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Hi there, and welcome to Superbowl Sunday first things first,? time to announce the winner of the rug from Decor Market, congrats goes to-


Please contact me at to provide your shipping details

Also several of you asked where to purchase the new Southern Home magazine, for anyone who who wants to subscribe (and trust me it is so worth it)? click here


So it’s the Superbowl…….you would think I am a huge fan but truth is I really am not but do love any excuse to indulge in great food:) Kidding side it is kind of fun to see two amazing teams come together and vie for the top prize plus the half time shows? are always entertaining and of course there are the commercials………

Unfortunately I am under the weather with a bad cold, low fever….so my plans have all come to a halt so that I can nurse myself back to feeling better. Hope whatever you are up to is above all relaxing and exactly what you want to be doing. Thanks for sharing your Sundays with me, and here we go…..



1 SUPERBOWL FOODS! . We often have a small gathering for the Superbowl? but as we weren’t sure if we would be here this weekend (were supposed to go away) , and sure enough our plans did just change since I am sick, so just as well.

But these are a few of my tried and true favorite things from years past for Superbowl Sunday. For me, its all about small bites…I love them way more than big heaping platters of gooey messy nachos or giant sandwiches, just not my thing. It has to be pretty and taste good:)

BAKED BRIE, this is sooo good! But last year I made mini baked bries and let me tell you they were a hit! Only down side is that there were no leftovers:( Click here for recipe


These mini taco salads are actually really easy to make, so good and so easy…always a hit! Click here for recipe, so easy!


Mini sliders, we have a local butcher that makes great little burgers, I just buy the buns, add cheese and all the fixings and serve them on a tray, if you really want to win over lifelong fans bake a big pan of curly fries in the oven and serve alongside the sliders, a sure hit!


And finally I want to try these (next year I guess)? I mean really how can these not be good! I would probably use the real lasagna noodles cooked al dente then cut out with a cup (for small group totally manageable ) Click here for recipe


And of course we always have our trusty Margaritaville machine always ready to do overtime…makes the best frozen margaritas! Another other new favorite drink which is a little less guilt inducing is taking half a glass of a nice light rose and fillaing the other half with peach flavored sugar free seltzer…YUM! It is literally addicting!


2. EXCITING THINGS FOR THE ENCHANTED HOME SHOP. You know my shop is very much my little happy place……it is where I get to curate my very own collection of all that I love. Many wonderful things are percolating behinds the scenes…getting in a huge and incredible silver container (late March) another unbelievable porcelain container in mid March, more stunning chinoiserie items coming late March as well (yes March will be a busy month).

And then there are some new additions coming along as well as the development of blue and white ginger jar and pagoda Christmas ornaments just in time for the holiday season. It is quite a process to design and develop, approve then manufacture…as in many months.? Here is a sneak peek at a few new porcelains and silver items heading this way in March, I need to start thinking of places to put these pretties- ( a presale will be offered late this month)

inde3242x inde4334x ind12212ex in121dex indeewwx indewwx inde3ex ind22ex indcex unnamed

All the best selling blue and whites will be restocked as well as new colors for foo dogs and pagoda, many new planters/large plates and tons of ginger jars!

asdindex inddasDASex

indsdaex unnamdded

Some beautiful new tole pieces coming in that I do not have pics of yet but getting in these fabulous pagoda sconces in two colorways-


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So? much to love this week, though I say it every week…..never at a loss of great inspiration to share with you. Here are my favorites from this week…..

indaddfasex indsa3dex insgdex inaadex ind3244ex idfdndex inddddex indefvx indeggx in2121dex in1fdex in22dex i12ndex inccdex invvdex in3ddex indeffx

And because I cannot resist the chunky delectable rolls of a? super chubby baby….how ADORABLE are these!!

inxedex indexxx


4. WINE MOVIES. Always drawn to any movie about wine, I guess first because I happen to like drinking it and actually find the entire industry fascinating, and secondly it almost involves beautiful scenery, Napa, Sonoma, south of France, Tuscany, you get the idea!

So suffice to say I have seen a lot of wine movies, A Good Year being one of my all time favorites. But a few others (some documentaries that I have also seen more than once and really enjoyed are below just in case you too were a oenophile in a former life:)


A? GOOD YEAR an long time favorite…





5. A FEW SHOES.. I must admit I have gotten a lot more casual in my ripe old age of 50……comfort often triumphs but looking good is important I cannot lie. However when I have to wear heels, OMG I become incredibly grouchy very fast, when my feet are in pain, watch out.

SO finally at long last found a pair that look great, give the height that one likes when dressing up in a gown but at long last these are comfortable and don’t me turn me into a grouchy meanie after only an hours use:) Say hello to my new favorite dressy shoe….and when worn with a gown it looks like a regular pair of painful heels:) I also love the neutral color goes with silver or gold……click here



And I know (at least for us) with snow on the ground and more to come, baring our toes seems like a lifetime away I could not resist giving into my hopefulness and buying these darling woven basketwork leather sandals, LOVE anything woven like this and they are neutral, an added plus, click here


And while at Anthropologie, I also spotted these adorable espadrilles and at $48 it was a no brainier, looks great with all white… here


and these in white…darling! Click here


6. A REMARKABLE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY! You have to watch this little guy…my parents sent this to me, he is 3! THREE!! The confidence and of course sheer talent are just mind boggling? BUT you really need to watch it to the end to his “grand finale”… he doesn’t miss a beat literally and figuratively and you can see LOVES drumming and just doesn’t want to stop….


7. MAGNIFICENT MARBLE . Tile has come a loooooong way. I haven’t looked much at what is happening with marble flooring in a while but for a new edesign job we are working on multiple baths and I am having a field day!

Then of course my mind started racing with possibilities of down the road when I get to start doing baths again at PB! Tilebar is a favorite source that always has such a beautiful and vast selection with exceptionally competitive prices, here are some current faves below….

Click here to visit Tilebar....if you place an order (call and tell them you are from The Enchanted Home, you might just get a special little something extra:)

sb-highlandabrn sb-mjrabatcrmrwths sb-mjlinks sb2-mjblublzstr sb-mjacerwinter sb-mjkrmabard sb2-kktruthorflare


So there you have it…is it wrong to be craving a slider, mini taco bites and a frozen margarita at 9am? Hum……..I will miss our normal Superbowl gathering, funny how this iconic event turns even a non fan like myself into an excited, enthusiastic fan, spatting football terms like I know what I am talking about:)

Hope whatever you are up to today, Superbowl or otherwise, it is fun, relaxing and mostly exactly what you want to be doing.? Enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Until next time……

PS A fabulous new floral promo will be starting later today, be sure to check back for those who had asked about it:)

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Alison on

I would love a copy of the Southern Home magazine!

Marta on

I love all of the Hoffman magazines. Thank you for the opportunity to see another!

Aimee on

Would enjoy a copy of the new magazine. Thank you!

Caarenw on

Love all HM publications! Been a fan for years! Thanks! Happy super bowl Sunday!

maureen on

Please send me a copy..I miss Southern Accents. O hope this magazine is similar.

Cindy Weis on

Southern Accents was always one of my favorite magazines, so glad Phyllis is coming back out with a magazine that focuses on the decorating in the south. feel better, and enjoy a quiet day.

karyn Gramata on

I also miss SOuthern Accents! Your blog helps bring back the same concepts. I would love a subscription~

Leslie Hales on

I am a Southern girl, so I would love a copy

Leslie Hales
511 Bradley Creek Point Rd

sandy @ you may be wandering on

Morning, Tina!! So sorry to hear you are under the weather. I wish I could have brought you some St. Lucian sunshine – sure to be an instant cure. Rest and relax today while the boys are watching the game.

I would love a copy of Southern Home so I can fantasize about my Charleston dream home! That reminds me – do you read Southern Living? If you don’t you definitely need to!!

Feel better…xoxoxo

Linda on

I enjoyed your post as usual this morning!! Thanks for sharing the little boy drummer…. Adorable! Have a great day and hope you feel better!

Donna D on

I would really enjoy Southern Home magazine!

Karena on

Hi Tina, feel better soon, I know you always have lots and lots on your plate! The Southern Home Magazine looks wonderful! I am with you and love small bites for appetizers! Great suggestions!

The Arts by Karena

Kim on

Sorry to read about your cold. Just read somewhere that thyme and star anise as a tea helps to alleviate cold symptoms. Haven’t had a chance to try it, but might be helpful for you. Cheers!

Mary Ann Frasher on

I’m a northener, but subscribe to all the ‘southern’ magazines. Southern Living and Southern Lady being my favorites. Love that a new magazine is coming out, and can’t wait to see it.

Donna C on

Southern Home magazine is absolutely beautiful in every regard. The winter issue is a feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing beauty, recipes and fashion! The little drummer stole my heart! Hope you start feeling better, Tina!

Dramadiva on

Love Southern home! The Super Bowl is great for the halftime show…and I cannot wait to see Lady GaGa sing the national anthem! Watch for Bryan Wilson aka “The Texas Law Hawk” Taco Bell commercials…a Texas Tech Law School grad with serious Texas Swagger!????

Linda on

Good Morning,

Really enjoyed today’s post, trailers and the little drummer were priceless. Get well soon


Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

Thanks for the great recipes, pinned them all and will make soon! Loved that amazing little drummer boy. He must have been a drummer in a past life;) AMAZING!

Sue J. on

Tina, The 3-year-old drummer made my day…what a cutie!! Loved the tiles, too…and your always delicious recipes! Hope you feel better soon!

Indigo Rhane on

I love your Sundays! Always filled with so many goodies. I’m so looking forward to Southern Home and starting a subscription…hope they have digital. Also, since you love wine, here are some excellent reads from my library:

1. Judgement of Paris (since you love Bottleshock, the book that it was based on is so much better.)

2. The Billionaires Vinegar

3. The House of Mondavi

5. Wine and War (My all time favorite)

Maybe some or all are on audible, which is a quicker ‘read’.

Anne Borucke on

I would love a copy of Southern Home & will look forward to a Subscription –! Loved the little drummer boy –incredible! Also loved the beautiful stable –one lucky horse–being a equestrian I would love to move right into the picture!!!!
Happy Super Bowl Day!!!!

Michelle Kaplan on

First, I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you, thank you for the wonderful recipes!! Love your style of entertaining and have Pinned them all!!! Also love when you put out snippets of fashions you like. Especially when they are everyday suitable like the espadrilles. You have incredible style and I love seeing all the facets of it!! Grab a big bowl of matzo ball soup and get well soon.

Judy on

I love all the Hoffman Media magazines. A feel a small connection to Phyllis as a good friend of mine moved to Birmingham a couple of years ago to work for one of her magazines….her daughter and my granddaughter were friends (went to ballet together, etc).

As far as the Super Bowl, I will be rooting for the Panthers as Cam Newton went to Auburn (just “up the road” from me) and we followed him throughout his college career. I love Peyton Manning too but today my heart belongs to Cam!

Hope you feel better soon.

P.S. I just ordered those espadrilles!

Denise on

Thank you for sending your Sunday edition even with an awful cold!
Yes, it is amazing how a non-fan suddenly becomes a fan on Super Bowl day, but especially if you live in Denver as I do! It’s all about the Broncos and kitty cats here in Denver today.
Go Broncos!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

I hope you are feeling better soon! I’ve pinned all the recipes and can’t wait to try them! Those shoes are fabulous, every one of them!

Sally mcGowan on


You are so talented!
I live in Massachusetts but miss my southern roots. I would love the magazine!

Go Payton and the Broncos!!!!

H. Wine on

Feel better! We are watching the SB for the first time in a while in our own home, as we have the icks as well.

I am loving the shoes from BM. I was a high heel gal forever, but just can’t really do it anymore. They always have fun party shoes, though.

Leslie Hales, Southern Home is a quarterly (if I remember correctly). I picked up the new one at the Teeter on Eastwood, but you could try the Barnes and Noble.

Your neighbor in Shinnwood! ~Heather~

South shore deCorating blog on

Hi Tina,
So sorry to hear you are fighting that awful cold going around, especially when you have to miss a trip for it. We have 16″ coming tonight- I hope you are spared. They cancelled our schools already. Anyway, what a fun post. I just got myself addicted to Instagram
In the last couple of weeks after avoiding it for years. Such a time suck! Love your recipes, too. I make yen Brie but add Stonewall Farms Red Pepper Jelly inside – yummy. Take care,

Laura on

Hi Tina! I love all of the Instagrams and the beautiful tile and silver pieces. Thank you for telling us about Tilebar. They sure carry beautiful tile.
Thank you for all of the yummy recipes—I got hungry too after looking at the pictures!
I hope you get better soon. I’m glad to hear you are taking care of yourself.
I’m excited about all of the wonderful merchandise you said you would be getting in! Gosh….I can’t wait to see it!
Get well soon!

carol on

OMG – those Badgley Mischka wedges!! Just bought them! Bought NYDJ jeans and corduroys last week and NOW those shoes. Tina – you are killing me! 😉

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