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Hi everyone! So….did you make it all the way through? I did (with little catnaps in between). I love the pomp and circumstance that starts around 4pm as the red carpet excitement begins and continues to buzz all the way up until curtain time. Chris Rock whom I find pretty funny in general, took on the subject of racism full on and left no one in his wake (including fellow black actors).

Though I am not sure every one of his jokes was appropriate (especially the one with Asian kids that is getting lots of flack). I like when things are kept neutral and controversial subjects are left outside the door. To me it takes away from the celebration of film and those who are up for nominations. There is a place for those discussions and I did not think the Oscar stage was one of them.

There were some great highlights, Leo’s win (he was so eloquent in his acceptance speech), Spotlight getting best pic, Gaga’s performance was incredibly moving. Never saw Mad Max, and never had a desire too but wow did they ever monopolize the night!

However I must say and I am not alone…that this year to me, it just lacked something, felt almost anticlimactic. My good friend who I constantly go back and forth with throughout the night made the astute observation that there was no traditional? big opening musical number to kick off the show!She was absolutely right and that was? a disappointment.

Even the fashions, though there were a few standouts were a bit lackluster. Maybe I am jaded from seeing it for so many years, it was certainly not the best year for the Oscars but of course I watched it all the way through. As I have done the last few years, here is my recape on the hits, near misses and total misses. Overall it was good but not amazing as I expect and so want it to be.

Remember this is only my opinion and it’s all in the name of entertainment and even when I do not agree with the nominee choices or fashion statements, I still always anticipate Hollywood’s biggest night:)



The hits- (in no particular order)


My personal winner of the night by far, Cate…just love her elegant flawless style, she almost never disappoints.

alicia-vikander-1-fd33da97-ce45-43b1-951b-17f3a605bc75 naomi-watts-6b5ae070-d936-451e-90b1-a210f952f66c jennifer-garner-b5737f86-88d2-4d33-b7f6-2e8f92f72d6a julianne-moore-4d48ebf7-e529-4d00-8f2e-76a59e20465f margot-robbie-03fe58f2-bfa0-4c75-b13d-dbbe00ff911e








Was on the fence about Gaga’s look…I do love white and this was not something I would personally wear but I like the structure and it was interesting and hey its Gaga afterall!


Another I wavered on this but I do love this color and she does look quite elegant…not sure if I love the length though


The total misses-




jennifer-jason-leigh-f090b47c-0ea3-46df-a785-c1186a5a48ca patricia-arquette-38ae0f07-f1e8-4f11-a88f-7015a933972f whoopi-goldberg-db092cd5-0630-40c6-a9ff-a5a8644cf984 amy-poehler-6fe9f1e9-e490-4e06-8bd2-6aae2fd9827b note-

I am only including one….but did not recognize Kate Capshaw!!!! Really? What is with those bangs? The outfit? Did not get a single thing here…only normal thing is Steven on her arm.

31AF5B7900000578-3468602-image-m-76_1456749738353 31AA84C400000578-3468602-Matchy_matchy_Steven_Spielberg_s_wife_actress_Kate_Capshaw_looke-a-77_1456749763459

I always include a few of my biggest disappointments and what I would have had them wear so without further adue here they are….

Brie, what were you thinking? You were up for top prize, this is once in a? lifetime..doesn’t get bigger and you wore my 80’s prom dress to the Oscars? I was shocked that this was her choice, there was nothing about this that appealed, it looks dated, old fashioned, cheap and was ill fitting. I could have seen her in something that screams ” I am ready to win an Oscar”…..and frankly something a bit more elegant and let’s not even talk about the hair.


I would like have liked to see her in one of these….

639515_ou_pp 665256_e1_pp 670476_ou_pp

And Kate, who is normally such a classy and predictable fashion “yes”, just went wrong this year, not sure what was behind her choice….

If she wanted to wear black how about one of these….

642666_ou_pp 628463_ou_pp

Olivia Wilde who is such a pretty actress, chose a dress I just did not “get” if she wanted something dramatic and ivory or white? how about….


677348_ou_pp 506066_ou_pp

And Kerry Washington I normally love your choices? and? willingness to always? take a chance, but not sure this chance was a wise one to take-


I could have seen you in one of these….

643527_ou_pp 648738_ou_pp

And dear Heidi, what exactly were you thinking? The world wants to know.? It was like looking at lavender cotton candy gone haywire. This is by far the worst dressed of the night. Here is what I could have seen her in…

506062_ou_pp 642665_ou_pp 639480_fr_pp

All the dresses I picked are from Net A Porter click here


Think overall it was a good show, but not great. I do love the buildup though…it’s Hollywood afterall. Next year I am hosting an Oscar party so it better be good:) This is what I miss and crave..that old school Hollywood glamour that got you dreaming-

Actress Natalie Wood, best actress Oscar nominee, seated before double mirror as hairdresser sets her hairdo in dressing rm. at Warner Bros. studio while 3 unident. men watch her primp in preparation for attending Academy Awards Ceremony. (Photo by Allan Grant//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)
Actress Natalie Wood, best actress Oscar nominee, seated before double mirror as hairdresser sets her hairdo in dressing rm. at Warner Bros. studio while 3 unident. men watch her primp in preparation for attending Academy Awards Ceremony. (Photo by Allan Grant//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)


1952: American actor Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) receives a kiss from actor Claire Trevor (1909 - 2000) while standing backstage with the Best Actor Oscar he won for his role in director John Huston's film, 'The African Queen,' RKO Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
1952: American actor Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) receives a kiss from actor Claire Trevor (1909 – 2000) while standing backstage with the Best Actor Oscar he won for his role in director John Huston’s film, ‘The African Queen,’ RKO Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Old Hollywood glamour reigns supreme as iconic movie stars dazzle at bygone Oscars 4


OK getting off my soapbox now and getting back to real life. Have a busy busy day ahead of me:) Thank you for stopping in, now its your turn to weigh in……until next time!


PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday click here

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Karena on

Hi Tina, I agree with you on almost all of these choices both the great looking gowns, and the misses. Was not crazy about Sofia V’s though, it looked more “senior prom” to me.

The Arts by Karena

Kathy on

Oh wow, I so agree on everything. I was very disappointed in this year’s Oscars. It just didn’t seem like the Oscars. I agree with you also about Chris Rock. If he had just left his comments to a minimum, it would have been much more effective. There is enough turmoil in the world now and this definitely was not the place to air one’s feelings/ Do this Chris on your own show!
As far as actresses, I saw a glimpse of Kate Capshaw in the audience and was mortified. I have always considered her to be such a beautiful, sexy lady, but that look did nothing for her. It was almost as if she were trying to look as bad as she could. 🙁 Kate Winslow is another favorite of mine and has a wonderful bod and has always looked so cute -but , oh my, it looked as if she had wrapped trash bags around her body . I honestly could not really say I had a favorite or that anyone had the WOW factor . I’m amazed at how some of these ladies , with the help of designers were not encouraged to wear something differently. Also, many looked as if they were getting ready to audition for a Porno film. This is one of the first years I was so distracted, I just didn’t care if I saw the ending or not. I was really sorry I didn’t go to bed sooner. Thanks for your recap. I always look forward to your blog and especially the Oscars !!

Susan moore on

You should be the stylist. Love your picks.

Sonya Wofford on

Dear Tina, I must say I’m deeply saddened by you and some of your readers lack of understanding of the complex issue of diversity. Sure, we would all like to “check those issues at the door”, or discuss in a venue different from the main stage, however, these requests for more diversity have gone mostly ignored. Sometimes, it’s necessary to have uncomfortable conversations at times when it is inconvenient. That being said, it’s always an escape to look at the beautiful gowns, the fashion risks, and to live vicariously through a celebrity. Thank you for sharing your opinion and for hearing mine.

Ronda on

I’ve never been sadder at the state of our country as reflected in last nights disappointing show. About halfway through I gave it up.

Dewees on

I was so relieved to read your comments – thought I might be the only person that thought the Oscars was just not as entertaining or “movie star” beautiful as in the past years. Where has glamor gone? I understand Chris Rock making his opening statement but did the black issues have to totally dominate the entire show? The Oscars were very lack luster for me and I gave up around 10 and just turned it off
You should definitely become a stylist!!?

lisa b. on

Tina it was so nice meeting you a few weeks ago. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. This was fun, I watched it halfway then fell asleep thought it was really boring and did not care for Chris Rock and his blatant and non stop racism talk. A few mentions of it would have been so much more powerful. But there is no doubt it exists and needs to be addressed, i do agree that was not the place.

My favorite dress of the night was Jennifer Garner, she just looked so classy and elegant and happy. I really liked her. I know a lot liked Cate B’ dress but somehow it didn’t impress me. Loved Lady Gaga’s performance, it was so moving, then i fell asleep:-) Thanks for the fun recap.

Oh and Kate Capshaw was unrecognizable! Too much botox/fillers?

Jayne on

I am in agreement with most of your choices for best and worst. If an actress has a great body, I like to see them wear a very simple design which highlights that. If they are heavy set, then adding ruffles just multiplies their assets. I’m also not a big fan of all the boobs hanging out or the funny leg stances Angelina Jolie started with the dress slit up to there. One thing I didn’t notice too much of last night was the nude color dresses. Very few people can pull that off without looking completely washed out.

Vickie H. on

Yes, fashion was questionable for some of these gals …. and I HATED the rolled up trousers on Pharrell Williams…he looked like he was about to go wading…..and poor Diane Warren…..that get up appeared to be better suited to yard work than an evening at the Oscars…..I would have fired her stylist in a blink. Celebrating Leo today……thanks for your re-cap.

Cindy on

If people did not watch, what exactly was accomplished? Personally I chose to look at highlights of past Oscars on YouTube. Tina you would certainly be an improvement as the stylist for those particular actors. Love your choices.

Leslie @PrettyPetals on

I agree that the overall show was a bit anticlimactic and on the subject of Chris Rock, he went too far and on the subject of diversity, we seem to have had a bit of a set-back over the past few years and I am so tired of the Hollywood community getting into politics. They are people .. just like the rest and their opinions are just that. Yes, what was Kate Bradshaw thinking? ..and Brie’s dress? With all the fashion designers available to these folks you’d think someone would say something. I’m glad Leonardo finally received his award. The movie looks so intense I’m not sure I will see it. The costumes for Mad Max were over the top as well. What a process!

classic?casual?home on

Excellent recap!!! I actually went to a party (all girls–lots of chatting) and missed a lot so this was great to see today!

Dale on

I don’t believe there is any old Hollywood anymore. In every aspect of our world good taste is gone! It is a whole new world!

Chris on

Agree with you Tina … I miss the old glamour … It was always something that seemed so magical in the past
But the big question … Where is Bob Hope

Judith on

I agree with you, politics should not be the overriding theme of the entire show. I was so disappointed. It was a hot mess, so dreary! I felt sorry for the candidates whose special night it was supposed to be. The fashion was just so so. The red carpet was even boring.

Susan logan on

I’m in total agreement on your bam and slams. But can we bring back the long gloves Hollywood used to wear? So elegant and add so much!

Donna C on

Tina, your recap is far more entertaining than the actual Oscars. Where was the zhush and wow of the red carpet! It was so flat and boring. Chris Rock totally took the air out of the celebration night it was supposed to be for the nominees and winners. One mention of racism was expected but I didn’t expect it to monopolize the entire event. So sad, really. Your fashion picks are right on. Only thing I thought was that CT’s dress was a wow factor and the necklace detracted…maybe chandy earrings would have been a better choice to add the bling. Thank you for your entertaining commentary…you definitely chose dresses that are befitting the Oscars for those who didn’t make the cut! Have a great day!

Dramadiva on

The Oscars should be a celebration of art. Artists should have political views, but not feel the necessity of sharing them.
As for the gowns, I thought your hits and misses were spot on.
All in all, it was a lukewarm night. Razzle Dazzle me….the evening was mediocre.?

Michele Cohagan on

I was very disappointed in The Oscar show,it was totally flat and boring,I turned it off,so sorry we can’t keep the diversity out,it was not the time nor place,everyday we read about it all over.This was a night of celebration for the stars hard work.Maybe this show has run its course,maybe it can change to older times.


Two words…Jennifer Garner!!! franki

Design chic on

Like you, I thought Kate Blanchett look amazing – loved her look from head to toe! Happy Monday, Tina!

katherine on

The literal grace and regalia in the photo of a waiting Hepburn and Kelly is exactly what is missing from our “culture” today. While there are some fine actors today, none could go toe-to-toe with these two and the rest from the earlier eras. As long as crassness, rudeness, open wontonness is celebrated, there will be only a handful of beauties at any award show.

Nancy Carter on

Agree with you 100%. The entire show was boring, went way overboard on the diversity issue. Totally took away from the nominees and winners. There is a time and place for this issue and I agree, the Oscar show was not the place. To me it took the fanfare our of the presentation. As far as the fashions…agree wholeheartedly with you. I was totally disappointed this year with the entire show!

sherri on

Tina I agree with nearly every single one of your hits and misses. I didn’t care for Emily Blount’s dress; I think it was the color. Did her no favors.
Also, although the dress was very pretty, I didn’t think Julianne Moore looked good in black. With that red hair, there are so many vibrant colors she can wear. I thought Cate Blanchett’s dress was the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. I was dazzled!!! Naomi Watts was stunning, as always. Heidi Klum..OMG! I kept wanting that one sleeve to be removed and had it just sort of wrapped on the bodice. But in truth, nothing could have helped that awful dress. I thought Olivia Wilde looked vulgar. Actually I kind of liked Kate Winslet’s dress. I had the same thought about Kate Capshaw: WHAT ON EARTH HAS HAPPENED?? I thought Chris Rock ( who I actually like a lot) took the racial diversity thing too far. Enough already. I was bored to tears, but for some reason watched the whole show.

sally on

Hi Tina

I look forward to your commentary as much as the awards these days! I managed to see a little of the red carpet by staying up very late indeed ( we are 8 hours ahead of L.A.) so I haven’t seen the actual show yet. May have to skip through the highlights

My favourite dresses were the Navy Blue Silk and embellished lace you feature, and stunning Chrissy Teigan. … Im afraid that I didn’t think any of the real ‘leading ladies’ gowns were so amazing.
BUT OH those jewels …..!! :))

It seemed like many of the movie stars were missing this year. Where were Nicole, Angelina, George and Amal ?? Although I still like Russell Crowe

Have a wonderful week my dear
love to you xxx

Barbara Kelly on


A real miss last night. Just not the glamour days of Hollywood.

Like your choices.
Heidi looked like she grabbed the chiffon “curtains” on the way out the door.

Chris Rock this wasn’t the time. You put a damper on the show.
There was another that gave his political view. Not at the Oscars.

Today I miss my sleep.

Donna Lovold on

I really didn’t ” watch” the Oscars, just tuned in now and then. It’s become so controversial now what with all the black lives matter and race issues being thrown at the public. I agree with you, Chris Rock went WAY too far and he was not funny. Really think there is very little glamour anymore. In the old days the actors kept their political thoughts to themselves and just acted. They didn’t use their “celebrity” for a political soapbox! This is the very reason I’ve stopped going to movies and watching tv anymore, unless it’s a great recommendaction from a good friend.
I agree with your hits and misses! Kate Capshaw…toooooo much plastic surgery!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, I could not agree with you more. The Oscars were boring. I turned them off after about 15 minutes. I love your picks for hits! I loved all of those dresses as well. As for Kate Capshaw, so sad to see a beautiful woman with maybe a little too much “work” gone wrong.

Elizabeth on

Hi Tina,

Oh, if only you could style all of Hollywood stars! Then, the glamour and class we all miss would be back. You were spot on on every single dress or piece of attire. Like so many who have already commented, the racism, diversity talk was just too, too much. There is a time and place for everything, and the Oscars should be about the performances and the glamour of the evening. I miss the days of Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, to name a few.

Katie Clooney on

Tina… I think you deserve an Oscar for your recap. I was so glad that Chris Rock went after Jada and Will because I cannot stand either one of them. My absolute fave this year was Priyanka Chopra. She looked positively stunning. I think she is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. I think Kate Capshaw overdid the plastic surgery. Have a great week!!

michele@hellolovely on

fun post, tina! i did not like a single gown on any actress. true. which means i am old and completely irrelevant methinks. i am pretty certain heidi klum is a genius (i once talked to Seal about this) and intentionally wore the awful dress for extra press since it’s never a bad thing to have photos and your name all over the net. and i thought chris rock killed it, but i didn’t get to watch the whole show. i felt he had a balanced standup, insulting everyone equally. have a great week, friend!

tee on

Tina, you are such a great stylist. OMGosh, poor Whoopie, she really needed help dressing.

Pam on

Did not watch the Oscars this year & I think it was a good choice. It has gone from a show honoring those who excel at their craft to a stage for airing political greviences. If I am going to invest the time to watch,
I want to be entertained.

Melissa marsden on

The glamour, elegance, classic humor and civility we’ve come to expect from the Oscars has now been replaced with a truer reflection of the world in which we now live. That’s what we saw tonight. The hard work of the actors and other nominees was overshadowed. I watched it all in anticipation- but only saw a handful of memorable and moving moments. Truly disappointing.

Susan w. on

Dear Tina, Chris Rock kept returning to the themes of diversity and opportunity because there were no people of color nominated for the major acting awards this year and very few woman nominated. As he said in his opening, it was either refuse to host the show or joke about the obvious problems with the Academy, whose members are overwhelmingly white and male. The Academy is finally starting to take steps to diversify its membership. Maybe more diverse nominees and winners would translate into fewer blockbuster movies that appeal mainly to young men, and a broader range of films by and about women, blacks, Asians, Latinos and others. I agree it was a less entertaining show this year, but I think they’re really trying to address a serious issue that hopefully will result in better movies in the future. Sorry for the serious tone – I do love your fashion picks and recommendations!

Susie on

Heidi Klum clearly lost a bet.

Pam on

Hi Tina!!

You were thinking the way I was while seeing the dresses. As I always say, ‘Give your head a shake, woman! What were you thinking?’

You really wonder what goes through their heads when they are thinking about what to wear. I know dresses are sent to them, but really, is the one they pick the best? If I knew I was going to the Oscars, my hunting for the perfect dress would start early.

Now, I need help with picking out a dress as the mother of the groom. When are you available?!!

Have a great week Tina!


Nancy L. on

So happy Leonardo finally won his overdue Oscar …but so wish he had removed the tobacco chew before his acceptance speech!
Totally agree with your fashion “winners and losers” Tina. The dresses seemed to be a hit or a dreadful miss this year.

may on

I’m very shocked to see the majority responses in tandem with the ‘leave politics at the door’ suggestion. It’s so sad to see how legitimate issues like racism make people so uncomfortable. People of color are apart of the same community but get left out and then any attempts to discuss issues is swept under the rug with comments like these. Chris Rock was absolute correct in addressing those issues at the right time. This type of racism should not go unnoticed anymore and to suggest let’s leave it at the door or talk on your own show is very disappointing to hear.

Shaz on

I’m sad to see Whoopi included on the worst dressed list. It’s hard to look amazing in a gown if you are bigger than size 8 and I thought she did a great job of it.

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Your list and my list were quite similar with the exception of Brie Larson. I liked her dress, although truth be told, I like your suggested alternatives for her even better. Heidi could have worn almost anything else and looked better than she did in that purple mess. I guess I’ve become accustomed to disappointing shows so I don’t get my hopes up for anything different. Still, the dresses are worth watching for!

Stephanie on

I did a double take when i saw Kate Capshaw. She kind of looked like a younger, not so messy version of Betsey Johnson!


Really ready for the Oscars to be an appreciation of the arts. Tired of the political nonsense. Can’t we just enjoy and celebrate performances and talent? Probably won’t watch it next year. Based on the low ratings, I would imagine others feel the same way.
You should be the stylist-great photos.

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