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Hi friends….excited about this one! Very excited because we all know I really need more blue and white, lol. I think I need to open up a small museum of blue and white, something tells me that the opening night would be chock full, as I know I have lots of company. Every magazine is filled with it and with good reason:)


As the last container was mostly about fishbowls, this one is all  about jars, vases and planters. Lots of small pieces here too….great for holiday/hostess gifts or if you might be planning a party! As I do with every container, I offer the contents up for a special 2 day presale with special pricing.

This is the second to last container of the year. I will get another in Oct/November and that will be it until 2017.  This one is due to arrive around Sept. 7th and is already en route to me..  A few things to know before you place an order, just in case you are new to this. If you have been to this rodeo before you know the drill:)

If you know porcelain prices you will recognize the incredible deals here today! Many items sell for double or more on other shop sites, so tell a friend (if you really really like them:)


  • All orders should be emailed to
  • Please use item number only, no need to write out description
  • This is a presale/advance purchase, these items will ship when they arrive on or about Sept. 8th
  • Subject to availability
  • You will get an order confirmation either way and an invoice will soon follow if we can fulfill your order (please keep in mind the response to these is huge and sometimes it might take us a few hours to get back to you)
  • PLEASE do not submit an order unless you are able to pay invoice within 12 hours, not fair to us or others
  • Shipping is extra
  • Any orders over $600 will get a 10% discount
  • Something new! If you place an order and recommend the presale to a friend who places an order, you get a free pair of pagodas! It’s a referral program of sorts, just email us to tell us who your friend is
  • Shipping only in the U.S. for this order (sorry to international customers)
  • This promotion ends at midnight Saturday, Aug. 13th and these orders are final sale
  • Questions? Please email


So grab your coffee, sit back and be prepared to take in a whole lot of blue and white beauty!

SOLD OUT ITEM 1. This truly incredible jumbo jar is back. I  just love this piece, with the raised dot detailing, the light antiquing this is one magnificent jar! Measures 26″x 14″ $265.00


ITEM 2.  This wonderful med. flat top jar with its elegant Chinese symbol motif is a wonderful starting point or addition to any blue and white vignette.

Two sizes-

small- 5″ x 6″ $45.00

 med8.5″ x 8″ $70.00


SOLD OUT ITEM 3. New item- Very excited about this beautiful planter. Love the design and detailing, scalloped edge and beautiful! Measures 16″ x 16″ $155.00


SOLD OUT ITEM 4.  New item- Fabulous extra large new foo dog dragon ginger jar with raised foo dog head detailing. Exquisite. Measures 28″ x 14″ $175.00


ITEM 5. New item- Beautiful navy cherry blossom garden seat..come to mama:) Measures 18.5″ x 14″ $160.00


ITEM 6.  New item- Wonderful village scene garden seat with raised detailing, in two shapes. Either one is beauty! Measures 17.5″ x 11″

LOW STOCK 6A. $160.00


LOW STOCK  6B. Six sided stool same pattern $175.00


ITEM 7. This best selling bowl is coming back, measures 12″ x 6″ $75.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 8. New item- Another beautiful new vase, love this hexagon shape with “panels” of decorative painting on teach, lovely piece. Measures 9″ x 7.5″ $70.00


ITEM 9.New item-  I love this because the scenery is so pretty and it feels so light and airy, perfect for you weekend flower bouquets. Measures 9.5″ x 5″ $65.00


ITEM 10. New item- One of my favorite shapes, the large trumpet vase is coming in with a few variations, this figuring version measures 16″ x 9″ $110.00


ITEM 11. The fabulous trio of colored emperors is returning. Set of 3 measures 13″ x 4″ $115.00 for set of 3



SOLD OUT ITEM 12. Another best selling x large garden seat is coming back. a true beauty with exquisite details. Measures 20″ x 14″ $265.00


ITEM 13. New item- I am in love with both of these umbrella stands. Talk about taking a statement in a foyer…..makes a rainy day something to look forward to. Measures 16.5″ tall $95.00 either style





14. Two of my best selling planters, here they are about half of what they sell for elsewhere. So exquisite for orchids, any kind of flowering plant and I could see during ht holidays mini Christmas trees adorning these beauties.

14A. Round measures 15.5″ x 9.3″ $245.00


14B. Rectangular measures 14.5″ x 9.3″ $255.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 15. New item-  Exquisite new square ginger jar. I love this piece and happen to own a pair….very decorative and the foo dog top is the icing on the cake. Measures 20″ x 6.5″ $135.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 16. This wonderful Chinese symbol ginger jar is making a comeback, such a decorative and pretty jar. Measures 16″ tall $120.00



ITEM 17. Two beautiful new 8.5″ flat tops coming in, these are always such a great starting point for any vignette. Measures 8″ x 8″ $70.00 either style





ITEM 18. New item- An assortment of these amazing and beautiful mini jars/bud vases…great hostess gifts. I could see adding one next to each place setting for a special diner filled with a special stem of your favorite flower. These all measure between 6.5- 7″ tall, perfect for end tables/nightstands.

LOW STOCK 18A. $22.00


SOLD OUT 18B. $22.00


SOLD OUT 18C. $24.00


SOLD OUT 18D. $24.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 19. This wonderful shaped vase is back…perfect for your weekly flower bouquets! Measures 15″ x 8


ITEM 20. A favorite classic ginger jar is making a return, beautiful ginger jar and the perfect size, lightly antiqued this is a favorite. Measures 18″ x 9.5″ $130.00



ITEM 21. These very popular chunky ginger jars are all coming back…measures 18″ x 10″. Three styles $140.00 each

LOW STOCK 21A. Birds


21B. Dragon


LOW STOCK 21C. Figurines


ITEM 22. This regal beauty is coming back, just so beautiful with it’s elegant “fruit handles” 17.5″ x 7″ $125.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 23. The gorgeous covered cherry blossom jar is coming back, such a beautiful piece. Measures  13″ x 10″ $85.00


SOLD OUT ITEM 24. New item- Love square jars, they add so much to a vignette, offered in two stunning designs, handpainted on all sides. Measures 12″ x  7.5″ $80.00

SOLD OUT 24A. Figurines


SOLD OUT 24B. Village scene


SOLD OUT ITEM 25. New item- Fabulous x large new bowl, this gorgeous village scenery bowl measures 17.5″ x 9.5″ $135.00


SOLD OUT ITEM 26. Can’t keep these in stock! These beautiful blue and white mini foo dogs measure 4″ x 6″ $75.00 for pair


LOW STOCK ITEM 27. The popular bird ginger jar pair is also coming back…..beautiful and elegant, perfect size too. Measures 17.5″ x 11″ $260 for pair (sold as pair only)


ITEM 28. Fabulous Chinese symbol vase, a stylish statement filled with flowers. Measures 16″ x 8″  $110.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 29.New item-  Amazing covered jar, could be the worlds prettiest cookie/dog treat jar, lol. Measures 12″ x 8″ $115.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 30. Getting back in this most exquisite ginger jar, x large and fabulous! Measures 22″ x 13″ $170.00


ITEM 31 The amazing little blue and white pagodas are back…ordered lots of these to insure I have them for the holidays. So great for any vignette, or to use as bookends. Sold as a pair $60.00

The pagodaa3 indssbvvvex pagodaf2

ITEM 32. The wonderful extra large trio of emperors is one of my favorites…have them in my own home and adore them. Their large size makes them extra grand. Measures  17.5″ x 5.5″ $115.00 for trio

inasadeFDDFDx indeffdvvx

ITEM 33. Fabulous elegant vase is making a comeback, I own two of these and they are just gorgeous!  17″ x 7″ $110.00



The Giveaway-

One lucky winner will win this wonderful planter. All you need to do is leave a comment here telling  me what your favorite item is here and how you might use it, that’s it. I will announce a winner on Wednesday. You cannot email your comment (must be left here)


You would think after a few years of importing containers of blue and white I would be jaded, but I get as excited with every new shipment as I did the first time I ever laid eyes on blue and white. Being around it is most definitely my happy place:)

Thank you as always for stopping in, if you dream about blue and whites tonight you can put the blame on me:) Thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week!










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Lynn on

HI Tina!
All beautiful as usual. My favorite(s) is #14, both A & B.

Angie T on

I love the large garden seat. I will place a pair of them under my new brass and marble entry table to introduce my guest to my blue and white collection.

Lynne on

I’d love all the beautiful ginger jars sitting on my kitchen counter!




Linda A. on

such a beautiful assortment of blue and white…I love it all!!

Karenann on

I just love Item No. 11. The trio of statues is just so adorable, and I love collecting items like that! I would proudly display them in my dining room, and I’m sure they would be a wonderful conversation starter!

Lori on

I LOVE the trio of colored emperors! They would look great watching over the books I am collecting for the library in my new Florida home……

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors on

All of the pieces are absolutely stunning, but I would like any of the blue and white garden stools. I have several perfect places to put one-the master bathroom, on the back porch sitting area, or as an accent table in my upstairs bonus room.

Shery G. on

All I can say is WOW! You have hit the ball out of the park! The selection and prices are incredible. I really love item 27. Can’t beat a pair of ginger jars!

Mary on

I love Item 9 because of the beautiful design with birds. I would use this as a vase on my breakfast table.

keshakeke on

I love ITEM 26. blue and white mini foo dogs. I have an antique buffet they would be stunning on!

Roxanne on

Love all of the garden stools! How to choose just one?

Vicki on

The #5 Garden Stool. Would use on my porch with a small glass top as a side table. Love the dark navy.

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I could never just pick one favorite they all our beautiful. I love 31 but I love all.

CheRyl on

Good morning Tina, fabulous items as always . Love items 21’s (need to find room for more lol) and the new 29. I would put doggie treats in it!

Sonya o on

Love item#30 the large ginger jar

Marcia MooRhead on

Tina, I love both 12 and 14b, the garden stool would look fabulous with all the blue hydrangeas and the planter filled with orchids placed around the pool.

MartHa on

Item 29 for my coffee or my pet food!

Paramita B. on

Love them all but definitely would love to place the garden seat, no. 6 B, slightly tucked away in my boxwood and white hydrangea garden. Place my favorite glass of lemonade on it and enjoy!

Sandy w on

All of these are beautiful, but really like #20. I wish I had more places to put some of these, but think there is always room for one or two more.

Maggie on

You have outdone yourself! Impossible To choose,, but that #12 garden seat will be in n my dreams tonight!

Vicki Brady on

I adore #12 the large garden seat. I can picture it on my back deck for snacks served on a beautiful silver tray or for extra seating when I have a crowd. What a treasure that would be to brighten up my space!

Joy on

I love #1 with the raised design. It would look beautiful in my antique cherry corner cupboard.

Regina on

I love item 25 …..The large bowl would look beautiful filled with orchids on my dining room table.

Vicki on

#12 is my favorite, the shape and details are great.

Darlene on

Love Item #1,the antiqued raised pearl dotted ginger jar would be the centerpiece on the kitchen mantle over the sink.

Donna brookerd on

Love the garden seats to use beside bench on patio in back yard for a pop of blue and white.

Molly on

One of each please! Already have a few of these items from you and love them! Re-doing my backyard patio and love the garden stool #12. Can envision several of these scattered amongst by black white cabana stripe outdoor upholstery!

Dee Farrell on

I love, love the umbrella stand.

Nancy L. on

Love the new square jars 24A and 24B. Nice shape contrast to my other jars. May use them as bookends or kitchen counter canisters for tea bags or sweetener packs.

rachel on

Hi Tina!! Good Morning. I love # 1, the texture is so unique I love it. It would go in a million places in my home it might be a birthday present for me! Thank you!

Carol H on

Adore the smaller jars/vases – especially 18 B and D. Could tuck them into every nook and cranny in the house! Gives me the opportunity to have a little blue and white in unexpected places. Love them!!

Alice on

Love it all! But am particularly in awe of #12! Just gorgeous!!!
Great collection Tina 🙂

Yolie Browne on

I like garden seat 12 very very much! But I would purchase 21A and 27 and turn the three of them into lamps.

Larie Hensley on

Oh my…….so much eye candy…..working on my order now. Love #15….. And although I am on Garden Seat probation…..I’m drooling over them all! The little pagodas are a must! Great job Tina!!

Faye Barbian on

Number 5 is my favorite, the beautiful cherry blossom garden stool. I would place it next to my favorite chair.

christine on

I love the garden stools. they are so versatile, both inside and out. Unfortunately, I live in a tiny cottage cape and have just so little room, but I do love my tiny house! Still to have an big beautiful house as yours is that I could fill with blue and white! Ahhhhh…… I can dream! Thanks for the dreams, I enjoy your site so much because of the dreams I have…..

Donna on

Adore them all! The one I need is the #8 lovely blue and white porcelain bowl. Our lemon tree is producing the most luscious yellow yellows. I want to place that beautiful bowl on my breakfast table and fill it with my yellow organic lemons. ?

Debbie H. on

Love the garden stools .They would look great inside or on my back porch!

Judy Clark on

I’ve never left a comment before, just drooled over every piece. But this time, #1, took my breath away. The raised pearl dots and light antiquing certainly add to the exquisite beauty. Fabulous!

Jill balli on

Love the square planter!

Jen on

Love that x-large bowl with the village scene! So many fabulous ways it could be used!

Mary on

Wow! A great bevy of beauties! I love #12, the garden bench.
I can just picture it, snuggled up to my reading chair where I could enjoy looking at it everyday!

Susie on

Love the large emperors–so versatile! Would love to see these up on limed wood brackets.

Sue on

I love the extra large emperors I have bought so many of my blue and white from you and I just think the emperors are so different and would make a great conversation piece!

Jo Camper on

#26 – the pair of foo dogs will enhance any library. Placing them randomly on the shelve as a divider will provide a beautiful aesthetic.

Thank you for your tasteful blue and white aesthetics!
……a big fan ,

Peggy on

I love item #29 and would use it for my dog’s treats. Asia always expects a treat after breakfast and dinner. After either meal, she sits at the end of the kitchen patiently waiting for her treat. The things she has trained me to do!

Mary Margaret on

My dream room (house really, let’s be honest) is light, bright, and filled to the brim with blue and white pottery!

My favorite item is item number 12. My husband and I are about to move into a new house and there is a wonderful screened in porch that desperately needs some blue and white to spice it up! My mother has a stool like this one on her porch and my little pup loves to jump up on it and survey the backyard- it’s truly adorable.

Donna C on

My favorite is #5, the navy cherry blossom garden seat. Would use it in my guest bath. Stunning!

Lynn Mack on

I love #20. It would look beautiful anywhere.

Tommye E Woodward on

Wish I could buy one of each. The Jumbo Jar with raised dots is fabulous and will look great on each side of my fireplace mantel.

Barb on

I can’t decide between #26 or #31. I would have so many uses for either of these items.

J.C. on

I truly never tire of blue and white chinnoiserie! My 3 girls groan when I gravitate towards it in stores and say that I already have too much, but your items are all simply a cut above. They look more like the few authentic pieces I inherited. If I had to choose, I would pick the blue and white foo dogs. They just look so aristocratic to me! 🙂

Katherine on

I love the hex shape of #9. I haven’t displayed my blue and white properly for several years. I’ve been thinking of pulling it all out and working the blue back into my dining room. It’s time! The vase would look lovely, as I don’t have many large pieces.

Patty on

Oh boy! I feel like a kid in a candy store! It all looks so good, but I do like number 29. It’s something you don’t see a lot of and the dark blue is beautiful!

Lee on

My little dog is sitting beside me….he says pick #29 and put some treats in it for me!

Peggy mae on

Love all the new pieces but especially all the flat top ginger jars and the adorable vases.

Maude Ciardi on

just beautiful pieces. My favorite is the # 17A .Love the flat top. The planter is so nice too. and I love plants , so that would be perfect.

Meg A on

Blue and white porcelain is such a classic. I never tire of it! The xl garden seat is faaaaabulous. It would be a perfect resting place for my morning cup of tea–right between the two chairs in our owners suite.

Linda Beth on

I love all these gorgeous blue and whites! #12, the large garden seat, is calling my name. I can see one (or two!) of these beauties in my sunroom.

Saryn on

I love #27, the pair of large bird ginger jars! They would go perfectly on a console table in my family room!

Donna Clark on

Tina, gorgeousness all around!
I particularly love item 12A, the exquisite Garden seat. Would love to use as a seat for my dressing table…


well clearly Item 1 – simply perfect

Denise Schnitzer on

Item 6 is my favorite. Two of these would be wonderful I need my sofa table, to be pulled out and used whenever extra seating is needed .

Vivian walker on

The garden seat, I would love any of them , any of them in my living room or bedroom or patio or any where in my house

Jean on

I don’t seem to be able to satisfy my appetite for blue and white porcelains, I want each piece in multiples. Today my favorite is #25 the extra large bowl. I love large, so versatile.

Sherry Sivils on

The fabulous garden seat…This is a must for my bedroom. Thank you, Tina…love all your treasures.

Eve on

Love #27. Who am I kidding–I LOVE them all!!

Sue G on

21.C Figural chunky jar — I adore this unusual, naive take on the look. I have a dozen practical uses for a piece like this, adding a touch of joy to the simplest moments in life. I’ve never commented before, but this piece made me smile just imagining opening it daily.

Judy on

Item 12 is my favorite, although I love all the garden seats. Actually, I love all the items. You cannot go wrong with anything that is blue and white!!!

pat on

love all of them but 32 and 11 are my favorite

Mary Noel on

I love item 31 and would use a pair as bookends on the shelf of our floor to ceiling bookshelves. Just beautiful!

Lisa GeoRgalis on

Oh wow, I love it all! I would use item #25, the large bowl, and fill it with green apples on my dark stained farm table in my breakfast room. The contrast of bright green, blue and white, and deep rich brown would be stunning!!

Susie on

I’ve been wanting a planter like your give away, so for today, my favorite will have to be the planter.

Teri walsh on

Item 11 all are beautiful. I can just see them by flower arrangements or on the table. Just fabulous.

Maggie on

I would have a hard time choosing which ones, but I would love a pair of the garden stools for my formal living room! What a lovely pre-sale and all of it at such great prices!

Patrice on

Number One… Hands Down. I love the beading…it looks like pearls. And the size will be majestic sitting on a table in my foyer!!

Jennifer on

Love 29 and think my dog would feel even more special than he already does!

Cecile on

Item #31 Excellent additions for a tablescape

Karen on

Garden seat #12–what a classic, exquisite design! I would put it beside our sofa in the family room.

JiLl on

Especially love #3. Perfect for the fern in my dining room.

DanA on

14B is making think ahead for holiday cooking and entertaining!! Place potted conical Rosemary plants in two of them and leave on my marble countertop flanking either end of the kitchen window.

Fran on

It’s all beautiful, but I especially love #27, the pair of bird ginger jars. I have the perfect spot — a console table in my library. I can picture them there already! 🙂

KaRen McLeod on

Hi Tina, So much beauty to behold. I just love it all so much. I have a beautiful wooden capital that Item 7 the beautiful bowl would look great on. It would be perfect sitting in the middle of my breakfast room table. Thank you for bringing these wonderful items to us.

Michelle holland on

Ooooooh the six sided garden stool is my absolute favorite!

Colette Lapeyre on

Love so many!! Too hard to decide which one to purchase but my favorite is #27. Would love to see on my mantle.

Stacy on

Love the mini pagodas!

Susie H on

Number 1 had me at first sight! It would work perfectly in my daughter’s house.

KAren H on

Love it all but especially the ginger jars and planters!

Shawna on

I love item 22 and the large garden stool. They could go anywhere in my house!

Chris Mccomb on

Such beautiful blue and white pieces! I love # 8, the hexagon vase, to use everyday with fresh flowers! It would bring me such joy!

KElley Taylor on

I would love to have item 27 – the pair of bird ginger jars. I would use them to flank my fireplace

Liz on

Oh #5, the cherry blossom garden seat – beautiful. I can see it now on my porch next to a wicker chair.

marsha on

GAH, such an array of lovelies!
today i placed an order for #12 (20″ garden seats are SO HARD to find), to be placed between two side chairs for drinks, naturally. 🙂

cynthia on

I love the umbrella stand for my foyer!

martha sappington on

well they are all fabulous blue and white pieces. What can I say, I love number 32. Those three guys just make me smile every time I see them. Love the long braids, i think i would have to turn one around just for show.

Regina on

I would get #7 and use as a fruit bowl!

Elizabeth on

i want one of everything! However, 14A makes my heart go pitter-patter! I simply adore everything about it!

Millie Harmon on

# 1 On marble stand in my foyer by front door What a statment it would maked in my foyer

Catharine on

I love the garden stool…number 12…so pretty. I would use a pair on my patio or one as a side table in my guest room.

leigh on

Love #18 the lovely mini vase?.. so versatile and pretty! These can be used in so many ways?.nightstands, coffee and end tables, table decor?.and wonderful hostess gifts?.Just love all the blue and white! Heaven for me!!!!

Nancy on

I would love number 12! The garden stool would be beautiful in my master bath.


Really love garden seat #12. The only thing that would improve its appearance, would be if it was in my home!


Items 4, 21C and 32 will be prominently displayed on our large kitchen island. We lived in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for several years with our 3 school-age sons. This is where I began my collection of blue and white along with other chinoiserie delights. The large Dragon ginger jar (4) is reminiscent of the childrens’ school mascot and the Foo dragon on the shorter jar (21C) makes me chuckle thinking of the day we adopted our funny English Bulldog, who will forever be my toddler. The Trio (32) especially will remind me of our 3 boys and the banter, laughter and treasured memories of our overseas adventures!!

Blair on

I love #33 and would use a pair on my mantle!! Everything is beautiful!!!

Vickie on

The Palm beach chic book is fab and on my coffee table..
#25 for my orchids. Either on my entry table, dining room table, bathroom or kitchen counter.

Martha Lightcap on

Lord have mercy! Just when I think I have bought everything I can’t live without, you surprise me with more gorgeous gems. The vases, ginger jars, and garden seats are to die for! Thank you, Tina!

joan on

As usual, far too many yummy items to choose from, Tina! But since I HAVE to choose, I’d have to say either one of each of #21, the three chunky antiqued ginger jars: I’d line them up along the top of the antique scrubbed pine Irish dresser I have in my kitchen, or a pair of the #27 ginger jars to flank the mirror on the dining room fireplace mantle, either lidded or filled with holiday greenery (or pussy willows in the spring).

Dale Sullivan on

I love all the 17s. A,b and c.

Vickie H. on

Adore #29! Some really lovely pieces!!!

Jayne on

Really hard to pick a favorite, but I LOVE the large large 17″ bowl. THAT IS A BIGGIE! It would be great on my dining room table, on a silvered dish cross filled with pine cones and berries …in like a second….when Summer ends and we start thinking Fall. ANd beyond to Christmas, I would fill it with juniper branches and blue berries and tuck in rosemary and silver bells…just letting my mind wander to its uses!

Tina on

The piece I am most impressed is #2. I like the unique and unusual jar with the raised dots for detail and interesting eye appeal.
Love the give away and would use it to overload with fantastic shells for outdoors or on an entrance table.`

Tina on

OOPS!!! I meant #1. The large ginger jar with the raised dots….

Julie on

Love them all! The garden seats are one of my favorites for my screened porch. Julie L

SuzanNe FerrEr on

As usua, everything is beautiful and well priced! I would love the #11 trio of statues….they are unusual and make quite a statement!

Reed Clapp on

#12 would be great as a little table beside the side chair in the living room.

Becky on

Oh my, love, love, love the large garden stool! It will be a piece that I use every day, beside my bergere chair. A spot to place a cup of coffee, or glass of wine. It is one of the prettiest I have seen!

Trisha on

i love the 12A garden seat! It would look so fab in my newly updated family room! Look forward to each of your posts!

Grace Williams on

I love the bird ginger jar pair . I would defiantly place them on my large farmhouse kitchen table. A little rustic with some beautiful porcelain!

Maureen on

I still love Item #7! It would be beautiful filled with flowers, any season!!

Debbie on

This is a lovely assortment of vases and jars. My favorite is item 8, the hexagonal vases will spend some time on my mantel on on my dining table throughout the year.

Donna C. on

Item #12, the extra-large garden seat is exquisite and a real keeper! Love, love, love it!!!

m C Galloway-Davis on

Hi Tina! I love Item 12, the beautiful, large garden stool. It is so charming in every way, from the scale of the painting on the stool to the overall delicate detail of the design — very well done!m

Ann on

I have fallen in love with item #12, the beautiful garden seat. I would use it in a guest bedroom to place water and snacks on for guests to enjoy. Today is my birthday and I’m treating myself to other blue and white treasures!

Susan moore on

Love all the blue and whites, especially item 20. But truthfully, the way you use them, it is amazing. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Colleen Hunt on

I love the 13B umbrella stand. Probably will dream about it.

kathy bunge on

Love #21A – the birds. It would look beautiful anywhere! I am already trying to find the perfect place for it!

ApRil on

A pair of #15 would make an architectural statement on my
Antique sideboard, but the birds of #27 are still my favorite and could be used in the same way. What an extraordinary
collection. Thank you Tina for all the fun.

Audrey Recchia on

Wow, Tina. Everything is just gorgeous! I think #12 is my favorite…..not your everyday garden stool for sure! We are going to build an outdoor room by the pool and the stool (or a pair of them) would be great next to our wicker sofa! i can picture it now!

Mary on

Hi Tina. Just finished paying for my order but have to say #30 has also caught my eye. It truly is exquisite and would be perfect on my hearth.

Linda OWens on

The cookie jar/doggie treat jar is my favorite thing this time. It would look so nice in my kitchen.
Linda O.

mYRNA on

I love #26 the foo dogs because that’s the one thing I don’t have. I was decorating my cabinet tops and dropped my most favorite piece, a blue and white basket with a fluted rim, tearing a big chunk out. But, truthfully, I love all of the pieces.

Susan from Charleston on

This is the loveliest collection of porcelains you have shown since I joined your blog last year. There are several pieces I truly love so it’s hard to choose one piece this time. #12 garden stool is gorgeous and it could be used in so many different places in my home.

It’s always inspiring to see your gorgeous home and I look forward to seeing your finished next home.

Janet Allison on

Love them all.
Would use 6B in my patio for an end table or extra place to put a drink.

Cathy on

Love everything as usual!!! Beautiful vases

Laurie on

I love 1 and 12. I would put the planter on my dining table filled with orchids and ferns!

Donna on

The darling mini pagodas will add the perfect touch to our dining table of Enchanted Home blue and white melamine dishes.

Anthony on

Hello Tina,

Everything is Fabulous! But you can’t go wrong with a pair of Blue&White Vases that have birds on them love, love, love #27

Donna De Marino on

? 14b is a planter I have long admired and would love to have. I would put white roses in it and place on my dining room table.

Kim b on

I love the umbrella holders- either one! Would love one in my foyer!

Pat on

I adore the gardens seats–all of them! I would love to have one in the bathroom. All of your blue and white choices are just beautiful, Tina.


I have been wanting the large jar, Item 1 since the first time I saw it! I plan to use it in my living room, placed on the floor. Can’t wait to get it.

Wendy on

I really like #15! A square ginger jar is so unusual and would be great on my fireplace mantel.

Kim on

I love it all! However, I’ve got my eye on the XL garden seat!!

Marge on

Hi Tina, Beautiful pieces. My favorite is #1, the dots really set it apart from the others. It would look right at home on my buffet.

Joi on

Oh, my…how can I possibly choose?! I guess it would have to be #25…that fabulous bowl would be perfect for my orchids. But I also love the foo dogs, the umbrella stand, the dog biscuit jar, the pagoda bookends, all of the garden stools…all exquisite!

Melissa on

Item 12 and the mini vases are calling my name. The garden stool would be perfect in my living room and the mini vases would find homes in several rooms. They would be so pretty with a pink rose bud from my rose garden, or really any rose from my garden.

Karen on

I can’t choose a favorite because they are ALL fabulous!! I would love to have Item 25 which would be just perfect with the pieces I have purchased from you in the past! Love, love, love them ALL!

Bobbie on

Tina, Just love your blog site! My go to happy place confirming my blue and white home decor.I My favorite piece is 14B. It was a joy to see all the beautiful pieces, each one unique.

Barbara on

Absolutely love the garden seat! Could use inside my home and out.

Elizabeth on

My top favorite piece (so many to choose from!) is the planter #3, I think this will work equally well on a console table in my foyer or above the foyer on the landing table. Love your shop & website!!

Bev freiley on

Number 20 is my favorite of all the ginger jars! It would look fabulous as a centerpiece on my kitchen island. It would match my blue and white tile backsplash perfectly!

Susan on

Love love the 3 warriors.

Sharon on

#22 caught my eye.

Lea on

Hi Tina,
Thank you for a chance to win once again-you are so generous! My choice is garden seat #12, even though I love them all!! We are doing a patio design with lovely furnishings from Frontgate in all blue and white fabrics, a true medley! How lovely it would be to have one of your beautiful garden seats in the furniture grouping-wow, would I get complements or what?
Thank you!

Have a great weekend, talented lady!


BarbaRA on

Hi Tina,

Thank you. Somehow I left my comment after the show house post. Love #25. It would be lovely in my dining room with orchids.

Judy toline on

Love no. 3,,

Debbie on

Love the planters, 14A and 14B. So beastie and fabulous for an entryway. I can think of so many ways to use either!

Pam on

My favorite is #12

Lynn on

The pair of bird ginger jars would look great on the covered patio of our new Florida house. I have made multiple shipments there from the Enchanted home.
I will be flying in shortly to unpack your boxes. Can’t wait!! Love your site.

Donna on

I love #12, the large garden seat. Would love to have it in my bathroom beside my tub. I also love #19. It would be beautiful with flowers in it.

DEborah j on

I love all blue & white! Favorite in this promo is the umbrella stands!

trudi on

I love #21B. Dragon. I like the way it is antiqued. I would use it in my blue and white family room.



Laura on

Wow, Tina, You have quite a selection! I just love the Ginger Jars and the Chinese Emperor Figurines!
I’m sure I will be dreaming blue tonight!
Thank you for the great promotion!

Mary Spring on

I love #18, the small vase. It would be such fun to have a dinner party with a fresh flower in one of those vases at each place setting.

MJ Moore on

I’d love number 13 (b), next to my front door! Such a pretty umbrella stand!

Beverly Largent on

Love the garden stools. Can’t wait to get mine

Jane on

#12…perfect for my sunroom!

Susan Johnstone on

What’s not to love? I think a couple of the umbrella vases would be perfect in my office/craft/wrapping room to hold extra rolls of wrapping paper. I also love the new mini vases….and there are others that would be great on my mantle……..

Nancy H on

Love #32. There is just something I love about these trio of emperors. The size of them is impressive.

Ka on


I love number 5. It would look great in my living room.

MichelLe k on

Literally love it all but I have my eyes on the mini foo dogs and the set of 3 emperors!!! I have bookcases and some places in my kitchen where I would love them both:)
I am just starting to build my collection so all of it makes me happy!
I don’t have any planters yet so I would adore the giveaway!
Happy Saturday!

Jan on

Loving the blue and white porcelain!

Linda P on

Your porcelain offerings are wonderful. Made my purchases and can’t wait to receive them! Blue and white forever !!!!

gayle on

I love all your blue and white but especially #11…and of course the ginger jars and the bowl and the vases….Can hardly wait to see your new website!

LInda W on

Love them all but would use the umbrella stands on each side of my beveled glass French doors. Instead of umbrellas I would use for large cherry blossom branches, etc, would be quite lovely.

Nancy G on

I love #29…great for a cookie jar, but also could be for soaps or toiletries in the guest bath.

Latricia on

Everything is so lovely!! Item #29, the Covered Cookie Jar, would be fantastic beside our built-in coffee maker housing those aromatic coffee beans!

Martha queen on

Oh, Tina! Such Lovelies!! I would use the large bowl #25 as a sink in my powder room. Only I missed it. Sigh!!! Maybe 2017!
I’m thankful I got some other goodies.

Barbara Purdy on

All of the blue and white porcelains are gorgeous and could be used in my blue and white garden room, but the 2 gold finished sconces sitting on one of my walls would look especially beautiful with the square jars, item 24A and 24B so that would be might choice today.

As usual everything is both beautiful and elegant! Thanks…..

Lisa Combs on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all! I’d love to have ITEM 26. These beautiful blue and white mini foo dogs would look fabulous in my newly redecorated Great Room.

Donna C on

I love 14A. It would look stunning with a beautiful flowering plant in it in my blue and white accented kitchen.

Alexandra on

I love 21a which I already own, so I hope I can get another!!

Judi on

I love #33 ginger jar. I’d put it on an end table next to my stack of art books. I’d leave the lid off next to it when I wanted to have it used for a bouquet of flowers! I think if I win the planter I’d like to pot some orchids in it! It’s beautiful!!

Tina on

Foo Dog perfection for perfection….this duo is perfect!

Susan on

Love the jar with lid…29. Different and would look great on my mantle…or piano

Erin Lang on

Having just completed a renovation of our pool and outdoor space, I LOVE the planters and they would be beautiful on my patio! I’m also a sucker for ALL ginger jars??

Melissa on

All are so beautiful that it is impossible to pick just one. However, I have had my eye on the rectangular planter (14-B) for quite some time. Would love to use it on a table in my foyer.

Marie Taylor on

We have moved to Florida and are drastically downsizing and need a lot of WOW in less space. Starting with #30 and then adding several more pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes I think the vignette in our open plan dining/gathering room will provide exactly the wow we need. i will send pictures after we are settled in Nov. Thank you for providing all of us with The Enchanted Home Tina!!

Suzette Bannister on

Hi Tina! I would like pick #30, the ginger jar. I have an old wooden bracket, beautifully carved, with a flat top that I found at a flea market and I’ve been looking for the perfect piece to place atop for display. The blue & white would be a perfect addition to the room’s decor. Blue & white porcelain makes such a terrific complementary statement to any room’s decor!

Kathy on

The entire container would be fun. If I had to choose one, it would be the Foo Dogs. That are so unique! Love yourBlog. Thank you for sharing the Blue &White world with us.

Judy Rahe on

I love all these pieces of course! One of my favorites is #11 the colorful Emperors. I would love to see if I could arrange them with my tall Emperors I already own.

Kathy on

Blue and white forever. So many new and beautiful choices. ???

Rosalie on

Fabulous collection of ‘blue and whites’. All are well executed. Have the perfect spot for the navy cherry blossom in my garden patio. Would pop with all the wonderful green foliage and white (of course) flowers.

Charlotte Caruso on

Everything is just beautiful. I love all the garden stools and especially number 1. It has such an unusual look—love it!

Linds on

Can you send me one of each?
Really do love the Chinese men.

Kayce on

I love #15!! It be right at home on my mantel!

Katherine W Pitts on

This is easy since my bedroom floor had to be replaced due to moisture. I changed everything to all blue! I ordered from The Enchanted Home’s latest shipment. Tina, I can’t wait to see my lovely blue room complete. ????

Sally on

Would love to see the featured piece filled with a red poinsettia during the holidays!

Catherine Heers on

No. 25 I would fill it overflowing with white orchards and place it on the white

French table under the large French mirror in the front hall.

Sherrie on

I love item 7. I had a similar one years ago that I used for lemons and oranges!

Nadine on

The Garden Stool in navy without doubt love love love!

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