Month: August 2016

Six things that every room, both big or small should have!

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Hello, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was relaxing and quiet..with my son gone, its a new lull I am trying hard to adjust to. Driving by his school yesterday  with its pre school buzz of maintenance workers and painters on a day where weather wise it felt “pre fall” got me all teary […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hello friends! Time to announce the winner of the beautiful white Saffiano bag, congratulations goes to- #117 VICTORIA WILCOX Please contact me at with your shipping info so this beautiful bag can be on it’s way! ___________ Hope you are having a nice weekend….here it’s quiet with my son being gone but it’s been […]

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Which would you choose and a giveaway!

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Hello! Hope your week is going well,  mine has been super busy (nothing new) but with the heat fave factored in….its been looooong. Thankfully it started to break last night and this wilted flower is perking up:) I was a little down after my son left so I did a little “retail therapy”. I had […]

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