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Good evening friends,? well I eagerly waited for a little bit of snow yesterday, just a sign from the weather Gods that snow is out there somewhere and we did not get one single flake. Nada! I even saw the snow plow men driving around aimlessly desperate to use their heaps of salt and unused snow plows!

I never thought I would feel so desperate to see some snow but this season I am craving? dose of the white stuff. My beautiful new snowboots remain in their box, never had a winter like this. I know many are happy but me, I really want a snow day! I may have to venture north one day to get my fill:)

Moving along….one trend that I have really embraced and love is the mirrored furniture trend. I happen to think a piece or two is an amazing way to add a bit of sparkle to any room. Whether its in a foyer, living room, dining room or as in my case a bedroom….mirrored furniture is a timeless classic and to me, no longer a trend. I put a mirrored coffee table in my living room and a mirrored chest in my bedroom and absolutely love the effect. Now I am considering a mirrored dressing table….ooh la la.


Horchow selections is fantastic and with this most recent sale on mirrored furniture? at 30%, it is? a truly opportune time to buy a piece of mirrored furniture. A forewarning, this post just might have you convinced you “need” something…..



Lets talk a look at how exquisite they look in room settings then you get to vote on your favorite piece!













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OK now that have you have gotten to see how exquisite mirrored furniture can look in a room…time to pick your two favorite pieces! Ready?



CHOICE 1? This is a beautiful chest, I could see this in a dining room or foyer, stunning! click here


CHOICE 2 A gorgeous desk like this one could suddenly make work seem a bit more enticing! Click here


CHOICE 3 LOVE this nightstand and am recommending it to a current e design customer, click here


CHOICE 4 This is one of my personal faves, a small ladies writing desk, absolutely? gorgeous!! Click here


CHOICE 5 This is so clever, a beautiful full length mirror that opens with storage…brilliant! Click here


CHOICE 6 A beautiful console can work in a multitude of places and this one has such a? lovely profile with an equally lovely price:)? I am recommending this to a e design customer and wish I had a place for it in my own home! Click here


CHOICE 7 Think this cocktail table is a beauty and could work in a very tradition interior as well as a more modern one, and the price is amazing! Click here


CHOICE 8 How about this fabulous bar by Jonathon Adler! What a gorgeous piece of furniture, click here


CHOICE 9 Another beautiful vanity I am considering, this one is such a classic with an incredible price that is quite tempting! Click here


CHOICE 10 This beautiful bench is ideal for the end of? a bed, an e design customer just ordered this, cannot wait to see it in her room! Click here


CHOICE 11 I want this for my bathroom, isn’t this John Richards piece so gorgeous! I love the pagoda-ish feel, click here


CHOICE 12? Hard to believe this exquisite coffee table is under $500! Amazing deal and such a beautiful table, click here


CHOICE 13 How about this wonderful little vanity seat? What bathroom wouldn’t be more spectacular without his wonderful little and so well priced seat! Click here


CHOICE 14 And then there is gorgeous little vanity set I am considering for yours truly….think this could look quite beautiful. Click here


CHOICE 15 This beautiful chest which? looks almost exactly like my own bedroom chest could work in so many places, a foyer, living room, bedroom, etc… here


CHOICE 16 Incredible price on this wonderful mirrored top coffee table, beautiful! Click here



So many beautiful pieces, don’t you think? What are thoughts on using mirrored furniture? To me, a piece or two in any room just elevates the room to the wow factor status. I absolutely love the effect and a visit to my home will show that! OK your turn to vote. To see all of the beautiful pieces that are part of this fantastic sale click here.

Thank you for stopping in, and wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time……

PS Don’t forget to enter the silver giveaway, click here (winner to be chosen on Sunday)


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Grace williams on

Tina, I too can’t wait to have a snow day! I’m a teacher and I get excited (I think more than the kids) when there is a surprise day off. To stay home with my kids , drink hot chocolate, and watch the snow come down is priceless.

Julie on

You should definitely get the vanity! I love mine and use it everyday. My husband and I tore out this ugly fiberglass spa that was sitting in front of a big window in our master bath. Before, we had to step inside the tub in order to look out the window. Now we have this beautiful vanity there with curtain panels on each side and a chandelier above. Not only is this piece a great focal point, but I now can do my make-up with natural light. I would advise not to choose the bench they show with it. You want something square or round that you can push in that space underneath. It is a steal at this price. Unfortunately, I paid $1500 for mine many years ago.

Cher on

Love item 15. I think it would work perfectly in my entry way.
I have always loved this style but do not have the courage to invest in a piece. Loved your selections pics of this style, too.

splendid market on

I love the dual purpose of mirrored furniture. I’ve been tempted by other “wall” like jewelry display units, so the fact that this one doubles as a full length mirror makes it my top pick!

Design Chic on

I am such a fan of mirrored furniture and the vanity is a favorite – so chic and pretty. Happy Wednesday!

Katherine on

Oh my gosh, so funny. I remember reading your blog last winter and feeling so bad for you because of the volume of snow your area got. It was like watching a train wreck every time more snow feel at your doorstep. Sit for a minute and think back…. then leave those boots tucked in the box.

franki on

I, too, luv mirrored…especially “foxed.” I have a mirrored night stand. franki

Jana Rinehart on

OMG Tina…this stuff is gorgeous. It would not fit into my farmhouse we are building…could I change the whole house for that desk? I love all of it! Thanks for the treat!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

So many beautiful choices! I love the gorgeous writing desk and every one of the tables but the multi-tasking mirror and jewelry storage piece won me over!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

I loved mirrored furniture! These are beautiful examples! Thanks for sharing. Hope you see a little snow this weekend.

Karolyn on

Okay you had me at the bar cabinet!! WOW! Have a great weekend Tina!

Dikla Yogev on

Wow…beautiful furniture. I want to have this kind of rich and royal look furniture for my home. A piece of mirrored furniture can add a little glamour to a room and transform a space with its reflective surfaces it helps to reflect light, adding sparkle to dark or confined areas and like any mirror the mirrored furniture will make the space seem bigger.

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