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Just in case you were wondering where we are with our Palmetto Bluff project, I am happy to say that we are now awaiting our building permit. We think we have decided on a builder but hope to seal the deal within the  next week or two. I am starting to get excited.

I must say…..when we spent a lot of time this summer in Montauk we started going back to our original idea of possibly buying a home out there, however it does not solve our issue of having a place to escape the cold, unforgiving NY winters….and P.Bluff with an average of 60 degrees in Dec. is awfully hard to turn down. So its full steam ahead and we are banking on getting the  chance to use and enjoy it as much as we are hoping.

Today I am going to talk about bedroom design…..namely master. The room is a generously sized room with a tray ceiling and a wall of french doors/windows looking that will face a small lake. My motto with bedrooms is that I want to feel like I am walking on a cloud when I enter aka my sanctuary (very important to me). So I see my bedroom there in very soft, tonal colors, with beautiful fabrics but all very subtle. Here are some of my ideas thus far……




Wall to wall vs. area rug, this is the dilemma.  I love the feeling of wall to wall carpeting, even here we have wood floors but the room never felt cozy and cocoon like the way I wanted it to. So we finally got wall to wall and it was one of my better decisions, every day that I walk into my room, I am reminded of that:) . Not only is it beautiful but it feels so good under my feet.

In this house I will likely do the same OR will have an area rug made out of one of these beautiful woven carpets (all by Stanton)

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 Ceiling treatment. We will have a tray/possibly vaulted ceiling. I could paint it a flat paint or I could do a light stain, which I happen to look the love of. Both are beautiful…..



And the white bead boarding is also a great look-


 Beds! I am most definitely doing an upholstered bed…love them, they are so inviting and pretty. Though I love the idea of doing something in a lightly patterned fabric, knowing me I will play it safe and go with a solid cream and then add some fun pillows. Some of my favorite upholstered beds are-

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HOM_DESIGN072509D_80481a_8col 2feff1526dae

This all time fave is from Century-


Another beauty from Hickory Chair


 Bedding. Monogrammed bedding is the only way to go….seriously is there any other way:) My favorite bedding is Home Treasures, they make incredibly soft very luxurious bedding and I have used them for years. I have ordered them for many clients and friends and each and every time they have come back to thank me. Then I have a few monogrammers I work with and the combination is heavenly.

I am waiting as we speak to have some new bedding completed for my room and have a feeling I will do a very simliar thing in the PB house. Here are some favorite monogrammed bedding pics-


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Benches. Love  a bench at the foot of a bed, and any of these beauties would do just fine:)

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And here is my Decorative Crafts bench in my own room, which I love…


Window treatments Since I do not yet know exactly what our windows will look like, I can only speculate what I see for that room.  I have always liked the look of wood hurricane shutters, feels so beachy/coastal to me. But since I really won’t need much in terms of privacy I will probably start with simple creamy panels with a  pretty simple trim on the edges, just a nice way to frame/finish the windows without making them too fussy.

I think my room will feel a bit more casual than these but I do like the simple panels, especially the color scheme on the left-

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Accessories. Beautiful lamps, nightstands, a pretty accent chair are all must haves, those are the “fluff” on a pretty cake….



Like these end tables from Hickory Chair-

bed 1582_70_B 6482_70_WL_CL

My favorite style chair for a bedroom, very comfy (down filled) English arm,  I would do this in a beautiful very soft blue fabric-


6968302  3142002-caldwell-cornflower-by-fabricut 0548805

Always loved this chandelier for a bedroom from Currey and Co.



So there you have an overview of what I see my bedroom shaping up to be….love the feeling and softness. This is so cathartic to be able to visualize my ideas here and something tells me that this room will very much end up  like this……I don’t waver much when I have a strong conviction about what I want it to look like.

To be continued……thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous day!






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Arell on

I love all of your pictures! I am sure that your bedroom will be stunning!

evelyn on

Love all the photos! Love the creams and blues. I don’t know who is excited about the new house–you or me! Looking forward to seeing the work in progress.

TLF on

Loving your blog and all the great inspo. The beautiful bobbin chairs you posted are the Kensington Spool Chair found at We love them!

Design chic on

Isn’t it the most fun planning a beach house?! Just love your choices and upholstered headboards with monogrammed bedding are always fabulous. Happy Tuesday!!

Donna R on

I’m curious Tina, do your ideas ever differ from that of your husband? And if so, could you share with us how you manage clients or spouses who have very different opinions? Would love your thoughts!

Martha M. on

Beautiful! what a treat! I love all the creams and blues as well. My room is in creams and blues with bedding from Home Treasures too. I have had this color scheme for 8 years and love it as much today as when it was brand new. So happy you will soon spend winters in the South. I think you will be very happy.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, everything looks fabulous! The perfect bedroom to rest and relax on a cold 60 degree winter day! Looking forward to seeing more. Have a wonderful week.

Michele@hellolovely on

i cannot wait to see the decor materialize in your PB pad. omg it’s going to be so fun to watch it unfold based on these inspirations and direction your headed. i love those carpets in the running. we did hardwood in the master, and thus far i am good with it. i struggle with allergies so i like being able to nix the dust easily and breathe better. peace to you, lovely.

franki on

The bench examples are absolutely gorgeous!! franki

eileen on

What a lovely journey we are all on with you! Thank you for sharing.

sherry hart on

I adore all of those elements for a bedroom! So soft and pretty….very “Mrs. Howard” who I know we both love:)

laura Wilson on

The pop up about your sale is really annoying. It comes up over and over, even after I click it off. Seriously took me about 6 tries to get to the PB writing, after it took my back to the randoom musingsalso a few times! We all know you are having a sale and are happy–your stuff is very pretty–but this pop up really cheapens your site because it is poorly installed. If we know becasue it is in the heading, do you need to do a pop up too?

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Your beautiful PB home will be a calm and soothing sanctuary in the winter and all year ’round!

Adele on

Who makes the two table lamps? I am looking for something like the second one.

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