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Good evening friends! Hope you are having a great week, mine has been off the charts busy but a good kind of busy:) Behind the scenes, my new site is being worked on….it is coming along with much work still to do and with luck it will launch on or around May 1st. I am very excited about the site as it will not only be very user friendly but will also in some cases be easier to navigate (in terms of finding old posts/specific subjects).

Your feedback on my last poll was more helpful than you can possibly imagine….so thank you again for that. And once again I am asking for your help.

Today is a slightly different focus but I need your input once again. So first some random shop news, a poll and then to thank you for your time,  a giveaway to two lucky winners. Here we go…..


LARGE FISHBOWLS. My incoming container that is arriving in 2 weeks, only contains a couple of fishbowls.  They did not make the containers deadline and I didn’t want to hold it up any further. So I  am working on the next shipment which will be shipping out in about 2-3 weeks and be here anywhere between late May-mid June, just in time for spring planting!

Many of you either wanted the med/lg fishbowls that I was  sold out and several of you inquired about buying even larger fishbowls. That is what this next shipment is all about.

For anyone interested in fishbowls, I am taking preorders now because this is a large item not easy to stock. They will ship by end of April. Below is the information…… me at if you are interested in placing your order. (There will likely not be any extra for sale when they arrive in May). If you know the prices of big fishbowls you will recognize these bargains-

ITEM 1 This fabulous x large fishbowl is spectacular with the design around the entire bowl and  decorated on the rounded rim…calling for a huge hydrangea or palm plant! Measures 18″ x 21″w $345.00

indefddfdfx inde64x inddaaex

ITEM 2. Getting more of these mid sized fishbowls 16.5″ x 17″ $210.00







2D. The straight version is also going to be coming back 16″ x 17.5″ $195.00


3. This extra large fishbowl is a beauty about 18″ x 21.5″ w it is available in 2 styles, just spectacular….$349.00

3A Dragon


3B. Bird


4D. Jumbo fishbowl, a gorgeous beauty! This one is huge, 23″ x 26″ $549.00 retails for double

pay no attention the bottom half of the picture, not sure what happened


CHINOISERIE TOLE Another one of my favorites, cannot get enough:) Think this next batch incoming might just be my favorite of all, has me dreaming up all kinds of possible arrangements! This shipment will be here end of April/first week of May. Once it ships I will be holding a presale (1st or 2nd week of April)

inde,,mmx index88 ind111ex unn7555amed unname77d indefdffx

indexff4 idf33ndex indeds2xinddfdex

Aren’t these gorgeous..mirror has not been put in yet!

SILVER Is on its way and due here around April 12th, cannot wait, this is by far the best and prettiest silver shipment yet. A presale was held last week but I will as I always do hold a 1 or 2 day sale when it actually arrives so stay tuned if you missed out.


PILLOWS I do well with  my pillows and you know I love them, they are classics that stand the test of time. I have also collaborated with a favorite pillow maker, Studio Tullia for an Enchanted Home pillow collection and let me tell you these are exquisite.

Perfect for the warmer months ahead to bring in a bit of crisp blue and white beauty both inside and outside your home……very excited about this! Stay tuned for a pillow promotion next week, and here is a beautiful sneak peek-

studiottulia unnamed und33named


MY TALENTED CUSTOMERS! Love when I get your pictures featuring my products and post them on the section entitled “Your enchanted homes” which is constantly changing gallery of all my customers pictures that have been submitted. So, keep em coming (you can email your pictures to, here are a few recent faves…..

in1adex inqdex iwndex index

indedfdfx isherryndex unnamf3ed



TWO lucky winners will win one of two prizes, the first is a pair of mini foo dogs in your color choice and the beautiful ivory/gold chinoiserie tole planter. Just be participating in the poll and leaving me a comment on this post telling me you did will put you in the running. Winners to be announced on Sunday morning so check back to see if you have won!

ivorygoldmedscallop-351x263 bluefoo-351x263

And finally the poll below, as I work on the new shop site, which includes a pretty extensive expansion, here is where I could use your input. So if you can take 2-3 minutes max to fill out this poll, I would be so grateful.

Simply leave a comment with your name on this post telling me you have completed the poll and your name will be thrown in the hat to win one of the two wonderful prizes! Until next time…….


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Mickey on

I completed the poll. Hope the results are helpful!

diane on

You have such a great variation of things!

sherri on

completed the poll. always appreciate how you strive to improve.

Amy Callis on

I completed your poll-boy am I excited to see the $50 and under offerings! Happy to see your site growing!

Martha on

Poll completed. Great ideas!

Debbie H. on

Completed the poll & love all the new things coming in!

Sharon on

I completed the survey. I look forward to the new site.

Lori Carroll on

Just completed your survey….some great ideas were mentioned!

Joni coody on

I completed the survey! Your blog and shop keep us all inspired and happy! Thank you Tina!

Lily on

My favorite blog- thanks for sharing all the ups and downs of beauty and a gracious home!

Anne on

Had fun with the poll…hope it helps

Anne on

Love that you seek our input! Completed the poll.

Val on

I have completed the survey-love your site.

martha sappington on

completed pole, looking forward to new site and new items.

Aimee on

I completed the poll. I hope that these suggestions help you determine the direction of your shop.

Deri on

I completed your survey, and I hope it helped. You have some beautiful chinoiserie coming in!
Thank you,

Tricia murphy on

Completed the poll !
I would love to win something this year other than a roasted turkey from the nuns.

Aimee on

I completed the poll. I hope that these suggestions help you determine the direction of your shop.

Vicki Brady on

Just completed the survey. Excited for the updates on your blog to happen!!! I get so excited when I see an email from The Enchanted Home! Thanks.

Martha Lightcap on

Completed the poll and there is no end to your creativity. It sounds exciting. Look forward to the new site,


I completed the poll. Looking forward to the new site.


i completed the poll, thanks

Elizabeth on

I completed the survey. I LOVE the idea of a curated look, for coffee tables for instance. YES! YES! YES!

Sharon Ellis on

I completed the poll & can’t wait for the $ 50.00 & under. Also, I’m trying for the 3rd time for those beautiful Foo dogs….3rd time a charm?

Susan on

Love that you’re always interested in our input and give us a chance to vote! But your suggestions on ways to improve are always timely, important, well thought out and shows how you respect our input. This is my favorite blog!

Claudia on

Fun completing the survey.
Excited to see the results.

Alexandra on

Completed the poll!

Susan osborn-sanders on

Completed the poll. Looking forward to the Silver, and possibly rugs. Did smile when I thought of Tina gift wrapping my gifts ,)

Patty on

Just finished the survey! Thanks for all your hard work in trying to make your blog so very nice!

Donna C on

Poll completed. Thank you as always for asking for reader input. Have a great evening.

Katie on

Just left my comments. BTW a big YES PLEASE to Christmas decor and ornaments!

Jenny on

Love the idea of holiday items. I completed the poll.

Sandy w on

I finished the poll.

Carolyn on

I completed your survey. Thank you for always keeping them short and sweet. Can’t wait to see your new blog.

Joan Fauchere on

Poll completed. First time your site and I will definitely be back!
Just want to put the word out that even though I live in New Jersey, we all don’t decorate like a ‘Real Housewife’!

Kathy on

Completed your survey. Love your site. Excited about your new one!

Linda on

I completed the poll. Hope it’s helpful!

Linda Doezema on

Completed the poll. Looking forward to new additions to the shop!!

Roxanne on

Survey done! Thanks for valuing your readers’ input to make your site even better!

andee on

I completed the poll.
Those super large fish bows would be awesome outside in landscaping.

Shannon on

Completed the survey. Look forward to seeing new things.

MJ Moore on

I did the survey! Looking forward to seeing what is in store!

Jon taylor on

Tina, keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing with us. Thanks for sharing all your great finds with us as well.

Karen mcLeod on

Finished your poll. your new website sounds wonderful. So many exciting things happening and so happy to be a part of it.

Susan NIcholson on

Just completed the poll. Thanks for all of your inquiries, the shop is fabulous.

Barb on

Completed your survey. I’m looking forward to your new offerings!



Martha M. on

Completed the poll. Love love The Enchanted Home. I start every morning with a mug of coffee and my laptop – straight to The Enchanted Home. I areally appreciate how Tina listens to viewers comments. My favorite blog by far.

Mary Lu on

Done! Always happy to participate. Thanks for asking.
–Mary Lu

Darcy on

Happy to complete your survey. Hope the results prove useful and add to your already wonderful site.

Molly on

I have completed the poll. It was thoughtfully presented and easy to answer. Thank you for caring so much about your readers!

betty on

Poll finished. Best blog in US

Liz on

Great I completed the poll.

June on

Completed the poll. Love when new things start to arrive.

Bonnie on

I answered the questions and hope the comments are helpful to you.

Gayle Leathers on

Completed the poll and I love forward to the new site

Gayle Leathers on

I completed the poll and I look forward to the new site.

Emily on

Hope the survey helps, I was glad to participate. Love your products and enjoy the blog. So much inspiration??..

Nancy L. on

Created the survey! Great new ideas-

Daryl Larsen on

Just completed the poll. Love that you are always making changes and working to enhance your site for your readers (and your) experience. The constant evolution is one of the charms of the blog and allowing us input is very special. I look forward to every posting!

Susie on

Completed the poll. Hope all of this is helpful to you.
Would love to see items in more colors than blue… sorry, just not my favorite color. Too bad for me!

Anne smith on

Done! Good luck with the new ventures.

Cindy Weis on

Hi Tina, I completed the survey, love that you always ask your loyal readers their opinion. Hope that it helps, you know how I love all of the wonderful items I have received from your beautiful shop. Look forward to the new containers with many treasures. Best, Cindy

Sonya on

I completed your poll. Thank you for giving us a chance to voice our opinions.

Glenn Hernandez on

Can’t wait to see all the new items. You have a great eye.

Shirley Craine on

I completed the survey- The new products and site are so exciting! I love your blog! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Jp on

Hi Tina,
You have such an earnest, genuine voice and a fine sense of edited style. I truly enjoy your blog, recommendations!
You are very gifted.

Ann on

I took the poll and am excited about your interests! Can’t wait to see what else you incorporate!

JiLl on

Completed the poll. The fishbowls are beautiful!

Sharon Harper on

Done and done.

Khadija on

I looked up pictures of the ornaments you asked about in your poll!!! OMG, they look so cute. I think they might be big enough to use them in American Girl doll houses and playsets.

Nancy Pharr on

Completed your polll

Jean on

Even your polls are fun! Thank you. Now I’m headed to your shop.

leigh on

I completed the poll. I applaud you for trying to always improve and offer more?.I love your blog!

carol H on

Just finished the poll – looking forward to the new site! I’m one who likes to come back and look at old postings – so I’m all for making that easier to navigate!

Faith on

Completed the poll! Can’t wait to see the new site. Love the idea of items under $50!

Tammy fox on

Just finished the survey, hope it helps. Really enjoyed it

leigh on

I completed your poll. I applaud you for always attempting to improve and offer more. I love your blog!

Beth kost on

I completed the survey! Excited about possible Christmas items. Enjoy your blog and your shop!

Lee on

Completed the poll. Good luck with your new store!

Deanna on

Yes, took the poll and if you get blue and white ornaments and chinoiserie ornaments I think I will have to buy another tree to just decorate it with those items! Love it!

Linda on

Hope my input was helpful and good luck with your next shipment!

Beth h on

Completed the survey- good luck with your redesign!

Angie Forte on

Completed the poll! Thank you for sharing your decorating talent with us. Can’t wait to see what new things are in store!

bbstx on

Poll completed

Jackie on

Took the poll and love some of your new ideas!

Barb Karth on

I completed your reader survey poll. Good questions and I hope the answers do help you.

Carol Walls on

Poll is complete! I look forward to your new site.


Love the mini foo dogs! Hope comments are helpful in the survey.

Marilyn the Nurse on

I completed the poll – interesting, well thought out questions.

SuzanNe FerrEr on

Completed the poll. Best of luck in your expansion!

Audrey Finch on

I have completed the poll. I Just found your site and look forward to the new one.

JuLie on

Completed the poll. Can’t wait to see the new site! Best wishes!!

Kathy on

I completed the poll and love everything you do. I’m sure your new site will be fantastic!

Betty on

I have completed the poll. I love your site and I look so forward to your blog everyday. Thank you and keep up the good work

Barb on

Hi. Completed the survey. Hope it’s helpful. Love the pictures of your customers homes and accessories. Love to see them in actual settings.
Keep up the fun work!

Mary P on

Completed the Poll. Thanks for asking and checking in.

kathy bunge on

I completed the survey – I’m sure your new site will be “enchanting”!!!

Doris Kristmann on

All done!

Hiltrud on

I completed the survey.
Love your blog and your shop

Rose on

You have a great fashion sense. I’d love more personal accessories!

GRC on

Well thought-out questions on this poll! Love the new mirrors!

Laura rhino on

I completed the poll! I adore your website and shop!

Ashley THillainathan on

Completed the poll and looking forward to the new site!! ?

Christine on

Your blog is my favorite … and I can see that your popularity is growing – nice comments from your fans !
Survey completed !

Linda miller on

Hi Tina
Have completed your survey.

keshakeke on

Happy to help with the poll

Susan on

Glad you are always thinking ahead. Anxious to see your new look

janet on

Finished your survey! Can’t wait see your new sight. I really admire your attention to detail and drive to always improve.

Colleen on

I completed the poll. Thanks for asking for feedback.

Mary on

Hi Tina,
Completed your survey & love your new ideas for future Shopping options- especially for expanding to include more lighting, furniture & rugs!

Elaine on

Did the survey and it was very painless! Can’t wait for you Christmas decorations and all the wonderful treasures to uncover. Happy shopping!

EllIe on

Thanks for asking for our input. I look forward to the “under $50 with gift wrapping” .
Your survey was quick.

Ingrid Yardley on

I completed the poll. Love your blog and shop!!!
Ingrid Yardley

Megan Bobbitt on

I completed the poll. Enjoy your blog and shop so very much!

JH on

Thanks for providing a survey! Your blog is a favorite.

Karen on

I completed your poll. Good luck with all of your wonderful new ideas! I look forward to reading your blog everyday and I thank you for bringing some sun shine in to my home.

KathrinE on

Finished the survey! Always good questions.

Chandra Naylor on

Completed the poll. Hope it helps.

Mary m on

Just finished your survey. Love your blog!

rosalind headley on

I completed the poll and hope it helps you. I truly enjoy your blog and all the lovely photos.

Pattie on

Completed the poll!

Shelley on

Thank you for your wonderful blog and shop. So many beautiful things, it always refreshes my outlook.
I completed the poll will enjoy seeing the results

Gina from the Midwest on

Just completed the survey. I like that you value your visitors’ opinions and hope those opinions help in your future project re: your store.

Erin brass on

Completed the poll! Love that you ask for input!

Liz on

Completed survey. Love the under $50 idea and the vignette idea.
Thanks, Tina!

Regina on

I completed the poll. Thanks!

Barbara Smith on

Finished the survey, hope the feedback helps.

Karen on

Thx for giving us the opportunity to win something again
Maybe this time I will win Love the site as always !

Donna Clark on

Tina, completed the poll and love the easy peasy selection! Also left a few things in comments to section I think others would like to see. Cord covers and pretty extension cords if you can source them.

Linda Beth on

Completed the survey – excited to see your new site!

Sherry on

I completed the poll, and would love to see the site expanded.
Thank you,

Laura on

I completed the poll. Thanks for the opportunity!

Maureen on

I completed the survey. Hope it helps!

Kim s. on

All done! Great idea for feedback

Ellen on

I completed the poll Tina and offered a few suggestions. Hope it’s helpful!

J.C. on

Completed the survey. I can’t wait to see those Christmas ornaments!

Cindy Bauer on

I took the survey.

Anne Nelson Morck on

It was fun to complete the poll to get a little insight into the things you’re considering for the future.

Cheryl on

Just took the survey. I think it’s great you want input from all of us!

Jackie on

I am a new follower and I completed the survey. I enjoy your blog and I love your style!

Dee Farrell on

Poll completed; good luck in your future endeavors.

Tamme Smith on

Took the survey! Hope it helps. Looking forward to those beautiful pillows.

Maritza on

Lord how I love your blog, I just completed your poll…lots of great ideas you have….

Laurie on

Done! Wishing you success as you expand! Thanks for asking our input.

Jill W. on

Survey completed. Can’t wait to see the new website!

Suzanne on

I completed the survey.

Donna on

Just finished the poll and am looking forward to your new format. Do hope the seasonal/holiday section is a go.

Please share more recipes.

Catherine on

Completed the poll …

Ann Mngo on

I agree with the previous comment that even your polls are fun! And all of the other compliments! Poll taken with pleasure.

Gail on

I finished the survey. I’m looking forward to see what you do next!!
Love everything!!

Betsy on

Completed! Looking forward to your new site!

Ann bryan on

Completed your survey and am excited to see the new changes.

Kathy on

I completed the poll. Best wishes!

Tracy on

Just finished the survey. I love everything you’ve done in recent years…my advice is to take it slowly with expansions of the site and shop, especially now that you are building the new house in Palmetto Bluff. Your lovely posts and incredible shop serve a neglected (IMHO) market segment. You’re onto something!

Judy on

Finished the survey!

Eileen on

I completed the survey…thoughtful questions.

Betty on

Just finished the survey, thanks Tina!

Julie Bolin on

I, Julie Bolin, finished the poll. Your blog is the real deal! Have a great day!

JoyE lanahan on

Just completed your survey. Keep us the good work . Keep it fun for you also

Carolyn Mcfeely on

Completed the poll. Thanks for asking what we think!

Kim on

Survey completed! I love that you are really trying to gear your blog/shop to what most of us prefer to shop for and read about! Great job!

Terry on

Have completed your survey. I love your blog, your your sense of style, and impeccable taste.

Andrea Pope on

I absolutely love your site! I am new to it! I was happy to complete your survey!

Mary Alvarez on

All done with the poll! Have a blessed day.

Pattyb on

I completed the survey. Great questions and thank you for asking our input. Love the under &50 idea. Best of Luck.

Lucy Porter on

I completed the poll. I am very excited about a $50 or less category, and really, really excited you may offer Christmas gift items!!

Antoinette de Janasz Baxter on

Just finished your poll. Good questions, the answers should give you some great insight!

Karolyn on

took poll my friend and those mirrors swoon!! You have your hand in everything love the adorable pillows form Studio Tulia! xo K

Rebecca Hively on

Just completed the poll!

christine on


Edwina anderson on

I did finish the survey. Thanks.

Fran on

I completed the poll. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m a winner!

Anonymous on

I completed the poll. Looking forward to your new site. Don’t ee how it could be improved.

KAren H on

Easy survey to complete. Good luck with the new site!

April kelley on

Did the poll 🙂

Tammy on

Completed the survey! Can’t wait to see the changes you make! Always feel inspired after reading and seeing your ideas!

Lynn on

Completed the survey!

Karena on

Good morning Tina! I completed the survey and appreciate how much you put into making your site more and more beautiful and accessible! I don’t know of anyone who has a shop with as many fabulous finds as you do!

The Arts by Karena


Survey done. Can’t wait to see new site and your upcoming new products!

Robbin on

I took the poll!!! Excited to see what’s new at TEH and to watch the construction process on your Southern dream home! Thanks for taking us along for the ride! Blessings from Missouri!!!

MLC on

Interesting survey. You make your readers/customers feel like they are part of the process. Good idea!

Shery G. on

What a great selection of goodies you have. I am loving the new chinoiserie mirrors. It’s always a pleasure completing your surveys. It’s like getting an insight of what’s to come from your shop.

Debbie ocasio on

Completed survey and looking forward to the updates.

Cary on

I completed the poll. I love shopping with you, I wish that you had a shop in Richmond!

Kate on

Hello! I just completed your survey. Love your blog and looking forward to receiving my ginger jar soon!

Kathy Chandler on

i just love your new chinoiserie mirrors ~ the design and colors you offer are just fantastic! I also am looking forward to your $50 category. i’m sure it will be full of fun surprises!

Joanna on

Just completed the poll, looking forward to seeing all the new things on your beautiful site!

Jodi on

Just took your survey. Love your blog!
Those blue foo dogs are gorgeous!

ApRil on

Completed the pole. You have a wonderful blog. Always enjoy.

Diane on

Just completed the poll! Keep recommending your site to friends and everyone thanks me!! You deserve all the credit!!

Sherry Saladrigas on

Love the idea of vignettes sets, also love the 50 and under idea.

Sherry Saladrigas on

Sorry someone hijacked my site !!

Mary Noel on

I finished the poll. Eagerly await some of your new ideas/items.

May on

Took the poll! Looking forward to the upcoming changes! 🙂

Iris on

I completed the survey. Love you blog.

Candace on

love all the silver and blue/white w/ orchids.

Su Zann bumpers on

Filled out the survey! Can’t wait for your new website!

Ann melamed on

Read the blog post, check. Drooled over the new fish bowls, check. Completed the poll, check. Thank you.

Andrea on

Finished the poll – love your site and thank you for all your wonderful design ideas!

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

completed the poll your website makes my day. Jacquelynn

beverly mccoy on

I’m new to your site…and I really am enjoying it. I finished your poll. Thank you for including me in
your decision making.

Mary Baker on

Hi Tina, I completed the survey and added some suggestions. Thank you for all you do for your readers and for the wonderful giveaways. You are the best! Have a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to see your Seven on Sunday this Sunday.

Michelle on

Took the poll, so excited for all the great things you are bringing in!

Evelyn on

Poll complete. Hope you get the feedback your looking for.


I have completed the poll and wish me luck in the winning process.

Latricia on

I completed the poll and thought you had some very interesting and exciting ideas for your shop! Christmas ornaments—oh, yes! Pre-planned and packaged vignettes—yes, please! Thank you for your generosity on your promotions too!

Mary Jo miller on

I complete the poll and would love a pair of fu dogs. Love your site.

Arell on

I completed the poll and am excited about your new ideas.

Mary on

Thanks for asking our opinion of your site. I think this open communication with your readers will continue to benefit you, your business and your customers.

Amy on

Just completed the survey-can’t wait to see all that is coming! So exciting!

Sherri Wakefield on

Hi Tina, just took the survey! Have fun reading them!!! ~ Sherri

MaGgie Gordon on

Filled out your survey. Wish you all the best with your new website.

Kelly on

I just took the survey and love my porcelain purchases!

franki on

Count me “done!” Good Luck!! franki

Judith Presgrove on

I completed the survey!! Thank you for the fun! Can’t wait to see all the “Beauty” on your new website. Wishing you all the best!

Chris P. on

Loving the site and X cited for the expansion!


I completed the survey. Hope you get good responses.

Kathryn on

Completed the poll and LOVE the idea of the Christmas ornaments!!!

Meg A on

POll was quick and easy. Glad you take the reader perspective into consideration.

Judith on

Visiting my daughter and we did the “which would you choose” together…so much fun. Love the large fishbowls, yeah!

Vivian walker on

Wow had to scroll a long way down

Marlena maizar on

Wow many comments here!! I completed the poll, hope the feedback is helpful!!

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Hi Tina, I took the poll – hope if provides helpful insight!! You know I love the shop and the idea of vignettes and Christmas decos are my favorite yet!! xoxo

Sherry on

As always, I enjoyed the blog and the “pretties”. I took the poll and hope the results are useful.

Laura on

Finished the Poll! I hope it is helpful.

Jan on

I completed the poll. Really excited about, Under $50.00!

Nancy on

I completed the poll. Love that you care about what your readers think – shows great customer service.

Melissa on

Shared my survey responses!

Dawne on

Completed the survey. I love your blog!

Vicki on

Poll complete! Love the a Blog. . .

pat on

I just completed the poll

Geoc55 on

Completed your poll. Love your shop and your style!

Mary Ann Frasher on

I just finished the poll, and think it’s great you try to include your customers in decisions. I hope you do dedice about the ornaments. I saw them on another site, but was too late in ordering them. Been looking for them ever since.

Cathy on

Can’t wait to see the new site.i am comfident it will be (even more) terrific! Your blue and white porcelains keep getting better and better!

Julie on

Completed the poll. Thanks for asking! Look forward to more exciting things in your expanded shop! Julie

Audrey Sizelove on

I completed the survey. Great questions!

Shirley kaatz on

Great new ideas!

Renette Hier on

I completed the survey. Can’t wait to see the results!

emily norris on

completed the poll!! best of luck to everyone!!

Grace on

Finished the poll! Good luck with the new website!!

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