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Hi there and no the big news is not the big snow storm headed this way though I secretly am kind of excited (few can understand it) we will not get clobbered as badly as the DC area (wow) but are expected to get 6-12″ which is plenty for me and let’s face it, everything and I do mean everything looks prettier in the snow! If you follow me on Instagram you can bank on a slew of snow pictures:)

After Christmas we took off for a place that has somewhat stolen my heart, Palmetto Bluff. One word…amazing. If you have not been there, then by all means,? go! If you have, then you know what I am talking about:) We went there to consider purchasing a second home, which when we were there in Sept. we decided was a viable option.

Well, big news……..we did it! We bought land and are going to be building our dream southern home. Though building is not exactly what we had set out to do (kind of like it happened with this house we are in).? In the end, it made the most sense, there is not a lot for sale there and of what is for sale either did not work for us or required some renovation. Then we saw a beautiful lot on the lake and that kind of sealed the deal and we both agreed…it just felt right. With an entrance like this you can see why….


So a new project is born and just as so many of you followed along with the building of our main house, I too hope you will join me for the ride on this next home. Though it will be no where near the scope of this house, it will be given the same degree of love and care (but from afar) and I am really excited about it. We are in the process of speaking to various architects and builders and with luck we will begin in the spring, fingers are crossed.

This is a place I hope to use for? family gatherings, possibly some Christmas’s or Thanksgiving’s, a place to invite our extended family, girlfriend retreats and eventually when our boys marry,? hope we might use this as a family retreat where we can welcome grandkids and who knows maybe host a wedding there!

As I have explained to so many when I describe Palmetto Bluff, once you pass through those gates, it is as though you are entering a little slice of heaven and leaving the chaos of the world behind you, where time slows down and a sense of civilization is restored and? I say this without a single ounce of exaggeration.

I included a video for anyone who has an extra 5 minutes to look at to give you an idea of what its all about…..and unlike so many promotional videos, this one does not exaggerate one iota! Plus everyone is so darn nice…..a huge perk.? They come from near and far, California to Maine, Russia to Australia….it’s quite international and with good reason.


I am busy now getting ideas together to show the architect so he has an idea of exactly what we are looking for. We saw a home being built which had a nearly identical floorplan of what we have in mind so it might be a huge time and money saver to modify those plans…fingers crossed!

We know we want this house to have an open floor plan, to be light and airy….not formal at all, just inviting and true to the low country style we are after. Here are some ideas so far…….this is just the start:)



A very wide open front porch with fans….A MUST!


Must have a big wide back porch and a front as well


Firepit- absolutely!


These are representative of that iconic “low country style”

These are interior shots that I like a lot, light, airy, lofty spaces, bead boarding some detail on the ceiling, so livable….


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This palette is what I see throughout the house with lighter woods….


And some perks of getting to do this house from the ground up…..

Of course that we get to custom design it to our liking

That I get to design another kitchen and bathrooms…fun!

That I will get to do my blue and white powder room as well as a blue and white guest room:)

That I can incorporate some of the things I have learned from building this house into the new one…albeit on a much smaller scale

Perhaps the biggest perk…getting another place to use and display my beloved blue and white porcelains)

Getting to share it with you,? my readers…priceless!


Must be meant to be because when I started going through a bunch of my online albums so many of my saved pictures included pictures of the look and feeling I hope to achieve in this home….destiny I tell you:)

Of course this is just the beginning….many many more posts on this subject to come. We spoke with an architect this morning and are hoping we might contract him to do the job. We are hoping with luck to begin building in April. You can be sure I will keep you posted every step of the way and share my ideas and dreams with you.

Thank you for stopping by and for sharing all my adventures with me… having the company:)


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Congratulations! I am so excited for you as you start this new project, thank you for taking your faithful followers on this adventure, I know I will enjoy it !

On this is so exciting. I have followed you for years and LOVED watching you build and decorate your current home. Have so much fun!!!!! Wendy

I eagerly look forward to going on this new journey with you! Your ideas are stunning. I’m pinning EVERY photo. What fun!

How exciting…being addicted to interiors, I will be joining the fun….I love all the photos but the ones that include a bit of dark woodwork are my favorites….bring substance and warmth rather than pure coastal living..

Wow! Jealous. By living in the South all of my life, I can tell you to make sure and have a large screened in porch so the bugs won’t carry you off! Can’t wait to keep up with the progress.

Wow, such exciting news and a wonderful project for you for 2016. We look forward to seeing this dream unfold, best wishes!

I love Palmetto Bluff!….the last time I was there was to see the Southern Living Home…in which you have featured the back on the house in this post….Love your inspiration pics.. I look forward to your journey of building this home as I am gathering inspiration too of building a home with great southern charm.

Congratulations! And thanks for allowing us to follow along on what is sure to be an amazing project……….let the adventure begin!

As I read further into your posting, I became soooo excited at your terrific news! Now I can’t wait for everything to start happening. Thank you for sharing this exciting adventure with us. All the best.

So excited for you and your family – you will not only love having a spot at Palmetto Bluff, but the historic town of Bluffton is also fabulously charming! And your boys will love the sandbar! Can not wait to follow you on this adventure! One thing I do hope you will consider is a round dining room table with a Lazy Susan. No southern beach home is complete without one! Congratulations!

Wow! I just returned from Savannah. We’re looking at a possible retirement spot there and previewed some properties. The South does have an historic and magical draw. Can’t wait to follow along with the magic you will create with this new project. And I absolutely loved the vibe in all of your inspirational idea photos. As always, you will nail it!!!

Congratulations!! And Bless your Heart!! Welcome to the South!!! You are in Gods country now!

Tina, how wonderful for you and your family! I am from the south and of course I know you will love spending time here with your family. I followed you through your last home post by post and I look froward to watching the new home being built. Congratulations??…

Congratulations! I dream of my own South Carolina home (away from home) one day! Nothing beats the low country!! I look forward to seeing your posts and how you select your “look”. I am sure it will be beautiful!

I had so much fun following the building of your home and can’t wait to go on this journey of building your vacation retreat. Welcome to the south where life goes at a little slower pace and sweet tea is a staple. Love the pics you have posted.

I am so excited to see what you will do with this house – I know it will be beautiful, elegant and livable. Congratulations – can’t wait to follow your journey!

Congratulations!!! So excited for you and your and your family! So looking forward to following you on this new adventure.

LIFE IS GOOD and you are so very blessed… my favorite area is the Low Country of SC… it will be very hard NOT to make that area your primary home!!! Enjoy your new design adventure & we are all anxious to tag along …. how exciting!

Congratulations Tina! Your inspiration photos are beautiful yet relaxing in their feel. I’m looking forward to following the progress of your new project and can’t wait to see all of your selections.

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you to have found property to build exactly what you want your Palmetto Bluff home to be. Love your color palette and can’t wait to see the house unfold!!

AHHHHHH!!!!!! How VERY exciting!!! I am so looking forward to following along (again) with another fabulous building project. Very excited for you and your family. What a blessing!! Thanks for sharing with us and allowing us to live vicariously through your building adventures!

Congratulations! My sister got married at PB and now has two homes there. There is truly no other place like it!

How truly fortunate you are. I followed along when you were building your home and daydreamed it would be mine. Now, I love the low country style and can dream along with you on your new adventure. I am sure it will be truly fabulous. Best Wishes

As I lay lazily in my warm, cozy bed watching the snow falling in Nashville, I am overwhelmed with the warm beauty of Palmetto Bluff! What’s NOT to love about this beautiful place??? It looks exactly like YOU and everything you do!
I look so forward to “traveling” with you as you embark on the exciting journey of building another DREAMHOUSE!!

Congratulations, Tina. I am from the South and have lived here all my life with the exception of my short job related stints in California, Michigan and Florida which we don’t really consider “Southern” except for the panhandle. I love your fabrics and colors and of course sisal rugs are ubiquitous in the South. I am happy to report that many of our transplants have actually become more Southern than some of our originals. Many have come looking for that mythical dream and if they did not exactly find it, they created it for themselves and others and are helping to contribute to the lore which we dearly love and appreciate. Thanks for sharing your new endeavor with us.

This is so exciting! Please take a few minutes and look at the work done architect by G. M. “Skip” Wallace at Skip’s office is in Richmond but his amazing designs are built on the South Carolina coast. Breathtaking! There is so much fun in your future!

How fun and exciting! Thanks so much for sharing with us. I love to sip my coffee and read your blog, it’s like a mini-vacation every day! Congratulations Tina!

Tina, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be building another house “together.” I watched your current house being built from day one! I have no doubt that it will be beautiful. So exciting! Love all your inspiring photos. Stay warm, stay dry, and catch up on RH and WWHL!

Tina I am beyond excited for you!!! Congratulations I look forward to watching the journey with you, already your ideas are amazing and perfect!

Wow Tina! I’m so happy for you! Best of luck with all your plans and I am so excited to see the creation of another beautiful home. Looks like a truly magical place. Congratulations!!!

Hey Tina,

I am from the upstate but family is in the low country. Please check out Linda Mcdougal owner of Post Cards from Paris . She is a local interior designer with experience in the Bluffs. Her designs are exquisite. I know you are so talented just thought you would like a local recommendation.
Have fun and you are going to love it in the South.

I said..”hmmmm, that sounds like PAT CONROY..and, sure enough, at the end…there it was!! What an ethereal place…KUDOS!! franki

Wow congratulations! Loved the video – feel so much more chilled & relaxed already! Look forward to reading about your progress. Hope the snow & ice storms aren’t as bad as they are predicting- we usually get it here a week later in England!

How exciting! Our family just returned from a long weekend there and loved every moment. We are currently looking at lots in the new expansion of Moreland Village and also feel that a piece of our heart is at PB! Such a beautiful and peaceful place! I can’t wait to share in this journey with you!

Woweeeee congrats on your gorgeous land it looks just dreamy, I can only image how stunning your new home will be, if what I see in those images is what your after πŸ™‚ soooo happy for you! I might be new to your blog, but I’m soooo looking forward to this adventure with you πŸ™‚

Wishing you a wonderful weekend~

Tina I am so excited for you and for us followers(!) to watch you build your dream second home which I know will be stunning. We had so much fun following along with your current home and I know this will be just as enjoyable. Congratulations!!

Congratulations! The south is lovely and the people are as warm and friendly as you say. I have only been following you this last year so I look forward to watching you build and decorate your home.

Stay warm and safe!

Congratulations on living your dream! We have been Charleston, South Carolina converts for over 20 years and that, too, is our dream destination! Life is slower and the southern charm and hospitality exuded by the locals and area can’t be beat! Thank you for sharing your journey.

We’re in awe with your creativity and stamina, Tina, and can’t imagine how you find the energy to design yet another home… This looks like the perfect place to put up your feet and relax! Enjoy the snow this weekend.
C + C

Hi Tina –
Love your blog and I know I will love your house in Palmetto Bluff. BTW, the spa there is awesome – a massage by Joe is heaven!!! We live in Beaufort and come over that way fairly often – perhaps we will meet someday.

If you haven’t looked at Historical Concepts portfolio and Jim Strickland, I would urge you to do so. He is a master a crafting a Lowcountry home and has done many in that development – as well as ours!

Of Tina, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! The pictures and the video are beautiful! I can’t wait for this process to begin, I love the low country homes and interiors, thanks for sharing this wonderful news, you will soon be a South Carolinian, as am I! Have a great weekend!?

Ohmygoodness! Love Palmetto Bluff and I can hardly wait to see you work your magic! From the inspiration pictures, it will, no doubt, be stunning! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Such a lovely area! My husband and I love it down there! Can’t wait to follow your design journey-again! Take lots and lots of pics Tina……

My niece just moved to Palmetto Bluff and after viewing your pictures, can’t wait to visit there. Just like you she says everyone is so very friendly. I will forward your website so she can follow the progress in your new home.

Isn’t that funny. I was looking at some of your pins on pintrest this morning before I went to your blog and thought “I wonder if she’s building down south.” Then lo and behold I read your blog. Congratulations Tina! Can’t wait to follow you on this journey?

I’m so happy for you guys !!
& we all know it will be beautiful, homey and wonderful, just as you are.\
sending love, Tina-Poo

Congratulations! Your new development is amazing for all of us because I know you will be sharing every lovely, frustrating, beautiful step with is, and we will be cheering you along. I could not be happier for you. I too love th area and can relate to the magic there. I cannot wait to see what is next. Lots of love!…and creative inspiration.

I am beyond excited for you and cannot wait to watch the progress of your new home. Palmetto Bluff is simply gorgeous and as you noted, the epitome of refined, gracious Southern living. I am currently building in Atlanta and am exhausted! I just don’t know how you do it all. Can you please, please tell us the vendor/number of the fabrics in your last photo. They are simply beautiful and exactly what I have been looking for for a room off my new kitchen.

Best wishes to you….

My husband and I fell in love with PB after visiting in December on the recommendation of a friend. We’re on our way back next weekend to look at homes and lots for sale. That is, if we dig out from under the DC blizzard by then! There is something about Palmetto Bluff that is truly captivating. Will enjoy watching your progress on the blog!

A great big congratulations to you and your family! There’s just no place like the low country of South Carolina!!! Magical… I so look forward to following your posts and can’t wait to see the beautiful home come to life! Good luck…

How exciting Tina! it looks like such a lovely place. The United States certainly has some gorgeous coastal towns. Is this the area where they filmed Forrest Gump??
I bet your mind is just ticking with ideas…I so look forward to seeing your designs.
Much love, xxx Coty

So exciting! I have a second small home near Palmetto and love the area. You will be so happy there! Beaufort is a fun place to visit nearby too! Can’t wait to see what you design!

Superlative! Thrilled for your family & loved ones. We have a home on Kiwi Island. Perhaps consider an elevator & building up as high, as possible. We also love our 2nd floor patios facing the water.

Enjoy the best of times……


Tina, I am so happy for you and your husband. Welcome to the South. I absolutely love, love the low country of S. C. Have attended a couple of weddings in PB. just the best. I so look forward to following the plans for your new vacation home. It will be absolutely beautiful.

We vacation on Hilton Head Island every year. It is very close to Palmetto Bluff. I get their beautiful cataogs every year and want to visit. It will be fun seeing it through your eyes. Congrats! Did they give you an estimated date of delivery? Hopefully you can enjoy it this summer.

You will be able to live your dream! What a blessing! My son lives in Savannah which is also part of the low country. I love it! Congratulations! I think there is nothing truly more elegant than serene, comfortable, inviting low country design. I love your style..impeccable. Have the time of your life designing your new home. You will love the lifestyle of Palmetto Bluff! Thanks for letting us tag along!!

Hello Tina! I just found your blog and could not help but get excited for you!! What a beautiful location and your inspiration images are simply divine! I am going to look forward to following along to see how your plans all come together – such fun!

Congratulations on the Palmetto Bluff lot purchase. My husband and I have been considering Palmetto Bluff as a second home location for some time now. In fact we chose a lot and then it sold to someone else right out from under us. I’ve written several blog posts about PB on my blog and now you have me longing to go back. Perhaps we will be neighbors one day.

Tina – I’ve followed your blog for quite some time now. While I live in California, my daughter goestto school in South Carolina so I have been visiting often over these last two years. I thoroughly enjoyed your travel posts, having stayed and Planter’s Inn and visited many of the same places. I too, have fallen in love with Palmetto Bluff, Charleston and the Lowcountry. Now I look forward to following your journey of building a new house there. Who knows, perhaps we’ll be neighbors some day! Congratulations and thank you for bringing joy into my world on a daily basis
with The Enchanted Home.

Tina, congratulations and I cannot wait to see the finished house. We have also fallen in love with Palmetto Bluff and hopefully will retire there in 4 more years. We have been looking at the houses for sale and the inventory is always very low. We are also considering building because of this. Just love all the area has to offer and as I look at 20″ of snow here in Charleston, WV it is nice to dream of the warm weather and a sweet tea awaiting on a future porch in PB.

Oh my! How exciting to build your southern low country home! I’ll be right there beside you choosing fabrics, paint colors and everything else. Thank you for sharing this next chapter in your life.

Hi Tina

My apologies for being so late. I just wanted to say how absolutely delighted I am for you and your husband, and family. Palmetto Bluff is such a wonderful place I know you will build another beautiful home that will be loved and enjoyed by your family for many years to come… there is nowhere quite like a holiday retreat, where special memories are made.

I have always loved the style of decorating that you favour for your new house, and will follow every moment

Sending love to you my dear, and keep warm

Congratulations, Tina!
We have property on Barge Landing in PB. If everything goes as planned we may be starting our build in a couple of months. Palmetto Bluff is a magical place and hard to resist once you make that first visit. Will definitely follow your journey along the way.

That is such exciting news. It is so wonderful to have a place to escape to with your family. We have a place in Michigan (certainly not Palmetto Bluff) but we just loved having our kids up there when they were teenagers (sort of captive because there really was no where to go but hang out with us) it was perfect. And now we have the grandkids to make so many wonderful memories. Actually both our grand daughters wanted their birthday parties up at the lake last summer. That was pretty awesome. You have so many wonderful years ahead to make such incredible memories. God Bless

I am soooo looking forward to following your progress on this. Can’t wait to hear your thought processes and decision points. Congratulations!

A dear friend of mine is building a retirement home in Palmetto Bluff. I’m going to pass this post along to her right now! Can’t wait to follow along as you both build beautiful homes in this gorgeous place!

Hi! Congratulations! For some reason, I stopped receiving your e-mails…please add me to your list again. Thanks! MC

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