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Hi friends….well I have waited a long and I do mean looooong time to announce this. This is part 1 of a beautiful silver collection that is the newest and greatest in my growing little shop. If you are a fan of beautiful silver I don’t need to tell you how expensive it has gotten. Very!? I know there is a high demand for it as I do very well with my silver line. So….about 8 months ago I decided I wanted to start,? like I did with blue and whites, importing it directly and began talking to suppliers,? it took a few months to decide on one and then get an order going.



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Then you factor in another 60 days for production and 30 days “on the water” and yes its quite a process. Might I say one that was worth it:) This is part 1 of the shipment, part 2 will be here sometime in March. There are planters, trays, bowls, wine coolers, you name it. The quality is just incredible, beautiful really high quality silver…reminiscent of heirloom silver pieces you just don’t see much anymore. I was like a kid in a candy shop and brought one of everything home just to “test”:)



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The etchwork, pierce work and attention to details really set this line apart…they are just incredible! So as I do with every shipment, I offer the goods for? a 2 day sale before they go online to my shop and am also offering a wine cooler giveaway to celebrate (details on bottom). So just a few rules before we start….


  • Email all orders to
  • Please use only item number when ordering not description
  • Subject to availability
  • Once we receive your order request we will respond promptly if we can fulfill it
  • If we can you will get an invoice which is due within 12 hours otherwise order will cancel
  • Shipping is extra- FREE SHIPPING on orders of $400 or more
  • Everything is in stock and ready to ship within next 2-3 days
  • Please do not submit an order unless you have every intention of paying for it within 12 hours
  • Questions? Email them to



ITEM 1 Fabulous etched scalloped handled wine coolers/planters, two sizes med and large. These are so beautiful with handles on either side, beautiful rimmed detailing and etch work. The larger one doubles as a large planter or wastepaper basket. Both can be used as wine coolers or planters.

Med is 6″ $65.00 (measures 8″ tall)

Large 10″ $105.00 (measures 13″ tall)


ITEM 2. A best selling planter, this small and elegant planter is so wonderful for any kind of flowering plant or a single orchid, measures 8″x 4″ x5″ $60.00


ITEM 3. Beautiful scalloped square wine cooler, isn’t this a beauty! 10″ $65.00


ITEM 4. Amazing handled wine coolers/planters? with beautiful etch work and beaded scalloped tops, med? is 6″ and $55.00 and large is 12″ and is $105.00 (the large can also be used for an elegant powder room wastepaper basket)

Med 6″ $55.00 (measures 6.5″ tall)

Large 12″ $105.00 (measures 13.5″ tall)


ITEM 5 This wonderful small/med tray is a beauty great for candies, berries, vegetables, etc….measures 10,5″ x 5″ $55.00


ITEM 6. Wonderful mid sized planter whose size makes this so great for so many uses,? measures 8″ x 7″ x 4″ $65.00


ITEM 7. Incredible heirloom quality planter, the size and scalloped detailing of this most elegant planter is incredible…so perfect for a large orchid plant! Measures 12″ x 10″ x 9.6″ $105.00


ITEM 8. And how about this piece!! Just adore it with the gorgeous detailing and etched face…19″ x 11.5″ $122.00


ITEM 9. This super regal planter measures a large 15″ x 9″ x 6″ and is calling for orchids or an elegant flowering plant, so fabulous! $135.00


ITEM 10.? This incredible square tray is as beautiful for serving as it would be display..just love the pierced detailing! Measures 14″x? 14″ and is really showstopping! I love it for a bar to use for bottles, for serving, the pierced detailing is just exquisite. $110.00


ITEM? 11. How elegant is this fabulous mid sized tray that can be used for a bar, powder room or vanity,? the scalloped detailing makes it a standout. Measures 12″ x 12″ $85.00


ITEM 12. This fabulous pierced and etched planter is modeled after a historically significant piece, measures 7″ x 9″ x 10.5″ $85.00


ITEM 13. Gorgeous large scalloped pierced tray with handles and elegant feet,? could so see this as an elegant bar tray or on a ladies vanity top! Measures 20″ x 10″ $150.00


ITEM 14. This mid sized tray with elegant pierced detailing is exquisite, resting on four elegant dainty feet. Measures 14″x? 8″ $120.00



Gorgeous don’t you think! I want one of each….oh boy that is a problem, I? must show restraint:)? I just don’t see beautiful high quality silver like this anymore and the etch and pierced work is just exquisite. Nothing can grace a space quite like the gleam of high polished silver.? Now onto the giveaway…


One lucky winner will get a head start on his/her silver collecting and win this fabulous wine cooler, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item here, that’s it! I will announce a winner on Sunday morning , so be sure to check back πŸ™‚



Thank you as always for stopping in. I will be back on Thursday, so excited we might get a little snow/flurries today…it’s about time! I always say if we are going to have to endure the cold temps, might as well make it pretty with the white stuff:) Until next time…..

PS If you missed my Golden Globes fashion recap, click here


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caaren Wooliscroft on

This could not have come at a better time! I am obsessed with silver and it’s my birthday week. My kids have needed something to order and this is the answer. I LOVE item 12 and all the planters. I’m going to shop all morning and place an order. This made my day!! So much Fun! Have a great week!!!

Michelle B on

Wow. They are all stunning. So many possibilities with these pieces. πŸ™‚

Tracy on

My favorite is number 9, the large planter. Gorgeous!

Betty on

I love #10 the beautiful square tray. Wonderful for serving, but also beautiful on coffee table. All are beautiful pieces.

Sara on

Would the etched planter look sweet with orchids in it?

Jacki Salinas on

My favorite piece is the mid-size planter, item 6. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

Catherine on

Love the scalloped detail and interesting shapes of trays #10 and #14. They are similar, but the differences in sizes and shapes makes them each endlessly functional! I know one will be coming my way, but which one???? So hard to decide! Very pretty line.

Liinda Ewald on

Tina, this line, as all the rest, is stunning!!! I so look forward to you post everyday and especially on Sunday!!! I get to escape into a world of fabulous pictures of just about everyhting, that you have collected over the week!! I Love your blog!! Have tried a few others, that always end up so boring or disappointing. But The Enchanted Home always delivers soooo much! thank you for taking the time to share you beautiful life and home with us every week. I so look forward to reading every word!!! XOXO L

Robin on

What a way to start the day with such beautiful silver pieces. Love them all!

KathRine on

They are silver, so they are ALL a favorite! If I have to pick just one today, it is No 9. The regal planter. I see orchids in it too!

Fran Hall on

Item #14 has increased my heart rate!!!! Love, Love, Love. You have hit the ball out of the park with these fabulous items!!! Cheers to 2016!

bonnie on

My favorite is item#2 ..I love anything and everything with bows!!!!

Phyllis n DePiano on

Number 2 is perfection. What a perfect size for a gift, especially when you fill it with flowers!

Donna C on

All of the pieces are so beautiful! My favorite is number 8. Thank you, Tina!

JoAnne on

I am an avid silver collector. These pieces are all just beautiful but I especially love 7. The simplicity of the piece with just a little etching is so very elegant!

Richelle Milton on

They are all stunning! I see #10 being used as a centerpiece on the dining room table, piled high with fruits and flora…

Janice Gallaway on

I love both items 8 and 12. So hard to choose! All the pieces are show stoppers. Great job on selecting such an impressive line of silver.

Darcy on

Wow! So hard to pick just one, so many beautiful pieces. Number 12 is calling my name…. stunning.

Marta on

Oh how I LOVE the regal planter #9. What an elegant silver container! Any little plant would love that perfect home. πŸ™‚

Faith on

Oh my goodness, what a feast for the eyes! Such exquisite pieces! I have scrolled through a dozen times trying to decide which to purchase first. I think item #7 is my favorite, the incredible heirloom quality planter with scallops is just divine.

Cary on

I am obsessed with the square tray, number 10. I will definitely be ordering it!

Mary Starnes on

Number seven is my favorite because I am always looking for things
To put orchids in. It is beautiful

Anonymous on

Love all, but the large #8 planter would be great for large lush topiary. Love, thanks Tina .

Katherine on

Love, love, love silver, so it’s hard to choose, but I think I’ll have to go with #6. The handles are great. Then #11 – it’s such a unique shape! I’m starting a little girlfriend dinner party club this spring and the wine cooler would come in handy!


Love all the silver pieces – so classic and gorgeous! My absolute favorite is the square tray!

Becky mckenzie on

All so breathtaking, who could choose!!! But, I’m drooling over the trays with pierced edges!!

sheri on

Item#10…in a powder room with a decorative perfume bottle collection……………………

Cathy on

I love the large wine cooler. I purchased a pair of your large silver salt and pepper shakers last year and I love them so much .

Nancy on

So many beautiful things, so hard to pick one. I love the planters but the trays, 13 and 14, would be my picks. I love displaying things on a gorgeous tray and these are perfect.

Nicole canter on

Hi Tina! I love them all but number eight really caught my eye. This is my first time commenting and just wanted to say I love your blog and look forward to reading everything so much. It was shortly after I moved into my new home that I found your blog and it has been tremendously inspirational and I have learned a lot about decorating from you, so thank you and I wish you well!

Kathryn on

My 2 faves are 10 and 14 . . . I love using my silver and would enjoy either of these!!! . . . And the planters!! Oh my!!! You have done it again in selecting the best ?

martha sappington on

now your talking my language! love silver and have been so fortunate to inherit my mother in laws collection. i am swooning over 7 and 8. really love the medium size, but my orchid needs number 8. been wanting a diver planter for sometime now and this one is perfect! goodbye blue and white planter, we are moving on up!
this by far the prettiest collection i have seen and this is coming from a girl that has 28 silver trays, 2 tea/coffee serving sets and numerous bowls. the wine cooler and planters are all i need to complete my collection. silver love and thanks tina!

martha sappington on

oh sorry i must have been in a silver fog number 6 and 7 not 7 and 8. glad i scrolled up! martha

Emily on

Wow, this is such an incredible collection. I have fallen in love with #9, the beautiful tray. Sill enjoying the blue and white pieces from your shop. The icing on my new kitchen!

Ashley Sikora on

Oh my goodness, emailing you now about my favorite, #9! I love it!

Nancy on

Adore all things silver! And everyone one of these is a winner making it so hard to choose! Can’t wait to see one of the planters with an orchid and have just the perfect spot for it. What a lovely way to start the new year!

Sherry Sivils on

Wow…so hard to pick…I absolutely love anything silver. I just received my husband’s Grandmother’s sterling flatware. The wine color and # 8 tray are much needed for my dining room entertaining. Thank you, Tina…love your beautiful store.

Grace williams on

I’m going to order item 2 as I have a small orchid that would look great in it.

Francesca on

Item #7 the planter is just stunning. They all are. I love silver.

leigh on

I love silver?so elegant and timeless. These are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful prices. I love item #4?the wine cooler/planters. You can’t go wrong with any of these?.so beautiful. Thanks for offering this collection and for the opportunity for a giveaway!

Susan logan on

Oh my! Pretty hard to pick when all that gorgeousness is right there in front of me! If I had to choose, item no. 4 would be my choice. I can see it with a great bottle of wine or a pretty little plant in it. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures!

Janis on

My favorite is #10 the square tray! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…you have such beautiful taste…there gorgeous!

Jana B. on

Beautiful collection! I love #4. Ordering now to use as a waste paper basket in my powder room! Love!

Jana Rinehart on

Love, love, love the large scalloped planter #7. It would be so beautiful with one of my hydrangeas planted in it. It is all so breathtaking Tina. You have done it again!

Lori Kametz on

Tina, Just love the silver! My favorite is number 7. But so hard to choose!

Susan B on

All the pieces are beautiful and so elegant. My favorites are the #8 serving tray and#9 planter. The details are gorgeous. Thank you for the give away Tina.

Mary on

I LOVE all of these pieces, I especially love item #5 the beautiful small tray and #12 the amazing etched planter. These remind me so much of the beautiful silver pieces my Mother collected.

Ka on

My favorite is item 9 the super regal plantar. It would look beautiful with orchids.

Megan Bobbitt on

Love item #14!
All the pieces are lovely! Such a treat to start the day with beautiful silver.

Diane on

Who can’t use a silver piece! What a beautiful selection and great gift ideas too!
Love item 8. Perfect size for cheese and crackers, peti fours,cookies or just as a base for a beautiful plant.
You constantly amaze me with your beautiful selections!
Thank you

Amie K on

Beautiful line! I love item 14 – just gorgeous!

May on

It’s all so beautiful … Just look at that gleam! How to choose? I suppose if I could only choose one, it would be #14 – I have a weak spot for trays – but really, I just want one (or several!) of everything!

Laurie on

Hi Tina,

What a tough decision but I would have to choose #7 – the heirloom planter. I can envision it with an orchid plant from your collection! Loved the Golden Globe fashion piece and am looking forward to the Oscar fashions from you! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

Linda on

It’s all so beautiful but I love #12. It’s so elegant and graceful.

Julie on

Simply exquisite collection!! Number 10 is my choice today…looking forward to adding it to my bar for an upcoming dinner party!!!!

Millie H. on

Love all items favorite 7 and 13 You have such elegant taste

Regina on

I love #2…. Beautiful little planter would fit anywhere that needed a little attention…

Heather McCormick on

This is a really hard decision – they are all amazing, and so well priced! I think number 12 is the one for me. I will definitely be ordering this one – the shape is perfect
Thanks for a great site

Chris P. on

Loving item 7… such a beautiful shape!

Judy on

Hi Tina!! You are like a “Breath of Sunshine” on these cold, gray days!! The silver is simply fabulous !!!Each piece is a gem!! I love Number 8 – the Bow detail is my very favorite – I love anything with bows!! – this definitely looks like an old piece! Keep them coming! We have a few weddings this summer and this would be a lovely gift. Thank you!

Felicia on

They’re all so beautiful! I would pick Item 7 – the very elegant heirloom planters as my favorite!

Linda Rubin on

My eyes were really drawn to #9, the large planter. I don’t have anything like it. So generous of you offering up this giveaway.


Silver is from a bygone era, I love bygone eras with their romanticism and elegance. I cannot choose just one because I Love all the pieces that have been shown in this blog so far. Each and everyone of them as they are elegant in their own right.

Debbie Kanaly on

I love item no. 9! I can just see it planted with orchids, paper whites or daffodils, so gorgeous.

ELisabeth Mitchell on

This is such a fabulous post! I love it all! My favorite is #10 though – the square pierced tray! GORGEOUS! So many great uses for it.

Sherrie on

I love silver trays. Any would be a beautiful addition to my bar or coffee table. It’s wonderful when something of such beauty is also so useful.

Pam on

#1 is my absolute fav.! All are lovely!

Gayle on

I love them all!!specially number 13!!! Will definetly order some!!! I have a few from your other orders..
I love silver and monograms?


I love #7. Beautiful! I could use these throughout my home. Love them all.

MJ Moore on

I am in love with the footed tray (#13)!

Renee on

Item 13.

Linda P on

So many beautiful pieces it’s to choose just one. Love Item #7!

Mary on

Love number one.our house is on a lake in wooded area so may of your things would have fit in our Connecticut home. But I do use our inherited silver with our cobalt glass. Love reading your posts.

Faye Barbian on

They are all so incredibly beautiful, but item 8 is my favorite.

Dianne on

My favorite is item 12, but who wouldn’t love any of these beautiful pieces in our homes! Would love to share a little champagne with my hubby using the wine cooler!!

Maritza on

Omg! How to pick a favorite piece is very difficult, they are all magnificent! I’m loving all of these beauties….but item 14 really caught my eye….
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, these would make an amazing gift…


Lucy Porter on

I keep scrolling up and down deciding which of the planters is my favorite. I think it’s the large one. I’d love to see a couple of orchids in this! Stunning!

Judy on

Numbers 3 and 6 would show up at every party I throw!!!! Silver serving pieces are a staple in the South!!

Mary Baker on

Good Morning Tina, well you have done it again and hit a home run with a beautiful line of heirloom-quality silver. Personally, I think you should keep each and every sample you brought home and display them in many rooms of your beautiful home. Trays filled with bottles or crystal decanters placed on a bar and planters filled with orchids, who can say no to any of these beautiful items. I love all the trays, but item # 10, the square tray is my favorite. I would love to have any of the trays, perhaps one to play in my powder room with all my perfume bottles and trinkets would be a nice touch. Thank you for always bringing sunshine to my day after reading your blog. I always have a smile on my face after reading your blog. You offer so much inspiration to all those who read your blog. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Cher on

Such a fabulous selection of silver pieces! After much scrolling to view each piece I would love to own item # 7 or 9. I was so inspired by this new selection that I even browsed your online store. Many beautiful things! Have a very good day, too.

Candace on

Love w/ Item 10 – perfect detailing on this tray. Just discovered your site and enjoying it!!!!


How great it is to have this site show up in my inbox. I love The Enchanted Home because it always offers pretty things to covet or interesting comments and pictures about “life.” I love items #4 and item #12. They could be used in any room for multiple purposes.

Beth lawson on

Of course I love everything ! I’m partial to the trays at the moment. I have purchased a couple of the planters and they look wonderful displaying a beautiful orchid.
Thanks for the giveaway and cheers to a fabulous 2016!

Christine on

love #13 the scalloped pierced tray. I love silver. I have some from my Grandmother!

Jill Balli on

Love them all, the mid size planter is beautiful!


The brightness of silver brings everything around it into glory. The pierced pieces stole my eye; always had even as a little girl. However, the piece to place on my antique walnut furniture would be #7, the heirloom planter. The etching and scalloping just seizes light!

Mary Lu on

Which pieces do I like/want…all of them! And, when I win the PowerBall Wednesday night that is what I will do!
If I have to only pick one (a very difficult task), it would have to be the wine cooler/planter that I could use as an elegant powder room wastepaper basket!

Marion Riddell on

Love all of them, but my first choice today would be #9, the super regal planter. I can just see it filled with orchids and making a statement to all who see it!!

Regina on

I love item #6! My head is swimming with the possibilities. Thank you for the chance to win a piece from your collection.

Suzanne on

My favorite is number 9. I agree that it’s the perfect size and shape for orchids.

Cay Miller on

I am constantly amazed at the beautiful exquisite silver offered in your Shop. It seems with each order the items become more and more stunning and I love every piece you have chosen. Item #6 will fit perfectly next to my grandmother’s porcelain hand painted biscuit jar with silver lid and handle.

LeAnne on

Love the trays! Gorgeous. #10 is a favorite.

Nancee on

I love them all!!! Such a difficult decision! I really like number 11 with the delicate scalloped edges-a rather unique design. I can see using it at Christmas, filling it with votives/candles and surrounding them with pinecones or greenery. Or what about in the spring, filling it with early spring flowers? All of the pieces shown have such numerous ways they could be used. Silver is a classic-it never goes out of style! To bring them all home was quite exciting; your husband must be very patient! Thanks for posting and offering such beautiful things, among all the other beautiful things you offer!!!

Edie Nelson on

Beautiful way to start the day, elegant shopping in my pajamas with a latte. So many great shapes to chose from. Since we are suppose to pick just one, I would go with #9.

Dawne on

Oh my goodness! There is nothing more elegant than beautiful silver pieces!! I love everything but I especially love #7. It would be beautiful with an orchid in it. Thank you for offering these beautiful pieces!

Jane Stoller-Schoff on

I thought I was a silver tray fanatic, but the woman who said she has 28 made me laugh out loud! And I love #8, the tray. I have them all over my house—-displayed standing up at the back of a shelf, inside a hutch, and laying flat holding pretty things in bathrooms, on all manner of tables, as the base of a display, and even on a barnboard wood mantle in a rustic family room.

Karen Tortorella on

Dear Tina,

I really like item number 4 in a large, and the idea of using it as a wastepaper basket. I recently remodeled my entire home, and I switched the powder room hardware from brass to nickel. I had been using a lovely brass wastepaper basket but need a different one now. This fits the bill perfectly! Keep the great ideas coming.


Vickie on

Wow! Gorgeous shiny bright and shiny!
Other than the wine coolers..
I love number 7! Gorgeous simplicity and scallop edge..
Thanks and congrats

Candy dertien on

Item number 8 has really spoken to my decorating soul with the beautiful high polished scallops and the ornately etched “D” on the face. The initial would represent our family name. The tiny scrolled feet tug at my heart also. Thank you for this opportunity-your pieces are beautiful.

Taylor on

My favorite item is the precious small planter with the wreath and bow. So pretty! Emailing you right now to order! (And fingers crossed I win)

JoAnne Simon on

I like #7 with the pretty scalloped edge

Kathleen on

I adore five pieces! Very hard to chose just one!
My favorite is #10, the square tray! These will make great wedding gifts!

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

I love them all Tina, but the wine coolers are so Perfect for gifts. Enjoy your Fluffy Stuff, wish we were getting some. Susan

Gina Seneca on

They are all fabulous but I love #9 the most!

KAren H on

Hi Tina! I am newto yor blog and loving your posts! My fave is item #13! Love the scalloped shape!

Susan Nicholson on

HI Tina,

My favorite piece of silver is #7, it is truly stunning! The entire collection is very pretty and so functional. Such great gift giving items, especially for the newlyweds in our lives. Thank you.

debbie coggin on

#9 is “Unbelievable” I never thought I would give up my favorite Orchid blue/white container, but I will!!!

Linda Yost on

personally–one of my favorites is the wine cooler giveaway.
As i said–“one” of my favorites.
i would like anyone of the items,they are all so beautifu;


Debbie Yaeger on

Number 11! I so want them all! Thank you for this!!!

Linda on

All of the pieces are beautiful! My favorite is #12. Thank you for the chance to win something from your collection.

Bonnie on

Everything is beautiful, but item #12 is my favorite.

Molly on

Oh, what a fun and shiny way to start the day. You have beautifully curated each of the items. Wonderful choices. One of my favorites is #2, the darling small planter. But the coolers are so lovely and are the bar trays. Okay. I love them all!!

Joye on

Tina, this are going to be quite popular. I was going to say the wine cooler but the trays are equisite ?

Ellen on

WOW, Love it all ! But #10 is truly spectacular !!

Laurie on

Congratulations on adding some new beauties to your amazing lines!!!!

I can’t decide which pierced tray I love the best. They are all so unique and stunningly gorgeous. WOW!

katie clooney on

All are beautiful but my fave it the heirloom planter #7. Enjoy your week, dear Tina!

Ann on

What stunning things. Really, each one is more fabulous than the last, but I am a gallery-tray fan from way back, and I love the pierced-sided, curvy tray. Thank you for your incredible blog, I look forward to it every day. Best wishes.

Sonya o. on

Item no. 14 is a gorgeous silver tray. So beautiful and versatile tray! I would love to use trays in almost every room.

Sharon Ellis on

Love, love, love silver! Item #’s 8 & 9 do it for me. There is elegance in their simplicity! Thank you for this opportunity. You are going to make so many people happy with this shipment.

anamae coberly on

WOW…….. you have really hit the jackpot. These items are beautiful and I love the large planter that would hold a gourgous orhcid. So many, love them all.

Jackie Tiller on

All are just gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what the next batch contains! The idea of the large wine cooler for a powder room wastebasket has me inspired!

Leslie Hales on

#9 is my favorite. I’m obsessed with orchids but usually in blue and white bowls . Would love the silver look??

Ariana on

I had to look at each item half a dozen times to decide on a favorite. The midsized, pierced tray, item 14, is my personal favorite although by a slim margin. Items 8 and 13 followed very closely behind as I do like a tray. However, you couldn’t go wrong with any of these. Congratulations.

margaret on

Wow! They are all amazing pieces. Number 10 and 13 are my favourites as I can imagine serving afternoon tea with my special teapot.

Patty on

What a joy to see all that beautiful silver! Tina, you always bring us the best of the best from which to choose and this collection of silver is spectacular! My favorite is the large silver planter!

Karolyn on

WOW, what a collection! I adore #10 the square tray it has a slightly art deco feel to it!
This is so you Tina! xo K

Karen on

I love the planter # 7 to put silk orchids in on my marble top chest.
I love all the new items
I hope I win this time
Thx so much Tina for letting me enter the contest…. fun !

Sandy johnston on

I just love, love Item 11, the twelve inch square silver tray and it would be a perfect bar tray. It’s hard to choose, though, because every single silver piece is gorgeous! Love your blog, Tina!

Susie on

Love the pierced trays, Tina–perfect for an elegant bar!!

Liz on

When I win the Powerball I’ll buy all of them and hire someone to polish them for me. πŸ™‚

I love 2 and 8. Beautiful pieces, Tina. You hit it out of the park, again.

Ashley THillainathan on

I love collecting silver and these pieces are beautiful! While I love them all, my favorite is the wine cooler and planter, functional and beautiful!!

Wendy Bogarde on

How to choose??? Every one is perfect! Ilove the large scalloped tray with handles! So chic!

Rosalie on

My fav – Item #2 – lovely little planter! Overall, a wonderful collection of silver pieces,

ApRil on

Looks like silver hit the spot! #7 or #12. 7 is the favorite.

Lynn Mack on

They’re all beautiful, but I pick item #12

Patti Olsen on

I love silver pieces. Item 8 is my favorite. I have so many uses for a beautiful silver tray. For example, on my bar cart holding crystal decanters or on my buffet displaying my other silver pieces. Also, in the bathroom with a display of flowers in your silver mint julep cups with crystal perfume bottles. So many uses!

Amy Callis on

Oh, to pick just one! Okay, #6 because it has beautiful lines & I can think of a hundred ways to use it!

Karen McLeod on

Hi Tina, oh my goodness how could I ever choose just one favorite. I truly love them all and would like to have one of everything. I can’t wait to get home and review all the beautiful silver and make a few selections. I just think number 12 is precious. Those scalloped edges are just beautiful. Thank you for all you do to make so many of us happy and giddy. Your blog is truly a highlight to my day.

bbstx on

Item 10 – the Square Tray makes my heart go pitty-pat.

Linda Beth on

So excited to see all the beautiful silver pieces. I would take one of everything! I especially love the ornate silver trays. Tina, your shop is the best – and thank you for the generous giveaways!

Sherr on

Love the planter with scallop detailing.

Ree Childs on

#13 love the shape and size……

Joni on

I love love love everything! Silver! What a luxury! Love # 14 the most! But all are spectacular! Thanks for the contest!

Cynthia on

I love item #2 . The sweet little planter . Perfect for a plant on my counter.

Kathleen Kottwitz on

Item #12 is exquisite – love the etching!

Katherine on

I have always loved the styling of the silver planter – number 7. So elegant, it can be used in so many ways.

There are all beautiful pieces Tina.

terry on

Everything is wonderful, as always, but I have to say that #9 large planter is my favorite at the moment.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

i like the mid-sized tray–perfect for storing bling on a dresser! peace to you, busy bee!

Catherine on

Everything is lovely and oh, do I love silver. Item 12 is my pick for its historic

flair. Keep On Keeping On Tina!

Sylvia Faye on

The silver is elegant…thank you for the giveaway.

My favorite is #9

Josie on

They are all just beautiful! Number 7 is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

amie a on

I love Item #8! So pretty!

Martha Lightcap on

Your silver collection is gorgeous. I love the planters, but my favorite piece #13- the pierced tray. It would be lovely on my dressing table holding my perfume bottles!

Judy on

Love them all, but I am voting for number 6.

Msundayfun on

Love, Love, Love Item 10 – the 14 x 14 square tray. That’s my first choice. Definitely purchasing more.

Suzanne on

Item 2 planter is my favorite. No wonder it’s a best seller. It’s perfect filled with a simple white orchid tucked in a corner of the powder room or a bedside table. Wonderful special hostess gift.

Vicki V on

I absolutely love them all! I was not lucky enough to inherit silver pieces but am having so much fun collecting heirlooms to pass down to my kids. I am a bit obsessed with the beauty and charm of silver, just can’t get enough of it. After discovering your blog, I am crazy for anything on feet and especially want the #12 planter, my favorite.(although they are all quite spectacular, love your taste!)Thank you for such a wonderful site. My friend, Caaren, introduced me to it, and I am so grateful to you for all you share. This little treat is the highlight of my day!

Elaine on

Omg! I love your silver pieces. #8 would look so pretty in my daughters powdered room with pretty perfum bottles! A must have!


Thanks for another great giveaway! So many, but…….. #9 it is.

Jill on

Very hard to choose! All are lovely but I keep going back to look at #8!

Denise on

I’m amazed at the elegant simplicity of each and every piece. Like our children, I love each piece differently and, therefore, have no favorite.

Sallie on

I covet them all but #14 has such a great shape – endless possibilities. ??

Carol on

Congratulations on your new silver endeavor! The beautiful planter #7 is refined classicism at its best, making it my absolute favorite!

kathy bunge on

All the pieces are gorgeous but I especially love the mid-sized planter. Thank you for another lovely giveaway!

Martha Erwin Mercer on

Tina, I love it all! I am especially fond of #8 and #9 and the wine coolers. Thank you for making all these beauties available for us.

Rochelle Marsh on

I really love that pierced tray!!! Silver makes me happy πŸ™‚

Kitty delacour on

Oh Tina! I think I’m as excited as you about this exquisite shipment of silver! I would just adore one of some + two of others! Just have to say WOW! The quality, design + price of all your silver in this shipment is astounding!
My favourite is Item 7, which is so classic + elegant with its scalloped shape, simply beautiful handles + darling feet! It’s a terrific size too! This planter could be used in so many ways: As a monteith to chill champagne glasses; as an ice bucket for champagne (now I’ll have to buy two!); a smaller punch bowl; for a beautiful floral arrangement centrepiece; imagine it full of cherries (it’s Summer in Australia + I have cherry trees laden) with cherry leaves spilling; or as a planter for orchids. But most of all, the reason I’ve fallen in love with it, is because the engraving looks like my initials ‘LD’ + I’ve never seen anything with my initials!

Ally on

I love item 14,the mid sized tray!

maureen on

A very nice selection of silver. Item #5 is my favorite. I like all the details. Just the right size to keep.on display all the time. The selections you have displayed are like the power ball of silver! Will.I win? Hope so!

Design Chic on

I love them all, Tina, but the #11 is a favorite size and shape!

Garna Clark on

The large serving tray and the large cooler at spectacular but the large planter is the winner. Your new line is wonderful.

Fatima on

I love item 9. I would fill it with white geraniums for a change from white orchids.

Cindy Weis on

Tina this is truly amazing, I couldn’t possibly just pick 1 item I like the most, the planters are beautiful, the wine coolers and of course that outstanding platter, I am out of town on business and I told my husband to go the store today to buy extra silver polish, I see some silver in my future. How sad is it I would rather win a silver piece than the 1.4 billion lottery going on???? I think I need help.

Cindy robinson on

My favorite item is #12.

Pat Crowder on

Tina, it’s all exquisite, and number 9 is my favorite.

ANGIE Thornton on

If I don’t win, I’m buying something. I love silver and have used it in every room my whole life. Keep it clean and it shines to brighten every day.

Kim Mawhiney on

I can’t walk into an antique shop without being drawn to the silver! It makes me sad that so many young brides want nothing to do with it, maybe you will change their thinking. Your picture of it all on your kitchen island made me swoon, so pretty! I love #11 because of it’s unusual size and shape and I love any kind of gallery tray as it makes whatever you place on it beautiful and important! Love this post!

Maggie on

As usual, it’s so hard to choose, but if I must :#7, the scalloped planter caught my eye on the fourth grouping photo.

Mickey on

I think my favorite is the scalloped square wine cooler.

kathy Chandler on

All of the pieces are just wonderful! I love them all! I can see using item 2, the small planter in my dining room on the buffet. Thank you for offering such gorgeous items in your shop!

Karen AAmodt on

Hi Tina, these are all very nice and lovely. I would love a small tea caddy, any chance this company makes one? I would think you must have customers who would like one. Just a thought!

Karen Aamodt

Michael Spanbauer on

ITEM 11, has such great lines, it’s classic and has a art deco vibe.. yet still can work with modern to traditional d?cor, such a great collection of sliver you have for the shop!.. once again another amazing line that you are making available to us thank you!

Edwina on

It’s hard to decide on a favorite because every piece is beautiful. If I have to! I love the mid size tray that is square. There are many ways I could use this.

splendid market on

Bravo Tina … what a wonderful collection of specially shaped and detailed pieces. I truly thing the wine buckets are my favorite. I would find the perfect sized liner for them and keep them loaded with fresh flowers in my entry way all year long.

Let it snow!

Tracy on

Item 6 midsize planter, love the knobs.

Carol on

Love it all, but my favorites and on my wish list are Items 6, 10, 12, and 14!

Carol on

Love it all, but my favorites and on my wish list are Items 6, 10, 12, and 14!

Liana on

Love silverware, my mom and I have a few beautiful pieces that we share. I know you have to keep them clean but I love the patina look they have with age. Love them all, but I am partial to #5, we don’t have anything like that piece.

Mo on

Love the etched planter! A lovely piece to display flowers/plants throughout the year. A fantastic gift item too. Perfect to stock up at such a reasonable price. Superlative!


Melanie on

Number 9 is my favorite, but they are all absolutely GORGEOUS! I have always loved silver and appreciate the glow and brilliance it brings to a room! It makes me happy and I never grow tired of it ever! You have an amazing selection, so I hope I can add to my collection! Thanks so much for your enchanting blog, which is a joy and inspiration to look upon!

Sandy w on

I love #13, the large scalloped tray. But think I could be happy with just about any of them. They are lovely.

Sofie on

Your silver collection looks amazing! I really love #13, because I think it is very multipurpose for many rooms.

Beth vandiver on

I love item 2 – the small footed planter – beautiful!

CAthy Garrett on

All the pieces are wonderful. I love number 12 the historical planter with the feet. Thank you for the giveaway!

Latricia on

All of the pieces are just lovely! My favorite, by far, is item #10 the square tray! The piercings and shape make it so unique!

Cathy on

Love the size of planter number 7 and you are right, perfect with a beautiful orchid!

Renee on

Silver is a favorite in our home. Most of my collection leans a little more clean-line and masculine; I try to add bit here or there, giving some balance to more curvy & feminine pieces. I love a tray any day, but of these, I’d say number 7 is a favorite. What a beautiful collection!

Linda miller on

Love the large scalloped tray!

Stephanie camp on

My favorite is #8. I love platters and this one is divine!!! The entire collection is absolutely gorgeous.

Cathy Temple on

While I actually love everything, my favorite would be Number 1 in either size. What a wonderful giveaway!!

Ann bryan on

Wow I love them all. I especially like silver pieces with feet. But number 2 really speaks to me, I can see it working in most every room in my house. Beauty and quality, what a great collection.

Pamm on

I think number 7 is really beautiful! With an orchid planted in it….Gorgeous!
Thank you for this giveaway!

ellen briggs on

My fav piece is item #9. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous.

Robin Deighan on

Hi! They are all just beautiful! Number 7 would be my choice, the scalloped oval planter. I love the cute little feet and the darling carved handles, what a lovely and graceful statement it would make anywhere in my (or anyones) home!!

Meg A on

Silver brings such elegance to a room. Love the square tray for my husband’s decanters in his study!

Betsy on

I love #13 anything silver AND scalloped is a hit in my book! Oh, how beautiful it’d look in my bathroom. Love this blog! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and finds.

Maureen on

I am really liking planter #7! I find the combination of flowers and greenery in silver very elegant, and you have presented a lovely collection of choices…

Mary m on

Every piece is exceptional. They truly do appear to be heirloom quality that will be passed down from one generation to the next. My choice is #7, for an orchids.

Holly on

They are all gorgeous! I love silver, and, before she passed away last year, my mom was slowly giving me all her heirloom silver pieces because she knew I was the only one in the family who truly appreciated them! Item number 10 is probably my favorite of this lot but you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Tammy on

I think #9 is so pretty and versatile. I would put that on my dining room table and fill it with seasonal flowers. I see vintage silver in antique shops that are worn and tarnished and wonder how beautiful they must have been new. Looking at these pieces is like seeing new “antiques”.

Michelle on

Im loving this new line of silver, as usual your taste is impeccable. Thirteen is my favorite. My Grandmother had beautiful silver and it reminds me of her vanity tray I admired as a girl. I yearn for my Aunts to bring their silver out and live with it everyday. Everyday is an opportunity to have beauty in your life. I think your blog is that for many. Thank you for the great giveaway and all of the work that goes into manifesting beauty everyday

Evelyn on

WOW!!! These pieces are all exquisite it’s hard to choose a favorite, I want them all! I really like #6 , perfect size and very versatile.

Dawna Debter on

#8 makes me swoon with the possiblities – taking everything it carries to a new height of elegance and importance-

Cindy A. on

My favorite is #13. I would love to display my favorite fragrances on that beautiful tray! Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

Jacqueline on

So beautiful! I’m obsessed with silver and my favorite is number 1.

Susan Hayes on

This marks the one year anniversary of finding your wonderful blog! And funny that I happened upon you from my occasional search for a matching Lunt silver piece (the manufacturer is no more) and you should be announcing the arrival of your elegant silver shipment! Beautiful, beautiful pieces!

Susan Hayes on

PS My favorite is #5. I collect silver small to midsize silver serving trays.

MarY on

Wow, Tina!! These pieces are all beautiful. I’ll go with #7.

lEXI on

I am Obsessed! I I adore the square tray #10, what a stunner!

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