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As of Friday morning a fantastic warehouse blowout has started, there are many many fabulous items up for grabs (that there are one or two  left of) click here to visit


Hi there…hope you are having a great week. Mine has been rather hectic and it has made a great excuse for a few batches of frozen margaritas with my Margaritaville machine:) Summer` is flying…I cannot believe we are only 10 days away from Labor Day. How did that happen???

We have been busy at the warehouse clearing things out and moving things around as we prepare for the silver container (in a few days), the ornaments,  planters and porcelain container…lots of goodness coming this way!!

As I periodically I do like to share with you happenings on my shop site. So here is a random rundown of all that is new and forthcoming. The new shop site is in the finishing stages and I can promise you will it will go live sometime in Sept. which I am really looking forward to. Here is the first mini poll-

My shop is my happy place (with my blog) and I have been incredibly lucky that I have am experiencing growing pains…that means that yes, we are growing! The new site will be more user friendly, hope to have an 800 number in within the next few months so you can talk to a real live person:) And will have more manpower to update the shop site on a more frequent basis. Trust me, I know there is room for improvement and I am all over it:)

I have a few polls here as well and for your participation I am offering a lovely little giveaway. Just participate in the poll and leave a comment and you will be the running, a winner to be announced on Sunday! Here we go…..



ORNAMENTS. Sooo excited about these. I have a vision of the most beautiful Christmas tree decked out in mini ginger jars, pagodas and balls. I can see it now. I am going to wrap all my gifts in cream, navy and moss green….let the holiday hoopla begin.

I offered a presale on these and the response was tremendous. I might be doing a reorder due to the response,  before these even arrive….stayed tuned if so I will be offering one more presale next week. So please be sure to give me your two cents on my one question survey about these beauties below-


They will each come in their own little bubble bag and will include this white gift boxes which will hold 4, 8 or 12 ornaments.



PROVENCE PLANTERS. Another thing I am beyond excited about…these  metal Provence planters are stunning. I already have a place for several in my own home. They are being offered in black, ivory and pale blue/green. They are offered in three sizes will surely add beauty and elegance wherever they are used.

Here is a sneak peek. I ordered an extra 18 pieces as I knew that some would have missed out and want to order. Here is a preview of these beautiful planters-

IMG_8193 2132-10 unnamed 54c135a122410_-_02-hbx-benjamin-moore-blue-lace-de



A question about these-

HANDPAINTED PILLOWS.  I plan to expand on these stunningly beautiful handpainted chinoiserie pillows. Seeing is believing, and trust me these are beyond gorgeous in person. Stuffed with a fluffy overfilled down pillow, these are dreamy, all handpainted and very special.  They are like a signed oil painting on a pillow:)






BELLJARS!! You can tell I love my belljars as I have them  a number of them in my own home. I am working on getting much better pictures on the new site which will do these beauties  the justice they deserve! Here they are in the White House-


They really are so beautiful and I discount heavily as many know. Furthermore these exact beauties grace none other than The White House….both in the loggia and main corridor…imagine that! (no it was not my sale…bummer). Here are a few of my best selling styles and a gorgeous new very “Ralphy” one-


One of two best selling patterns, the tulip


Brand new style above…so “Ralph”! I love it…available now will soon be added to online shop


This is one of two best selling patterns, vertical leaf


CUSTOM FLORALS  Some beautiful  new florals  are heading this way and I will be also offering some fabulous magnolia leaf arrangements and garland that you will just love.

These are so great because they look very lifelike but never require water or a green thumb. I have them alongside real orchids and can say I have fooled many:) Stay tuned-



unnamfdsa33ed usdafannamed unnamfsdadfsaed asdaunnamed unnamedfdfdd unnamdfsafaed


MY FAVORITE CANDLES FROM THE RITZ CARLTON So I found this amazing line of triple scented candles at The Ritz in New Orleans, they are downright heavenly….I have carried them for some time in my online shop in their beautiful crystal containers and have them in several rooms in my home.

This is my “home scent”:) Well, I am waiting on my first samples of their wonderful candles poured into my mini fishbowls!! How cute will these be? I am excited and plan on having them in plenty of time before the holidays-


Aimee_9oz_Amy_s_Vanilla_Sugar_Cookie_large candles

Now imagine this yummy candle in this darling container…..tres chic!


SILVER I am waiting on a container due here any day, crossing my fingers for Friday. I am getting in such beautiful pieces- candelabras, lots of mint juleps, and pitchers as well as a few incredible new gallery trays here is a peek, a two day sale will be held next week when these beauties arrive!


PORCELAINS I have two more containers coming in for 2016. This next one will be here around mid Sept. then I will get the last one for the year late October. Have some fabulous things coming in…I have a few questions for any of the porcelain lovers out there-


PERSONAL ACCESSORIES. It is no secret that I am girly girl through and through and am always on the prowl for something really fabulous. Well…one order I am really looking forward to getting is  the most gorgeous cashmere/lace shawls coming in and some sumptuous throws for chairs/bedrooms.

These pictures do not do them justice but let me tell you, these are “out of this world beautiful”….I am really excited about them!


original SKU-FSH-300-Style-Fashion-Road-Color-Mousse-Mousse. url

Then I discovered this gorgeous chic line of bags which I also have on order…they have a “birkin vibe” and made with a high quality raffia/straw in a bunch of fun colors, very chic. These pictures were taken on the fly but you get the idea-


unnamer433d unnacxxmed unnamfdaed

This is more of an evening bag and I love it…comes with the furry pom pom and a long strap so you can wear as a crossbody, comes in 6 great colors.








So as you can see….lots happening over, all exciting things. As I always say I do not sell anything I would not put in my own home or use myself and everything above is living proof of that. So……about that giveaway-


One lucky Enchanted Home reader is going to win this  magnificent large pierced silver bowl from my collection. This beauty is as beautiful empty as it is being used for serving/entertaining. Just visit my shop CLICK HERE and come back and tel me a favorite item to two. I will announce a winner on Sunday morning.


Wishing you a fabulous day, thanks for stopping in! And one last mini survey-




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Elizabeth @ Ellieandelizabeth on

I just found your blog, I hopped over from South Shore Decorating Blog. I LOVE it! Your house is amazing and despite the grandeur of it all (which is NOT a bad thing, lol), you are so down to earth. I look forward to your future posts!

Caaren on

Love all the silver! Can’t wait for the new shipment to come in. The blue and white ornament are amazing. I am excited to see a tree done in them!

Sandy on

Just found your blog and haven’t visited “the shop” yet but I will. Your home is grand and beautiful but your writing style is easy to relate to … which I like a lot. I have yet to really explore your blog to its fullest … I plan to!

Catharine on

Love the custom monogrammed napkin sets….and the porcelain planters. Also love the idea of your custom florals that you can add to with real to “spruce” up a bit.

diane on

Love all items on your shop and looking forward to Xmas ornaments!

Eve on

I would love for you to carry mini ginger jar salt and pepper shakers like the ones you display on your table settings. I have purchased the ones you have shown from Pier One, but they no longer carry them. I have gotten so many compliments on mine and would love to give them as favors or gifts. Thanks!

Lisa from canton on

I love the blue and white porcelain and silver in your shop, but my favorites are the hand painted silk pillows!

anita wallwork on

excited about your new shop ideas and especially the 800# to be able to ask questions. would love the ornaments for my porcelain theme tree!

Beth h on

Your monogram trays and beautiful tote handbags are a couple of my favorites!

Jane on

Looking forward to you next silver shipment! Your aged blue and white collection is my favorite!

Sharon Harper on

OMG I think we must have been separated at birth! I lust after everything in your shop. I want it all….love your blog, ideas and writing style.

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Hand painted Pillows are Lovely. I also adore All Things Silver.

Dana Munoz on

I love the boxwood balls and the double ball topiary!!

Val on

I love the boxwoods and the handbags

Jane on

Love all of your items!

Sharon on

I’m as always a dedicated Enchanted Home and have many pieces in my home. The quality of these items is bar none number one. My favorite items are the the lifelike florals. I am eyeballing a 2nd one for my entry. I also love the blue and white pieces and have plans to add some of these planters to my collection.

Nancy on

I love all the silver, especially the bowls and wine cooler planters. And the lifelike flowers are beautiful. I have some of the hydrangeas and love them. Can’t wait for the next silver shipment.

Nancy vonhedemann on

Amazing items! Love the bell jars and can’t wait to get my hands on (or my arms around) one of the gorgeous new lace embellished wraps!

Fran on

Almost impossible to choose one or two favorites from your shop! But I love the belljars as well as the monogrammed napkins … so many lovely choices!

Dana on

I have purchased several porcelain pieces (bowl, lg vase and ginger jars) as well as a lamp and needlepoint coasters. Truthfully I keep rearranging things to find a place for more. I LOVE everything I have ordered and haven’t found the quality for the price anywhere else. I can’t wait to see the new shopping site, and am excited about your future shipments. I am thinking I need to purchase some of your other items. Thank you so much for your inspiration. I have used so many of your ideas and it makes me feel I am making my home more beautiful. In case you haven’t figured it out I am a big fan.

Ellen on

I’m always interested in scented candles, diffusers and such. Especially pine and magnolia scents. and lovely hand soaps for the powder room!

Debbie alliss on

My two favorite things that I am most looking forward to you introducing are the sumptuous cashmere and lace throws. The colors are neutral enough that they could go with many outfits and are perfect for cool November and December nights or even in the winter if I want something to throw over my shoulders at a restaurant. They would also be perfect for a plane ride when that cool air is blasting out. The triple scented candles that you have designed look so chic. Perfect for a wedding shower guest gift or a lady’s luncheon to have sitting at each place setting. What a wonderful idea you had!

deb on

It really is difficult to pick one item, everything in your shop is amazing. But this time, my personal preference are the candles and the blue and white Christmas ornament. I think it is so precious and it’s timeless beauty is captivating.

Thanks to you, I have learned to appreciate the beauty of decorating my home. And as always, thank you for sharing the beauty of your shop with the world.

Judy on

I am transitioning my Provencal decor to rustic, farmhouse decor so I would stock up on box woods, bread boards and bowls and black metal planters. There is something for everyone in your shop.

Faith on

Tina, I love all the new items coming to your shop. I can’t wait for the next porcelain shipment! There is a garden stool I must have! Also very excited to see the new site. 🙂


Hi Tina,

JeanaB on

I just found your blog a few days ago and clicked over to your shop. You have SO many wonderful things. I love the boxwoods, tote bags and all the silver!

Sherry on

Gosh so many beautiful choices. I am going to have to get a loan from Fort Knox before I am through lol . Can’t wait to see what you have planned for Christmas!

Jackie on

My favorites are the silver, flowers and casual serving pieces.
Always enjoy your fashion suggestions.

Kaye Timmerman on

Love,love,love your custom florals, most particularly the hydrangea arrangements . Cannot grow hydrangeas in S.W. Florida, and they are my favorite flower (from my Nantucket visits). So always looking for lifelike hydrangeas. Yours are gorgeous!!

christine on

I haven’t purchased from you yet….as I am on quite a tight budget (daughters college costs are crazy among all my other living expenses)
But I can dream and absolutely love your taste and home! Yes, I dream!
Thank you!

joan on

Loving the pine cone topiary! Can see a pair flanking my front door or one of my fireplaces! Your timing is perfect, as am looking for a pair of bell jars to hang over my kitchen island and over the table in the breakfast nook!

Would you consider having the ornaments also made in that gorgeous Chinese lacquer red?

Enjoy what’s left of the summer!

Donna C. on

All of your product offerings are delightful, but on my radar are the Christmas ornaments. My wish list is the size of Santa’s Christmas list!

Vicki Brady on

All the silver pieces in your shop make my heart skip a beat. I have one of your large planters but would love more in different sizes. I also adore trophies and yours are wonderful! Monogrammed napkins are always a favorite as well. You have so many pieces I would love to own!

Nancy L. on

Love the new hand painted plate/ platters and of course— never met a blue and white porcelain jar that I didn’t like.

Barbara Smith on

Love the colored emperors and the monogrammed napkins.

Katherine on

You carry a lot of really gorgeous things. I look to you for NE inspiration and send friends and clients to your shop and blog all of the time. I also love that you send us other places to shop and blogs to follow. I have also become enamoured with Vicki Archer. Thank-you!

Peggy Thal on

Great post! I love your monogram napkins so much. Your grand ginger jars are wonderful and a great price. I just have so many already. Always tempted to buy more. The cashmere and lace shawls are fabulous.

Claudia mccauley on

I’d love one of each.
The wraps…simply stunning!
The handbags…perfect!
Big WOW…thank you

Donna C on

Your shop is amazing and prices are more than competitive. My favorites (today!) are the 30″ classic ball boxwood topiary and procelain umbrella stand 1. Thank you, Tina, and have a great day!

Susie on

As a senior citizen, I live on a fixed income and am unable to purchase many of your lovely things, however, It makes me happy just reading your blog and seeing your amazing decorating talent. You sound like a lovely, kind, and generous lady. Oh yes, and how I can relate to the empty nest.

Cynthia on

Hello Tina, this post was amazing and I savored every word and picture. SO many exciting things coming, I ordered the ornaments and cannot wait.

I am lusting after those small bags with the fur pom pom and those gorgeous lace/wool wraps, you do have quite the eye and anything you ahve recommend that I bought I have simply loved not to mention I have a virtual shrine of blue and white in my home thanks to you:-)
Hope you have a great day and hope it ends with a margarita!

PS Love that candle idea in the blue and white pot, very clever!

Michele on

Okay, those bags are adorable! I am getting the blue and white striped one with the red accents!

Adele on

My greatest challenge…finding a porcelain piece for the kitchen counter that will hold the tall bottles of olive oil. vinegar, and the tall pepper grinder. If anyone can find it you can!

Chandra NayloR on

What’s not to love?! But the etched cake stand is calling my name…

Nancy G on

I am such a blue and white fan, Tina, and your selections are always beautiful.

Kelly Keitzer on

I just found your blog! Love it!

Suzanne K. on

Will you be getting more dough bowls in stock?

Carol H on

Well done Tina! Your shop is going to be a one-stop-shop for so many beautiful items. The new pillows are gorgeous. I love that you will be adding more candles – the extra large hurricane candles from your shop are one of my favorite items! The new line of faux flowers look stunning. And I love that you carry Annabel Ingall totes at such great prices. Congrats to you on building and growing!!

BarbAra sumner on

I love the boxwood balls and half balls as well as the ginger jars!

Elizabeth Irwin on

I adore all things blue and white! My favorite item today, however, is the large rectangular silver gallery tray. Oh, the possibilities of using it at a dinner party or as a base for a beautiful centerpiece.

Kathy on

Love all your silver items !!
Gave 5 different pieces as wedding presents and got fabulous thank you notes!!

I wish I would have seen the tiered silver tray in your shop. I bought the round and rectangular wooden ones and plan to use them at my daughters wedding next month! I’ll use your step by step to make the Mediterranean and Antipasti
Servers! Can’t wait!??????????

Kelly Villanueva on

I would love to see if you could get crystal hurricane lamps but, the base being a porcelain in a blue and white theme. Like the dragons or ginger jars design on the porcelain base. That is something I would love to have several sets of. Thanks again, Kelly Villanueva

debra r on

Dear Tina,

Just saw and ordered the silver silverware caddy….it is fabulous! I also saw those velvet tiger striped pillows and simply do not know how you offer those at such great prices. I am shamed to admit what I purchased those same pillows for elsewhere. Now I know. I am hoping that you will be getting more of those octagonal chinoiserie lamps in soon….have just the spot for a pair at a new house in the mountains. I also wonder where you get your energy and wish you could sell that to us, too! You have a big fan club.

All the best,

Debi T.

Shirley kaatz on

I want to totally redo my house with things from your shop!

Lynne on

You have so many beautiful things in your shop. I especially love the bell jar lanterns!

Shirley kaatz on

One thing that I would like to see are Front door wreaths. I have trouble finding really nice ones here in the southwest. With your florals, I’m sure you could do some beauties!

Beth C. on

Every day I keep checking my email to see your latest post! It is my happy place too! My living room is mostly blue and tan, so I adore all the blue and white porcelain! I can’t wait for the ornaments to come in for my living room Christmas tree.

Marie Taylor on

I had to laugh when I selected ‘love the shop, have bought at least one item’. Awaiting my first purchase from the shop….6 porcelain items from the pre-sale. Love the shop selections Tina and your blog. Thank you for both!!
Best, Marie

Fran on

Love the pair of bird Ginger jars and the boxwood topiaries. Can’t wait for the Christmas ornaments!

D'Anne on

Love you shop!! Have passed the link on to several friends . Love starting my day by reading your blog!

Shery G. on

I love it all, your shop has everything for elegant living. I adore the blue and white ornaments!

Diana on

All your items are absolutely beautiful! I love the bell jar lanterns and all your life-like flowers.

Judy toline on

Love all your blue and white goodies

LauRa Suffield on

I love following your blog. You are full of creative and lovely ideas. Thank you for sharing!!

Karen Aamodt on

I would kill for an umbrella jar/stand.

Susan Lubbers on

I am addicted to your shop and have purchased many beautiful items that I absolutely love. I would love to see monogrammed duvet covers and shams. What is available is either very ordinary or very expensive.

Judy Clark on

After remodeling our living room, kitchen, and dining room, and discovering your blog a few months ago, I am always looking for the right sized blue and white porcelain pieces, pillows, custom florals, and lighting fixtures. Everything in your shop is stunning and would add such exquisite accents in each room. Thank you for your decorating style and tips. All scrumptious!

Jeanne on

The new lace and cashmere wraps are beautiful! I’m a big fan of your lamps especially those that look like Staffordshire. I

Melissa marsden on

The bamboo lanterns, crystal hurricanes and faux florals caught my eye today!

kathy bunge on

Absolutely LOVE the new hunt scene handpainted pillows! Always love all the blue & white!

Nancy on

What is there not to
Love! You feature the best of everything….blue and white, silver, flowers and clothes. All my fav things!

Deanna on

Anything to do with candles turns my head, so now I’m completely interested in your line of candles that will be coming out. I can spend an hour in any store that sells candles and just sample them all. So it’s either candles or something blue and white!

Sandy w on

Well, it’s certainly hard to pick just one thing from your shop. I love the boxwoods, the blue and white porcelains, the purses, the Christmas ornaments, the silver, and basically most everything. I can’t wait to see your blue and white tree. Sure it will be amazing.

KatHryn on

Love anything monogrammed! Your linens and trays are beautiful. And those shawls are fabulous!

Marlis on

Just pick a few things, your site is chock full of gorgeousness. In love with the tulip bell jar lantern.. wish i had high ceilings! Can’t wait to get a gorgeous faux white orchid.. and then of course there are those charming pewter napkin rings with which I am totally smitten: any Santa, the reindeer and the cinoiserie man.. He’s a charmer!!! Thank you for once again hosting a fabulous and gracious giveaway.. Love your blog, love your stuff and love your shop.

Sherry M. on

Oh, my goodness!! If it is ten days before Labor Day and we have seen what is coming soon, I can’t imagine what Christmas will be like! I can’t wait! And I am so anticipating my ornaments! The idea for your tree sounds beautiful. An-ti-ci-pa-tion! Beautiful, beautiful items, Tina! As Vivian said in “Pretty Woman,” I have to go shopping now…

Regina on

All is beautiful as always! My favorites are porcelains and silver! Love the candle in blue & white.

Donna brookerd on

Love it all. Next purchase will be one of your candles !!

Ginny Rowe on

Everything in your shop is beautiful. Two areas that I haven’t ventured into yet are your hand painted pillows and candles. They have certainly caught my eye.

Christy on

I love all of your home decor products and ideas – looking forward to the new site!

Larie Hensley on

Can’t wait for your new site to be up ! I watch your blog daily and love it……right up my alley! My favorite ornament is the ginger jars! Gotta get some!

Mary Noel on

So many things to love! The gorgeous wraps, all of your silver, and the handpainted pillows are especially to die for!

JoannA on

I’m a red person so the blue ceramics don’t fit my decor. The pillows are a tad fussy for me. And, I prefer real flowers. I love the big planters though.

June Duke on

Blue and white porcelain – anything! LOVE the b/w ornaments!!

Donna De Marino on

I like the more unique shape of ornaments as opposed to the balls. Both are pretty but the shaped ones are more interesting and so cute and are actually something that is a miniature of things in your line. That’s neat and unexpected.

I have a que-ggestion sort of a question suggestion! Sometimes shipping costs have prevented me from clicking “submit order”. I was wondering if there isn’t some way to reduce shipping costs and also to suggest signing on with “Shop Runner”. All of their shipping is free if you sign up for it. I have a free account that was offered with my American Express card and it covers shipping both ways in the event of a return or defect. I love everything I have purchased from you that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I would hate for you to start carrying more things in your line but are the same as you could get anywhere. The beauty of your site is the unique offerings.

Donna on

I love the smaller blue and white porcelains, vases foo dogs & etc. to accent tabletops. I have had compliments on your chinoiserie dishes!……unique, can’t find anywhere else! The shawls are to die for!……can’t wait for those. Generally speaking your site is a feast for the eyes…….always just on the cutting edge.

Piper B on

You raise a good point – Donna..I’m going to look into Shop Runner!! Tina, I wish I had ordered the large B&W fishbowls when they were discounted..I’d love to use them as outdoor planters. I’ll email you to ask if they can withstand NJ winters. Common sense would tell me to bring them inside if the weather really dips. Although, I do have vintage crocks that hold up pretty well.

Thank you…I can’t wait for your new site. Best of luck.

Tammy Fox on

Hi Tina,
I am in love with the belljar hanging lamps, i am in the process of trying to get my husband to see my way about one of these. And also i am in love with your equestrian pillows, another item on my wish list. But everything on the site is on my wish list.. Have a great day.

KaRen McLeod on

How exciting this is. I just love it all and can’t wait for the new containers. I have purchased several things. I am especially excited about the new things coming to the shop. The candles, which make for a great gift and perfect for anyone. The beautiful ornaments which I have purchased and truly love. Everything is so much my style and I love it all.

trudi on

Hi Tina,

I am looking forward to shopping with you on your revised site. i love the bell jars!

Trudi R.

Ann on

Love the shop and one day I will make a purchase! I lust after dough bowls and pierced gallery trays, especially the square ones.

keshakeke on

Monogrammed jewelry would be fun!

JiLl on

Love the blue and white lamps!!!

Mary Lu on

Those shawls are gorgeous! Can’t wait for your new shop site. As someone mentioned in an earlier comment I would love to see you carry bedding. You have such amazing taste I can only imagine how wonderful the line would be!


Can’t wait for my porcelain order to come in!

Holly on

Everything in your shop is great, but those mini foo dogs are especially cute. I am very excited about the Provence planters and would love the option for a white planter, or even a planter that could be color-matched to my white trim paint color or my black shutter paint color (thinking of a pair for my front entrance). And now you have me convinced that a bell lantern might be just the thing to replace the builder-grade fake brass lantern in my foyer.

linda brown on

i am new to your site so missed the ornament sale. please re-order!!! i really look forward to your updates. feels like you’re an old friend, keeping me updated, while away on vacation. lucky you to live in such a beautiful space and be involved in something you clearly love. i can’t wait for my foo dogs to arrive!

MichelLe k on

I took he survey and am dying over the ornaments!!!

Doris Kristmann on

Love the monogrammed napkins!

Susan johnstone on

I have many of your items around my home and love them all. I’d be interested in a pair of Foo Dogs appropriate for outside (do your larger blue and white fit the bill?). Would also be interested in some Chinoiserie dinnerware….not melamine and not delicate fine dining, somewhere in between.

I especially love that your site and your posts do not feature pop-up ads every 38 seconds. That is a deal breaker for me on many sites/blogs.

Happy Thursday!

Colleen Hunt on

Love the custom florals.

Susie on

Love the small silver planters; perfect to keep three or four on the shelf for quick housewarming or Christmas gifts. Pop an orchid in and you’re good to go!

Sandra on

Love everything especially the Isabella bag in large and black

Carol on

I can’t wait for the new site. I love your store. My favorite is the blue and white but also love the floral and silver. I have been wanting to order the Ritz candles but they look like a smoked color instead of the clear. Thanks for bringing us such exquisite options.

Vickie on

Your porcelain fishbowls and planters are my very fave.
Really like your handbags..and some of the painted pillows.

Donna Holbrook on

I absolutely love the Tiffany Lantern, the blue and white porcelain and the silver. I originally found your blog by searching the internet for blue and white porcelain

leigh on

So many lovely things but I love the porcelains and the pillows?.so hard to choose. Thanks so much, too, for making your “giveaways” so user friendly?.no Rafflecopter, having to sign into Google, etc?.Much appreciated by me and I know for many! You are the best blog!!!! I wish for you only the best in your expanding online shop!

leigh on

PS I forgot to say that those shawls are absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see them!!!

Perry Hefner on

All of your new items look AMAZING!!! I love your custom tablecloths and they would be a great addition to your shop.

Debi on

I love the Table Top accessories!

Blair on

Everything in your shop is amazing!! Love everything!! Do I have to make a choice??

marsha on

hi tina, i think your shop is awesome! however, there is one item that i am constantly on the lookout for, as good quality ones are hard to find, and it’s stands — the ones for fishbowls, vases, etc.
many thanks, and have a good weekend. 😀

Sylvia Faye on

Love to view your site as your excitement comes through in each post.
Thank you for the giveaway
Please add my name to the list. Merci!

Vivian walker on

Love everything you do ., can not wait for your new items. I look forward everyday to your emailed

Debbie on

Really love the Anabelle Inglis bags, both the tote and medium messenger, which I have purchased from you. The monogrammed wooden cutting board is calling my name too. Also, love the teaser of the blue and white cachepot leith faux white orchids – I have a great lace for a pair of them. Thank you! Always love your blog!

andee on

I guess this is where we answer question 2.
I would like to see some tall lacy bamboo, fern and other green to add to the beloved
boxwood. Also, I would love to see more antique things or reproductions.
Paintings would be great as well as larger items.
I like the antiqued blue and white better than the new look.
Keep buying the giant fishbowls if they will stand up to freezing weather.
I love your taste and style

Loren Sharkey on

I love the bell jar lights and of course all of the blue and white!

Meg A on

Adore the large porcelain and ormolu planter!

Sharon Ellis on

Hi Tina… hard to pick so I’m just going to list some of my favorites…..1st are the monogram napkins…, love, love them! The boxwoods, some of the silver, your handbags, love the scented candles in the glass jars;would love to smell before purchasing, the statuary & planters are so cool. Well, hopefully one day I will own one of all of these super items!

Can’t wait to see the new site….you’re always moving forward & improving…keep up the good work, and I do recognize you work very hard, & it’s very appreciated.

Alexandra on

So excited about the ornaments and custom candles! I’m glad to have found your blog and site!

Barbara on

Like the planters as they are so durable for outside. Monogrammed anything, and also love your Horchow monogrammed towels, always looking for a sale on their towels so I can stock up and give as gifts. Appreciate your always striving for the best to offer your clients and readers.


You KNOW I am in love with your shop and everything blue and white.

Lea on

Tina, I love everything you carry! If you truly read down this far-yikes, as I am #123, the ornaments are gorgeous and I look forward to ordering some. Items that I would like to see offered are the lovely Blue Willow fabric napkins. A coordinating table cloth would be wonderful too. Wallpapers in blue and white chinoiserie would be a terrific addition, in fact, anything chinoiserie I would like to see in your shop that doesn’t already exist there.

Being on the west coast, I am often late to the party. So, I hope you know how much I love your blog, first thing I read. Sometimes it arrives in the morning and sometimes later in the afternoon but I always savor it. Thank you so much, Tina. You are a wonder. Wish I could order you. What a lovely friend I would have in CA! Take care 🙂

Katherine W Pitts on

Hi Tina, I like very large vases or ginger jars. Also, please bring back the gold & blue lamp. I would love a paneled bedskirt! ? I think the petite vase is a must have.

Sherr on

The giveaway item is lovely. My current favorite items in your shop are the hand painted pillowa. Just stunning.

M C on

I love the blue and white porcelains and the planters in all of the colors that you are considering. And, I am sure that the ornament collection will be very popular no matter when it becomes available. Thank you for offering so many beautiful items, Tina!

Linda Doezema on

I could just close my eyes and point on anything! I love all!! Would love a garden stool!

Anne on

I love it all BUT those wraps were really outstanding. Would love to see more blue and white china.

Ashley Thillainathan on

Love the wooden dough bowls, I get so many compliments on mine!!

Debbie Kanaly on

I love all of your blue and white porcelain and the new tree ornaments! Also a big fan of your silver.
Would love to see a easier way for us to order items. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle b on

All your items are just beautiful. Have been eyeing the beautiful dough bowls 🙂

Jacqueline bunge on

Love all the blue & white, especially the larger ginger jars. The hand-painted pillows are gorgeous!

Anne nelson morck on

I will always love the foo dogs and the silver pieces. Simply beautiful!

Kim on

Too much for my check book !!! Love the Pillows, Planters and Bell Jars.

Kathrine on

Love the silver and the European Kitchen items!

Bonnie on

I hope you get the candles in the mini blue and white jars. Is there a fast way to get to the place to leave a comment? It takes quite a while to scroll through all the previous comments.

Tera on

Love the candles in the blue and white jars, the hand painted plaid pillows and the ornaments!! You’re getting so many really special things in! Hoping your new website is iPad friendly. I feel like I miss a lot when pictures are missing or out of order. Keep up the great work!

Patti Olsen on

I love, love, love your flowers. I have bought many of them and everyone thinks they are real, especially the orchids

Barb on

Love the silk pillows. So gorgeous and sumptuous! And live the bell jars; wish I had a place for them in my home!

Bev freiley on

I have a bell jar hanging in my foyer; sure wish I could trade it out for one of your more beautiful ones! But my all-time favorite on your site is that adorable blue and white pillow that has the boy playing the flute. Don’t know where I’d put it, but it is calling to me!

Ann on

Your shop is a treasure trove of goodies. Some of my favorites are the mini foo dogs, I love all the colors but especially in white. And also the porcelain garden stools tug at my heart I think they add so much to any room. Looking forward to all your new items.

whitney on

Love your site as it’s well done, classy and elegant. I look forward to receiving it each morning. I would love to see prints – framed or unframed. I’ve been looking for some pagoda prints. Many thanks for the great tips, home accessories and Seven on Sunday.

MartHa on

Your shop is a feast for the eyes! The lights are fabulous and the porcelains are addictive! I would love to see more detailed descriptions. For example, how many bulbs per light and wattage. And detailed dimensions of items as well. Thank you!!

Susan B on

The hand painted pillows are absolutely Beautiful!!!

Arell on

I love your shop and it is hard to pick one thing as a favorite. I do plan to pick up a couple of your wooden tiered serving trays. They are perfect for my more rustic home. Still, I sigh and drool over all of your silver pieces and I would love to own the hanging bell jars! They are quite exquisite!

Karlyn on

Hi Tina,
After looking at all the beautiful items for sale at your shop I have found a favorite! I think the needlepoint ginger jar pillows are the prettiest! The soft colors and fringe trim make them extra special!

Debbie H. on

The belljars are exquisite. Would look great in my foyer!

Karenann on

I love your napkin rings, but especially the animal conga line. I adore all the dog/cat napkin rings. They are just lovely and so beautiful!

Lorelai on

The statues are by far my favorite. I have my eye on a set of foo dogs for my father for xmas!

My only concern with a November ornament delivery is that unless the shipment gets there in the first week of Nov. you may be really crunched for time. Ornaments often go on sale after Thanksgiving and then again the weeks before xmas.

Jayne on

I desperately want a bell jar! Not sure what size or design!

Candie on

Tina, I love your blog. Have been a fan for awhile now! I love all of the silver, the florals, and all of your “girly” things! I love girly things just like you do!! 🙂

Ms. Christian marie on


Wendy on

I really like everything! Can not wait to see the throws and shawls.

LaTanya Thornhill on


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