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Good morning, hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was busy but lots of fun, attended a beautiful party in NYC on Saturday (shared highlights via instagram). Yesterday spent part of the day getting ready for Thanksgiving, hard to believe it’s in a few short days.

Speaking of parties……unfortunately I had to miss the last two BIO’s? so am so happy to “be back”. This months theme is such a fun one, planning a fantasy dinner party and getting to invite 10 guests. I had to really think hard about this one, as there are so many who? intrigue me. But not all are people I would necessarily want to spend an entire evening with, you know?


So it has to be someone I am fascinated by but also who would make a great dinner companion! I like mixing people from different walks of life…makes it so much more interesting than everyone being cut from the same cloth and talking about the same bland subjects (I do enough of that in real life lol).

I firmly believe that variety really is the spice of life and like the idea of mixing things up a bit. So after much pondering here is my final ten (I do have a B list just in case anyone cannot make it:)


At my table will be……




And here is why the lucky 10 were chosen-

Bill Gates-I really love and so admire this guy,? in absolute awe of his incredible generosity (yes he can afford it but so can many others and I don’t see all of them giving away their fortunes as in 60 billion, as he has committed to doing) he just seems so kind, obviously brilliant, down to earth and I bet he would be an exceptionally fascinating person to be seated next to and I have a few questions about those rumors of Microsoft that I am hoping after a glass of wine he just might answer:)? OK, OK….Bill you can have the seat next to me!


Pope Francis-? Do I really need an explanation? What an inspiring man he is, someone who can unite and whose presence and spirit truly transcends religious affiliation, cultural and ethnic divides. His humility astounds me and his lifelong devotion to the poor is so admirable and inspiring. I only recently read that he found his calling to the church in the most unbelievable way!

He was on his way to propose to the girl he loved, and on the way stopped at church for confession. He says something very powerful happened and that is when he realized he needed to devote his life to God. I would so love to talk to him about that moment as well as so much of what is going in our world right now, a topic he is always so insightful about. He is just so likable and I just know he would make a fascinating dinner guest.


Adele- Beautiful inside and out, any interview I have read of hers has been wonderful, and has made me think “yes we could be friends”. I love how unaffected she seems by her fame and talent, she still does her own thing and plays by her own rules, you really have to admire that. She almost quit the music biz for good for motherhood. And lets face it with a voice like hers that would be a tragedy. If we are really lucky maybe she will serenade us after dinner? Bono maybe you can join in?


Bono- He strikes me as not only a really nice and? humble guy given his musical skills but someone who from the start used his music to encourage and be a part of social change is someone to be admired. Both he and “Bill” (yes, we are on a first name basis) were named Time Magazine’s person of the year. He seems to be a great mix of intelligence, artsy and musical genius and a devoted humanitarian, not to mention he would add a cool factor to my group:)


Anna Wintour- She does intrigue me,I must admit.? The power she holds is really remarkable. My friends daughter works at Vogue and one of the first things she was told that if she encounters Anna anywhere (like in the elevator) do not look at her or say anything, not even a hello. Huh? I need to crack the code. My first order of business would be to get the fashion priestess to laugh. I know she has to laugh and Anna you cannot wear your sunglasses in this house…I want to see you! I bet she might surprise us once we crack that legendary icy veneer.


Kate and William I just love these two…..they just seem so incredibly? sweet,? warm and real. I would love to talk about everything from parenting, to the Throne, to living in Buckingham Palace? and of course “the queen” I? need to know the inside? scoop plus? anything else that might come up. And in this one instance,? I would? make an exception and allow them to bring their adorable kids!


Jennifer Lawrence- I really like her, think she is a very talented actress and she just has to be a smidgen (or more)? in real like who she plays in so many of her roles. I just know that has to be a glimpse into the “real her”? Authentic, self depreciating, funny, not afraid to fail (or fall for that matter)…I think she would be loads of fun and not at all a typical stuffy self absorbed Hollywood starlet. I also learned she loves horses (we have that in common) and was impressed by her starting her own foundation to support various causes that mean something to her. I do believe she is single, so I may have to play matchmaker and might put she and Bobby side by side, humm…….


Nancy Meyers-? Definitely one of my favorite producers…..I LOVE her movies, her aesthetic is so in sync with my own (Somethings Gotta Give, Private Benjamin, Father of the Bride, The Holiday, It’s Complicated, The Intern) to name just? a few and many of these she was not only the producer but the writer, we are talking seriously talented. I would love to speak to her about her career, what inspires her with each movie and maybe just maybe collaborate on an idea I have for her next movie! Nancy you can sit on my other side because we have a script to write:)


Bobby Murphy- I know you are probably asking who the heck is Bobby Murphy? Well he is the young twenty something Stanford grad who founded Snapchat (yes that very social media that your kids are on 24/7)and sold it for a cool 10 billion dollars. I am fascinated by young, brilliant visionaries and think he could be an interesting? addition to the group. Bobby, we need to talk about the “next great thing”… I have a few nieces who might want to meet you:) if Jennifer doesn’t snatch you up first:)


**Full disclosure If they were alive, two people I would have invited would have been Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, two all time favorite actors who were both gifted in their fields but sadly so tormented too, I would have loved to have been able to sit down and talk to them about life)


Here is a little bit about how the evening will play out…..everyone will arrive and we will gather in the living room for cocktails and nibbles. After a short while we will proceed into the dining room where we will have an incredible meal that will have been prepared by none other than Mario Batalli and Grant Achatz (and yes Mario and Grant you can both pull up a chair at my celebrity studded dining table because afterall you too are celebrities in your own right)!


This duo of celebrity chefs will wine and dine us with an incredible meal? over the course of a few hours, conversations will be flowing, laughter will echo, funny tales will be told and a rip roaring time will be had by all.

We will then go to the “lower level” where Adele and Bono insist upon delighting us with an impromptu concert. We crack open several bottles of bubbly and let the night flow. Oh what an enchanted night it will be! Cheers….




Thank you for stopping in……hope you enjoyed this. Who would you want at your fantasy dinner table? It does make you think about about how much fun that could really be, doesn’t it? Hope you have a wonderful day. Be sure to stop over at Splenderosa by clicking here to see not only her post but all of the others, it’s such fun to see everyone’s ideas! Until next time…..

PS Keep those fabulous pictures coming of the Enchanted Home Love contest……still have room for about 20! In fact Thanksgiving is a great time to snap away, so be sure to send in your pictures to (click here for all details)

PPS If you missed my Seven on Sunday click here


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franki on

YOU ARE SO MUCH FUN!!! Thanks for the “escape.” franki

Aimee on

Such a fun way to start my day! Got me thinking about my ideal guest list.. And you, Tina, would must definitely be invited! Thanks for the fun!

Karena on

Tina, wonderful choices, I would include Oprah, Cher, and Mark Zuckerberg to those greats on your list. Can you imagine the incredible discourse throughout the evening!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours if we don’t talk before then!

The Arts by Karena
The Blink of an Eye


HAPPY HOLIDAYS…………and LUCKY YOU AS YOU are seated at the HOSTESS TABLE TOO!MAKE sure your DATES do not coincide!!

Marsha @ splenderosa on

A truly brilliant list, Tina !!!
My Maltese is named BONO so you know how I feel about the man. So wonderful of you to include him, And, I’m Catholic and did not include the POPE? Thankfully, you did! And, just so your readers know, Tina was invited to MY Fantasy Dinner Party. All of you know why !!!

Marilyn the nurse on

What a wonderful group of people you have put together and your insight into each of them is so deep and well expressed. You are the best Tina. I would love to be a fly on the wall. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!

D. A. Wolf on

What an eclectic mix… from Hollywood royalty to “royalty” royalty! (I love Nancy Meyers’ films, too.)

Happy holidays!


Gloria on

Very interesting group of people you picked, but you spelled chef Grant Achatz’s name wrong, Achatz is the correct spelling. In fact I am from Richmond, Michigan and 10 miles or so from me is St. Clair, Mi. where he grew up and worked in his parents restaraunt. His parents still own and operate Achatz’s Family restaraunt, an American diner type place, wonderful family type food, best fish and chips and the pies are to die for! We go to eat there a couple times a month. Beautiful view of the St. Clair river. My son is also a chef in Carmel, Calif at La Bicyclette. Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Deanna on

What fun it is to see who you would invite to your beautiful party! I agree with them all, though I did not know who Bob Murphy was. And I think I’d be so intimidated by Anna Wintour that I wouldn’t be able to swallow my dinner. Maybe that’s why the people who work at Vogue are so thin. 🙂 And yes to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. What a talented man.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! Don’t you just love a shortened work week?

Pamela on

Oh, please sit Jennifer Lawrence next to Anna!!

Jacqueline on

Good to see you back Tina …. we missed you.
What a great selection of people …….. it’s good to have such a diverse mix. I’m not sure if Will’s and Kate will share any Royal secrets though !!!! XXXX

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