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Hi there! Busy days over here, wish I could say I was busy Christmas decorating but not that is not exactly the case. It’s been drips and drabs over here, I feel some momentum and get something done and then life takes over and the decorations remain in their boxes, waiting for another chance to “come out”. I went to a beautiful holiday house tour yesterday and must say seeing all the homes decked out in their holiday best did get me a slight bit more motivated, so there is hope!

Today my tree is getting delivered and maybe if I crank up some Christmas music things might get hoping around here. Of course it does not help that we had near 60 degree temps yesterday! I wouldn’t mind a beautiful little dusting of snow, just enough to make everything pretty and magical.

And how about you? I see so many trees up, presents wrapped and Christmas cards sent…I am so so behind. We are having two family Christmas parties, one this Sunday (a bigger one) and next weekend is a smaller gathering about 15 so I am thinking as I start to prepare….I am bound to “get in the spirit” afterall!

As I periodically do I share with you a slice of my life in the last week as seen through my trusty little iPhone and here we go…..


The most beautiful artwork sent by a dear reader/client….more on this on Sunday, and yes that is Teddy!


I have been getting in some beautiful gifts and a pretty stack of boxes filled with yummy sweets is always welcome!


Kind of decking the halls….

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My Christmas wreath with ginger jars!


It was intended for another space but my “helpful” husband? I know you know what I mean by putting that in parentheses put it on the front door, given my tepid motivation for now, it will remain:)

THIS is why I might consider myself a Christmas hoarder, taken in my attic. Please don’t judge if there was a support group trust me I would go. But the good news is that? I did not buy one single piece of Christmas decor this year, I have a lifetime supply…


Had a great city weekend which included a stop at my sons all time favorite restaurant Serafina, best pizza and pasta (no diets allowed) here…


Old fashioned Christmas carolers in Soho…who knew?

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Heading home this beautiful pond near my house looked so pretty on this hazy afternoon..


I love making cheese platters on my favorite Vagabond House board….everything looks good on this:)


And I caught an incredible sunset that even pictures could not do justice to!


A peek at my sons bedroom so far!


Love the colors of my breakfast table last week, a friend brought over these sunflowers, had no idea you could still get them!


Beautiful entrance to a local nursery

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Had my favorite brussel sprouts salad of all time at Harvest in Greenwich, yum!


Two lonely wrapped gifts….its a start!


Son took me to Shake Shack, I love that they have items for pets on their menu and their hamburgers are mighty good:)inssdex

One morning this last week I went and sat in my living room in the early morning and made some calls, I just loved being there and wondered why I don’t use that room more often, sad how that is with our living rooms, we put so much effort into them and rarely use them…issndex indddex

Love my new chinoiserie pillows….that is a good reason in and of itself to go in there more:)


So excited to be seeing Al Pacino in China Doll this weekend…cannot wait!


Rose lovers alert…..had this in Savannah and it was soooo good! I just bought a case of it, great rose


When I go to my favorite nursery it s not unusual for my trunk to look like this…


A group of friends who I love and have been getting together with for over 10 years took me out for my bday on Wed (my bday is the 14th) to our favorite Mexican (a tradition) so many great laughs, good food and of course a nice dose of frozen margaritas…..

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I got the best gifts!! My all time favorite UGGS bow gloves, the coziest pjs, an amazing tea set from David’s Teas in NYC and? mug/diffuser but the best part, is their friendship…priceless!


Lots of pretty monogrammed napkins going out the door, every time I see a new combination I want them!


Great things come in from Samuel and Son! Got in this scrumptious trim for my dining room…..

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And finally being that I such a drip this year, I didn’t get to bribe my kids into posing for yet another Christmas picture, poor Teddy missed out on his 15 min of fame. So I snapped a few quickly of him in his “ugly Christmas sweater…why can’t my boys follow Teddy’s lead and just ham it up for 15 minutes? Love this guy…I wish you could meet him, he is such a mush!

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So there you go. Now, this is the good stuff, mind you not a total representation of my last week or so. There are no pictures of my mini meltdowns over various things, screaming while in a traffic jam, having a few wardrobe malfunctions, waiting on the phone for an hour trying to change a forgotten about jury duty call,, a burnt potroast that I forgot about in the oven, (ugh), the list goes on but you can turn on the news and see plenty of doom and gloom! As you know I like to focus on the pretty and the good at least on my blog:)

Wishing everyone a great day, hope your holidays are off to a merry start! Until next time…..

AS OF THURSDAY EVENING- New promo alert and this one is incredible! Gorgeous florals have been created using my tole and porcelain containers, staring Thurs evening until Sunday! Click here to view….



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Vickie H. on

Nice stuff, to be sure…but Teddy is far and away my fave! You can just feel his sweet personality in these adorable photos! Hugs to the Top Dog at your house! Thanks for sharing!

Sherry Saladrigas on

Teddy has the most adorable face. I can see why you love him so much!

martha sappington on

would love to have that brussel sprout salad recipe looks so yummy! love the last photo of teddy, such a sweet dog. i do have to ask, is there a reason you always put your fork on the right side and knife on the left? being OCD seems to be the one thing that grabs my attention when i see your table settings. which by the way are always stunning.

Sherry Holman on

Tina you are so funny. I love reading your blog while I contemplate my busy day…..I love the wine bucket I ordered from your shop. Great for 2 or 3 bottles of champagne…..It is beautiful. I watched it for months and then when you had your cyber sale I ordered it…..Could not be happier. Enjoy your family party on Sunday.

Donna D on

So glad to read something about pretty and good, I’m avoiding the news these days. It’s really too much. Teddy has the right idea, keep smiling through! He’s so adorable and always among my favorite snaps on your iphone. Our Abby could be his sister, same sweet smile and white face.

Hope your spirits will lift each day
and many blessings come your way,
dd from GA

Michelle Claark on

You home is just Fabulous! MC

Leona on

Seems you and I are in the same “slump” this year for Christmas, even if we both should be happy we have both a loving spouse and “kids” that are grown. Since my Dad passed in September , it is just not Christmas, and it seems sometimes that this is not my year to be happy. Hope you get over your slump and have a Happy Birthday…….you have some great friends, a beautiful home and blog.

Anne on

I look forward to your little chats especially the one on Sunday morning! It just starts the week off right!

Teddy is a lovely mush!!!

Anonymous on

Good morning Tina,

I have a weakness for Christmas decorations. Have to avoid the
Christmas store!!!

Teddy is adorable; know he is a lot of company for you.
Bell is my shadow.

Your day sounds like some of mine πŸ™‚

Love the cheese board, need to order that one, so pretty.

Warm in north Fl.

Karena on

Tina, Teddy is just the sweetest dog ever. You can see his personality shine through and plus I love his Christmas sweater!!

The Arts by Karena
More Books for The Holidays!

Katie Clooney on

I love this series, Tina. The pics are great and I am sure you know my faves …. Teddy!! I am headed to Broadway this weekend as well. Maybe we’ll run into each other! Have fun, the weather is going to be gorgeous.

Leah on

The last picture is the best picture that I have seen this Christmas year! Thank you for sharing with us!

Rebecca Hively on

In the midst of all that we have going on this time of year it can be very easy to forget about the reason why we do these things. Just as we keep all the plates spinning for those we love, the God of the universe keeps all the plates spinning because of a great love for us that was exemplified in Jesus.

Shery G. on

I enjoyed this post so much Tina. You have been very busy, and I sure your Christmas will be wonderfully spent with family and friends. I received my chinoiserie lamp this week and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Leila Jane on

OMIGOSH, I’m not even usually a “dog person” but those last 3 pictures of Teddy are just priceless… especially, the last 2 where he appears to just be smiling ear-to-ear! I smiled right back at him!!! Love all the other beautiful pictures, too. Your living room looks so serene and peaceful. Yet, I love that you shared the picture of your attic, LOL! Have a great weekend coming up and a wonderful birthday next week. I love all the blue and white beauty I glean from your blog!!! Blue and white just makes me breathe better!!!

Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

Happy belated Birthday! Try and snag the recipe for that Brussel Sprout Salad from the restaurant and share it. It looks so good. What is that on the bottom, a large crouton?

Mary on

Oh Tina thank you , thank you, your closing paragraph saved me. Just when I was thinking how can anyone’s life be this perfect, you shared a little reality check with us. Thanks Tina, love you! And Teddy is the best!!!!

Kathy on

Tina-This has to be my
favorite part of your blog- your Christmas decorating-puts me in the mood to pull out even more ,
Also, I may have missed a blog-where did you find that gorgeous little daybed in your living room ??!! So pretty- Please share more decor and wrappings !!

franki on

Oh, gal…you are SO REAL!!! Those sunsets…aahhh!! Drink more Rose’!! πŸ™‚ franki

Maritza on

Oh my if that was my living room you couldn’t get me out….lol….
Your home is sooooo beautiful…


Corina on

Hi Tina, beautiful pictures! If you ever find that support group, I might have to join. Given that I just moved, very few of my outside decorations worked, so I went shopping and came home with 4 (ok, maybe 5) humongous bags…. couldn’t even hide them like a good addict. I guess they will just join my Christmas decor collection.

Sandy @ YOu May Be Wandering on

What a fun post!! And, no wonder you don’t have time for decorating – you have been on the GO, girl! I can’t wait to hear about China Doll – I have heard some really bad reviews but my husband and son really want to see it. I am definitely having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year – I need to put my rear in gear and get rolling on decking the halls and wrapping gifts. It will be 2016 before we know it (and not a moment too soon as far as I am concerned). Sending you big hugs!!!

Deanna on

I could get lost in your attics for days?so many beautiful things up there! And your wreath is wonderful! What is it about kids and pictures? None of my kids want to pose for a Christmas pic this year. At least you have Teddy! He is so cute!! Thanks for making my day brighter. Your home is looking festive and beautiful, as always.


I hate to bother you but could you tell me what the white paint color is in your hallway? the trim and wall? It is so fresh and beautiful!! Thank you so much!!

Pam on

Teddy seems quite at ease through it all & what a beautiful smile he has. I think he likes his Christmas sweater!

Sally on

Hello Tina my dear

I am looking for Christmas inspiration too πŸ™‚ My tree is here but not decorated, Im cheered by your beautiful flowers can you guess my favourites…the white Amaryllis
and of course your sweet Teddy
Lovely to see him today, I hope he knows that he is so popular with us all

I hope you will enjoy the weekend, and theatre in the city…. I can only imagine spectacular New York at Christmas…Now I can hear a song.. ‘silver bells….silver bells

Love to you
Sally xx

Piper B on

Very clever use of your Pier One S & P shakers from an earlier post. I’m sure they’d love to see your handy work on their social media sites. Teddy is a Cutie Pie.

I’d love to know how many elves you have running around. Every time I read a new post I think there is no way you do all you do yourself. Please let us know. Am I the only one that feels inferior? lol..

Happy Birthday!

Maia Gilman on

Love how real you are in your blog. Raising a cup of green tea to your good health and continuing into the holiday spirit!

Liz on

Oh, sweet sugar-faced, Teddy! Love it! Since my kids are out of the house, my goldens are the stars of our Christmas cards.

I have only managed to get my frou-frou tree up in the living room. Half the lights are out—grrrr… This has to be the LAST year for that tree. It’s shedding everywhere! Just not in the mood to put everything else up for some reason. Which surprises me b/c I love having everything decorated for season. It would help if it wasn’t 75 degrees in Texas! lol. Maybe I’ll get in gear and at least set up my nativity. It’s my favorite Christmas decor of all. Usually it’s the first to go up and the last to take down. I love seeing it and reminding me what Christmas is all about.

Always enjoy your posts, Tina.
Have a blessed birthday and a very Merry Christmas!

Stephanie on

We had the same sunset down here in NJ. Stunning!

Let us know how you liked the Al Pacino play……:)

Michele C on

Oh, my goodness. On my very first trip to NYC this summer staying on the Upper East Side, I happened upon Samuel and Son and fell in love, love, love with that store. A jewelry store for the fabric lover! I decided then and there that I must learn to make custom draperies so I have reason to buy those beautiful trims.

susan on

Love your pics as always! Teddy poses exactly as does my Hank – also a Golden Retriever. Love how they tuck the front paw in. He’s definitely a camera hound!

Erin M on

Thank you for the Teddy picture, and also giving us a peek into who you are.

Design Chic on

Special time with family and friends is wonderful at Christmas – hope you enjoy yours, Tina, and of course your Teddy is a family star….so precious!

Elizabeth@pineconesanDacorns on

Tina, t sounds as if you have been enjoying a little family time in the city, always a great thing. I am sure your party will be fabulous!

Teddy looks as fabulous as ever!

Have a great weekend.

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