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Good evening everyone….as I settle back into my routine here at home and the office, I wanted to share with you my highlights of the last 10 days. The day after Christmas we? traveled to Palmetto Bluff, yes we cannot seem to stay away:) More on that subject in a few days…..

Then ended the year in Charleston…another favorite city. Having a son who will not fly no matter what (and that has included some serious bribes on my husbands part)? has limited where we go as a family, but the important thing is that we were together and had an absolute blast, not to mention a heatwave…we had days of high 70’s and one day that it got to a whopping 83!!

Seeing that in NY today its in the 30’s…..I would love to be back there right now:) Very little narration necessary as the pictures do most of the talking…..


These were all taken Christmas morning…..


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And onward to Palmetto Bluff….


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Arriving to Charleston on New Years Eve….

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Any restaurant that features cake on their BREAKFAST menu….especially coconut cake has a fan in? me for life!! (Peninsula Inn for breakfast)



Even their elegant sitting room off the foyer is beautifully appointed with a pretty little coffee bar (and GREAT coffee too)!


Even in the rain, Charleston is full of charm


You can imagine my disappointment to see this gorgeous shop was closed on New Years Day (my husband…not so much)

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Charleston is a beautiful place to go front door shopping…….this was a beauty!


And back at home it’s freeeeeezing here, was very busy over at the warehouse getting the orders out the door and of course putting aside a stash for all my hard work:)


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Remember my “infirmary” for my plants? Well happy to report several “patients” are being discharged:)


And so happy to have a my great Ilve stove? for marathon soup cooking!


Loved coming home to my beautiful new extra long chinoiserie lumbar pillow for my bed…..


And finally as the Christmas takedown begins (always bittersweet) I quickly came up with a pretty new blue and white vignette for my mantle!

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And with the antiqued version….



So thats a little recap…..such a fun week. I swear going there is truly a happy place, it is like stepping back in time and entering a happy zone. If you have the opportunity to go….by all means, do! Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful evening. Until next time…..

PS Last few hours (ends at midnight tonight) for the flash sale on selected porcelains……click here to view and also to enter the foo dog giveaway!



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jean on

I love Palmetto Bluff and Charleston has a special place in my heart since my husband went to the Citadel. This year my family visited The Greenbrier the week before Christmas. If you haven’t been there, put it on your list. It’s decorated by Dorothy Draper which is a treat in itself. The food is wonderful and there’s something for everybody–great shopping at the resort, ice skating, golf, tennis, fly fishing, bowling, beautiful indoor pool, and a “not your typical” casino. Check it out.

Happy New Year! It’s freezing in NC too!

Lillian Plummer on

Hi Tina, lovely pictures. Love your selection of blue/white ceramics and the foo dogs look great.
Best wishes for 2016

Karena on

Tina, thank you for sharing so many wonderful photos from your trip! Love Charleston and cannot wait to go! The new collection is gorgeous and I adore the Foo Dogs!!

The Arts by Karena
New Years Thoughts!

Kathy on

Tina…love the photos of palmetto bluff and it’s on my list! Love planters Inn at your suggestion ! Would love to know who takes care of darling teddy on these little vacations? Kathy

Susan logan on

I so enjoy your posts each day! Love Charleston and all the wonderful shops and history! Thank you for your pictures. I’m living vicariously through you!

MarY on

Hi Tina, Thanks for sharing! The pictures are great. I’m adding to my list of places to go. Love, love the Foo Dogs!! I enjoy all your wonderful posts.

Design Chic on

Your Christmas morning was so elegant – would have loved for you to see the chaos that was ensuing at our house! Just love Palmetto Bluff…so gorgeous and a wonderful place to go with the warm temperatures in our neck of the woods. We were boat riding over new year’s in Beaufort and today is was 19 – crazy weather!

Aimee on

Thank you for sharing the pictures of Palmetto Bluff. So beautifully decorated for Christmas. Charleston is one of my favorite cities any time of the year. I so love the Spanish moss.. We are in Huntsville Alabama so not far enough South to see the beauty of moss s hanging from the grand old trees. Thank you Jean, above, regarding your mention of the Greenbriar. Got me thinking and planning for the spring.

Diane on

I am a California girl who absolutely loves Palmetto Bluff and Charleston. I’ve been a frequent visitor since my daughter started school in South Carolina last year and spent last Easter at Planter’s Inn. Love your blog and your exquisite taste!

Glenda on

Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures. For any readers inspired to visit Charleston, SC or The Greenbrier, consider doing both. Last summer, my husband and I spent a week enjoying the grandeur of The Greenbrier and then drove to Charleston, SC for a week of bliss there. The drive from The Greenbrier to downtown Charleston is a beautiful drive which can easily be done in a day. It was great fun to drive from the West Virginia mountain scenery to the SC Lowcountry all in one day. I believe it was less than 500 miles.

Anonymous on

Love the extra lumbar pillow, an idea for the shop.

Yes, love Charleston!!

Chris Barnett on

Beautiful photos! Can you please tell me what the fabric pattern is shown on the table with the waffles with strawberries? It’s perfect.

PInk camellias on

Palmetto Bluff looks just gorgeous! What luck to have such gorgeous weather. I am planning our trip to Kiawah Island, SC this summer – I love that area!

katie clooney on

Wowza!!!! What a fabulous 10 days! Gorgeous photos! My favorite is CAKE FOR BREAKFAST!! Enjoy your week.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, a happy new year to you! IT looks as if you had a fabulous time at Palmetto Bluffs and Charleston. I love them both. Charleston is a magical place to walk, shop and explore and of course eat.

The weather here is crazy, 65 one day and then 29 and a sprinkling of snow. But I am looking forward to cooler weather this summer was too hot.

Have a great week Tina! Thanks for sharing all of your fun photos!

sally on

Hi Tina my dear

A very Happy New Year to you from across the pond.
May 2016 be filled with good things, health, happiness and lots of beautiful blue and white 🙂

I thought your photographs of Palmetto Bluff were fabulous, and I have looked it up on the map. My father adored Charleston too, it all sounds a perfect way to ring in the new year.
Hopefully you have brought a little sunshine home with you from your holiday, and I hope that Spring is on its way

Much love
Sally xx

Judy on

Hi Tina, Just catching up reading your posts. Happy New Year and may it be a healthy one. My daughter just moved from RI to Charleston for a new job and direction in her career. I can’t wait to visit. While it was 32 degrees here in Connecticut it was 72 degrees there the day of her move in. Glad you enjoyed your time away and I am all for cake for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever. As always thank you for sharing your home and Teddy with us. Judy

Leslie on

Wow! Looks fabulous Tina and I want to try that coconut cake for breakfast;) Sounds like a wonderful holiday and so glad you spent time with the family. I’m slowly getting caught up. We went away for a few days after Christmas and I came back to a busy work schedule. I’m looking forward to having a my schedule back!

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Ahhhh…Palmetto Bluff looks heavenly – I wonder if I will EVER get there myself since my plans keep getting disrupted! And, you know Charleston is one of my all time favorite places on earth. Your pictures are fabulous as always, Tina! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

Mo at Mocadeaux on

I’ve heard so much about Palmetto Bluff from my dear pal who is building a retirement home there. I can’t wait to visit that gorgeous spot!

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