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Good Tuesday morning to you!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week. Fall is definitely in the air and I must say now that I have fully embraced it and have bought my first pumpkins and mums…. I am ready!

I must admit I only recently found out that today is World Tourism Day.  In fact, there is an entire website all about it, so if your curiosity has the better of you, click here to find out more about WTD! Does that mean it is our duty to book a trip? OK you certainly won’t have to twist my arm. Is there anything greater than travel? I think not.

Travel just opens your eyes to so many different things, new cultures, places, history, foods, iconic cities and buildings, etc….I LOVE to travel and hope to do more and more with time (and hopefully a less hectic schedule).

When I think of travel a few things come to mind, first I start with my favorite travel agent/advisor, Sandy of You May Be Wandering. I have used Sandy for several trips and she is fabulous! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Certainly  the most thorough, organized, detail oriented agent I have ever used. Plus she is affiliated with Virtuoso so there are many perks, and we all know perks are good:)

Then the fun part, getting to plan and prepare for the trip and  it’s best to do it in style, don’t you think?  That means everything from good looking and durable luggage, to the little things like great luggage tags and stylish passport covers. Plus so much more, cozy travel blankets, good looking carry on totes and so on.

The last piece of luggage I got was a Bric’s suitcase, I bought it from Neiman Marcus and it has seen lots of miles since. They have a fantastic travel selection which is worth checking out if you have a trip in your future. It was funny that their price was cheaper than anywhere in my neighborhood and it was delivered within a few days right to my front door!

So today a Which would you choose on so many amazing travel related items from Neiman Marcus (many that are on sale or promo)  in  honor of World Tourism Day and a great Q & A with Sandy that you will not want to miss.

So imagine the travel fairy has gifted you a trip of your choice…which two of these must have travel goodies would you choose?  I realized going putting this together that many of these items would make excellent Christmas/holiday gifts for the traveler in our lives, and it’s not a minute too soon to get a leg up on the holidays!  A few people have immediately come to mind:)

Plus not one but TWO awesome giveaways from Neiman Marcus (details on bottom). Let’s go…….




CHOICE 1 This is the piece I bought, one for me and one of my husband. It is good looking (extra points that it’s navy) and its on sale for super low price! Click here


CHOICE 2. Every piece of luggage needs a good solid luggage tag and this stylish one would do just fine:) Click here


CHOICE 3. So in love with this…had to order it. I needed a new weekender and anything monogrammed makes it kind of irresistible:) Click here


CHOICE 4. If you are girly girl these are for you! So good looking and love this color, it will surely be a standout in the sea of black suitcases:) Click here


CHOICE 5. This classic looking weekend duffel is fantastic at a price that was a surprise. A perfect stylish bag for quick weekend trips, click here


CHOICE 6. Really liking these personalized travel jewelry boxes…tres chic! Click here


CHOICE 7. Loving this passport cover, so elegant! Click here


CHOICE 8. This is one good looking and perfectly sized travel tote, click here


CHOICE 9. There will be no mistaking whose suitcase is whose with these colorful luggage tags, set of three,  click here


CHOICE 10. Never have to worry about identifying the wrong garment bag when you have this monogrammed beauty! Adding it to my Christmas list. Click here


CHOICE 11. OK this is most definitely a splurge category item but this Gucci duffle/overnight bag is awfully chic! Click here

nmn3hh9_mzCHOICE 12. A cozy fleece blanket with a pillow and little travel bag all for $33? What? Click here


CHOICE 13. Isn’t this one good looking piece of luggage? Bric’s is my all time favorite, great looking and SUPER durable, plus its now on sale:) Click here


CHOICE 14. Love these monogrammed travel bags, stunning! Click here


CHOICE 15. This nice looking extra large black travel tote from Tumi was surprisingly very reasonable, I have ordered one for a friends upcoming birthday who travels a lot, click here


CHOICE 16. This is pretty and so practical…a surefire way to keep everything organized and in one place, click here


CHOICE 17. LOVE this passport cover, in one of my favorite colors. I want to go on a vacation abroad just so I can whip this beauty out:) Click here


CHOICE 18. How chic are these monogrammed train cases? Click here


ITEM 19. This is fantastic just what we all need for our ” beauty arsenal” 🙂 Very practical! Click here



CHOICE 20. This cozy cashmere sweater wrap/cape is what every stylish woman need for the plane. It could almost double as a blanket! Very chic and available in 4 neutral colors. Click here



Well if these gorgeous travel related items don’t put you in the mood to plan a trip in your future, cannot imagine what could:) I am ready to go! And if by chance a trip is in your future or this has you hatching an idea for one, I highly suggest you read through what my favorite travel agent had to say on all things travel. You can reach Sandy directly by emailing her at  or visiting her blog by clicking here.  Take it away Sandy….


Are there any travel trends that you are seeing for 2016-2017?

The hottest destinations right now are Iceland, Portugal and South America – if you want to visit any of these places book WAY in advance!
Travelers are no longer satisfied with just flying to a destination and figuring it out as they go – everyone wants unique experiences to make their trip that much more special.
As much as I hate to say it, the uncertainty in the world is having some impact on travel. People are still traveling (and spending a lot to do it) but more and more people are looking for unique experiences in the United States, using this as a time to see more of our country.



What is the easiest way to get upgraded in a hotel?

Book your hotel through me! Seriously, if your travel advisor is a member of a consortium like Virtuoso (of which I am a member), not only will you get added amenities at many of the best hotels in the world, including breakfast and resort credits, you will also be first on the list for upgrades.
Also, don’t be afraid to speak up – just ask nicely about the possibility of an upgrade upon check-in…the worst that can happen is that they say there is nothing available. Quite often, an upgrade can be a “better” room in the same category you already booked just waiting to be assigned to you.



Getting upgraded by an airline is very rare unless you are a member of that airline’s loyalty program. However, it does happen once in a blue moon – recently, my husband and I were traveling on our anniversary and my husband very sweetly asked the gate agent (by name – yes, it helps) if he could purchase a first class upgrade to surprise me to celebrate…shockingly, she gave us two first class seats at no charge and smiled and said “Enjoy your anniversary” when we boarded.


What is your most requested destination?

Italy…the perennial favorite and no surprise as to why – it is simply magical.


What are two things that you think are most important when considering booking yourself vs. using a travel advisor?

Travel advisors are your best travel tool!! If you are spending your hard earned vacation time and money to take a trip, why NOT trust an expert to advise you on your investment of money and time?

Most people think travel advisors are expensive – in reality, we actually will save you money more often than not! I have personal connections with hoteliers around the world and will make sure you get VIP treatment whenever possible. AND, more often than not, I will also save you money by offering you complimentary breakfast, hotel credits, upgrades, late checkouts, etc. through my connections. I now charge a planning fee for complicated itineraries (it takes a lot of time to plan the many details I like to include in my clients’ travels) but all the added benefits I offer my clients, plus the peace of mind they have of knowing they are working with a professional, more than makes up for any fees I may charge.
A good travel advisor works for YOU and will get to know your wishes and desires in order to make the best recommendations to tailor your trip to your exact needs. Do you like to plan your trips yourself? My favorite clients collaborate with me in planning their trips – I simply share my knowledge and advise them of their various options and assist them with the details of booking. Clients are still helping to plan their own trip, just with the added resources and benefits of a trusted advisor.


What are some of the most talked about hotels in the travel world right now?

Definitely the Ritz Paris, especially since the re-opening in June…no question, it is stunning IF you don’t mind spending upwards of 1000 euros/night! If you are thinking of staying there, definitely let me know – Virtuoso amenities include private limo with VIP meet and greet from/to the airport, no set check-in or check-out time, daily breakfast including room service AND a guaranteed upgrade at time of booking.
My personal favorite newcomer is the Faena Miami Beach – I fell in love with the concept long before it opened, was one of the earliest visitors and now love seeing it become a darling of “in the know” travelers.


Do you have an all time favorite hotel or destination?

I have so many favorite hotels – I love each one for different reasons and I would rather not play favorites (but I will say Montage and Belmond know how to treat their guests right!) For destination, it is a tie between Paris and anywhere in Italy.


Come on spill a few insider travel secrets…..

Whatever you do please DO NOT book a hotel online through a 3rd party booking site – you will likely get the worst room at the hotel! I just had lunch with a couple of luxury hoteliers and they described how they meet each morning to discuss new arrivals – every incoming guest is ranked in order of priority. Guests who are booked through a travel advisor with contacts at the hotel are at the top of the list flagged as VIP #1.

Who is at the bottom of the list? Guests who have booked online through a third party booking site. If you must book your trip yourself, call the hotel directly and speak to someone in-house to discuss your options – DO NOT book online!
Thank you, Tina, for having me today to celebrate World Tourism Day!! I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to share my wanderlust with your readers! Happy Travels!!!



Wow, so much good information Sandy. And interesting about booking online and who can argue with Italy!  I always learn something new. OK I have m favorite travel items picked out, a wonderful travel advisor to help me get there……I am ready to roll!  Now about the giveaway from Neiman Marcus-


THE GIVEAWAY- TWO lucky winners are going to each win  these fabulous travel prizes!

One winner will win this monogrammed travel tote


And winner #2 will win this stylish Tumi travel duffel!




Visit Neiman Marcus’s travel department by clicking here, take a look around and come back here to leave a comment telling us your favorite travel item. Two winners will be selected on Sunday (to be eligible you must leave a comment on this post not email me). Good luck!

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous fall day! Until next time…..



PS The one day porcelain sale is on and ends tonight at midnight, click here to view.











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Catharine on

I love the S’well water bottles and the Brics spinner carry on bag!

Candace on

Need to upgrade my luggage – love both of Bric’s pieces. Also anything monogram is great too.

Sharon on

Love Bric’s Riccione Black 30″ Spinner and the kate spade new york
ridge street bessie garment bag, black.

Sinead on

I love the bric’s Bellagio Navy Spinner 32″. Love blue and camel color and it looks like an old fashioned truck case which makes me want to get on a plane and explor! Kind regards,

Johnel on

I love the Tumi travel kit and the Bric’s Cargo duffel! They look like they are all great travel pieces.

Sandy w on

I love the hanging cosmetics case, the tumi carryall, and the cashmere shawl. All of those would work so well for our travel. And such a nice giveaway. Writing this as I sit at airport waiting for our flight, so happy to hear today is World Tourusm Day.

debi timmerman on

Great post from Sandy. Will a new grandchild in Switzerland, we are traveling often and I have never used a travel agent for these trips but think it might be time to start. That was a most informative article…who knew?
As for the NM travel site (I agree, the best)….who would not love that gorgeous Bellagio suitcase with the tan strapping and the Tumi bag is the perfect bag to tuck in your suitcase EMPTY and bring it back filled with fantastic finds….especially if you headed to Italy or Istanbul.
Happy Day…
debi T.

Theresa Buchanan on

The Gucci duffle bag is so chic! Just love it. And the train cases are in such a pretty color and useful!

Donna De Marino on

We should definitely take time to see our own country. From the Thousand Islands in New York to Mt. Zion and Bryce Canyon, the Lowcountry, Hawaii to Key West and all points in between. Sometimes we forget how beautiful our country is.

Martha on

All of the items are great…. Love the monograms!

Nancy on

Love he Brics carry on!

Janean on

The Bric’s luggage and Gucci duffle are my favorites. Functional and stylish, what’s not to like?

Jackie bunge on

The cashmere sweater/wrap has my vote! Just the thing to cuddle up with on cold flights.

Melanie diket on

I voted!

Liana on

Luv them all so hard to choose.

cheri on

Adore the grey monogrammed duffel. Perfection!!!

Billie on

Love the Brics luggage and tumi tote.

keshakeke on

I love the Pink Monogrammed Duffe

Kathryn on

Love everything

Laurie on

I love the monogrammed packing cubes! So practical, helps me keep track of whose items and helps me fit more clothes in!;)

Melissa on

Good morning!

The Bric’s 32″ spinner in olive will work nicely for my future travels. Then again, so will many of the items N-M has!


Nancy H on

I love both weekend travel bags #3 and #15. I like the size of each of them. Perfect for weekend trips.

Blair on

My favorite is the cashmere wrap. Perfect for long flights…

Organized1 on

I’m in love with the #8 choice! My purse and planner this fall is gray white and tan/gold. What a perfect tote to pull it all together! Thank you for always posting such beautiful content!

Nancy L. on

What a fun post!!! Loved the travel Q&A and the fav travel items. Shopping and Travel…..what a winning combo!

Kathleen on

I went to the Neiman Marcus travel site, and fell in love with Rimowa titanium luggage. (I’m a sucker for anything in silver tones.) To go with it I’d choose the Bottega Veneta red lambskin cosmetic bag as a contrast in both color and texture.

My great-grandparents came from Ireland with two toddlers and two pieces of luggage. I can’t go around the corner without taking two pieces of luggage!

Sherry on

Love the Bric’s navy spinner, #13 and #8…gotta have the travel tote. We travel so much…these are a must.

Doreen on

I just love the kate spade new york ridge street bessie garment bag & the Moncler New Bertrand Quilted Duffle Bag in Navy.

Leslie on

Love all the Brics products I saw. They look like great suitcases

Debbie on

So many fun things but the Brics luggage would definitely be my choice!

Patricia b on

Love the navy spinner carry on and the classy black duffle. And of course anything monogrammed

Meg A on

Who can resist a Tory Burch floral cosmetics bag?! Those bold stripes juxtaposed on the floral are fabulous! She just keeps getting it right.

Jane on

I love the Bric’s case with the tan trim and the navy carry on! Also, thanks so much for Sandy’s name. I’ve been looking for a good travel agent for an upcoming trip and I am definitely going to contact her!

Lauren on

Love the designs on the S’well water bottles! And who can turn down a Prada crossbody??

peggy on

I really like the Yellow-Gold Metallic 17 oz. bottle by S’Well and the Burberry Umbrella in the original color. Love my Burberry!

Eve on

What a great and informative post! Thank you! Loved All the travel items.

Shirley kaatz on

Great article and loved all the travel items. Good Christmas ideas.

Meredtih Monrad on

I love item 19, the Tumi cosmetics case. It would keep me organized and is great looking too!

Meredith on

I love item 19, the Tumi cosmetics case. It would keep me organized and is great looking too!

HS on

I like Bric’sRiccione Black 30″ Spinner.

Rynn on

Love the Bric’s Riccione black carry-on, Kate Spade Ridge Street Bessie garment bag and carry-on, the Tumi Black Voyageur, and the Gray Monogrammed Duffel. I never knew NM had such a great selection of travel items. Thanks for the information and the giveaway!

Kari Delligatti on

I love the Bric’s Bellagio Navy 30″ Spinner and the Navy monogrammed travel tote!!

Peggy mae on

I just flew back from Boston last night after meeting my first grandson. I go back in a month for two weeks to take care of grandson for mom’s first weeks back to work. So I need new large luggage and like the Bric’s 30″ in navy. That way I can find it in the sea of black and fill it with Fall clothes that I’ll need for all our walks.

Deanna on

The cashmere wrap is beautiful. And I wouldn’t mind buying some pretty new luggage. And not in black!

bobbie Hathaway on

Love the weekender (3) the Garment bag (10) and the beauty arsenal (19). Actually, I love everything. I’m a traveler and all items featured are handy plus the price is right.

Thank you!

Sherri Wakefield on

Hi Tina, love todays blog. I am loving any Brics spinner,as I’ve been wanting to get new lighter luggage. Now, if I could just take less “stuff” I might be able to use a small one!

Meg Sandlin on

Loved all your travel items you posted! Anything monogrammed is my favorite!

gayle on

I would like the Bric carry on suitcase and the Tumi black Bag….I will call Sandy for some Travel advice..Thanks for the great blog this morning…

Chandra NayloR on

I think the Fendi Monster Eyes luggage is a kick!

Ann on

No doubt about it….the Bric´s Riccione blue 30″ spinner is my heart´s desire.

I so much appreciated hearing Sandy´s insider´s tips on traveling. Will never book again online!
And I think she´s found herself a new client. : )

Aimee R on

I so enjoyed this post. Just purchased some new luggage..but I do love the Brics navy spinner! These suitcases make travelling so easy! Love all the monogrammed items as well! Thanks for a fun me thinking about where our next trip will be ✈️✈️

Frannie on

the colorful luggage tags call my name and I plan to order some today! Also, I really like the passport covers. I see them all the time and have been dragging my feet to get one. It is a nice touch and one that I would appreciate. Gonna stop dragging my feet today! Thanks Tina.

Donna Torr on

Loved all of the items, but especially loved the monogramed tote and the small bags, great for those little things that seem to get lost!

Darcy on

Love the Bric’s Metallic Brown 27″ Spinner; stunning alternative to black and the leather trim makes it so elegant.

Pamela on

This was such a helpful post, Tina! Thank you for introducing all of us to Sandy. I would love to hear more of her travel tips and suggestions in the future. Neiman Marcus has some beautiful travel gear. I really like the look of your Bric’s suitcase, the travel wallet and the linen travel bags. I also thought NM had a great selection of Swell water bottles.

Donna De Marino on

#7 and #13 ?

kathleen on

Love, love, love the Prada Leather Portfolio in blue and the Tory Burch Fitbit Bracelet! Thanks for the ” chance” of winning your beautiful choices!

Margaret on

Neiman Marcus Cashmere Collection
Cashmere Two-Toned Shawl


Monogrammed Hanging Garment Bag

Colleen Hunt on

Bric’s spinner and Tumi case.

ApRil on

Super post, thanks Tina. I like Bric’s bags. Many styles. #5 would do nicely, along with #20 . Always need a cozy wrap on the plane. I like to travel lightly overseas. Small, versatile bags a must. AFN ?

KimberlyAnne on

Tina – thank you so much for this post. Travel is my great joy. Having already been to 29 countries, we are headed to number 30 soon. The garment bag is so nice, and is one that looks feminine but not juvenile. The monogrammed tote is a lovely item also. Both would be a pleasure to own. I also appreciated the travel advice. Even experienced travelers love to learn new tips. Have a wonderful day!

Jo McCready on

Am loving the navy spinner bag with the leather trim! AND the monogrammed tote is so pretty!

Deri Terry on

Thank you for all of the good information. I love so many of the items, but I really like the crocodile embossed leather passport cover.

Susan on

I love the mischievous eyes on the Fendi Monster Eyes Canvas & Leather Trolley Suitcase. That would be a great conversation starter while waiting at the gate.

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

Tumi Tumi too wonderful and of course the cashmere shawl (even if you are only taking a trip to your backyard.

Dale Sullivan on

I move the blue luggage!

Diane Anderson on

Love all things Brics, especially in navy, & the Tumi cosmetic case. While traveling, it’s a great feeling to be organized. Happy Travels~

Regina on

Any of the Bric’s luggage pieces and the lovely tags above.

Joanna on

That is some stylish luggage. I love the travel over nighters. I’m thinking of ordering the grey tassel I ne for myself and the croc one for hubby. They would fit nicely in the trunk when one a road trip and carry nicely ( and attractively ) into our hotel. Spain is on my list of places to visit soon.

Joanna on

Just wondering if you know who sells attractive iPad carry cases. I’ve looked in stores but nothing is standing out. Neither do .i see one on the Neiman Marcus site.

Karen Simon on

The pink bags and the cashmere wrape are my favorites in your post, but I love so many of the items on the Neiman Marcus site. The S’well bottle are really great. Thanks for the valuable travel info, Sandy!

Megan Bobbitt on

Brics spinner luggage and the Tumi tote are favorites! All very stylish, would be happy with any one of the group.

Ellen on

LOVE LOVE Love the Tumi tote!! It’s sooooo classic, fits with a business suit or jeans and looks great any time of the year. And Tumi is just the BEST. It is sophisticated and feminine and this tote has organizational pockets that keep your stuff in place so everything doesn’t collect at the bottom of the bag. I WANT it!!!

And I love The Enchanted Home, Tina. So many wonderful luxuries and photos of my favorite things. The new shipment of porcelains is fabulous — I just wish I could find more spots for more bowls, jars and vases!

JiLl on

Love the Lily Pulitzer tote bag! Such bright, happy colors!

Jeanab on

I love Tumi products! My favorite on the Neiman Marcus site is the Alpha Bravo Anthracite Dover Backpack for my husband. The look and quality are amazing. Thanks for posting all the different items on your blog. They reminded me of some things I need to pick up before traveling. Those colorful id tags for luggage are being ordered today!

Carla on

I am a big fan of Tumi luggage, t but the Brics looks awesome too. The cashmere wrap looks perfect for travel. Love it!

Mary Jo miller on

I love the leather organizer. I am going to order one for my sister for Christmas. I also loved the
cashmere shawl.

rachel on

I have to order the monogramed weekender. It is so stylish and will make me feel sophisticated.

Joan on

So many lovely items. Love the Bric luggage and the travel shawl /wrap. So many things….I want to take a trip!

Susie on

Very very interesting travel tips… and I thought that I knew what I was doing. Very impressive list of travel items as well… hard to have only selected two!

Sherri on

Love the Brics Cargo Duffle and x Black Cargo Duffle.
Makes me want to book a trip immediately

leigh on

All are great but I love the Bric’s Bellagio Navy Spinner…. Love your blog and enjoy Sandy’s blog as well. I haven’t used her for travel yet but plan to very soon as she does seem really detail oriented and knowledgeable! Thanks for this terrific giveaway!!!

Joy on

I LOVE the cashmere shawl….so many uses.

Christine on

Travel chic – Tina style !
Gorgeous selections !

Sarah Fogarty on

Wow . What a great post! I never knew shopping for travel goods could be so fun. I loved the Burberry Backpack on the website as well as the Tory Burch makeup bags. My favorite on your post was the Brics spinner and the irresistible cashmere wrap. Now on to plan my next trip……!

Jeanne on

I love Neiman Marcus–they never disappoint. I like the Raccione spinner luggage–the larger the better! I always say I’m going to pack light but I end up taking an extra bag just for my shoes! This post makes mea little sad; I’m leaving for Paris tomorrow and wish I had these new bags to take with me!! Thanks, Tina; love your posts!


I travel a lot and love them all but especially the essentials..13 and 14 the super feminine cosmetic bags!

Adriana on

Traveling is so much fun, so my travel accessories should be too! I
think the Gucci Supreme tan travel pouch and the Fendi Monster eyes luggage should travel with me on my next adventure. Thanks Tina

Ellie on

I love to get away for a weekend or travel anytime. The weekender bag and large spinner luggage are my most favorites but I love everyone of your items shown.
Thanks always! ❤️

Molly on

I am completely sold on the Bric’s spinners. With advancing age and a bad shoulder, their polycarbonate construction would really help with the weight issue. That blue is stunning!

Peggy in Kentucky on

A very good friend and I take a little road trip every year. This year as I was packing, I realized I really needed a feminine garment bag and I could not find one in any of the surrounding shopping areas. So, I am going to try to purchase #10 as soon as possible! And I think I may as well purchase some girly luggage (#4) while I am at it! We love the larger inns, particularly those in the south.

Vicki on

I like the navy blue Bric bag. It is Not Black! Great sleek look!

nancy on

The Navy Bric’s Bellagio luggage is just stunning!!!

Anne M on

I love Bric’s deluxe duffel for my husband!

Linda on

I love the monogrammed garment bag. It’s just what I have been looking for. I have been a customer of Neimans for many, many years and love everything they have.

Peggy Thal on

Great advice and travel items. Anything monogramed is better!

Donna A. on

You certainly know how to set the mood Tina! The Bric’s Bellagio Spinner is at the top of my Wish List. I’m also interested in their Tumi Voyageur Monaco Travel Kit. Thanks for the Travel Tips…the Faena Miami looks inviting.

Beth Brace on

The navy spinner carry on is perfect. And I love the tuni carry all bag. Makes me want to plan a trip this fall. Beth

Holly Barnes on

I wouldn’t turn any of the choices away, but I would sincerely love the cashmere travel wrap and the navy Bric’s luggage.

Regina Drover on

I love number5, the weekender,as we do a lot of weekend travelling.

Donna on

I like the #3 monogrammed travel tote and #20 shawl wrap………lovely travel pieces.

The Buzz Blog on

Such fun to read Sandy’s tips here and we know she can plan a fabulous getaway and always has the greatest of advice. While we think water bottles are a must and S’well makes the best, we’d have to pick a Longchamp Neo Small Pouch as one of our items (it’s great for jewelry, makeup, foreign currency…) and the Tumi Voyageur Lima Indigo Floral Toiletry Kit (we love the color and pattern!) Fingers crossed that we’ll win something this time!
C + C

Ann on

I’m so ready for a luggage upgrade! The Bric’s spinners are to die for, especially the Bellagio olive. And some of the monogrammed accessories would be icing on the cake!

Fran on

Love the Kate Spade garment bag and the Tumi duffel. Great post!

Judith on

Love the cashmere shawl and the personalized jewelry cases. Planes are always so cold, especially the red eye flights, the shawl would be perfect.

Karen Mary on

I love the Bric’s Life Pearl Pink Spinner and the pink linen pouch! Can you guess my favorite color? Thanks for the opportunity!

Shawna on

The Brics luggage is beautiful! Seems like a pretty good price now,too! Thanks for a great post!

Bev freiley on

I’m a new Brics fan! Love #1, the suitcase, and #5, the duffel. They look so well-made, and they are super-attractive!


Neiman Marcus has so many nice things! I like the Kate Spade garment bag. Thank you for the Q & A with Sandy 🙂

Dee Farrell on

I love the cute and colorful Parker Thatch totes…bring smiles as I travel.

Nancy Carter on

I would love to own either one of the Bric pieces. I currently own a gorgeous Bric and mine is
so worn out from all the traveling and poor handling by the airlines (though I do know they can’t help it!). Thanks for doing this. Your blog is the first thing I open each day.

Vicki Brady on

Love love love 5 & 20. The travel bag is incredibly gorgeous, what a wonderful size and color. Who would not love the cashmere wrap?Great for travel or as a versatile jacket for around town. Beautiful! Such treasures.

Suzy u. on

The Brics olive luggage is just classic. I’ve loved it for years. I think it would go nicely with that Burberry umbrella.

Judy on

I love all the overnight bags but especially love the Frye overnight bag. My husband would love this bag. May be the perfect Christmas gift for him!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Love everything! The Frye bag is great as are the Bric’s bags. Sandy is a wealth of knowledge and she offers great service and tips! Make sure to follow her blog for more tips and beautiful photos of fabulous places.

Alexandra on

I love the Kate Spade garment bag and Bric spinner! What great choices they have!

kathy bunge on

Loved everything Tory Burch & Burberry on the site. The cashmere wrap/sweater that you featured is gorgeious!

Alicia on

Well Tina, you do have the eagle eye for picking out the best stuff! My two favorites are the Gucci duffle and I have to go with one not on your list—the Mackenzie Child’s travel pillow. I loved many others though! Someday I will get to use Sandi!

Maureen on

The Brics luggage in all sizes is fab!

Judy toline on

Love all the Bric pieces.

Nancy on

I love the Bric’s pieces. I also love the totes. This makes me want to travel.

maureen on

Perfect timing for this post
My husband and I were given a trip to France for our 40th anniversary. We r planning tonpurchase some new luggage. So. #1 and #15 are my top contenders.

Hunter on

Oh my gosh! So many awesome travel accessories! Aren’t we lucky we live in this day and time to get to travel so easily!

June alderman on

I love the Tumi travel bag, #15! I like that it has a zipper. I also really enjoyed all the good information about traveling from Sandy. Italy would be a dream destination, but there is so much I haven’t seen here in our own country!

Brenda on

#1 always wanted to try the hard shell bags. #3 love the size and especially the monogram. I fly many times a year with all my children and grandchildren living outer state. Thanks for a wonderful blog.

Barbara washington on

I love the no. 3 monogrammed tote. I would use that all the time. The blue luggage is beautiful. Would love to have that.

Kristin st hilaire on

I love anything monogrammed. My 2 favorites are the hanging garment bag and the pink/linen travel bags. Love your posts -I find such fun things to purchase and follow on Instagram.

Ann on

Love so many items on the Neiman Marcus website but my favorite is the Tumi piece of luggage which was the black X international piece. It would be not only functional but also be easily recognized.

Ka on

Love the navy Bric spinner suitcase.

Michelle b on

That weekender bag is TO DIE FOR. So pretty and practical. 🙂

Loren Sharkey on

Love the Kate Spade black travel bag and the navy blue Bric spinner weekender!

Debra on

I love the crocodile embossed leather passport holder.

Jane Boehly on

I particularly loved #3 and #8, the gray duffel and tote…but all the choices were great! And I had already made note of your travel agent, Sandy from your mention of her from your recent trip.
My design friends and I always say that we would love you as our friend…
I love your interior design, your recipes, your entertaining ideas and also
your fashion choices! I love your blog!,

Carol on

I live the cashmere wrap! All the colors are beautiful!

Debbie Castillo on

I am in the luxury hotel business and Virtuoso agents are some of the best. Sandy is giving great travel advice here…and I agree, any time your planning a vacation, it is always best to book through a travel professional. It does not cost you more…and the advice and planning is fantastic. I also agree…never book thru a third party website. Always book through a travel professional or direct.

Nancy on

The Riccione Blue 21″ Carry-On Spinner will tempt me to book a trip!And the
Bric’s Navy X-Bag Large Sportina Shopper would be perfect to take along!

Vicki on

Hi Tina, we take a lot of car trips, so why not arrive with a stylish Gucci duffle! Well, and maybe a cashmere wrap. And one of those pretty water bottles. Ok that’s enough.

Paula on

Everything all in one place and organized for me. I love the Tumi
Voyageur Indigo Floral Monaco Travel Kit.

Beth Jones on

The Small Leather-Trim Nylon Backpack and the travel blanket set.

Cher on

I have done some serious traveling in the last 5 years. I am most interested in becoming a more efficient packer. I think the cashmere wrap/cape sweater would meet my goal by serving many purposes on a long journey.

Barb on

Love the Tumi carryon but I could use the cashmere wrap any time when traveling or at home!

Edwina anderson on

Loved all of the Nieiman Marcus goodies. Would love to own any of the Bric’s spinners and Neiman’s has them at great prices. The monogrammed hanging travel bag would be a great item to own.

Stephanie on

I don’t know why but I have a thing for leather passport cases. And the Bric? Well, it’s just a beauty 🙂

Chris on

Cannot go wrong with Bric’s and Tumi for travel. Now that I know where to purchase my luggage, I
need a place to go!!!!

Debbie H. on

I love the gray duffel weekender. So pretty!!!

Moy on

Love the Rimova North American Topas Titanium Cabin Multiwheel! Heavenly! Makes me want to sing from the rafters….Xox

Kristy Davis on

My favorite travel item is the cashmere shawl! What a wonderful piece to make any travel outfit look chic and stay cozy on any flight.

Linda G. on

I love the Bric’s 21″ spinner in navy blue, how chic!

Camille on

Love the cashmere wrap. I am always chilly on the plane. This is perfect Love it.

Lorelai on

You’ve got such a good eye! Loving Bric’s Bellagio Navy 27″ Spinner.

patti on

love all the Bric’s, very stylish!


Safari Weekend Duffel bag in black w/ tan leather trim and handles is already SOLD OUT:(
I can see using it for the gym as well as weekends. Guess everyone else thought it was great too.

Black metallic color Abas organizer would keep me organized, every day, not just when traveling.

The navy blue 21″ Bric’s spinner is stunning. Bright but rich looking color without being flashy. Would buy it in a second if we needed luggage now.


I went through their who travel website and I definitely like the Monogram Pink Linen Pouch and the Violet Spinner the best. In fact, I love everything that you posted on your website.

Susan Alexander on

Hi Tina! The Bric’s Spinner is a favorite and the LUG travel pillow and blanket are a perfect cozy companion for a long trip! Thanks for sharing these great finds!

Vickie on

3. Love, so edgy..barrel weekender
5. Classic chic weekender.
20. Oh my die for!

karen simpson on

Love the suitcase and the travel hangup make up bag!

Melanie on

I love the cashmere wrap, I am always a bit cold when traveling.
The size of the wrap could even keep two people warm, love it!

Cindy Weis on

Hi Tina, oh the subject of travel is not a good one with me today, I was trying to get home from Detroit last night, we boarded the plane, we deplaned, we boarded the plane, we deplaned, then finally we boarded and took off (I shouldn’t complain as it was really looking like we were not going to get home last night, but we did safely). I have had so many different travel bags, for years I loved my McM large tote and garment bag, but it took such a beating, I decided I better just retire as vintage before it was totally destroyed. I currently have a Hartman roller board, which has also seen its better days, I guess I should try and get one more suitcase before I retire in a few years. I will for sure look into your suggestions. Hope all is well.

Ann on

I would love the Frye tote or the awesome Frye men’s toiletry bag. Either one would be fabulous.

Daryl Larsen on

Love the Bric’s Firenze Cream 18″ Cargo Duffel and the Tumi, large black travel tote. Have been thinking on both for a while now so the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

Rosalie on

The Bric spinners are awesome! And, the navy color – outstanding (and very easy to spot on the baggage carousel).

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Sandy is the best! She is helping us plan a trip to Europe with our friends. I told everyone that we would be in great hands with Sandy guiding us. I’ve taken to heart her point about not booking hotels through 3rd party sites. The same goes for airline flights. Sandy has also mentioned that carriers will take better care of travelers who have booked directly through them. Tina, I loved all the travel items! It was hard to choose just two!

Kat on

I’ve got my eye on the Tumi Black Voyageur Super Leger Continental Four-Wheeled Carry-On. I’ve been wanting to purchase a high quality carry-on for years.

Peggy kahle on

13 is a great idea,will buy for next trip!

Maureen on

I love the look of the Bric’s line – especially the carry-on bag! The colors of all the travel luggage pieces are very attractive, and take me out of my usual go-to Black!!

Judy D. on

Ready for a little getaway. Love the #5 travel bag.

Michele Pineda on

I think the travel watch roll case would be perfect for my hubby. He loves to take several watches on vacation with him and this case would be perfect to protect them during travel.

Jenny blanc on

I love the bric and fuming luggage,

Karenann on

Choice #4 is absolutely adorable! I just love brightly colored luggage when I’m traveling! So easy to pick out on the luggage carousel.

Jill on

Love the blue Bric Riccione 21″ spinner. I might have to order one for myself!

Jane B on

By far, the Frye line is my favorite! Thanks for the great giveaway’s!

Connie on

Ahhhh! The tan and gray weekender and tote. So classic; just perfect……

eileen on

Brics Riccione 30″ spinner is so nice, thanks.

Sharon Ellis on

Hi Tina. Thank you for sharing your very knowlegable Travel Agent. She will be a good resource. I love & could really use the Bric’s Black X 22 Deluxe Duffle & the Bric’s Black X travel pilot case. Thank you for all the hard work you do putting all this fun together for us.

Laurie Carpenter on

Anything Bric’s is going to be top quality & last forever with some care & attention. The duffel is such a perfect ‘get away’ bag for a weekend trip to watch the leaves change color this fall!

Jen on

Love the Bric’s luggage! Have had my eye on a few pieces for some time now!

Maureen Brady on

Bric’s luggage and Gucci dufflle…also love the Tumi bag, so it would be fun to win. Thanks for a great post – I’m buying the blanket and pillow travel combo.

Darlene on

It’s so hard to pick! Everything would make traveling special. Thank you for always sharing your credit ideas, Tina!

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Tricia L. on

My favorite is the Monogramed Bone/Pink large linen pouch. Love the detailing on it- the tassel and gold/zipper trim with monogram- sometimes its the little details that make something special….

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