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Hello! Hope you are having a great week….here its been a nice mix of work and play. Got to spend two “me” days this week which was so nice. One went to the Hamptons Showhouse with a dear friend and spent the afternoon in Southampton and the other spent with another special friend in CT.

Tomorrow I am hosting a small birthday lunch for yet another very special friend…..a nice way to close the week:)

I have been busy busy with the ornaments and planters presale, cannot wait till those things come in! I am expecting a beautiful silver container very soon and then in about a month comes a container filled with many many jars, vases, smaller blue and whites, etc…..there will be a presale on that porcelain container next week so stay tuned, tons of great deals on gorgeous new pieces and the return of some old and popular favorites! Lots of goodness coming this way……

Today is a random post on beautiful things, with no particular theme except that they are each beautiful and special…the kind of pictures that get your dreaming and inspire you to add a little beauty into your day. So without further ado  here we go, enjoy this little slice of random beauty…





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napa-valley-california-vineyards.rend.tccom.966.544 14298358-Typical-French-sorts-of-bread-on-a-local-market-in-the-Provence--Stock-Photo


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So much to love….beauty is all around us, you just need to look for it. And in a very uncertain world, seeking  beauty in all it’s many forms is what sustains and keeps me going….hope you enjoyed this. Any picture in particular picture make you swoon? Several did it for me;) Wishing you a wonderful day…hope your summer is going beautifully. Until next time….

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Pat on

Wow, just beautiful! Thanks for sharing

Donna De Marino on

That Jackie O suit . OH!

Darcy on

Thank you for the wonderful “eye candy”. I’m home recovering from surgery to repair a shattered wrist and finally had a chance to catch up on your posts. Always full of inspiration and beauty. Feeling better already!

Anne on

I love the wedding picture of the bride and groom standing among all those beautiful flowers beside the isle…hope their life is as magical as the picture!

Susan Logan on

That wedding cake…. OMG!!

Celia Becker@ on

What a happy, feel-good way to start my day. Thank you for that! Oh, and by the way, leave it to you to find a blue and white wedding cake;)

Jo Anne on

Thank you for all the pretty pictures! You were spot on in giving us beauty to brighten our day.

Ellenann on

Oh, those beautiful dresses and fluffy golden retrievers sent me over the edge!!??????

Katie Clooney on

Helloooooo Miss Tina! So glad you managed to squeeze in a few “me” days with dear friends!! I love every photo so much I made myself climb two flights to my office so that I could view them on my large screen. Went through them twice. Thanks for the eye candy. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Vicki Sewell on

Thank you. I needed a dose of pretty today. You never know what people are going through. See, you blessed someone’s day ??

Elizabeth on

Oh so beautiful! I love those gorgeous lace dresses and that pink Chanel suit. Love the wedding aisle with those magnificent flowers, the peonies(in your sink, I believe). Too many beautiful scenes to choose!


I was so sad when I reached the final photo. I wanted more! Loved every photo! The lavender field was my favorite!

Donna R on

Love the small alley of growing vines & flowers & cafe. I’m dreaming of France! Thanks for sharing beautiful photos.

michele@hellolovely on

so much breathtaking and timeless beauty here, and all of it hangs together as your signature style, which is sophisticated without the attitude and also so inclusive. i continue to come here not to distract myself, but to fill my senses with the paradise of beauty right under my nose. merci, lovely.

franki on

How DO you find these???!!?? Just luv’d!! franki

Judy on

The rustic green house speaks to me!! Just a string of lights for evening gardening wud finish my day’s labor. The sailboats on blue waters was a breath of fresh air!! The horse clearing the hurdle & the riders expression..very pleasing?? Thanks for sharing these amazing moments!! Judy

Liz on

Those. Golden. Puppies!!!

joan on

That pink Chanel suit brought back sweet memories of a dear, dear fashion editor friend who passed away ten years ago. I will always see her in the photograph taken for the Mother’s Day edition of the Sunday paper wearing the pink Chanel suit she bought during Paris Fashion Week, her then year-old son on her lap wearing a Dior sailor suit.

Jan Carden on

Oh Tina, the photograph of the beautiful lavender fields and Alps made is gorgeous! And the wedding cake is stunning for lovers of blue and white! Thank you for sharing!

Design chic on

So much to love, Tina! The wedding is gorgeous as is the cake, and the Chanel jacket…stunning! Happy weekend!

Nancy Kelley on

My favorite photo is the groom rowing his lovely bride! Thanks for posting such gorgeous imagery! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Tina!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, it sounds like you are having the perfect week! How wonderful to be able to spend so much time with your friends.

These images are fabulous! One is more beautiful than the next! Thanks for sharing and have a happy and safe weekend.

Mo at Mocadeaux on

It would be a treat to be dropped into the story being told by every single one of these gorgeous photos!

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