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Hi happy Sunday to you. First things first….the winner of the blue and white vase!! Congrats goes to-

#4? Marianne says:

? Please contact me at to provide your shipping details.


Before I forget a number of you asked if my The Enchanted Home mugs are for sale. Yes I got them in and will offer them up soon, but if you want to place an order? you can email me at

How is your weekend going? Ours was a busy one, we went to an over the top party last night and got home way later than I like to stay out..but it was fun and so beautiful. And believe it or not……I walked up 20 that’s right TWENTY flights (with my willing companion….my husband).

We were at the gorgeous St. Regis all decked out for the holidays and with the exception of having to walk to up 20 flights it was a fabulous night. Cocktails were on the second floor but the party was way way up:) Woke up with slightly sore legs, guess I earned myself a great meal later today:) Definitely going to make this a chill day as the upcoming week is B U S Y!

So here is my seven for this Sunday-




1 ADELE Love this woman’s voice….my gosh she is soooo talented. I don’t think shes made a song that I dont just love. I also like her as a person, she is? beautiful? inside and out. I was SUPER bummed to find out she had scheduled an impromptu live concert in NY this past Tues at Radio City Music Hall but you could buy tickets, you had to win them and by the time I found out it was too late:( If I were 18 again I would have gone outside Radio City Music Hall and tried my luck at scoring a ticket!

Anywho this new song is so beautiful and emotional. I love the video and the cinematography is beautiful and very powerful. It inspired to me make a mental list of everyone I need to say I am sorry to.:)

Mom, sorry if I was ever mean or said I was too busy to talk. Boys, sorry for yelling and not always agreeing and saying yes. To my husband,? sorry for scolding you about buying that antique car telling you it was a waste of money:) Teddy, I am sorry I didn’t give you that chicken bone that you were begging for,? I didn’t want you to choke. Ahh…my list goes on. If you need inspiration to make your own “I am sorry” list,? watch this video-


2. NEW ORLEANS. Haven’t been in years, last time was for my grandfathers funeral, so it was not a happy time but we did manage to take an extra few days in NOLA and must say we ate our way through those 48? hours. Started with beignets and ended with a bang with a mega crawfish etoufee dinner. Stayed at the Ritz Carlton which at that time was newly redone after Katrina and even hit an amazing jazz bar, gotta love that city.

My heart warms overtime I hear or read about things looking up for this wonderful iconic old city. It is a foodie’s heaven and I believe still a great antiques mecca. I think I am due for a trip back. I have alluded to how I would love one day to own a gourmet shop/market/cafe/bookstore and The St. Roch Market? is exactly how I envision it..isn’t this gawgeous? (OK mine would be smaller but just love this place)!

new-image DSC_1726web

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Here are the instagrams that got my attention this week. Such a wonderful mix of some holiday cheer, delectable food and beautiful places! Love the inspiration….

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4. CHARLES FAUDREE’S COUNTRY CABIN. I need a cabin! This is sooo beautiufl and chic, and such a beautiful example of his extraordinary work. I loved how he always incorporated blue and white into the mix and often featured his namesake buffalo check which gives his spaces such a warm and cozy feel.

What a talent and legend! Just look at how beautiful this place is…can you imagine when its snowing outside and you are in cooking up a storm and entertaining (only people you really like though) lol. Click here to read more about it at Traditional Home



tdh719849_w tdh719848_w tdh719846_w tdh719839_w tdh719844_p tdh719850_w

5. CASA DE PERRIN. This is scary and dangerous territory for me, a bonafide china fanatic. Every closet and my entire butlers pantry is literally busting at the seams with enough china to serve an entire small village and yet I cannot seem to stay away!!! What’s wrong with me?

I nearly fell over when I saw how gorgeous their things are, Case de Perrin rocks! They are the ultimate rental company located in California, their website will make you want to have a party. Their curated line of spectacular china and glassware is just over the top amazing! I am madly in love with the Anna Weatherley scalloped chargers and it’s about the only thing I can justify buying as they would with all my dishes (and trust me that is a lot)! Click here to discover more about their beautiful world

CDP3X3-9 CDP3X3-6 CDP3X3-8 CDP3X3-3CDP3X3-12? allisonhotchkiss16 cdp_josevillaworkshop10 cdp_MRO11 CdP_Portfolio

And this is the Anna Weatherley charger I am loving and seriously would go with every bit of china I own….


6. NEW BOOK ALERT! I am always on the prowl for the next great design book and I have a fabulous one to share….Decorating with Carpets by Ashley Stark though it is sooo much more than carpets, oozing with a plethora of incredible design images, this book is a must have for any design enthusiast who think design book collecting is a survival skill:) This is a really beautiful book which I am thoroughly enjoying. Click here

Decorating with Carpets STARK TRADITION_cover

Take a look at the beauty inside…..

00ugHTe82s2K7kiNwx926G0qgxkDbqO4puL5Hq5ZkO0 c9HnN-PGAslLfjw30D7gXoQXtE6ueH-5yEXzja_bLtU w-3ZZJtUpiAHFUcAJLBpx_IDoL86fP6mb4tDDKaHVhA,VdLlScoaJyAje27VuU499kbFAiqhqt1UKYK8L-aVnps PO0rCqcxi4m4EoPeJVvlGe_O5TNk2K6CYTb8GD_BG3g

7. NEWEST CHINOISERIE PILLOWS. I am so love with these pillows. Every time I get in a new batch, I swear I want to keep each and every one for myself! Just feast your eyes on these beauties that just came in and swiftly were out the door to their rightful owners… here to find out more about them or email me with any questions at

indeffccx indefdafaadx indas343aex indewex

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And just this weekend in honor of Thanksgiving, an honorary #8-

8.? A HANDY LIST. With Thanksgiving day coming up this week, thought these two little nifty little charts would come in handy for all of you hosting and entertaining. I personally have found using a baking bag to work really well to keep the turkey moist and really good, always use one. Only thing I don’t think I agree with on the first list is the 1 bottle of wine for four people? Ugh….not in this house:)




So there you have my Seven on Sunday. Hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving! We will be about 10 people and I am hosting so I will be busy planning out my favorite eating day of the year! Hope you have a great day and end to your weekend. Until next time…..

PS If you missed my random musings post yesterday, click here

PPS Do not forget to send in your pictures for my Enchanted Home Love contest!! Send to Got in some beauties so far, can take about 22 more! Click here for all details


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Karena on

Tina, I’ve enjoyed listening to Adele while reading this morning!
Her voice is so beautiful! The event at the St. Regis must have been fabulous. I hope you took off your heels while walking up the 20! flights of stairs! As always love your Seven and today Eight on Sunday! It is going to be a fast Thanksgiving week!

The Arts by Karena
The Blink of an Eye

franki on

I had JUST FINISHED listening to Adele when I opened your blog…she’s everywhere, she’s everywhere!! Dynamite reading, again, thanks for the efforts you put in!! franki

Lucy Porter on

The photos and captions are all jumbled.

Dana on

Thank you so much for the holiday help. Loved it! Even though I have done it so often on holidays it is a long time between. LOL. Love, Love, Love the pillows!

Piper B on

The Instagram of the rescued dog is absolutely precious!

Yes to the charger! So lovely.

While looking through the cabin pictures it dawned on me that a room doesn’t look quite as cluttered ( I mean this in the kindest way) when light colors are used in the furnishings and wall colors. I realize the trend is less in more. With light colors we don’t have to be so retrained. I’ll keep this in my bag of tricks!

Hey, Tina….Can you do a poll of yes or no to stockings ( panty hose)? lol Still wondering. Ugh!

Leah B on

I agree with you. People are decorating too early for Christmas. It seems to come earlier and earlier every year. I feel the need sometimes to shop early because if I don’t, they will not have what I need for Christmas. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing it.

Taylor Greenwalt on

Hi Tina…stopping bye to say hello…life has been so busy and trying to get my blog reading in! I love Adele she has such a beautiful voice and Charles Faudree is one of my favorite designers. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Shari bellizzi-davis on

Charles Faudree was a friend of mine back in my Tulsa days. His gentle attention to detail was unsurpassed only by his kindness. Happy Thanksgiving…love and family to all!

Donna Lovold on

Has your son thought of Duke University? They have a world class LaCrosse team and after all…it is DUKE!
I live not too far away and it is beautiful in that part of the country. Our weather is usually mild throughout the entire winter and there are so many other universities near by…UNC Chapel Hill. NC State.

Nancypotter on

Love your note this morning. Appealed to so many if my faves. Pillows dinnerware Adele and most if all charles faudree. Can you tell me if this feature was in the current traditional home magazine. Thanks. Nancy

Peggy Ekena on

I love your blog, The Enchanted Home! My husband and I have been coming to Naples for seven years now. I just don’t do winter anymore! Naples is such a great place to spend four months. The shops at Waterside are very nice, but probably nothing you can’t find at home. You must see the shops and restaurants on both 3rd and 5th Streets. Chops is one of our favorite restaurants, if you like mussels, theirs are delicious! We also enjoy Bice Restaurant, it’s so nice to eat outside and people watch. Wherever you shop or eat, you’ll enjoy it! It’s NAPLES!

PInk camellias on

I LOVE Charles Faudree! Everything he did was gorgeous – it always looked so pulled together without looking overly decorated.

Teresa on

Tina, what a lovely post. I love all your great pics. I also would love to hear your and your readers’ thoughts about women wearing hosiery–especially in the dead of winter when darker “tights” just won’t work with certain outfits. Princess Kate has done alot but I am still not quite sure if that is acceptible here in the states even if the woman is over 55!

Kathryn on

Love your blog, Tina! Take pics of your dining table on Thanksgiving! And I am over 55 and I wear stockings to hid varicose veins…you do what you have to do 🙂

Katie Clooney on

Hello Tina… I just added two more people to my Instagram follow list, thanks to you. I’ve got two nephs at Tulane and they just love NOLA. Good luck on your son’s search for school. My #2 is at a very small school and was all set to transfer to bigger one, then changed her mind. I think she’s sorry she didn’t go ahead with it. UT is a great school. Austin is a wonderful town – I was just there and the school spirit is contagious. Plus they have a gorgeous 4 Seasons for your visits. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am eternally grateful to you for your support. If you hadn’t allowed me to hitch my wagon to your blogroll I would be nowhere. You’re simply the best.

Karolyn on

Oh how I enjoy the Sunday 7!! Thankyou for posting Kristy Harvey’s instagram with my pumpkins! xo I am dying over that Traditional Home!! THe pillows are gorgeous and I dont know how you took the stairs at the St Regis we went to a wedding there you are a trooper ! xo K

Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

Always so enjoy your 7 on Sunday. With your super busy schedule I can’t begin to imagine how you accomplish a Sunday post. I just got back last night from London where sadly every news channel was reporting that Adele was getting a ton of backlash for not allowing her new album to be on Spotify and Apple Music. I applaud her for doing so and appreciate your sharing her lovely music video.

Cheers, Celia from

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