Month: December 2015

Long awaited blue and white container is arriving, 2 day promo and giveaway!

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Hi there! I interrupt my usual holiday posts with breaking news…the long awaited porcelain container is finally arriving as we speak plus a great giveaway (details at bottom)! It will be unpacked tomorrow morning and orders will start shipping tomorrow afternoon. Thank you to all who patiently waited, I assure it….well worth the wait:) I […]

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Christmas 2015- part 1

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Hello hope you had a wonderful weekend! Ours was fun with holiday parties and tying up lots of loose ends. We have a final holiday party to go to tonight and then countdown is on! So Christmas is upon us. Really hard to believe….how did it sneak up so fast? I must say this year […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hello, can you believe its the Sunday before Christmas? Amazing how time has flown! I was SO touched by all of your emails from my last post….literally they brought tears to my eyes (click here if you missed that post). You are the reason I will likely blog until I am old and gray:) It […]

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