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Hi friends! So one day it felt like spring had arrived now we hear we are getting snow showers tonight into tomorrow.? So not fair! However next week is supposed to be another warm up, another sign that spring is near.

Inside it already feels like spring, as I have been buying lots of flowers and cannot wait until the day I can fling open my windows and hear the birds doing what they do best. With a new season comes new clothes,? I always treat myself to a few key pieces as we transition from winter to the uplifting season of spring.

Today’s post is all about my favorite spring picks for every day smart spring dressing, If the clothing fairy stopped into your closet, what would you hope is being delivered? Ready, lets go!



CHOICE 1 Just adore this top, own a few from Joie, they make great comfortable beautiful everyday tops, had to get this being blue and white of course:) Click here


CHOICE 2 Just ordered these (and yes they are NYDJ) because they fit so darn well,? in two colors, they fit great and look good with honestly everything! Click here


CHOICE 3 How cute and no doubt comfortable are these Rag and Bone neutral espadrilles? I wear lots of espadrilles and these would go with everything! Click here


CHOICE 4? This is a great top, I love lace and this is offered in black and white, such a great easy top to wear day or night. Click here



CHOICE 5. We all know spring means showers, so why not look stylish in the process! I think this is one smart looking raincoat, love white and great styling. On sale! Click here


CHOICE 6. Have these from last year and they are sooo comfortable! They look great with capris and sundresses, great price too:)? Click here


CHOICE 7. Snatched this one up, its almost half off! Plus I love orange and white in the spring/summer, paired with white slacks it looks so fresh. Click here


CHOICE 8. This is a beautiful top, I? like that it can be worn up or down, with a skirt or pants, very practical and best part..its on sale Click here


CHOICE 9. My other favorite brand of pants, Theory, they last forever and fit really really well. To? me finding a great fitting pair of pants is priceless! Click here


CHOICE 10. This ruffled top from Theory is a perfect example of a classic staple, it can be dressed down with a pair of jeans and sandals but dressed up? quite easily too. Great top Click here


CHOICE 11. These neutral colored woven flats from Delman are mighty pretty….so “Audrey” click here


CHOICE 12. This is such a great piece, love the styling and really adore this color, looks great with a tan! Click here


CHOICE 13. Another stylish neutral top that would see a lot of mileage in my closet, click here


CHOICE 14. This is a fun and perfect summer top..great for going out to dinner with a pair of white slacks, very chic! Click here


CHOICE 15. Isn’t this stunning Missoni sweater/cardigan gorgeous? I could see it paired with many colors including an all white or all cream outfit, very pretty! Click here


CHOICE 16. Big fan of wedges and these neutral beauties from Jimmy Choo? could see a? lot of mileage! Click here


CHOICE 17. This is so chic, love the happy bright color and peacoat style, almost 70% off of original price! Click here


CHOICE 18. Own these rainboots and they are darling, almost makes me wish for a rainy day:) Click here


CHOICE 19. Thought these NYDJ (since I am very loyal) were so cute, with a solid white or navy top….throw on some cute sandals and you are good to go! Click here


CHOICE 20. Another great Joie top….so easy and breezy and I do love white! Click here


CHOICE 21 Already bought these and they arrived last week! LOVE them-? they will be a spring/summer staple, now I think I need the black, also SUPER COMFY!! Click here


CHOICE 22. This sweater is a staple for me own it in a few colors. The TB sweater is very good looking, like the fit, the length,? the brass buttons, the ivory is perfect for spring and? I will be adding it to my collection! Click here



This so makes me want to go on a shopping spree but more than that just cannot wait to usher in true spring weather! I am more than happy to put away my heavy jackets, gloves, scarves and other winter paraphernalia.

Spring cannot come soon enough, bring on the flowers, beautiful clothes, fresh air, green grass, ahhhhh….cannot wait! Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful evening:)

Your turn to choose…choose your two faves!


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Marianne Slosar on

Love the shoes and rain coats! I think you could shop for me!

Piper B on

Hi Tina, I love your sense of style in clothing ( big surprise:) I’d easily wear absolutely anything that you’ve shown on your blog…Please help me in one area. I am am a youngish, 50ish, fitish, woman that needs help is the cute sundress department. Thank you!

Tina on

Love all the items on your Spring Fling….All could be interchanged and dressed up or down and oh so stylish.

Vicki on

Could not get thru to the site for the first blouse.

Arell on

#1 and #7!! So cute! All of the shoes! I loved it all!

Khadija on

I wish I could take some of your snow! I love the way you make me look at these items in a new light. I would simply skip over many items like these but when you explain how you’d wear it or why you think it’s beautiful, a light goes on in my head. Thank you! 🙂

Debbie H. on

Well I love pretty much everything here! I could definitely go on a shopping spree right now, I am definitely looking forward to the beautiful spring flowers, waking up to the birds chirping and the hope of new beginnings!! Thanks for sharing! Have a great night!

Maritza on

I love the boots……

Stephanie on

Adore all of those peasant tops. So summery.

Mimi on

#1 top (I’m a sucker for blue & white – especially & #2 jeans are my favs. I also like #12 top (white – love lace & crochet) and #19 slacks (blue & white again). Lots of great choices — now to find them (or similar ones in washable lightweight cotton rather than silk, etc) at the discount stores (Rack, TJ, etc) or on sale for less than $100 because I can’t spend that kind of $$$ for casual clothing (w/ grandbabies that drool, drip, or drop something on me within moments – & I wouldn’t change that for the world — I just need to be washable.

Mimi on

I meant #4 – not #12 for that white lacey tunic top

Bobbie hathaway on

All nice, however, one and two really caught my eye.

Andrea Korpita-Dowd on

Love those Audrey shoes!

Martha on

You have the best taste! Loved every single pair of shoes. Loved the blouse (#1) you ordered. I am a huge fan of the jeans but now want to try the Theory pants. THANKS!!

Donna on

The last item is perfect and my number 1 pick! Beautiful classic cardigan sweater.

Dana on

I like everything. I have a very casual lifestyle and buy most of the brands in your choices. Love the suede espadrilles. Guess it is back to Nordstoms for me. I am a crazy for cardigans in the spring. It is cool here in the mornings in Dallas and then warm in the afternoon. Perfect for this time of year. Thank you Tina, it is always so fun to see your choices!

Marie in AZ on

Oh my goodness, choose only two?! I love everything, but my practical side won out…but love those gorgeous espadrilles, too!

Karena on

Tina, so many wonderful choices. I am loving the selection of blouses available and the option to go casual or dressier!

The Arts by Karena

Sandy @ You may be wandering on

I will take one of each!! This post makes me want to do some serious shopping before I head south next week! Have a great weekend, Tina! xoxo

michele@hellolovely on

oooh mama, choice 5. i would feel like a goddess in the rain! peace and a great weekend to you, friend.

Barbara on

Everything ! Gives me a big time “case of the wants”……can’t wait for fresh air, flowers, grilling outside, warmth of spring days, and that extra hour when the time changes. Love the drama of that black bath, all the shoes, etc.


Oh my goodness! I went online shopping the other day and believe me when I tell you, we looked at so many of the same items. I love them all

w. D. on


Patti on

Just signed up for your email. Love, love, love your spring picks! Thanks, Patti

Ellie on

Spring Fling helped me visualize wearing all those beautiful things. I love them all!

Linda Marlowe on

Thank you for the fashion inspiration. I’m ready to shop.

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Seeing these outfits reminds me that spring is just around the corner and gives me hope for an end to cold days and dirty piles of snow!

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