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Hello friends, first order of business is to annoucne the winner of the stunning pierced silver bowl giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

#25 Faith

Contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize so your beautiful bowl can be on it’s merry way


So how are you this Sunday morning? Here the weather is spectacular…cannot complain about this exceptional late summer weather we are having. Though I must say I still cannot believe that next weekend is Labor Day!! How could summer just about be over? I ran out to buy something early this morning at our local market and no kidding, I actually saw aisles of HALLOWEEN CANDY, I almost did a double take then remember that the day after Christmas you start seeing Valentine’s Day cards….too much!

So today we are off to enjoy this beautiful summer day, have to savor these fleeting summer days and I find when I do something relaxing and peaceful on a Sunday it charges my batteries for a busy week ahead:) So as I do every Sunday here is what’s on my mind this week…..


1 SUGARFINA CHAMPAGNE AND ROSÉ GUMMY BEARS!!! You might have seen these, they are all the rage and with good reason. Why didn’t I think of these? Not only are the too cute and I love the color but they will put you in a good mood too:) Just brilliant and what a fun gift or amazing party favor idea! Sold out in many many places, I found a place that has them!  Click here to order

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2. ONE STUNNING LUNCHEON GARDEN PARTY. This makes me want to throw a garden party, this is so elegantly done. I am definitely very inspired! Every last detail is so elegant and beautifully orchestrated. Really puts me in the mood to plan a party or luncheon of some sort……

All photography by Lucy Cuneo Photography

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3. AN AMAZING NEW BOOK ALERT! I get so excited like a giddy little girl when I get a new design book in the mail..and let me tell you, this is one you MUST have. Segreto did it again and just when I thought they could not top their previous book, they did with their newest masterpiece, Segretto Vignettes!

I was oohing and ahhing over every page, my husband from the next room had to come and see what the fuss was all about. Here are a few teaser photos, this is a “must add to your collection”, click here to preorder yours before they sell out (coming out in Sept). And yes the cover is a great teaser to how wonderful this book is-



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INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Oh boy so much to love this week, I was hard pressed to narrow it down. I am madly in love with a bunch of these and have some new discoveries as well Enjoy…..


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5.A DANNY THOMAS I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT. I was so touched when I learned a lot more about Danny Thomas than I admittedly knew. I knew of his involvment with St. Jude but I really did not know the extent of his fascinating and most inspiring story.

A friend whose husbands family knew him since childhood enlightened me and I was so moved by his story…there are many articles on him but this from the NY Times sums it up beautifully. An inspiring man for sure!  Click here to read

More than 70 years ago, Danny Thomas, then a struggling young entertainer with a baby on the way, visited a Detroit church and was so moved during the Mass, he placed his last $7 in the collection box.


When he realized what he’d done, Danny prayed for a way to pay the looming hospital bills. The next day, he was offered a small part that would pay 10 times the amount he’d given to the church. Danny had experienced the power of prayer.


That prayer to St. Jude marked a pivotal moment in his life. Soon after, he began finding work, eventually becoming one of the biggest stars of radio, film and television in his day. And as one of the world’s biggest celebrities, Danny used his fame to fulfill his vow to St. Jude Thaddeus and to change the lives of thousands of children and families.


6. FABULOUS NEW DESIGNER Well let me clarify George Hobeika,  is a new name to me….I was so wowed by the spectacular gowns and details of this exquisite line. Oh boy, does this get me excited for one day when one of my boys decides to get married……of course I wouldn’t want to upstage the bride but still I want to choose something pretty:) And any one of these would do just beautifully…….

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And just in case you want to see more, check out his latest 2016 couture runway show…exquisite!! Absolute fashion nirvana and the venue isn’t too shabby either…..



7. Sunday’s Survey  As I have turned the big “5 0” I have all kinds of things I have added to my bucket list.. many of which I really hope will get done when I am young enough to still really enjoy them to their fullest.  I feel so grateful for so much that I have accomplished and been given but there are still a number of other things I have yet to do.

I most definitely have  a serious case of wanderlust and never feel too tired or old to do anything I set my heart to…and trust me there are lots of things I still want to do. So wondering about where you are in life…have  a yearning to do lots more or satisfied with things just as they are? I would have to go with #2 on this poll. Your turn to weigh in……




So there you have my seven on Sunday. I want to thank you for stopping in, always appreciate you making me part of your Sunday mornings. Don’t forget the promo is still on and though we are sold out of a lot there are some bargains still up for grabs, click here to see. Until next time….












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Sherry on

George Hobeika creations are simply gorgeous, such beautiful dresses. For some reason they remind me of fairy dresses. I can only imagine the work that went into them .I loved each and everyone of them.

Design chic on

How have I missed Ros? gummy bears – they sound amazing, and Leslie’s new book looks phenomenal as always. What a talent and I love every single image…can’t wait to get one!! Happy Sunday, Tina!

Sharon Larmore on

Wow, where do you get the narrow glass hurricanes on the small tapers? I have a constant breeze on the patio!
Thanks and have a great day!

franki on

Those ensembles…and shoes….and that luncheon…oh, my!!! franki

Celia [email protected] on

You had me at Gummy Bear! While I can’t remember the last time I picked up a candy bar, I can’t pass up gummy goodness. YUM! I’ll be on the lookout for this decidedly grown up version of my favorite treat. Happy Sunday!

LC on

I am curious about the narrow glass hurricanes as well. I wonder where they found them. The luncheon is indeed inspiring! (I’m not quite sure what to think about the “last drink” card. Although I don’t over-serve my guests, I would never be as blunt as to tell them I had cut them off. Maybe this was a paid event, with a specific number of glasses served per guest.)
I LOVE George Hobeika! Tina, those dresses are YOU!!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Donna on

Georges Hobeika is new to me, also, but thank you for finding him!…….He is fabulous!

Neiman Marcus- chinoisere napkins with luscious fringe edges! another treasure.

Gummi bears and Champagne, what a wonderful gift combo!

Michele on

So appreciate the story about Danny Thomas. Just this past Friday night his name came up and I realized that my son and his friend do not know of him but are aware of St Jude’s Hospital. He lives on.
The article about hi career did not share that he entertained the troops in the Pacific during WWII. He was a featured guest on my father’s radio show in the Philipines. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story of his life.

Judith on

I did a double take on the taper candle hurricanes. Heading for Google!

Wendy on

I found the Hurricane candle sleeves on Houzz called CYS Hurricane Candle Holder, Set of 24. 2.5″x14″.

[email protected] on

ima need those gummy bears! pink even! leslie’s new book…omg. isn’t it beyond? and danny thomas. i met him when i was 13 at the conrad hilton in chicago. there was an NFL event going on so i ran into walter payton, gayle sayers, and tony dorsett (he proposed…true). and you will look stunning in your hobeika gown at a son’s wedding or the opening of your screenplay’s movie (i may be 50 but my memory remains excellent!). peace, lovely.

Katie Clooney on

Good morning, Tina! Rose and gummy bears? It sounds right up my alley! The photos of the garden party are to.die.for. Great story about Danny Thomas. St. Jude is one of my favorite saints. He has gotten me through some stressful times more than I can count. Love your Instagram photos and added a few to my list. Hope you enjoy your week. I can’t believe Labor Day is here already!! The good news is that we have a whole new TV season to look forward to!

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Happy Monday, Tina! As always, I so look forward to your Seven on Sunday – so much goodness. Those dresses are stunning! Have a fabulous week, Tina! xoxo

Mo at Mocadeaux on

I was happy to see in the results of the survey that most of us are happy but still anxious to try new things and accept new challenges!

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