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Hello and happy Sunday! Rainy, dark and stormy over here today…perfect movie day. And as I am so out of the movie loop and haven’t seen anything that is new, looks like I have lots to choose from with The Big Short and Joy at the top of my list……but I must be home in time to see all the fun Golden Globes pre show fashions! Love awards season:) You can see my past recap on the last Golden Globes by clicking here…will be sure to post on this years as well!

Been a busy week with the long awaited arrival of my gorgeous chinoiserie tole…it was so exciting to get what to me, are the prettiest pieces from my chinoiseris tole yet. An exciting 2 day sale has started which will end tonight and trust me it is something you will not want to miss.

Hope whatever you are up to this weekend is fun and relaxing. I was thinking this is the first winter that I can remember that we have not had a single snowflake…kind of makes me sad, so old man winter please come back (just for a little while)!

I desperately want one good snow storm then we can happily stroll into spring:) Anyway here is my Seven on Sunday…..



1 RHAPSODY IN BLUE AND WHITE. This gorgeous Palm Beach Villa is a stunner, and of course you know I love it….with all the blue and white!? Such a peaceful and elegant home. Click here to see and read more….

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2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Another beautiful round of gorgeous inspiration. Sorry there are still some holiday inspired Instagrams here, just cannot seem to quite get over the beauty of the holidays, but i promise this will be it (until next Christmas)! So here is the round up from this week……

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And my absolute fave this week….I mean really are these not the cutest!!!!



3. PRETTIEST WINE I EVER DID SEE! Isn’t this the most gorgeous bottle? It happens to be a mighty tasty rose as well and I love the name, Summer in a bottle. I am in love with it and what a beautiful hostess gift to give! Click here to visit Wolffer Estates.

I normally drink rose in the summer but now that I make the most delicious rose sangria,? it is now a year round option in this house. Very simple, here is my recipe below (to server approx. 6-8) or 1 if I have had a very tough day lol:)


Rose Sangria-

2 bottles of rose, fresh berries ( I like blackberries and raspberries), a bag of frozen peaches, 2 oranges cut in cubes (skin off), about 12 strawberries cut up, a sprig of mint, fresh OJ (can use ready made if you don’t have fresh but fresh is much better), 3 TBSP sugar, and a bottle of peach sparkling water.

Add the fruit with rose and using a potato master or pestle, gently mash the fruit into the liquid. I normally pour it in a big bowl or into two pitchers.

Put in fridge for ideally at least 8 hours (overnight works well too) or you can put in freezer for an hour or so

When you are ready to serve, add 2 cups orange juice and a bottle of peach sparkling water. Pour into glass making sure some of the fruit is included add a sprig of mint….voila!


4 MY CHINOISERIE TOLE HAS ARRIVED!! This is super exciting for me, some truly exquisite pieces….by far my favorite container of the tole yet. All of these beauties are currently up for grabs on a presale that ends tonight. Click here for all details.

indasdfaaexThis beauty above is going right in my powder room…..matches my wallpaper to a tee!

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These are happily living on my bedroom nightstands:)


Definitely using one or two of these lanterns in my home!

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5. DECISIONS DECISIONS! Need your help……trying to figure out which lamps I like better for a living room chest (pay no attention to the lampshades, just threw some I had on hand to get an idea)…thoughts? Think I am leaning towards one but keep going back and forth!

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And how about here, do you like the idea of an orchid or the peonies (a low arrangement)?

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6. ONE DELICIOUS SALAD. This was sooooo good, a new staple for me. Not so different from the one I have made for years but this one with a few extra ingredients is incredibly tasty and quite pretty too. Actually makes me look forward to eating a salad…..a first. Click here for the recipe, you will be happy you did!



7. BOOKS. One of my many “resolutions” this year is to start reading again. I used to be an avid reader then somehow life took over where I don’t feel there are nearly enough hours in the day, sound familiar?

However I miss the feeling that only a good book can deliver about being transported to another place….nothing quite like it.? So here are a few that I recently ordered that I am excited to begin, and hopefully reignite my love for reading……

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So there you have it…anything excite or entice you? Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful and mostly, relaxing. I look forward like you cannot imagine to my lazy Sundays:) Thank you for stopping by, until next time…….

PS All of the gorgeous new blue and white porcelain pieces are now online on the shop, click here to see




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Nancy potterpotter on

Always in love with your powder room please send photos as soon as possible. Thanks

franki on

LOOKING FORWARD to your critiques!! franki

Karena on

My favorite Sunday posting again did not disappoint! Tina so much beauty here!!

The Arts by Karena
Life Lessons: So Honored!

Shari bellizzi-davis on

Beautiful blues…..Happy Sunday!

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

It IS such a rainy, dreary day…perfect for relaxing! I have seen both movies and highly recommend both. I also can’t wait to read “When Breath Becomes Air” – wow, I hope I can handle it. I LOVE your new tole!! Stay dry today!! xoxo

Susan logan on

Cold weather here (by Atlanta standards), but your Seven on Sunday did not disappoint and interjected a lot of happiness and beauty into this otherwise dreary day! Thanks!

katie clooney on

Hello dear Tina… So excited for the Globes tonight! Love all the Instagram pics especially the one of the babies and the little one with the ducks. Your tole pieces are beautiful. Can’t wait to try the salad – I may make it today. Stay warm and dry. Enjoy your Sunday.

Sarah Fogarty on

OMG those bamboo lanterns. Can’t wait to see those go up for sale!! Just love your Sunday postings….making my snowy day here in the midwest that much cozier!

Susan moore on

Best book I have read, the nightingale, by Kristin Hannah. Great read!

Wendy on

A wonderful and inspiring post! Great recipes,wonderful books. Enjoy the Globes tonight!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

ahhhh, what fun, tina! timothy corrigan, the asian cuties, the prettiest wine bottle, and your latest chinoiserie (which is so beautiful). my vote is for peonies! peace to you, style maven.

Design Chic on

Oh, the blue and white is so gorgeous, Tina! Happy Tuesday ~

Karolyn on

Oh that new told collection -swoon! I love that ivory lamp on that chest its the perfect scale and interest! Of course I am an orchid girl as they look so real its amazing! xo K

The Glam Pad on

Some of my favorite Instagrammers here… And I’m in love with your new Chinese tole!! Just beautiful! And those lanterns!!!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, when breath becomes air is at the top of my list to read. What a fascinating man whose life was taken too soon.

I love all of your finds! These look fabulous, cannot wait to check out the instagram links!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

That bottle of rose is gorgeous! I have saved the sangria recipe and will think of you when I enjoy a glass…or more!

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