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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving filled with togetherness, laughter and of course great food! I almost rolled out of bed after our feast oh but was is it ever worth it! Ours was? so wonderful, a really relaxing day, the food was sooo yummy, watched a few movies, and just enjoyed each others company. It was exactly as I had hoped. I am not one to go shopping on black Friday. Frankly the intensity of the entire experience completely intimidates me.

It seems like many who go out and bravely face the crowds are veteran shoppers who liken shopping to an Olympic sport…in other words it is serious business! So the thought of having to face people like that to vie for a parking spot or place in line….um, no thanks. I think I will happily stay home and work on some early bird (to me) Christmas decorating, enjoy a day of leftovers all day long and shop from home. Something I have become really good at:)

I mean seriously isn’t shopping from home just the best! Best invention since the dishwasher if you ask me:) Horchow and I are very good friends, I shop there a lot, their selection is fabulous (but my porcelains are better lol) on just about everything and when they have a sale, it is serious business.

So today’s Black Friday sale with everything at 20, 30 and 40% is phenomenal. I already did some early bird shopping. I also found some great deals for an e design customer I am working with. Thought it would make a fun which would you choose. Ready to choose your two faves? Here are my top 16…..




This rug is such a beauty… the colors!! Click here



CHOICE 2 This flatware is so beautiful, I? love the versatility. Click here



This 2 drawer dresser in this beautiful painted finish is 40% off, click here



I have never seen these peacock lamps this low! Click here



These dishes are so pretty, always a sucker for anything scalloped.? Click hereHCH801U_mz


And you know I am madly in love with this gorgeous pagoda stationery! Click here



This giclee is a stunner, and the price makes it hard to resist. Click here



These are really tempting me! I have wanted really large outdoor nutcrackers for a long time…and they are 40% off, just saying:) Click here



Just what I need another bedding set to fall in love with! LOVE This pagoda bedding from Legacy… here



Was excited to see the cocktail napkins at 40% off, always like to have these on hand. Click here



These slightly more transitional pillows are a steal at $72! Very pretty, click here



A Venetian mirror for $285….unbelievable! Click here



Ordered this a few months ago for a gift and the recipient loved it….very handy! Click here



Just recommended this to an edesign customer, imagine a 6 x9 for under $1000, love the colors and style of this rug. Click here



Just ordered this this morning, had an area where I needed a dressy flush mount lighting fixture, could not resist the deal! Click here



Recommended this to a e design customer, a pair for her new family room. I dont’ know that I have ever seen a wing chair for $549! Click here



Ahhh, so many beauties so many sales! For me personally the thought of going into overcrowded stores and fighting for a parking space with some obsessed buyer does not appeal to me at all. I am perfectly fine to stay in the comfort of my home and do most of my shopping from my computer.

It is amazing how the internet has changed retail forever as we know it. The convenience is just incredible and it just makes life so easy! So whatever you are up to today, hope you score a bargain!

Until next time……


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ANGIE Thornton on

I choose 16, I want to cozy in that chair and 4 next to those beautiful lamps. Looking forward to my boxwoods I ordered. Merry Christmas shopping to myself!

Design Chic on

Love, love the rug, Tina. the colors are so pretty. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and you are relaxing today!!

Karena on

So glad you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving! Adore the Venetian Mirror and the Pagoda Bedding, Tina, really love it all though!

The Arts by Karena
India Hicks Holiday Collection

Grace Williams on

I chose 16 and agree that it’s a steal. I like you would rather stay home, do some Xmas decorating , and shop from home. You can’t beat it.

Shery G. on

What a great selection! My picks are 4 and 16. Those lamps are gorgeous and that updated wingback chair is traditional with a modern twist. The color is what I wold want also.

Laura T WIlson on

When you go to a small business, you get great attention, a real experience. You have shop keepers who work VERY HARD for their customers. They can answer all questions about their products. They can give you individualized attention. They work all hours, after hours, to order their products that they think their customers will want, to do their book work, to answer all their texts and emails from their customers. Many do their own accounting. They pay high rent and taxes. They really fight for their business.
When you shop online all the time, you do not get a real human when you call, or you are on hold forever. you don’t get someone who really cares about you. I would think that you, Tina, being a business woman, would support small businesses, because you have a small business.
In our town, we have seen some of the best shops close because the struggle to own a shop is so real. Williams Sonoma is now leaving. Many wonderful small shops have had to close. Please support your shop keepers. They love you and care about you. They are not a 800 number. They do not give a cut to an e commerce site for mentioning them.

Bobbie hathaway on

Love the mirror and peacock lamps. I have been looking for two mirrors.

Thank you for posting.


I loved 6 & 9 + guess i’m funny that way

Deanna on

I agree with you?no Back Friday shopping except at home?and boy are the deals good today! Especially yours! I cannot get enough of your porcelains. And I do shop at the little stores in our town, but not today. There is a big hometown holiday thing going on downtown and I can’t do it. Just can’t face any crowds. I’m grabbing a slice of pumpkin pie and will wander over to Horchow. Have a beautiful day!

Judy on

When I clicked on your link for the monogrammed phone case it goes to the Horchow mirror site….could you please correct and link the phone case correctly?

Thank you Tina!


Too many choices!!!! Your taste is flawless!! Hope your Thanksgiving was as well.

Lea on

Happy Holidays, dear Tina!
Have you seen the latest Frontgate holiday catalog? It features a collection of 60 Christmas ornaments called French Blue. Some of the ornaments are small ginger jars among other beautiful blue and white ornaments. Sooo lovely!

Take care and don’t overdo on the Thanksgiving leftovers 🙂

PInk camellias on

I love the white dishes! I’m with you on the online buying. A few years ago, I started buying all of my gifts on Amazon. As soon as my boys mention something they like, I put it in the wish list. It makes is so easy – no shopping at the store, and we get free shipping with Amazon Prime. Love it!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

oh tina, the crystal light fixture!!! clicked through but it is sold out. no surprise there. can’t wait to see it in your house. peace to you right where you are.

Pamm on

Well said Laura T Wilson! As an owner of a small antique business and experiencing the continued decrease in numbers of people shopping in store for their furniture, gifts, books, etc., I find it very discouraging to have someone like yourself encouraging others to spend their gift dollars on line from huge companies like Horchow, etc. We work so hard to fill our stores with wonderful products (to say nothing of the expense) only to find fewer and fewer people shopping in our brick and mortar stores. I would like to encourage people to support their local small businesses. Stop by for a Christmas treat and interact with a full service individual. We often have one of a kind things you don’t see from the big stores. Please give us a chance!

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