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Well hello and happy Sunday! The sun is shining bright and the temps are supposed to be warming up considerably this week, finally! Though overall it really was not a bad winter, and in truth I cannot complain. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, ours has been relaxing and easy, just the way I like it.

I spent a good deal of time and muscle finishing up the big cleanup at the warehouse and have all kinds of odds and ends to unload the next go around.? Managed to fit in some retail therapy with good friends and a nice dinner.? Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..




1 THE PERFECT BEACH WEDDING. I have always said if I have my way, I would love one of my sons to have a beach wedding, one of them to have a Napa wedding and the other to be married in Tuscany (no I am not a micro manager).

I love everything about this wedding from the bride’s comfortable and quite sensible shoe choice to the causal but so chic vibe including the palm tree laden table (love it).? Frrom start to finish this wedding is a dream-

21-victoria-lampley-wedding-vogue 22-victoria-lampley-wedding-vogue


04-victoria-lampley-wedding-vogue 08-victoria-lampley-wedding-vogue 06-victoria-lampley-wedding-vogue

12-victoria-lampley-wedding-vogue 09-victoria-lampley-wedding-vogue



2.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always have so much to share when it comes to Instagram, in fact it’s often a challenge to winnow down the “finalists” to include in my weekly roundup. But alas I did and here they are, a healthy dose of beautiful fashion, tasty foods and dreamy flowers with a pinch of adorable cherubs!

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3. SMALL BLUE AND WHITE LUNCHEON Had a friend in from out of town and set up this cozy intimate table for 4, with a blue and white theme of course! This friend loves blue and white nearly as much as I do so she was quite smitten with my setup and wanted to take my chinoiserie pillows home!

I love cozy little tables set? up like this in unexpected places around the house, in this case this table was a foyer table that did double duty, it is located in the back hall between my living room and dining room, an area that sees little use so it was nice to get to use it and dine with a different view:)


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4 A NEW GORGEOUS BOUTIQUE HOTEL IN VERMONT! I love Vermont, we used to go a lot when my kids were young and lived for those ski weekends, we spent many many weekends driving to Vermont (GREAT memories I might add). ? I loved going in the fall as well and we still laugh about how I dragged my kids to many of the cheese factories and of course made our pilgrimage to the Ben and Jerry Ice cream factory.

I haven’t been there in a while but this new and super chic hotel is surely calling me back. I am feeling a late spring weekend getaway. Say hello The Taconic in Manchester.

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5. KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS….Leave it up to Jimmy Kimmel as he interviews kids from both coasts to see what they think of each other, too funny! I get such a kick out of his “interviews” particularly those that involve kids, always so innocent, honest and “keeping it real”.



6. ENCHANTED HOME SHOP HAPPENINGS.? So many exciting things going on behind the scenes! I will be holding a huge presale within the week, as I prepare for? my incoming porcelain container (late March/early April) and there will be many exciting goodies all at very special prices so giving you a heads up now:) This might be my favorite container yet.

Here is a look at some of what will be offered and a sneak peak at some of the chinoiserie tole pieces and silver (both by far the best lot yet)? being finished up as we speak (due here in early April)


And some of the beautiful chinoiseie tole being made as we speak….

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And here is the silver about to be on it’s merry way…..

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Am I excited? Um…yes that would be an understatement:)

7. AN INTERESTING DOCUMENTARY. I like a wide host of subjects for movies and really love documentaries, on everything from wine collecting to Michelin starred restaurants, there is so much to learn about via documentaries.

Having been a number of times to the ballet at Lincoln Center, it is a sight to behold, the elegance and beauty hard to match. So this “behind the scenes” documentary I found particularly fascinating, it is a bird’s eyes view into the incredible discipline of this beautiful sport.



So that is what has gotten my attention this week, anything? here interest you? How about you, anything to share? Wishing you a wonderful and mostly relaxing Sunday…until next time!

Last day to take advantage of the blossoms and peony promotion going on until this evening, click here.



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anita rivera on

As always, a wealth of blue and white beauty (SWOON!) graciousness, kindness. Your place is brimming with such spring and love AND thank you once again for featuring my Instagram tulips!!!

Tina, I wish you a happy day. Today is my 34th wedding anniversary! YAHOO!

Happy spring time dear Tina, Anita

Katie Clooney on

Good Morning, dear Tina… First of all, I must confess that I was a Sun-In girl as well. I cringe when I look at an old picture of me with orange hair. I would love my girls to get married on a beach or Tuscany. Perhaps we can arrange a love connection. You can micromanage all you want as long as we can spend all the holidays at your gorgeous home. Fabulous instagram photos, as always. Love all the beautiful new things in your shop. I love your round table setting. What a lucky friend you have… Hope you enjoy your Sunday. Tonight is Downton’s final night. Can you tell my social life revolves around TV??

Piper B on

Good Morning! Knowing what a yuuuuuge fan you are of Chinese porcelain I thought I’d mention the the beauty of Delft.–ilna/collections/delft?ii=0&p=0. We loved our visit to the Rijks Museum as well as the Van Gogh while we were in Amsterdam. This is soon to be the perfect time of year to visit. All those tulips! Lovely! Happy Spring!
BTW Thanks for the reminder, Katie.

Isabel Alves-vettoretto on

Tina you never disappoint! I love, love your blog and am always thrilled to see when others are obsessed with blue and white as much as I am!

Elizabeth on

Wonderful post as always! I so look forward to Seven on Sunday and it never disappoints.
I especially love the small table setup in your foyer. Love the tablecloth, well, love everything!

Karena on

The bridal images are dreamy, Tina! Seeing palm trees on the dining tables was a first for me!!

The Arts by Karena

Deanna on

So much beauty to look at this morning?thank you! I have never seen the NYC Ballet and after seeing that little preview, I need to go the next time we visit NYC. Gorgeous! And the table you set in the foyer is exquisite. I’m sure you all had a lovely luncheon. I’m still not on instagram (I get my dose through you) so thank you for the lovely images?. Going to dream of a beach wedding now?.

Janie on

Hi Tina
I absolutely adore Seven on Sunday. Thank you for always starting my Sunday with so much inspiration.
I’m crazy about all silver pieces coming. I’ve decided I love everything “footed”. Have a lovely Sunday.
My best,

Maritza on

Oh goodness your blue and white table setting took my breath away absolutely gorgeous, ahhhh and those pillows are to die for beautiful,…not to mention your up coming new items….I’m loving your new silver items…..

L inda Wall on

How dis you have lunch with that enormous flower arrangement in the middle ? A little over the top but nice for a photo.

Maree on

Very much enjoy your blog. Tell me, do you ship to Australia? Because thats where I live & I do love your blue & white china!

Susan on

What an entertaining post. Your blue/white table setting belongs on a magazine cover. It is breathtaking. The kids are hilarious, we are big JK fans in this household (my husband went to college with him)
Love all the new products coming in and saving my money for your porcelain sale.

To the reader above who said a little over the top- do you ahve manners (or taste)? Just saying, Tina keep doing what you do. It is A+ and simply cannot get better. Have a nice close to your weekend.

Sue on

Hi love your posts and look forward to them everyday. I loved your foyer luncheon set up. I was wondering if you sell those dishes in your shop? I would love to purchase them!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

I couldn’t go to bed without checking your Seven on Sunday. You always find the best Instagram feeds. And I will definitely check out that lovely hotel in Manchester. Have a wonderful week, Tina!

sylvia Faye on

It is always your blue/white settings that draw/drew me to your blog for the first time…….my favorite colour is blue but love it also matched with yellow or pink as well as white.

Love the new Chinoiseise garden stools….wanted one for a long time but never see one…and a tight budget leaves me just enjoying them in my daydreaming time.

Barnali guha on

I love the silver pieces.. i am excited to see them in the shop and may order a few soon.. love the planters. Are they monogrammable?

Leslie @PrettyPetals on

Lots of prettiness here today! That wedding.. wow! Just between the two of us, my daughter is likely to get a ring on her finger soon (ugh) and I’m tempted to show her these photos. Getting married seems so complicated these days and brides have so many decisions to make and the venues are unbelievable. Enjoy your Monday Tina!

Karolyn on

What a dreamy wedding!! I love that luncheon table setting!! Hope all is well and enjoy the upcoming warm weather, K

Design chic on

The wedding is a dream, Tina – just love the casual elegance of the beach! I’m thinking a wedding at Palmetto Bluff would be perfect! So, so excited about following this adventure of yours! Happy Wednesday!

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