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Hello there! Hope you have had a good week, mine was been crazy busy with the last two days being so chock full I literally almost collapsed into bed. It is that time of year where this is to be expected so I don’t know why I am not surprised:) I have a new contest starting, Holiday Love… details on the bottom!

Big progress on the holiday decor front…got my tree! We put the lights up and will decorate it over the next day or two (slow and steady is my new official theme this year)! Busy weekend, going into the city twice, once to see China Doll with Al Pacino and cannot wait. Tomorrow night is our first holiday party about 30 people and I am sure that will get me in the holiday mood:)

In any case, as I scurry around trying to get “it all together” I make sure not to neglect myself:) Anyone who knows me knows I loooooove bags. My closet will attest to this. However I keep my bags a long time, and believe in buying good bags as they truly stand the test of time.

I have had many of my bags for 10-15 years and they still look fabulous and I enjoy them as much as the day I got them. Totes are my every day go to bag. So this post is all about totes…some really great looking choices, and a bit of high and low, some expensive bags with some truly phenomenal bargains thrown in. Ready to choose your two faves? Let’s go!



CHOICE 1 LOVE this Bottega Venetta bag, a true classic. Click here


CHOICE 2 Leave it up to Rebecca Minkoff who always comes out with beautiful bags at such affordable prices, this one is a beauty! One of my favorite colors, Click here


CHOICE 3 Big fan of totes and the colors and practicality of this bag make me want it under the Christmas tree! By Liberty of London, click here


CHOICE 4 Being a lover of anything with bows, this darling tote from Kate Spade is a winner! Click here


CHOICE 5 Gorgeous Vince tote…I own this in chocolate brown and love it…a great every day bag. Click here


CHOICE 6 This beauty is calling my name, LOVE this bag!!! Click here


CHOICE 7 Such a beautiful elegant tote by Ferragamo, the Saffiano leather is the best, I have bags with this leather from years ago and they still look brand new, also great neutral color. Click here


CHOICE 8 Could? not believe the sale price of this Bottega Venetta bag….mighty temping! Click here


CHOICE 9 This is a beauty by Prada, I own this bag in another color and use it almost every day. A classic beauty! Click hereNMV2NBW_mz

CHOICE 10 Another very smart looking bag by Rebecca Minkoff, really like the soft pebbled navy leather! Click here


CHOICE 11 This is really smart looking bag… the colors, shape everything! Click here


CHOICE 12 This is one good looking tote, love the color, size, shape…easily could bcome an everyday bag. Click here


CHOICE 13 Elegant great sized beautiful shopper by YSL, gorgeous shade of red! Click here


CHOICE 14 This is such a pretty color, great size and practical bag. Don’t think I have ever seen MCM at this price either, click here


CHOICE 15 This is a great looking and very chic tote from Kate Spade has a very “Chanel-esque” vibe and is on sale! Click here


CHOICE 16 Could not get over the deal on this….someone is getting this as a Christmas gift:) Love the color shape and of course the price:) Click here



Have a fave or two? Are you like me and love and live with totes? They are just so practical, I tend to keep lots of things in my bag from my ipad to magazines, occasionally a book, sometimes fabric or wallpaper swatches you name a tote really comes in handy. OK your turn! Thank you for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful day and start to your weekend. Fa la la la la……..

PS If you did not enter for the Horchow giveaway you have one more day! I will announce a winner tomorrow morning, click here to enter


You know how much I enjoy these contests:) Start snapping away, anything having to do with your love of the holidays. Whether its your tree, your stockings hung with care, your pets all decked out, a favorite shop window, your beautifully set table, gorgeous giftwrap, whatever it might be…if it says “holiday love” then send it in! Just a few “rules”-

  • Send in your pictures to
  • Max 2 pictures per person (only submit two if they are different shots, not 2 of the same)
  • Please put HOLIDAY LOVE in subject line of email (get lots of emails and this way we can distinguish it)
  • Must be your picture (not something downloaded from the internet)
  • Starting to accept pictures today 12/12 through 12/23
  • Contest will start soon after (date to be announced)
  • One lucky winner will receive a gorgeous blue and white ginger jar!
  • Questions? Email us at

Cannot wait to start getting in your pictures!! Here are a few ideas from years past……




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Shari bellizzi-davis on

So many beautiful bags…so little time!?????

Martha E. Mercer on

Tina, I have never seen so many beautiful bags in one place. I had the hardest time deciding which two to choose. Thank you for showing us what is out there. Enjoy the weekend.

Karena on

Gorgeous totes Tina, also India Hicks offers a beautiful sekection as well! http://Www.indiahicks. com/rep/karenalbert Have a Wonderful weekend and wonderful holiday party!
The Arts by Karena

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Love those bags! I voted for #2 and #9! So so pretty! Hope you have a great weekend Tina!

Nancy on

Great bags!

Donna on

What fabulous bags!! Thank you for sharing them. Hard to narrow it down to just two. Enjoy your weekend.

Marsha on

The Bottega, always !!
Love you !!

FelIcia on

I have 4 Bottegas – classic, elegant, and never goes out of style.

Mary Alvarez on

There is always room in my closet for a new bag, tote or a pair of shoes! lol! I always say that purses and shoes are like chocolate for the hands and feet! Chocolate does a body good! 🙂

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