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Hi friends…beautiful day here, in fact I would say weather wise it’s been a “10” FINALLY ! Things are starting to turn green and bloom and the birds are chirping loud and clear….the sure signs of spring.  I first want to announce the winner of the beautiful silver bowl, congratulations goes to-


Please email me at to provide your shipping address so the beautiful bowl can be on it’s way!


Saturday was a great and very productive work day. We have been busy elves, getting orders out the door for the newly arrived container and will continue through  next week. 2 containers in one week is an undertaking but a fun one:)

Today will be a day of rest and relaxation, as well as some long anticipated planting. I am starting my garden today and putting in raised beds….from all accounts of professional gardeners this is the way to go.

So I loaded up my car with everything I need and have someone coming to help me today. Bought my tomatoes, herbs and various lettuce’s to start and will add on what I have room for. Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful and relaxing. Here we go….



1 SPRING!!! So excited that spring is here which means flowers, green grass and gardening. I bought my first batch of impatients, I always buy white. Against the green they are always so beautiful.

This particular breed takes all day sun and as long as you water them daily..they will continue to provide an entire summer of blooms. Here is how things are starting to shape up around here, just took out the cushions yesterday and will soon add my pillows and various blue and white accents…




Fresh basil…a must!

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My wonderful “raised bed” kits…great idea!

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Got this pair of gorgeous very large myrtle topiary and put them in my new fishbowls on my island, love the effect-pardon the mess in the background I was cooking:)


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2 LADYLIKE KATE. I love her, she is so adorable and likable…and love her ladylike style. I also almost always love her fashion choices, current looking yet classically elegant. Take a look at some recent looks from the last month that Kate wore during her very busy globetrotting schedule…..

gallery-1460382793-hbz-kate-middleton-india-0410 hbz-kate-middleton-india-0411 gettyimages-520437726 gettyimages-520576776 gettyimages-520596916 gettyimages-520859978 gettyimages-521072654 gettyimages-521156456 gettyimages-521342730 gettyimages-521552366You know I am loooving this look:)


3. NEW WALLPAPERS TO LUST AFTER. The first one is what started this obsession with Stromheim papers…been a fan of their classically beautiful papers for a long time but am brainstorming as to how/where I can use at least one of these!! Click here to see all of Stronheim’s papers.

0693601 6333801 4788101 0692801 0697201

And how fabulous is that amazing ginger jar paper in these colorways too……so fun!!

4788104 4788102

4.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beauty to share, and this weeks bounty is quite beautiful, hope you enjoy!


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indereex indfccex


5. MY NEW BFF. I must say I LOVE this stuff. Less than $3.00 and worth its weight in gold. It is amazing for so many things, copper, any kind of metal, when you have glue stains on things, ceramic, porcelain. In fact for my own porcelains, most love the antique glaze but if you don’t you can remove it with this magic in a can.

Removes soap stains, rust and a million things. If you want to see some astounding before and afters as if you need any more convincing, click here. Everyone should have this on hand and never be without!!




6. A FASCINATING DOCUMENTARY. I had seen this maybe four years ago and was completely captivated and obsessed. It was such a compelling story and tragic in many ways too. Frankly one I am surprised many history/art classes do not discuss in school.

If you have an hour or so to spare, love art, are fascinated by intrigue, then trust me, you WILL love this documentary as much as I did, loved it so much I bought it and watched it again yesterday.


7. KATE SPADE.  I must say I have not really paid much attention to her line, but I have fallen in love with a number of items, including this perfect cognac every day tote below which is en route to me as we speak! I LOVE anything with a basketweave/woven/rattan effect so really loving this chic tote. Click here to see-


You know how white bags are always tricky, only a few look great and most look well….cheap. And a dressier white bag is even more challenging. Kind of like white shoes. Well…..I was so excited to find this fabulous little bag.

I snatched it right up and its at a price I didn’t’ have to justify to myself, always a perk!! This has the elegance of a Kelly bag without the price tag:) I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this smart looking bag,  and best part my white bag of the season quandary is solved! Click here

NMV2VB2_az NMV2VB2_mz

And then look at all these shoes….loving every one of them and always a sucker for anything with a bow! Click here to view

NMX32HT_ak NMX32GG_ak NMX2ZTS_ak NMX32GM_ak NMX32KG_akNMX32KS_ak

Click here to view all shoes from Kate Spade


Well that about sums things up over here, going to be another spectacular day so I am excited to spend it gardening. Hope whatever you are up to is relaxing and exactly what you want to be doing:) Until next time…..

PS The response to the porcelain sale was so fantastic, that we fell behind in acknowledging your orders so I have decided to extend it until today at 5pm. Click here to view...



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Taste of france on

Re Barkeeper’s Friend: it really is miraculous, but be careful about using it on dishes or pots you use for food. Wash well.
Love Kate Spade, and she’s nailed it with that white-and-straw bag. I also love the cut-out pumps–unusual, feminine and not idiotically high.

Michelle Kaplan on

I LOVE LOVE the woven Kate Spade bag and just ordered it after seeing it here! Perfect summer cognac bag! You have fabulous taste. Thank you for sharing more and more fashion items with us! And Yes, Barkeepers is excellent!

kathleen on

Barkeeper’s Friend is amazing stuff !! Helps me keep my copper pots and pans gleaming !


Seven on Sunday is my favorite. Love the Kate Spade summer bags that she shows today.


Bonnie on

Thanks for making it easier to shop for a summer bag!

classic?casual?home on

Always my favorite stop on Sunday!! Great instagram pix.

franki on

THANX FOR ALL!!! franki

Debbi Benedict on

Just looked at the Kate Spade bag at Neiman’s and it is sold out! Probably can get it at other sources, though. I have used Bar Keeper’s Friend for probably 30 years! It is the best!

Katie Clooney on

Happy Sunday, dear Tina!!! I missed having coffee with you and Seven on Sunday because I was at a bachelorette party. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Yes, isn’t Kate gorgeous. I’ve never seen her make a bad choice in clothes. Positively stunning. My favorite family portrait is the one where the little girl is holding the Queen’s purse… Just cracks me up. Love all the pics of your beautiful home. Have a wonderful week, dear Tina!!

Michele@hellolovely on

oh that blue and white dress on kate! not crazy about her other choices since most feel stuffy starchy and more costume. and great segue into kate spade…ha! the layer cake from insta will be floating around my brain for days since i would love to master just ONE special cake like that and begin making it for special occasions as a new tradition. enjoy the beginnings of lushness outdoors, lovely.

Fran on

Glad you discovered Barkeeper’s Friend. I don’t know what I would do without it!

Laura on

Tina, I love Seven on Sunday posts! Your yard looks beautiful already! Just a thought… Have you ever considered a barrel roll for your pretty boxwood hedge? Just tossing it out there!

Karolyn on

I used the same raised bed kits to make my gardens last year and they held of great!! Good luck!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, looking forward to seeing your garden! I love fresh produce but am the worst gardner, so I will live vicariously through you.

Love the Sunday 7, Kate Spade and Kate Middleton look fabulous(not sure why people made nasty comments).

Have a great week!

Karena on

Good morning Tina,
Kate looked so elegant on her trip to India, her dress and gown selections were perfection!
Loved The Art of the Steal, any movies on art capture my attention!
Have you used Bartenders Secret in the liquid version, it is great and works like magic!

The Arts by Karena

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Love Seven on Sunday!! I can’t wait to see your garden! You need to check out a show I just discovered on PBS called “Fake or Fortune” where the authenticate art…fascinating! I love Kate – did you see the pics of George at the dinner with the Obamas – priceless. Hope your week is off to a good start!! xoxo

Joan on

Goo Gone is also great for getting those hard-to-remove labels/glue residue from glass, crystal, porcelain, fine china, you name it. We use it at the VNA Rummage Sale (Far Hills, NJ) on the more valuable donations that we receive.
Am waiting for the last frost before I fill my urns w/ flowers but am itching to get ivy planted in my new front pots. Raised veggie beds will have to wait until I can fence them in, otherwise heirloom tomatoes, etc will become groundhog & deer hors d’oeuvres. Itching to grow all those fun veggies like white pumpkins, etc that I can use later for holiday decorating.

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