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Hi and happy Wednesday afternoon , hope you are having a great week so far…its getting cold over here. As in really cold and I don’t want to leave my house cold…ugh!? Spring cannot happen soon enough. So first to announce the winner from the poll post? (many thanks to all who entered, more on that later) Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at to claim your prize!


Moving along……I get a lot of emails asking for ideas for both mother of the bride dresses as well as guest of the wedding dresses. I have my share of expensive frocks (many that are old but still beautiful)in my closet some are so tiny but I refuse to part with them…good for the ego:) I am also helping a friend select a few things who has three weddings all within 4 months!

However I have learned that for dressy affairs unless you go to them all the time….you rarely use these dresses.? And honestly there are so many great looks at such an amazing price point, so why not! Most here are under $500 only a few couple are above that. Many beautiful ideas if you might be having a son or daughter marrying or maybe attending a wedding/dressy affair, perhaps you will get a few ideas here, kind of puts me in the mood for a party:)

So you know the drill, which two would you choose if the dress fairy paid you a little visit? Here we go…


CHOICE 1 I love this dress so much, if one of my boys were marrying my arm workouts would start tonight and I would snatch this up, the color is sublime! All you need is a really gorgeous pair of earrings and maybe a cuff…understated elegance at its best.? I would have to insist on a room of matching hydrangeas:) Click here


CHOICE 2 A beauty…love the color, styling and beautiful beadwork, wonderful for a mother of the bride.? Click here


CHOICE 3 This is so chic and I had to do a doubletake at the price…..great look for virtually any day time dressy affair, click here


CHOICE 4? This is a beauty and I love the navy color and flattering shape..this is one of the dresses my friend here


CHOICE 5 Being a? lover of lace this one is a fabulous dress, great for a mother of the bride, click here


CHOICE 6. This is the picture of understated elegance ala Audrey plus big fan of navy and black! (friend bought this one too)Click here


CHOICE 7? This is? a stunner, love the shape and this blush tone is one of my faves….another great MOTB dress (for a very fit mother that is)click here


CHOICE 8 This style is one of my personal faves, very very flattering, great neckline and this color with a little tan..ooh la la! Click here


CHOICE 9 Isn’t this a stunner? I just sent this to a friend whose stepson is getting married early fall..the petal detailing, colors, everything…fabulous! Click here


CHOICE 10 Always been a fan of brown and this bronze beauty is a winner, click here


CHOICE 11 Isn’t this jacquard dress a beauty….love the fabric for a spring or summer soiree. Click here


CHOICE 12 Well, if you really want to make an entrance, this dress will do the trick, love the colors and glam factor! Click here


CHOICE 13 This is so chic, love this color and styling, a very classic look for a daytime wedding, all you need is a chunky pearl necklace and you are all set!? click here


CHOICE 14 There is something about this colorblock gown I really like, great colors, beautiful styling love the lines, click here


CHOICE 15 This is so regal,? this color yellow is so beautiful and the styling very elegant, another great MOTB dress! Click here


CHOICE 16? Elegance personalized, just fabulous with just the right amount of bling! Love everything about it…click here


CHOICE 17 This dress looks very expensive but is an incredible price…great color and such a sophisticated silhouette, click here


CHOICE 18? Such a dreamy color, it looks like? breath of fresh spring air…so pretty, was shocked at the price! Click here


CHOICE 19 This is a great fitting, wonderful dress to have in your closet and at the price it is now on sale for….everyone should buy it! Click here


CHOICE 20? Another beautiful blush number, a great MOTB dress, wonderful styling and perfect color, click here



So many beautiful looks…..makes me want to throw a party or better yet for one of my sons to announce he is getting married (BOYS are you listening)?? One day, one day. Anything here excite or delight you? Choose your two faves:) Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful late afternoon. Until next time…..

If you missed my post on blue an white and if you are fan…you will want to see it, click here.


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D. Lehon on

Beautiful selection of dresses,,,#1 is a standout!

Katie Clooney on

Hello dear Tina… I am going to a garden wedding on Memorial Day weekend. The bride is one of my closest friends and she is getting married for the FIRST time at age 54. She has bazillions of friends and family that adore her – it’s going to be great fun. I am presently sheddin’ for the weddin.’ These are great choices. I’m going to go with the hot pink number to show off my new double zero body (in my mind). BTW – I’ve got a great girl for one of your boys. Have a great week!

Deanna on

Such a fun post! I’m waiting for my daughter to announce their engagement (they are taking so much time designing the ring?.I told her to just say yes!) and I see a dress here that I would love to wear. And then let the dieting commence! Thanks for the stunning eye candy?.stay warm.

Susan B on

These dresses took my breath away. I loved so many but chose # 9 and #15, but #16 and #20 are absolutely gorgeous too! So much fun, thank you Tina.

Mimi on

I like a dress that shows off my figure & my legs (unless it’s a formal affair requiring a full length gown), but has a flirty skirt for dancing. So though I chose 6 & 19 (both of which I loved), none were quite “on point” for my own taste. I personally think most women (even beautiful fit women) have a hard time looking good out on the dance floor wearing a short, form-fitting dress — it’s difficult to look graceful when you can’t move around easily.

Wendy on

1,2,16,9! I have forwarded this to my friend who will be a MOTB this September. All the dresses are beautiful and well priced

The Buzz Blog on

Thankfully we have a bit of time before our boys walk down the aisle although we should really amp up the arm work out for spring! All of these are beautiful choices and we were wondering what your thoughts are about wearing white or bright red to a wedding as a guest. Hope you’re having a great week!
C + C

Susan logan on

I’m amazed at how timely this post is. My stepson is getting married in April and my daughter in November! I think any of your gorgeous picks would be stunning! Thank you!!

NancY on

How ironic! I’ve been shopping all week for a MOB dress! My daughter is getting married March 18 and I am still looking! I have purchased 3 so far but after seeing number 20 I’ve ordered that too! Thanks!!

Barbara Fox on

This is the first time I have hated to choose just two…I went with 4 and 9, but love 5, 10 and 18…beautiful…

Valerie Trahanovsky on

I love all the dresses. Such fabulous ones to choose from. I love #2 and #8. They seem like the type to wear other times other than weddings. They seem to have a look that isn’t dated. I like the elegance of them and would feel like a princess in either of them. Great choices on all the dresses.
It was funny reading the first part of this as my air conditioner is running and the sun outside is glaring an abundant heat that seems relentless on our drought in California. But I can’t complain. It’s very beautiful outside any time of year here.

Piper B on

Tina, I can always count on you for your impeccable fashion sense. I loooove them all ( okay may the white, short number – not so much). Another post for my TEH f
e. It’s pretty . pretty, pretty full. I wouldn’t trash a thing. Thank you.

Piper B on

Sorry, I don’t know what happened there! File…Oh, well.

Liz on

This “which would you choose” was really hard. Love 6, 15, 16, 19 and 20. So beautiful!


Marcia on

No contest! Number 18 !!! It screams elegance and refinement, and yet has a fun, sassy kinda hem. As a mother of the bride or groom, this dress would exude “class”.
Oh, and maybe it’s just me, but for the mother of the bride or groom, you have to go full length or tea length. A wedding is too formal an affair unless your a guest.
Thanks. Love your website. Marcia

martha sappington on

pretty dresses

Khadija on

#6 and #20 are my favorites. I love the pink. 😀

Dramadiva on

Number 6 would photograph well. It is chic, elegant, and timeless. All were lovely!

Claudia on

Hi Tina!
Simply fabulous!
My daughter is getting married in December.
Of course, I am on the hunt for dress ideas!
Your taste is simply superb…
Much thanks,

Susan Hayes on

Since I have completed my one and only daughter’s wedding, I have some advice to offer. As long as your credit card has room, order a dozen dresses at a time….. I do my shopping primarily online. Many of the items you see are not available in your local store. Ordering online pretty much allows you to see everything available in all markets across the country (I love it because I never run into myself!). I picked one and brought the other eleven back to my local Nordstrom’s. Yes, it’s okay. And because of my purchasing level I get free alterations. Check the sizing recommendations of each dress before you select a size, they are pretty accurate.

The degree of simplicity of your dress needs to be based on your daughter’s dress. Be careful of upstaging her! And be careful of how much blocked white (and shades of white or cream or champagne) is on the dress. But if your daughter doesn’t care and you don’t care what other’s may whisper, then go with what you like! Also stay away from colors and styles the bridesmaids are wearing.

PS My daughter’s wedding was tropical in theme –Tropicana orange, deep purple, and a teal green. I went with a Nicole Miller Collection “hot” coral simple full length dress it was a sunset wedding, even though my daughter’s was very ornate. I also wore gold Jimmy Choo wedges with matching clutch and lots of sparkling jewelry to make the outfit sparkle. I chose wedges because the ground was uneven and I didn’t want to aerate the lawn where the dinner was being served!

noreen on

Hi Tina, this post was well timed, my son is getting married in September, I have not started looking for my dress yet, but I think no 3 but in a different color would be my choice. Any ideas for footwear other than stilettos?

Mary Alvarez on

Hi Tina, My daughter is getting married in Hawaii next year….Yikes! Thanks for the ideas! Wonder if any of those would look good with bare toes in the sand?

Tina on

Tina, Love the selections of dresses….Of course when I went to get more information on the two that I thought would be perfect for a Spring wedding we are to attend, they are no longer available at Nordstrom’s. Now the search is on!
Love the blog, Tina

Karolyn on

I think 2 and 6 are so elegant yet not show stoppers that would steal eyes away from the bride!
Happy Valentines Day! xo K

michele@hellolovelystudio on

oh definitely #20, pretty please. my boys don’t seem to be in a hurry to tie the knot either so i just may be a plump lil’ blue-haired munchkin strutting in one of these gowns when that day comes. ha! peace.

Mo at Mocadeaux on

My favorites were 6, 9 and 20. I could imagine someone wearing #9 as a wedding dress for a “later in life” wedding. So many beautiful dresses!

Candie on

Wow! So many wonderful options! And, I think I may need to get serious about MOB shopping soon! My favs are #5 and #2, although I like so many of them. Thanks for sharing, Tina!

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