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Hi there, as most of you know we spent Memorial Day weekend in bucolic Maine. What a beautiful state, so good for the soul. We went as a family (minus my oldest son) and it was the first time in a long time we were together like that, and it felt GREAT! It was quality family time at it’s finest:)

We had plans to go first to Kennebunkport then onto Bar Harbor to visit a friend but as the weather the last day was not so great, (it dropped almost 25 degrees in 24 hours)! And with rain on the horizon in the Northeast, we decided that Bar Harbor wold have to to wait until next time. We were so thrilled with Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport that it was well worth highlighting in this post.

Maine is a state for lovers of the outdoors. There are wonderful hikes/walks along the rugged coast, great nature/wildlife refuges, terrific restaurants, a cute and quaint downtown and loads of very friendly eager to help people. So here is a pictorial play by play of our trip there, didn’t catch it all but you get the basic idea:)

(You know I like to take lots of pictures so take a seat, lol)


Hidden Pond-

This is a wonderful resort which includes 2 bedroom cottages and 1 bedroom bungalows. There is a spa, nature walks, two pools, an award winning restaurant. They go above and beyond and it was run like a well oiled machine. The house was spotless and beautifully done.

I would describe this place as Maine meets Napa, it has a definitive Napa vibe, with a rustic earthy elegance. Each cottage is decorated differently which makes it kind of fun….much like Twin Farms in Vermont. It was so beautiful, comfortable, spotless and well maintained. We rode bikes, and really enjoyed Earth, their award (many awards) winning restaurant, they have a wonderful little spa and you are only 5-6 minutes from the town, 2 min to the beach! Click here to learn more about Hidden Pond.

So here is a look at our cottage and out and about at Hidden Pond-



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My sons loved this little sleeping nook off the living room, made a mental note of that to find a spot for one in for the house in PB

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Every morning like clockwork at 8 am, fresh coffee, the NY Times and a delivery of fresh baked goods was delivered to our front door


There was an adorable little kitchen and I love how cleverly they made use of the space

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This might have been my favorite spot…..the wonderful sun porch with it’s hanging bed, wonderful!


I even took ideas away for my Palmetto Bluff house…sisal carpet and beadboard-yes!


I love that they had this wonderful old fashioned phone…so great


And out and about in Hidden Pond-





Earth, just love the vibe/decor, there was also an enormous stone fireplace with a seating area…..really well done


These are from the main building where they have tea, refreshments, fresh baked goods all day long, there is a huge firepit where in the evening they have smores every night


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And off the “lobby” of the main building is this darling bar, so charming-

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And above is the event barn, such a pretty spot- right across from Earth there are all kinds of great things going on here from weddings to big parties


This wonderful spot is part of Earth, great outdoor bar and on a small pond


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They put tiki torches all around the pool/bar area at night and it is such a wonderful atmosphere


These are all part of the beautiful garden and grounds….

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This is so neat, there are two “potting sheds” they are each set up to seat 8-12 people for dinner, they are so cozy and charming…here is the inside of one-


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This is the second pool by Earth and they serve dinner outside, the first night we sat there and it was magical


One of the areas where smores are served nightly

And here is out and about in Kennebunkport-

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Favorite restaurants-

Earth- Hidden Ponds’ restaurant- in one word…excellent.  Everything we had was outstanding. Farm to table at it’s finest, using all kinds of great local resources and farms. Loved the atmosphere/decor almost as much a the food. Great for breakfast too (but open to only guests staying there) for dinner it’s open to everyone. If you go make a reservation well in advance, they book up fast!

The White Barn Inn- Excellent food and a beautiful atmosphere, again the Napa Valley vibe pervades….there is a huge window that looks out onto the garden and it is very special. Outstanding in every way, they have won many awards which is understandable. There is also a super charming inn (not so great for families and/or those with small kids, more of a couples getaway) Book ahead.

Ports of Italy- funny name didn’t sound too Italian, but we were willing to give it a shot since it was highly recommended and my kids were craving Italian. What a surprise this was! My sons and husband who eat LOTS of Italian claimed they had some of the pastas and pizza were one of the best they have ever eaten. The owner is from Italy was briefly in NY and settled in Maine. It is casual and lively, but let me tell you they serve VERY good food!

Mabel’s Lobster- We walked in and out as the prima donnas in my family didn’t “like the smell”, um…it is a lobster joint:) Plus there was a wait but by many accounts, this is a great place to go for a super casual lobster lunch, it’s been there too long for it to not be good

Davids KPT- A fun, lively pretty seafood restaurant right on the dock, a bustling place that served good, tasty food with a heavy accent on seafood.

Things to do-

This is a place to go and get away, it is not loaded with things to do but most of what there is centers around nature, relaxation and for me:)

Wildlife Refuge- If you love to walk among nature, this is your place!

Walking along Ocean Ave

There are lots of boating excursions, and kayaking

Great walk through Rachel Carlson Wildlife refuge

Driving by Walker Point (The Bush compound)- It’s commanding presence makes it a regular tourist attraction!

Strolling through the quaint downtown (especially after dinner where everyone it seems goes to town for ice cream)


So there is my recap of our fun weekend at Kennebunkport. It was wonderful and the prefect getaway…sometimes you need to get away to a quite. serene, beautiful place where is not a lot of pressure to do things, see things, attend things…Maine is one such  place.

It was the perfect escape after  a busy few months. Even my boys who went there begrudgingly  and not too happy, calmed down, used their tech gadgets less and less and by golly, had a great great time:) See, moms always know best.  Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day, I am loving this short week:) Until next time…..

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Taste of France on

Paintings on the ceiling=pure genius.
A beautiful place. Looks like a winner destination.

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

It looks like the perfect place for a relaxing family getaway! So happy you had a good time!!! LOVE your latest flowers!! xoxo

The lively lobsTer on

Lucky me – we live about 30 minutes north of K’Port in Portland…Maine really is the way life should be. So glad you enjoyed your visit! Let me know the next time you’re here – there are some hidden gems for places like lobster rolls! Did you get to the Green Tangerine?

Piper B on

Tina, the cottage is so chic, so pretty, so you! It all matches your aesthetic to a tee. Also, It’s very generous of you to list the details and recommendations on the trips you’ve taken. I’ve never been to Maine ( but I’ve been to Oklahoma – sorry, I couldn’t resist). I’ll be going now:) I’ll keep this post handy for planning a trip in the future. Nashville in two weeks – We can’t wait!

I’m glad you were able have a family get away..It becomes harder and harder as our family grows:(
Thank you for another lovely post.

Fran on

Sounds like a perfect vacation spot. We’re planning a trip to Maine this summer. We were going to rent a house, but now that I’ve read this blog, I’m going to check out Hidden Pond!

Leona on

Thanks for sharing Kennebunkport……….its our “happy place”. Never stayed at Hidden Pond but saw it when it was first built. How nice to see the photos. It is truly a unique resort. The coastline is breathtaking and downtown KPT is always packed with tourists. My husband and I always stay at The Captain Lord Mansion Bed and Breakfast, and a short stroll to town to eat at Allisons, best Lobster rolls hands down. Summer there is crazy but we like the quiet times.

Vicki Sewell on

One of my most favorite places. So relaxing. Loved Kennebunkport !

Bgirl on

What great get away!!! So much fun to see a little of Maine which seems to be a million miles away.

Diane on

Thanks for sharing. I showed your blog to my husband who enjoyed it too and wants me to plan a trip possibly this fall!!!
Thanks for the great info.

Leslie @PrettyPetals on

Tina, We will be in Rhode Island ~ Newport area in September and I can’t wait (never been there!) If we had more time we would definitely check out the New England states….. on my bucket list!!
Maine is gorgeous and this little spot you are featuring looks perfect for a long weekend. Enjoy your day;)

Jayne on

Beautiful — reminds me of how much I miss being close to the ocean. Grew up in the Pacific Northwest but have lived in Dallas for the last 16. Can’t wait to retire in a couple of years and leave this flat, hot land with it’s fire ants, tornadoes and water moccasins behind and head back to my roots!

Roxanne on

Whenever we go to Kennebunkport, we take a side trip to The Farm Antiques in Wells Maine, one of the BEST antique shops in the USA. Just in case you need some emergency retail therapy, Tina. Definitely worth the short detour.

Robbin on

Looks like a lovely vacation!!!!!!! I’ve never been to this part of the country, but it looks like I need to put it on my list. Quiet, relaxing vacations are wonderful! Good for you and your family. Sorry your eldest had to miss it! Blessings from Missouri!

Katie Clooney on

Tina… After that glowing post about the ins and outs of Maine, I think the Chamber of Commerce should hire you! I have been to Maine but never to Kennebunkport. After seeing your pics it is #1 on my hit parade for travel this summer. I went to a wedding this weekend and met a lady who told me that The Enchanted Home and my blog were her faves. I told her that I was delighted to be in such good company. Hope you have a great weekend!

franki on

On my “wish” list!!! Just lovely!! franki

Lea on

Oh Tina, you are making me homesick. I was born and raised on Cape Cod and we would travel up to Maine to camp as a family in the summer. Bar Harbor is quaint and lovely too. My California husband is willing to take a trip to my favorite New England state of Maine. We plan to go in the fall after or just before Labor Day to wait out all the tourists 🙂 If it is cold enough, the gorgeous foliage starts in northern Maine and works its way down to Rhode Island if one has about a month to go from north to south to B&B’s along the way.
Thanks for sharing! XO Lea

Emma on

Oh! Hidden Pond is a favorite of our family and your photos took me right back! Thank you for sharing your holiday – can’t wait to get back there!

Karolyn on

My husband just said that a friend invited us up to Maine and now after this post I do want to go!!
I love all of it I would be very happy there for sure!! xo K

Michele@hellolovely on

oh it is magic, tina. i love the cottage and those built in sleeping nooks make me a little sad for our former house–we built two of those under dormers and surrounded them with beadboard. i never got around to featuring that personal area on the blog, but it lent itself to many memories with the children who visited us. and those potting sheds cum mini dining rooms…that is inspiring and may have to become a reality here at the cottage. thank you for the keeping the lovely and inspiration churning. xox

South Shore Decorating Blog on

I went to college in Brunswick, ME. Although that particular town isn’t one to visit, we travelled to surround places quite often. It is so lovely there. And Tina, thank you SO much for your comment yesterday. It meant a lot to me. I get so overwhelmed and it feels good for someone else to think I ma getting things done haha 🙂

April on

What a lovely post about your weekend in Maine. The cottage you found is just adorable and that porch swing….I don’t think I would ever leave that quaint space! I’ve been enjoying your posts about Palmetto Bluff and we’ve decided to add a night at The Montage after our time in Charleston this summer. Love the charm of the south and those beautiful Spanish Moss trees are just so gorgeous! If you have restaurant rec’s for Palmetto I would love to get them. Have a great weekend!

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