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Hello there and happy summer! Believe it or not started this post way back in spring, and there were so many rainy days it never got finished. It made the post a little difficult to complete (was hoping to get more of my own blue and white outdoors). So decided to finish this up and do a part two which will feature my own patio and how I like to incorporate blue and white outside.

Busy week over here, my parents are in and we have an awards dinner tonight and I will be gone all day tomorrow for a blogger/marketing conference, so you will hear from me again later Friday or Sat.

With the spring and summer,  comes a renewed interest to  make everything outdoors beautiful. I am excited about bringing my beautiful blue and white pillows out from hibernation,my gingers jar and planters, seat cushions,etc……bring it on!

Most think of blue and white indoors but some forget how magical it is outside too. Today’s post is dedicated to showing you just how amazing blue and white is outside. Hope you are inspired to perhaps consider adding a little blue and white to your own outdoors….





What is not to love about this incredible space, simply spectacular!


Love the idea of fusing a blue and white accent like these darling covered ottomans to liven things up, so many great outdoor choices


Marcus Design did a brilliant job of showing us how beautiful blue and white is outdoors


Yes to all of this! enesa Wildermunth


Wow, this is one spectacular space, The Glam Pad

s house 5

Parker Kennedy shows how it’s done during the holidays!


Love a beautiful blue and white tablecloth outdoors, Tory Burch/Vogue


My own covered patio with touches of blue and white throughout


Parker Kennedy works his magic


I have been inspired to try this myself….Carolyne Roehm (of course)!


Marcus Designs once again, so gorgeous


And one of my favorite things to do is add blue and white jars to an outdoor mantle and it’s even prettier filled with fresh flowers! French Country Cottage


Few things are as pretty as seeing a table set with blue next to a pool…..that is summer at it’s best!


Isn’t this just perfect in every possible way? Parker Kennedy

scot meacham blue and white dinner party outdoor dining room teak furniture patio table chairs stripe rug

Another great example of using a beautiful blue and white rug, Scott Meacham


So do I have you convinced yet that blue and white is as beautiful for the outdoors as it in? Next time (part 2) I will show you how I apply this to my own home and outdoor spaces. Would love to know if you add blue and white to the outdoors and what are your favorite ways to do it? Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time…..







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anita rivera on

Marvelous. Blue has a way of refreshing and inspiring me to relax and smile. Now that’s power!

Love every image Tina, and your loggia is fantastic! Anita

franki on

That FIRST PHOTO…oh, WOW!!! franki

Anonymous on

Another gorgeous post. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration!!

Joni coody on

What inspiration this morning!!! Thank you Tina!

Angie on

I recently added blue and white on my patio. I saw somethings on your blog that inspired me. Why has it taken me all these years to take it outside? Maybe it’s because my collection grew. Happy blue and white days of summer

Kathy on

Love,love love your blog. Everything is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Celia Becker@ on

This post has inspired me to spend more effort making my outdoor spaces outdoor living rooms. The sweltering heat we are experiencing here in California means living outdoors is a must. So, it might as well be made to look beautiful!

Mary Ann on

Love using blue and white outdoors. It conveys a comfy feeling and a freshness to outdoor living. Really enjoy all your blue and white photos. Keep them coming. Thanks!

Linda Cashman on


Please consider offering the option to drill holes in the bottom of the large fishbowls so they
can be used outside without having to dump out excessive rainwater. We get a lot of rain here in Mobile, AL, and I have to dump out my tree hydrangeas regularly so they don’t get too water logged. I plant directly into smaller blue and white pots that I use around my fountain on the
ledge, but the bigger pots I use I just pop a large plant in and top with Spanish moss to dress
up the top. When we get a downpour, I have to lift them out and dump out the water, then place
them back in.

Anonymous on

Oh wow beautiful page.. I love every single of them. I’m hoping to use some of those ideas in my new home. Beautiful post every times. Thanks

Piper B on

I’ve often commented on how I love your mix B&W with rich green. Thanks to Mother Nature all the beauty of summer green is ready for you, Tina.. It’s all looks so fresh and lovely.. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous home.

Dramadiva on

Seriously gorgeous! Using blue porcelains at my class reunion….very excited for this inspiration!!!???????

Reviving Charm on

You had me drooling over almost every picture. I can’t wait to see how you’ve incorporated some blue and white into your own home…can’t wait for your Part 2.

Katie Clooney on

What gorgeous photos! Thanks for the eye candy. Hope you get time to relax this weekend!

Khadija on

Ohhhh, lots of lovely inspiration.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

You can never go wrong with blue and white, inside or out. I love the blue and white when paired with lemon trees! Every room is beautiful! Hope that you are having a fabulous week Tina!

classic?casual?home on

YOUR loggia is gorgeous. And I am loving the mix of blue and white with black and white stripes. Have fun with your parents.

Michele@hellolOvely on

chic, white, and blue are the colors always flying over here in enchanted land! Teach your starving artist blogger friend everything you learn at the conference! Peace.

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