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Hi friends…and how are you?? Hope you are enjoying a great weekend and how could you not it’s Oscar weekend and my fashion radar is charged and ready! OK first order of business is to announce the very lucky winner of the beautiful Victorinox suitcase? from Horchow (hope you have a trip in mind)! Congratulations goes to-

#155 Vickie

Please contact me at by Tuesday to claim your beautiful new suitcase!


Our weekend has been quite relaxing, dinner, NYC and got to see Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams in Blackbird on Broadway which was disturbing and intense but they were both amazing (in a manic disturbing kind of way)? and delivered powerful performances. The show I saw before that,? China Doll on the other hand, um well…..not so much. I do love Al Pacino but even he could not keep my attention for a full 2 hours with that show!

Well our mild weather has once again turned right back to winter, what a tease. It’s cold again but quite pleasant and sunny. Supposed to head into the city later for lunch with our son, but will be sure to be back in plenty of time for the fun Oscar preshow.? Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..




1 CAKES THAT BLOW ME AWAY! I discovered her on Instagram and have enthusiastically followed this ballerina turned cake maestro ever since. I am in utter awe of her creations as the delicacy and attention to her details has no competition.

In fact when I read about her ballet background, I recognized a certain touch of femininity and intricacy of the art of ballet applied to her cakes. True masterpieces! She is based out of Washington DC but her creations travel all over,? click here to see more and learn about Maggie Austin cakes

hummingbird-with-pink-ribbons sunflowers dahlia-detail baby-eucalyptus-frill1 eucalyptus-detail brides centifolia-detaileucalyptus-frilllambs-ear-with-green-frills

And the grand finale…seriously can you believe this is sugar!!!! This exemplifies her level of genius in my opinion….


2. THE GRAND REVEAL IS NEARLY HERE! The fabled Ritz in Paris is just about to open their doors again (sometime in 2016) ….and I can only imagine how incredible it will be. Even looking at these? “in progress” pictures of this iconic hotel has me dreaming of a Parisian getaway…..can only imagine the fanfare that it will open up to.

You can follow them here on Facebook? to get updates and an eventual opening date,? though I am sure their opening will be talked about far and wide!

a-legend-in-progress_2013-2_1_0 a-legend-in-progress_2014-2_0 a-legend-in-progress_2015-2_0

05-rectangle_1_0 03-carre_1_0 a-legend-in-progress_2015-10_0

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. My weekly dose of beauty and inspiration continues…I love being able to share it with you and love when I discover a new and wonderful resource. This weeks round up,? not at all intentionally has a very spring like feeling, guess subconsciously that mean I am more than ready:)

inSSV4dex ind98Kex inFF4dex iJHGndex

insx33dex indeds3x indvf4ex indes33x inded33x i22Xndex indeFFVx inSS34dex inde121x inXXEdex indeD3x

4. A SURE TO BE FASCINATING DOCUMENTARY! This documentary coming in May looks fabulously entertaining…..the Met Gala really is the Superbowl for the fashion world and this inside peek into a “behind the scenes” promises to be incredibly entertaining and of course you have ice queen Anna who does not disappoint:)

In this vein, if you like this sort of thing you must see September Issue…loved it so much I bought the DVD:)


5. GORGEOUS FABRICS. I have been a long time fan of Lee Jofa and Duralee,? many of the fabrics in my homes over the years have been the result of their exquisite offerings. Most here are far too traditional and dressy? for my new PB home but they sure have me dreaming of where they could work… pretty!

I have added a new service to my edesign which is one that many have asked about. A lot of times someone sees a fabric/wallpaper they love but cannot get trade pricing on without having? a designer. Well that is where I come in:) I will order your fabric/wallpaper at my trade price for 10% of the purchase price..that could be a massive savings. Contact me for details




And of course I love these….featuring beloved ginger jars!

u33annamed unnamdfaed unnddaamed


This one above is the most delicious linen and the colors are incredible…dying to use this somewhere!

DURALEE- These ALL have me dreaming:) and I may just find a spot in PB for one of these:)

dp61306-563-repeat dp61305-716-repeat dp61306-72-repeat dp61305-55-repeat dp61303-632-repeat dp61303-563-repeat

6.AN ARTICLE YOU WILL WANT TO READ!! I do? love my wine and red wine in particular though it can trigger those dreadful migraines. It is still a love that will not ever subside ever, nothing beats a great glass of red. So when I read this article? on a study that came out in 2015, about how? drinking red wine can actually help you lose weight, well I took notice!!? Click here to read the entire article...VERY worth? the click!


7.? AN EASY BUT DELICIOUS RECIPE. You know I like to share recipes that I have tried and that pass muster:) And side note this goes very well with that wine up there…so consider this a healthy choice:)? This one is easy if you are ever needing a quick meal that looks like you put a lot more into it and always pleases and I do mean always!

inds33ex indefddx

Here is what you need-

Mushrooms (1 small carton)

1 small bunch of asparagus (preferably thinner ones)

3-5 med/large ripe tomatoes or 2 cartons of small tomatoes (cut up small)

2 TBSP heavy cream

Pasta of your choice ( I used a box and a half of spaghetti)

8 cloves garlic

Olive oil

A cluster of fresh basil (a must)

Pasta of your choosing


Fresh parmigiano

So in a sautee pan, cook your garlic and olive oil. Next add your cut tomatoes with cut fresh basil (I like to use quite a bit about 12 leaves cut up) and start to sautee (about 10 min) until they are well cooked and a thick sauce has formed (med heat) .

Add your 2 TBSP cream at this point and season with salt and pepper. In a separate pan sautee mushrooms and asparagus with olive oil, season. Add to tomato mix.

Meanwhile cook your pasta very al dente. I used a spaghetti on this day which works well but any will do (though I don’t care for? thick pasta which takes away from the sublime taste of the sauce).

Once pasta is done add immediately to saute pan and gently stir until all the pasta is covered. Add a very generous topping of fresh parmigiano ( I also add fresh cut basil on top). Serve with a piece of toasted baguette and you have yourself one yummy meal! Enjoy….


Well that’s whats on my radar this week, and how about you? What is new in your corner of the world? I am excited to sit back later on and take in all the glamour and pageantry of the Oscars! I will be sure to follow up later this week with my fashion recap as I do every year. Hope you whatever you are up to is wonderful and mostly relaxing! Until next time….


PS If you missed the post on My Style click here

PPS Last day for the tabletop promo, click here to visit


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anita rivera on

Good morning Tina! Those wall papers are lovely and the Ritz…OH L? L?, I hope I can see this one day! The restoration process is marvelous. I love that you found my Instagram photo inspiring! I love seeing my photos here from time to time, and YOU were on my mind the day I went into this shop. My friend who owns the shop really knows what she’s doing; fresh flowers surround her fabulous antiques, and those blue hydrangeas are going strong!

Enjoy your Sunday! Anita

Bobbie hathaway on

Good Morning! As usual you’ve made my start of the day very pleasant.

The fabric islovely and especially the toile as I love, love toile. Also enjoyed the article re weight loss and wine and, of course, the fab sounding recipe which I am going to do the recipe this week.

Thank you!

Barbara on

Good Morning Tina,

Even though it is early, your pasta recipe is making me hungry! You don’t mention the quantity of pasta that you used. The sauce seems like a lot for a one pound box of pasta?
Thank you, and have a lovely day.


Dewees on

OMG Tina, those fabrics were to die for! So look forward to seeing how you use them in your new home! I’m definitely trying the wine & pasta tonight for the Oscar evening. Look forward to hearing from you next week as always, Dewees

Carol on

Love Seven on Sunday . The fabrics are my favorite this week. You share such great ideas Thanks form Fla.

Michelle on

Love, love that you have shared another recipe with us that looks delicious! Looking forward to your commentary on the Oscars and who wore what. Always a favorite read.

Leslie @PrettyPetals on

..that wallpaper in the Ritz! wow….. amazing! Really pretty IG Tina and the flowers on the cakes are stunning. Enjoy your Sunday and I did respond to your work-out shoe question;)

Corinne on

Great posting this week. Found much of it very informative and along my interest lines. Especially loved the Met Ball movie. Can’t wait to see it!

Deanna on

I am so looking forward to your Oscars recap! And Anna Wintour is so interesting. An enigma. I wish I could starve myself into a size 0 and join in the fashion parade but I’m happy to watch it too. Thank you for the continual beauty you bring to us every day. I just love your posts! Have a fabulous Sunday!

nancy on

THIS is how a blog should be: interesting,beautiful,informative,personal and inspiring!

Donna A. on

There’s a Maggie Austin online course called Decorating in Three Dimensions that you can sign up for on Craftsy. It’s only $29.99 but the good news is that once you purchase, it’s available to you forever – Something to do in your early retirement? πŸ˜‰

p.s. Well I know who will be enjoying the Red Carpet ceremonies from their super-comfortable sofa in their totally awesome Media Room πŸ˜‰ Enjoy the show!

tee on

Hi Tina, thanks for all the wonderful posts. Loved the instagrams showing the lace and fabrics, I’m an embellishment and fabric addict. So anytime I see great displays I just ogle. Have a wonderful week.

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Wow, those cakes are gorgeous! I saw that article about red wine and loved it. Any research that supports my consumption of red wine is research I can believe in!

Donna De Marino on

Beautiful. Thanks as always for reminding us that with all that is going on in the world it’s important to remember and pay homage to the beautiful things in life. There is still much to inspire and behold as beautiful, whether in nature or brought into being by one of us, His creation. I’m in awe of the imagination that inspired the cakes.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Hello Tina, I hope that you are having a wonderful evening and enjoying the Oscars!

Love the 7 on Sunday! The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! I love them all.

And cakes and sugar craft, stunning! It is hard to believe they are not real.

Have a great week!

Taste of france on

Those cakes are amazing.
What really makes me salivate, though, are those photos of the Ritz.

Katie Clooney on

Dear Tina… I can’t BELIEVE those cakes. I’ve never seen anything like them. Love those fabrics. Did you stay up til the end of the Oscars? I pooped out. Loved most of the dresses, though. I love Jeff Daniels. It sounds like a good play. Have a good week!

Rebecca Hively on

Wines like merlot or cabernet sauvignon, in contrast, contain only a fraction of resveratrol and other phenolic compounds found in grapes, he said.

Fran on

Your pasta dish sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try it!

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