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Hi everyone hope you are having a? great weekend. First things first, time to announce the winner of the surprise Horchow travel giveaway, congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at to claim your prize


Our weekend was much more uneventful than last weekend (the blizzard). So happy that is but a distant memory though we have plenty of reminders around us (heaps of snow).

Some of our plans were curtailed as my husband has been sick so we had to bow out of? dinner with friends and we missed going on Friday night to the Winter Antiques Show in NYC which is always a drool worthy event so crossing my fingers for today, last day! The Winter Antiques Show has so much beauty under roof, always an amazing event to be a part of.

I want to thank every single one of you and so far it’s 440 and counting that have participated in my readers poll for my shop….wowza!! I was blown away by how many took part and reading over your comments is just beyond gratifying (even those that offer constructive criticism thankfully there were only 2 or 3 of those) but I so appreciate all of the feedback more than you know. It will help me to be improve and evolve, I so look forward to reading the rest today. Click here if you missed it.? And here we go with my Seven on Sunday……




1 A BOOK EVERYONE SHOULD READ. Every now and then you pick up a book that just stays with you, a book so powerful, poignant and equally spectacular. A book? that changes your perspective a bit. This is one such book, not to mention there is a forward by another favorite author Abraham Verghese (wrote one of my faves, Cutting for Stone).

Cannot recommend When Breath Becomes Air by Dr. Paul Kalanithi? highly enough, just be sure you have a brand new box full of tissues, it will pull at your heartstrings from start to finish. This courageous story is brilliantly and breathtakingly told by a promising young neurosurgeon only in his thirties, who learns of his terminal cancer fate.? There is also a fabulous write up in the Times about the book (click here to read), one of the best books I have ever read and equally heartbreaking.? Truly a must read! Click here


2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always look forward to this because I get so share my faves on Instagram….just astounds? me how there is never a shortage of incredible and beautiful inspiration to share!! Here are my picks this week.-

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3. PILLOW POWER. You know my feelings on pillows….adore them! I have some incredible pillows that will be part of an exclusive line coming up for The Enchanted Home very soon. In the meantime needed a pair for my window seat by the backdoor to finish off the space and found a beautiful duo over at? Pop O’Color.

Upon further looking I found so many gorgeous pillows, my head was spinning! It worked out because I have an edesign customer looking to give her patio a spruce up (lives in Cali, lucky lady so she gets to use it year round). Came up with 8 fabulous pillows that could all be interchanged, she is in the process of deciding now…..all so pretty! Click here to view all of Pop o’ Color’s? pillows….and be on the lookout for a very exciting pillow promotion coming this way soon.




4. MOST ROMANTIC RESTAURANTS. With Valentines Day fast approaching, throngs of incurable romantics will start if they have not already making rezey’s at their favorite restaurants. We have a tradition of going with one of our best friends every year, so we always look forward to that.? Town and Country magazine did a write up on the most romantic restaurants in each state, these below got my attention! Click here to see them all



White Barn Inn in Maine…I MUST go!


Another beauty, Whitefish Lake restaurant in Montana, adding it to my list!


Beautiful….at the Brown Hotel in Denver (Palace Arms)


Ahh yes this looks incredibly romantic, have been here, Brown’s Beach in Waimea….amazing and your toes are practically in the water.

5. GORGEOUS WALLPAPER. I love wallpaper and now am very excited I will have another house to use it in:) I love it in bedrooms and bathrooms in particular or small foyers.

Working with an edesign customer right now who is using paper in two rooms so am having a ball getting to see all the latest and greatest.? Here are some beauties that got my attention lately…..


I could see this in a beautiful bedroom or powder bathroom! Schumacher



The two beauties above are from Thibaut…they never disappoint!


This is from Zoffany, maker of some beautiful papers


How fun is this! Thibaut offered in 4 colorways, love it!


This will be going in my PB powder room, always love the Toile des Nantes, a classic!

6. SPEAKING OF FOOD. There is a food blogger/chef/instagrammer whose photography of food is just sublime……Dennis The Prescott knows his food!!. No matter what he posts rest assured it is gorgeous……it is impossible to look at his pictures on an empty stomach without craving one of his delectable meals, lets just say food has never looked so beautiful.

His photography is unbelievable and worth sharing, take a look at this artistry in food, and please do not blame me for suddenly craving a full on meal at 9am! Click here to visit his site and here to follow him on InstagramπŸ™‚

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7. PAJAMA ALERT! Every year I go on a pajama shopping spree, I take my pajamas VERY seriously….you have no idea how excited I am to come in from a busy day to know I am home for the day, first thing I do is put on a cozy pair of pajamas. (this especially applies in the colder months).? I favor a traditional? pajama and am fussy about them, so I consider myself to be a pajama connoisseur:) These are a few that I recently got and I am loving them-


If you want to know what it feels like to sleep on a cloud, you MUST get these, soooo soft and? they last forever have bought this brand for awhile, click here


Think I could get away with wearing these out and about? Just kidding, kind of:) Click here


This was a no brainer and are so soft and comfy, click here


And these are my all time favorite slippers, a friend gave them to me a few years ago for my bday, I just reordered them, SO cozy!!! Click here


And there you? have it…anything here excite, delight or amuse you? Hope whatever you are up to this weekend is fun and mostly relaxing. I could happily stay in my pjs all day long but there are things to do and places to go. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and end to your weekend. Until next time…..


Two things-

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Katie Clooney on

Good Morning, Tina! I love having my Sunday morning coffee with you and your Seven on Sunday. That book has gotten lots of hype in the media. It may be a little sad for me but I might pick it up anyway. Love your Instagrams – I always follow at least one of them, thanks to you. Love your pillows and look forward to the promo. Enjoy your Sunday and hope your Mister is on the mend soon!!

Carrie Goodman on

Hi Tina, I always look forward to your post. Ordering the Pjs as we speak!
Congrats on your new project in Hilton Head! I have visited that area and it is a piece of heaven for sure. Love that sweet little church. Lucky you and have fun. Carrie

Dramadiva on

My Sunday morning before church guilty pleasure…following the people you suggest on Instagram…it’s like a personal shopper! Fun! Have a great day to all!

Jill on

Good morning! As always, I thoroughly enjoyed your Seven on Sunday post. Now, I feel as if I need a new pair of pj’s which I’ll buy after I eat something. Starving now after looking at those photos! πŸ™‚

Burtee on

I love your posts with all the mix of instagrams, your faves, new projects. Your blog is quite special to me.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, good morning and a very happy day to you! I hope that your husband is feeling better.

Love all of your Sunday picked, I cannot wait to check out this new to me food blogger, his photos and styling are fabulous!

I have that book and have read so many articles about it. If you follow Cup of Jo, she has written about it because that was her brother in law, and her sister wrote a post on her blog after her husband died about grieving and helping the grieving that was very interesting.

Have a great day Tina and thank you for sharing al of your wonderful finds.

Martha on

I have that book on reserve at B&N, plan on picking it up shortly. Once home I plan on ordering a couple pairs of the pajamas you recommend, I too change into my Jammie’s when I know I won’t be going out again. Many years ago I dropped my kids off at school along with a wee girl we carpooled with, we were running late so I jumped in the car in my Jammie’s. Wasn’t a problem until I got home and had a call to return and pick up the wee girl as she wasn’t feeling well. When I got back to the school she was standing at the curb, got in the car and told me I had to go in and sign her out! I was mortified! Thankfully my pajamas were nice!

Deanna on

I really should be at church but am taking it slowly (because I have to) and am saving my energy because we found a dog we’re adopting from the local dog rescue today! My son has wanted a dog forever and I’m a cat girl so, here we go?
I so love reading your posts! The last book you recommend was fabulous (Dear Carolina). So I’m going to order this (Breath Becomes Air)book today. And seriously, you must be a speed reader. I try to figure out how you have time to do everything.
I like that you get in pajamas when you are snug at home. I do too. So luxurious, isn’t it? And?those Ugg slippers? Yes! I always step in water on the kitchen floor and my socks get wet, so I want those slippers πŸ™‚ Thank you for a lovely morning?..

Susan logan on

My Sunday just isn’t complete anymore without your Seven on Sunday! And what’s not to love about Thibaut wallpapers? I mean, seriously?!! Once again, thank you for your daily dose of inspiration and goodness!

Sherry Holman on

Hi Tina,
Ordered the UGG slippers in black. Can’t wait to get them. I am a pajama person too. I take them very seriously……In fact I like them better than clothes. Have a wonderful Sunday. Looking forward to the new pillows and a promo.

Bonnie on

Thank you for including the sources for the very beautiful wall papers – very helpful! Always a treat to look at your Seven on Sunday, though I don’t know how you find the time with everything else you do.

sally on

Hi dear Tina

I hope your hubs is feeling better, and that you are enjoying the weekend after your snowy time. I loved all the pictures of Teddy playing so much ( I saved one πŸ™‚

Thank you thank you, not only for the weekly Sunday lovelieness but especially for giving me the name of the first wallpaper, I have been wishing for ( no, longing for ) that wallpaper for several months since I found the picture but no source
Tina you share so much beauty, it is an enchanted joy for us all

Happy Sunday and love to you xx

Julie Mathany on

I love all your posts. Pictures are wonderful, especially the ones with blue and white. Thank you so much for all your efforts.. I look forward to each day to see just what you are doing Thank you, Julie

Dee vansomeren on

Have I mentioned before how much I love you Seven on Sunday? I think so…love it. OMG that Book! I just read the previews and was crying beautiful story. I’ve been looking for powder room paper. Love that Schumacher paper.
Thanks for all the time you put into your posts.

Sherri on

Tina, I just finished “When Breath Becomes Air” last night, and consider it among the best books I have ever read. And I read, on average, a book a week.
What a beautiful man, and gifted writer.
I was gutted with sadness, but uplifted with heartfelt joy at the same time.
Everyone, get this book!!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Hi Tina…lovely blue and white pillows and I cant wait to check out your Instagram picks!

Laura on

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I love the gorgeous chinoiserie wall papers! You are living the dream having another house to decorate.
Have a great Sunday and week!

CH on

Hi Tina, thought of some feedback I forgot to include in your survey. It would be great if the links you include didn’t take one out of your website, but instead just opened the link as a new page. I’ve often excitedly clicked on a link and then realized I will need to go back to finish reading your post. I’m not exactly sure how that is done technically but know that it works that way with other blogs I subscribe to, so it seems possible for sure. Cheers! πŸ™‚

Lea on

Hi Tina!
I have read both books and they are deeply moving as well as inspirational! They are probably my two most favorite books and I read a ton! Thank you for the lovely wallpaper photos. I will be redoing my master bathroom and will likely choose one of those blue toile.
Enjoy the snow while it lasts. Crazy, I know, but I miss it.
Happy Monday!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Thanks so much for the heads up about PopOColor! I need lots of pillows and now I know just where to find them!I can’t wait to see your line as well! There truly is an art to photographing food, isn’t there? Looking at all those beautiful, yummy looking plates has, indeed, made me hungry. Have a great week, Tina!

Design chic on

Always love finding new to me instagrams to follow and can’t wait for your pillows – what a perfect fit for you and your shop! So hope your husband is feeling better! Happy February!

Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

Lovely Sunday post as always. I especially appreciated your pajama suggestions, as I too have a fondness for PJ’s but I have a hard time finding them. I will check out your link. Thank you!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

mmmmm, tina. thanks for the heads up about the great read…i will def check it out. and dennis the prescott, oh my gracious, there is so much inspiration and layers of goodness in that photography that i felt instantly energized and inspired. thank you, friend.

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