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Hi there and happy Sunday to you. First order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the blue and white vase giveaway from my guest post over at Design Chic. Congratulations goes to-

#8? Leslie Sinclair says

? One of my favorite bloggers!!! Tina is the best!!! xo

Please contact me at so that you can choose your style jar and it can be on it’s way!


Low key weekend over here, and it’s a beautiful one. Crisp and cool…just how I like it! I? have a friend coming in from NYC and we may venture to a local fall festival and will likely let Teddy tag along:) Did a? little antiquing too which is always fun as you never know what you might find!

Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful and relaxing. Here are my seven things I am loving this week…….




1. RUN DON’T WALK TO GET THIS BOOK. OK after a stressful day the other day, I came home to a great big package at my door. When I saw that it was from Random House, I got excited…….good things come from RH! Then upon opening it and seeing it was the hot off the presses much anticipated new book , Carolyne Roehm at Home in the Garden,? I jumped for joy and promptly canceled my evening plans so I could sit down and properly devour every page and devour I did…….total heaven!


unnaccrmed unnacrmed

Bottom line? This book does not disappoint and in fact is? like a great movie that you don’t want to end…this book is the same. It is enormously oversized and filled with an abundance of huge glossy images that are just sublime and truly take your breath away.? It will get all of your senses in overdrive in the best way possible. Surely one of my new favorite books of all time……so beautiful! Click here to get your very own discounted to boot (presale, as it officially comes out Oct 27th)

A little “teaser”-

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2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never short on beautiful inspiration to share… fact sometimes it’s hard to draw the line, but here are this weeks favorites, with a healthy does of gorgeous fall inspiration-

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3. A LITTLE BIT OF FALL IN MY HOME. I am admittedly very late to the “getting my house in fall mode” party. Between no longer having young kids who delight and anticipate my fall decorating touches and being super busy.

I just haven’t had the time is the bottom line,? not to mention? my impatients are still blooming and? look too good to rip out, the guilt would kill me.? But I added a few small things here and there to celebrate my favorite season!

Amazing how far a large box of about 30 little white gourds can go….




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4. GORGEOUS NEW FABRICS. Working with an e design customer and having such fun as I always do playing with fabrics….this Tilton Fenwick fabric from Duralee Soskin got me started? and I am loving this with her rug for a pair of chairs, it is really beautiful and so luxurious, as it’s a raised velvet and simply fabulous.

The tablecloth I had custom made from the olive version of Soskin? sold right away at the gala but I am having a duplicate done I loved it so much:) I got extra fabric and am having two? more tablecloths made (that were orders) and pillows…really love this fabric! Then of course I started looking at other Tilton Fenwick fabrics and my mind started racing with ideas……

OB-snsdfafdsapshot soskin-coral-15631-31hi-final-523x515

The same fabric in olive-

unna221111med unnamed665t

And a few other fabulous Tilton Fenwick fabrics I am loving…it;s a line that really appeals to me, click here to view all

15626-250hi 15630-223hi 15637-343hi 15642-343hi 21080-343hi 21079-563hi 21079-343hi

5. THE MOST DARLING LITTLE CHERUB! One of my readers sent in a picture of her baby..and I could not resist sharing (of course with her permission). Looks just like a little doll….and love her name, Ruby! I want to reach in and pinch (very very gently) those sweet chubby rosy cheeks:)? Is she not the cutest?

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6. TWO NEW BOOTS! I always get a pair or two of all weather boots for my closet as winters here are long, brutal and cold and I am hearing murmurs of a a lot of snow…ugh! Really like these cute new pair from Hunter, great length and love the faux furry trim detail. Click here for details…


Then these from Frye fit so well…love them, an over the knee boot looks amazing with everything from pants, jeans to skirts. Also flattering as it lengthens the leg and you never heard a woman say she wants her legs to look to look shorter, right:) These fit really well and can be worn with the flap up or down…….nice soft leather too:) Click here for details


And these I have from last year but happy to see Tory Burch is making them still, love them so much might get another pair for safe keeping, they are super warm and so pretty! Click here for details



6. THE FOO DOGS ARE COMING! Along with a bunch of other amazing new porcleains! I will be getting a new container of porcelains sometimes around mid November and can hardly wait.

I have some really exquisite items coming including many fishbowls, new ginger jar pairs, some colored pieces and foo dogs in several colors. They are so stylish and an instant way to add that extra little something to any vignette.

Be on the lookout for a 3 or 4 day presale within the next week to ten days. ? Here are a few that will be coming in-

whitedogs BlueDogs palegreendogs greendogs graydogs

7. A NEW CONTEST…..FALL LOVE. You know I love holding these contests. I think its prime time for one called Fall Love. From today until Nov 2nd, I am accepting your fall pictures that depict fall in all it’s glory. Here are a few rules-


  • 2 picture max per person, send your pictures to
  • Please on subject line write FALL LOVE (get lots of emails so need to put them in a separate folder/batch)
  • Can be of anything fall related and must be original ( not copied off of internet, pinterest, etc…..)
  • Accepting pictures today Oct. 18th through Nov 2nd.
  • Contest will start Nov. 3rd
  • The prize will be a fabulous new porcelain planter
  • There is a cap of 68 pictures and I will stop taking submissions once I reach that


Just a few ideas for great pictures-

  • Your front door decorated for fall
  • Your beautifully set fall tablescape
  • Your kids trick or treating
  • Fall foliage
  • Your planters all jazzed up for fall
  • Your pumpkin decorating skills
  • Your beloved pet loving fall!

I could go on and on….but anything fall related is welcome. I cannot wait to start getting your pictures for the Fall Love contest! Send your pictures to


So there you have it….my Seven on Sunday. Anything here get your attention? What’s new in your world? Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Until next time…….

PS New pillow promo started late yesterday and it’s fabulous! Click here for details.




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Christine bakeR on

Hello Dear Tina ,
Your beautiful blog continues to take my breath away and I love opening my email from you . You have the gift “that keeps on giving”!
I have been extremely happy each time I have received items from your shop .
I am searching for smaller blue and white ginger jars . What is the smallest that you have ?
Also , autumn means wearing capes/ ponchos . Do you have any new offerings ?
As always ,
Thanks and appreciation for the joy and “tech” friendship you bring to our lives !

Karena on

Tina your Seven on Sunday is always a treat! I get up make coffee, put on CBS Sunday Morning, and open up your site!!
Congrats to our friend Leslie for being the winner of your gorgeous Ginger Jar. Carolyn’s new book looks delightful and I am still thrilled when I see your Designer Showhouse Room!
Of course lets not leave out the Instagrams faves!

I hope your weekend has been fun and relaxing as well!
The Arts by Karena

Meg McDonough on

Love your Fall season excitement for your nice cool weather. Here in Sarasota it’s cooling down to mid-80s and another day by the beach and pool. Our International Arts Festival at the Ringling Museum started last week with a sensational program, with many of our international / seasonal visitors enjoying this relatively new program. First year brought Misha Baryshnikov with his entourage and splendid performances, so good to see him dance.

As for Carolyne Roehm’s latest book, it’s much better priced at with free ship from those of us on Prime membership. My advance copy arrived earlier this week and I am, as usual, in awe of her photographic talents and visual displays. Now we all get to enjoy her lifestyle by virtue of her generously published publications! I have them all and they continue to inspire my own households and stylistic endeavors.

Our mutual friend, Phyllis Hoffman DePinto, with her glorious celebration of lifestyle publications thru Hoffman Media continue to bring the awesome and most pleasant magazines and books to our homes so we won’t miss a season of her beautiful photography and articles that speak Southern Hospitality in every sense.

Tina, when I came across your own site “The Enchanted Home” just a few years ago, I came away with a very similar enjoyment and I am one of your avid readers. You certainly bring us a daily feast of everything you work so diligently on – interior design, entertainment and family get-togethers. You compliment our homes with all that you do.

P.S. My wonderful Aussie husband, Roger, thanks you also for helping him find the gifts I treasure after I leave a subtle printed copy of your blog(s) by our coffee table. He’s terrific with my “hints”. We will be celebrating our 14th Wedding Anniversary in December and this gives him plenty of time to “shop”.

Thank you, dear friend!

Meg McDonough, President
Luxury Hospitality Consultants LLC
Sarasota, FL

Gayle on

Hi Tina

What timing!! Last week we found out Carolyne Roehm was coming to our garden club !!! We are so excited! Then I read your blog this morning about run don’t walk!!!
It truly will be a WONDERFUL EVENT!!!
As usual I love your blog and lol forward to seeing the lovely pictures of fall from all your readers!!!
Have a happy Sunday !!???

splendid market on

Good Gourd! So much beauty here. Loving those celadon foo dogs, I think they have a place in my dining room. Always adore the blue and white pumpkin shots, what talent and patience.
I’m with you, holiday decorating just isn’t as much fun without having little munchkins around. I’ve gotten as far as pumpkins, the white gourds do look great around the house, may have to go a little further.
Thanks for all the Sunday beauty Tina!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, I hope that you enjoyed your time with your friend and Teddy! It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.

I love Carolyne and cannot wait to see her book, the photos you featured are simply fabulous!

I am off to check out the instagram pages I am unfamiliar with.

As always, thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week.

Katie Clooney on

Hellooooooo Miss Tina… better late than never. Your home looks great for the fall. I did white pumpkins too because you are my design diva and I do everything you do and then try to take credit for it. Love your instagrams and on my way over to Amazon to order Carolyne’s book. Have a wonderful week, dear Tina.

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