Month: November 2015

Major presale on incoming blue and white container and a giveaway!

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THIS PRESALE IS NOW OVER. THANK YOU FOR THE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE! WHEN THE CONTAINER ARRIVES AROUND DEC. 8TH THERE WILL BE A ONE DAY SALE ON WHATEVER ITEMS ARE LEFT! Hi friends. I slept well and am ready to work:) This is HUGE news for any? porcelain lover, I have been chomping at the bit […]

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The Enchanted Home Love contest!

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Hi friends, hope you are having a great week so far. Mine is a good mix of a lot of work with a little fun/down time too:) I am gearing up for the big and much anticipated blue? and white presale which starts tomorrow(going to get a good nights sleep tonight)…be sure you put it […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Good Sunday morning to you…hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am heartbroken over what has happened in Paris, such a senseless tragedy. How has our world turned into one filled with such hate and rage that there is no regard for innocent lives. I make a point to not talk about politics or […]

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