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Hello and happy Monday afternoon! I hope  you had a wonderful Easter. First order of business is to announce the winner of the beautiful silver tray. Congratulations goes to…


Please contact me to provide your shipping details, as soon as the container arrives, your tray will be on it’s way to it’s new home!


Our Easter was very nice and so relaxing, spent part of the day/night in NYC and it was hopping no pun intended:)  Hope you are enjoying the spring weather…its been cool but beautiful and the trees and dormant flowers are ever so slowly starting to wake up from their long winter nap, love it! I actually opened up my windows the other day which reminded me of the small pleasures in life:)

So last week I shared with you my fun adventure to the NY flower market (click here if you missed it) and today I am going to share with you part 2, what happened when those flowers came home with me:) So here we go with what might be one of my favorite posts ever!

STOP! If you do not love flowers (and I mean L O V E) or blue and white then no need to read any further. Yes there are a lot of pictures here and yes I was like a mad scientist who was unstoppable (oh but what fun it was) and yes I took out the big guns to photograph these (my Nikon “good” camera) sometimes you just can’t beat a “real” camera’s picture quality and finally if you are like me, blue and white and flowers together can cause heart palpitations….takes one to know one:)


First the loot on my kitchen counter top (yes another reason I desperately need a greenhouse)!


This HUGE box of fresh moss for $30!


Are these not the most beautiful color!


Whipping out the ginger jars to help make my flowers come alive, thankfully  have tons of small jars


The tulips took my breath away…….


Laying out my “ingredients”


These roses were $10.00! They were on their third day so I got them at a bargain and loved the color and slightly aged look…they worked beautifully


Ta dah! My first arrangement:) and this flower below  is not only so beautiful but lasts sooooo long!


And  this is when I got busy with my many arrangements, did I say many:)


inggdex inde5tgx inde6yhx


Then like little soldiers they were discharged from my kitchen into many areas around my house…..



I think the green, ivory and soft pink are so beautiful together



Loved the grouping on my living room  mantle


Aren’t flowers in mint julep cups so pretty?


Dining room mantle was shown some love too:)

is43ndex infssdex

The flowers inspired me to set up a beautiful table for two….

inde6yyx ieeendex

They were perfect on my hall chest as a beautiful blue and white vignette



Another combination that shows how you can mix real and faux (cherry blossoms)

inde5ttx indexsx

A full and luscious arrangement in my living room on a side chest



I even snapped a picture for an ad that I will feature…and love the way it came out (you are seeing it here first)!


And finally 7 days later they are still here, yes they are in their later stage of life but miraculously are still so beautiful. No way are they getting thrown away until there are no petals left, I enjoyed this way too much and want to savor every last drop (petal)!


Think I had fun? YES I did:) Thank you for stopping in and sharing my flower journey with  me. I laughed thinking I was upset that I had not planned anything around getting to share all these flowers then I reminded myself I am getting to share them with thousands and thousands of my best friends….you! And it doesn’t get better than that. I have a feeling there will be more “flower binges” to come. Until next time……

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here



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Anita Rivera on

We are having fun, you and me. I am on spring break and at home, loving the planning of a photo shoot eith flowrrs and a friend, tomorrow! Looks fabulous, Tina!

Khadija on

Blue and white with touches of pink… YUM! Thanks for sharing this loveliness.

kathleen on

Those parrot tulips are outrageous !!

Mary Ann Frasher on

As always l love seeing all the pictures you post. I am a lover of flowers no matter the season, the color or the flower. I just cannot get enough. Last year I planted impatians in the front of my house, and people came in the yard to check out the ‘hedges’. They got that big and were stunning. Thank you so much for sharing.

Susan Schneider on

Your blog is really a treat, but why am I getting two separate posts with a different header but identical content every day?

Shelia Roberts on

Your zest for life is so infectious! It shows with every post you make; I eagerly await each one . Thank you for always brightening my day with Enchanted Home

Pamela on

You bring much joy to so many. Thank you ! I LOVE flowers and blue and white also. Loving your beautiful blog. Look forward to it and keep most all to enjoy at a later date.

Traci Streets on

Stunning!! I don’t read your log daily but when I do I’m always happy for you. I’m also happy that I’m inspired by all you share. Thank you.

South Shore Decorating Blog on

Tina, these are just the most lovely flowers I have ever seen, especially the tulips in that blush pink. You Do need a greenhouse I think. But most of all, I love how you have found your signature style and are so true to it. I wish I could get there….

Decorative Interiors on

How glorious, fabulous and beautiful!
Thank you Tina for sharing your floral creations!
Welcome Spring!

Deanna on

So glad you shared this with us! Gorgeous, lovely, beautiful!

Stephanie on

Those roses are unreal. So beautiful.

Karena on

Tina how glorious to have a house full of these abundant blooms!!

Featuring Artist Scott McBee

Nancy on

Absolute elegant beauty. I love the flowers on the green tablecloth. The greenery mixed with the tulips and roses really makes the cloth pop! I know you worked tirelessly on this project and it shows.

Ann on

Your arrangements are lovely and you are so talented! Thanks for sharing. Apologies if already asked, but how did you transport your flowers from NY to Georgia?

Bobbie Hathaway on

Simply gorgeous, Thank you for sharing.

Miriam Landsman on

Tina, You don’t need a greenhouse just a floral cooler. Take it from me a retired floral designer!

Karen on

Tina, thank you for sharing all your many talents. The absolute most beautiful flowers and arrangements!!! Always a joy to read your posts.

Beldav on

Gorgeous and inspiring!

Barbara poer on

I will share a little secret that I learned years ago re tulips. Sometimes you want them to droop beautifully as most of the ones you arranged did in the lovely blue/white pieces. But other times, you want them to stand straight–or if they are a little “tired” when you bring them home and want to revive them–real copper pennies in the vase work beautifully. However, these are now almost impossible to find so I had the bright idea to send my husband to the hardware store to buy me a length of heavy gauge pure copper wire. Hysterically, he came home with enough to supply the whole neighborhood. I wrapped about 7-8″ around a spice bottle to form a coil and I just drop that into the vase when I’m arranging tulips. Works every time and seems to make them last longer.

Sue J. on

Oh my gosh, Tina, your photos are absolutely stunning! I loved the “little soldiers” statement!

Donna C on

The tip from Miriam regarding a floral cooler…yes, please! How decadent for all of us who enjoy fresh flowers. Thank you for sharing your shopping trip and beautiful blooms. Especially love the blush tulips!

Jeanna Swann on

How very breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing not just the photos, but your thought process!

Katie Clooney on

WOW!!! I bet your home smells positively delicious!! Your fireplace looks stunning with the blue and white and all the gorgeous flowers. I like your green and white tablecloth too. Have a great week, dear Tina.

Betsy on

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous! Getting excited for spring- that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing!

Barnali guha on

Such a wonderful assortment of flowers and vases.. My favorite were the ones in the Julep cup. I think i am going to “steal” that idea. Those colors look fabulous in silver.. your posts are very inspiring!! I appreciate them.

Amy on

Your floral arrangements are so lovely Tina!!! What a beautiful start to Spring!

Design chic on

So beautiful,Tina. I love the color of the roses and thinking a greenhouse is a perfect idea!! Happy Tuesday ~

Lynn on

SO beautiful…. thank you for sharing with us!

michele@hellolovely on

now that is a beautiful binge! love it, tina–you did a masterful job with those simple lovely blooms. i have been experimenting with making rose petal clay which i form into beads. it’s a long process but so good to keep my creative side fulfilled! peace to you.

sherry hart on

Absolutely breathtaking! Love….love the soft blush colors mixed in with the green! Hop you had a happy Easter:)

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

There is nothing like fresh blooms!! I loved seeing how you arranged your treasures from the flower market!! Enjoy this sunny day!! xoxo

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