


Anonymous on

Tina, thank you so much for sharing your DIY step-by-step. I am not a DIYer, but thought I may like to try my hand one day! Project is looking FAB!

cindy hattersley on

Those tables turned out beautifully. Working with gold can be trickyi!!

splendid market on

Tina — those tables look amazing!!! Really great, so glad to have these tips in case I need to get into the gold soon. Well done, can’t wait to see the completed room. LOVE the moss green walls, bet it will look amazing!!

Katie Clooney on

Hellooo DIY Goddess!! Is there anything that you can’t do??? Jeez Louise! So happy that you are designing for such a wonderful cause. Wish I could be there to see your magic. You’re simply the best!

Leslie @PrettyPetals on

Well look at you Ms. Tina!!!! You just went after it and look at how beautiful everything looks ~wow! I like your attitude, just keep working it, tweaking color, and then it all seems to come together. It’s wonderful that you are involved with this Showhouse .. such a wonderful cause;)

Rosanne Hodgens on

YTina, I just wanted to say that after reading your blog today, that I am so impressed with your stick tuitiveness. The brackets and table turned out perfectly. I have been decorating and doing projects for many years, now, and I feel like I am a good judge of what looks good. You should be very proud and I know you will show well. Just wanted to say and encourage you. Rosanne Hodgens

classic?casual?home on

Isn’t it so satisfying to make something better? Way to go, Tina!

Gabrielle on

Absolutely fabulous Tina. Congratulations!

The Buzz Blog on

Tina – we knew you were a fabulous designer and now you can add artist to your resume! We’re so sad we won’t be able to make the gala on Thursday for the big reveal… Along with launching a new website, we still have a collection to finish for tabletop which is one a couple of weeks away. We know it will be spectacular!
C + C

Peggy Thal on

Love! Gold is always so beautiful and rich looking. It looks wonderful with your blue and white ware. Very impressive.

eileen on

Congrats on being so successful with your first diy. Very pretty!

Patty b on

Beautiful job! I will definitely try the gold method. Cannot wait to view the finished project. I know it will be picture perfect. Please keep sharing and inspiring.

Design Chic on

Is there anything you can’t do?!! Just love the way the brackets look, and the table…stunning!!

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

You are on a roll Tina! Love how that table came out! WOW!!!! I wish I could book a flight and go to that show house with you!

Arell on

Great job! I think that you did wonderfully! I am proud of you!

Marie in AZ on


These are just gorgeous! Aren’t you proud of yourself?? Watch out, Martha….here comes Tina!

Taylor Greenwalt on

You go girl! Its going to look amazing!

slim paley on

Good job and very Best of Luck!
It’s a wonderfully worthy cause.

Karolyn on

Well my friend you are doing a fabulous job!!If you ever have any faux finishing questions always email me, thats what I use to do and I love using the gold wax rub it buffs out very well! I love the whole theme and Moss green and blue/white are one of my favorite combinations! I wish I did that in my dining room but I have grasscloth instead. Maybe on day. Hope to see you soon and good luck with the opening tonight,! xo Karolyn

Pretty Pink Tulips on

Wow!!! So impressed not only with your creativity, but your tenacity! The brackets look fabulous!!!! And that table…wow!

I know your room will be spectacular, so just be ready to be invited to do many more!

You and I were simultaneously working on big projects…so I do understand the feeling of satisfaction once it is done.

Bravo to you and ADORE that rendering by PVE…what a talent!
xoxo Elizabeth

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