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Update- Though? it was clearly started that it was a presale which means an advance purchase of items prior to their arrival, I have gotten emails from a few people wondering about their orders. Original expected delivery was Dec. 12th, the newest ETA is Dec. 22nd. Not great timing but we have zero control over these containers. Upon receipt, it will be unpacked fast and furiously so that orders can start shipping out in the order they were received.

Last 2 days to guarantee Christmas delivery on most items from my shop-

To celebrate the holidays and my birthday (tomorrow) I am offering 20% off anything in my shop today and tomorrow!! Great chance to take advantage of an all time lowest discount:) Use code holidays20


Hello hope you are well and having a great weekend, as we inch ourselves towards Christmas which to me, is sneaking up very fast. It is odd because we have had back to back 65+ degree days and many days where I was able to walk out jacket free….so it just doesn’t feel quite like Christmas. Despite my so so enthusiasm this year, I did manage to do some decorating as well as put up a tree, but frankly its less than I typically do but enough for the house to have that Christmas-y feeling.

We are having one of two Christmas family parties tonight, about 30 people coming over…should be fun and bound to get me in the spirit,? I will certainly crank up those holiday jingles! As I do every Sunday I share with you seven things on my mind..



1 ROSA CLIFFORD. If you follow me on Instagram you saw this incredible work of art given to me by a dear reader/e design client now friend. I discovered the amazing work of Rosa Clifford when I got int his most beautiful piece of art featuring Teddy, some of my favorite blue and whites from my shop and get this…..a barn facade with respect to my wish to one day own a farm!

I have kept this on my kitchen island since I got it because this way I enjoy it all day long. Not quite sure yet where I am going to put it, but rest assured it is a treasure which I am so happy to own! Click here to see more about Rosa’s work!


It might be hard to make out but this is actually 3d the flowers “stick out off of the art”….so pretty!



2.A GREAT SANGRIA. Tonight I will be making this and discovered this last year. I got this from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. It is great for a large crowd, delicious and best of all easy (plus it is pretty and that gets extra brownie points)!

1 bottle of?Francis Ford Coppola?Sofia Monterey County Rose or any Rose
1 bottle of sparkling water
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of?raspberries
1 cup of white peaches, diced
1 cup of?strawberries, diced
1 lemon, juiced
2 oranges, juiced + 1 orange for garnish
I add a few sprigs of fresh mint leaves



3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always look forward to sharing with you? my weekly faves from Instagram. Of course there is plenty of holiday inspiration but a good measure of fun, food and humor thrown in:)

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4. FASHION SANTA? Forget the roly poly slightly scruffy white haired pink cheeked Santa you knew and love…enter the savvier and swaggy, sophisticated “Fashion Santa”, if this a riot or what…really cracks me up but somehow I find this Santa a little intimidating and not warm and fuzzy, too much attitude lol.

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5. A DUET FROM HEAVEN. Two of the worlds best voices…..if this does not get me in the spirit don’t? know what will. Wow just wow.



6. RICE KRISPIES ON STEROIDS. I have fond memories of my kids being young and anticipating the excitement that was a sure thing when I made them rice krispy treats and years later really stepped up my game with rice krispy sushi (which we sold at their schools’ annual fall fair for many years with a very loyal following) and I was everyone’s hero!

However that pales in comparison to what is being done with this childhood favorite treat, just take a look at the literal food art being created by Mr_Krisp! You (0r your kids) can follow her? on Instagram by clicking here.


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7. EXCITING NEW THINGS HAPPENING IN MY SHOP. I have lots of wonderful things in store for 2016. But will end 2015 with a bang, getting in my porcelain containter around Dec. 22nd, then the chinoiserie tole around the same time and a beautiful delivery of silver! A presale will be offered on the chinoiserie tole about 2 weeks before it arrives, many of you have asked. Here is a sneak peek at some of beauties coming in…..cannot wait!

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minibluewhitefoo emper footstool


I must say I am slowly getting in the Christmas spirit, (though I do prefer a roly poly Santa with a good old fashioned belly laugh)!

I am super excited about all the wonderful goodies coming in and am gearing up for a extremely busy week, as I am sure all of you are. Deep breaths, an occasional glass of wine and knowing in the end all gets done will keep me going (I hope)!

Don’t forget I announced the HOLIDAY LOVE contest yesterday…already got in a lot of pictures, will have to cap it at 60. Send up to 2 to (click here for full details scroll to bottom of post)

Thank you for stopping in, since tomorrow is my birthday I am taking the day off but will be back on Tuesday with a great post on giftwrapping!? Wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend!


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Design Chic on

Know your party will be perfect and the Sangria looks amazing! Loved the Instagram that says we do not have wifi…too funny! Happy Sunday, Tina and take lots of pictures tonight!

Karena on

Tina you are definitely in the holiday spirit!! I know your party was fabulous and thank you for the inspiration and love you bring us all year long!!

The Arts by Karena
More Books for the Holidays!

Anonymous on

A very Happy Birthday to you and have a lovely family party this evening.

Jill on

Hope you have a successful party tonight and a relaxing birthday tomorrow! I would love to try out the sangria recipe. As always, loved your post.

Mary P. on

Happy Birthday wishes to you… make us so happy each day so returning the favor.
Celebrate YOU!

Debbie on

Happy birthday to someone who makes me so happy all year long with your blog! All the best to you for your new year!

Donna on

Enjoyed your post today, as always! The no wi-fi sign cracked me up and Michael and Celine made me misty eyed.
Happy Birthday to you tomorrow, Tina!!

Melissa marsden on

Thank you for sharing Celine and Michael’s beautiful rendition of Happy Christmas (John Lennon’s gift to us all) and your ever-inspiring Seven on Sunday. HB2U.

Carrie on

Soul cycle rocks!

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Praying you have a very special birthday Tina!! God bless you always and may all your dreams continue to come true!

Aimee on

Happy birthday wishes to someone who brightens my day daily! Look forward to some pictures from your holiday parties.

Fiona on

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, hope you have the most amazing day!!!!!

Bj on

Do you still have the bell jar light with palm tree?

Deanna on

Happy Birthday Tina! Hope you have a wonderful day and a year full of beauty and wonder, health and happiness.

franki on

Always a pleasure!! EnJOY your B-DAY!!! franki

Sue j. on

What a great post! Special thanks for sharing Rosa Clifford’s work and your sangria recipe. That Santa had better return to the North Pole and fatten up on egg nog and Christmas cookies! Have a very happy…and relaxing…birthday tomorrow!

gerry on

Need some more insights into your fabulous life – rather than just shilling all these Chinese imports.

classic?casual?home on

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TINA! Hugs and best wishes.
Mary Ann


Wishing you the best birthday ever!

Barbara Kelly on

“Happy Birthday Tina”

Your Sunday blog is better than the news paper. Uplifting and inspirational.


Leslie on

Happy Birthday Tina!!!

Liana on

That Santa is a model – he is not a Santa for the little boys and girls, he is the Santa for the ladies 🙂

Barbara P on

Tina, Love your Sunday posts! Plan to use your Sangria recipe over Christmas. Wishing you a WONDERFUL birthday! My husbands birthday is tomorrow as well. I’m with you about this “new” Santa- much prefer the old fashioned Santa we all grew up with!

Karolyn on

That suave santa is a bit too much for me! I love all the new fun things in your shop and look forward to checking them all out! xo K


Tina, I hope you have the best birthday ever! I am so glad I found you and your blog! You inspire me and you are the best personal shopper! Enjoy your special day and have a fabulous holiday season.

Nancy Kelley on

Have a magical birthday, Tina! Enjoy some special time celebrating!

Katie Clooney on

First of all, dear Tina….HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that you receive as much joy this year as you have given your readers. Love your instagram pics. I have picked up so many people to follow thanks to you. Enjoy your parties!!

Loi Thai Tone on Tone on

Okay, I want to see photos from your party – bet it was fun, fabulous and festive!! Speaking of festive, those silver pieces are just to die for! How beautiful for the holidays. Happy birthday, Tina!!! Stay fabulous. xoxo, L

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Tina! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Hope the party was fabulous, the sangria looks delicious! I cannot wait to see the photos!

Have a great week!

xo Elizabeth

Sally on

Dearest wonderful Tina

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you..Happy Birthday dear Tina..happy birthday to you
I am singing to you across the miles, I hope your birthday is filled with joy and love…A beautiful day for a beautiful person who gives and shares so much inspiration and lovelieness with us all

I hope you had a wonderful party, and are celebrating and relaxing today. I will be in touch soon
My fond love to you Tina,

Sally xx

Susan on

Hope you have a Very Happy Birthday Tina!

Thanks for all you share,

Lucia Donahower on

Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow!
Happy Holidays,

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