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Good morning friends.  Hope you are having a good week, here it’s been very busy with lots of changes on the warehouse/office/new website front. Coming up for air.  But all good things…so no complaining but today is a nice deviation from that- Palmetto Bluff!

I waited a long time to tell you that we have officially signed with the builder as of about 3 weeks ago and it’s full steam ahead now. When I started this post we were due to get our permits on or around  Oct. 10th and break ground right after that, then Hurricane Matthew came along and derailed the plans a bit.

I was also supposed to be there this past Monday for the week with friends, but with the hurricane and clean up going on,  postponed my trip.  So…….we are hoping to get the permits in the next few days and hope to break ground this week or next and we are very excited.  Check out these pictures my friend who lives there sent me, (thanks for sending J)!




Now that the hurricane is thankfully a thing of the past and to Palmetto Bluff’s credit they have cleaned it up,  by all reports really expeditiously. We are however already talking things like plumbing, floor outlets and custom cabinetry.  As we are really hoping to get this done as expeditiously as possible, we want everything ordered and decided upon well ahead of schedule. So we are already starting with the kitchen design which is very exciting.

The kitchen is  smaller than my current one but it’s an open layout and a nice size and I have decided I am going to do it light and airy. I am thinking a variation of a white cabinet with white marble countertops. This was my idea from the getgo and I haven’t wavered much since.

This will not be my last kitchen post but I do think this accurately sums up what I am hoping to achieve. So as my ideas start to crystallize this post is full of ideas that I am pretty much sold on.

Ready to see my latest ideas on the kitchen? Let’s get started-


This is a great visual- So we had seen a house being built in PB  when we first started looking and immediately said “this is exactly what we want” (great layout). We then started working with that architect and we worked based off of that plan but tweaked it to our specification.

My husband was there not long ago and had a lot of fun getting to see the house almost done. It is not done necessarily in our taste but seeing the kitchen and how it’s part of one big great room in these pictures really will help you visualize as you begin to share this process with me.


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There will be a window on each wall, reconfiguring the way the cabinets look on either side of that range hood, not a fan of how it looks now


This wall above (right of kitchen) I took the upper bay of cabinets and put a window in. I am giving up cabinet space but want it flooded with light and do not like the window above the cabinets…so it will be a big window with lower cabinets and fridge/freezer on either side as above


Here is the front door (looking from great room)



Moving along…..I went to a local plumbing business that I have done a lot of business with and was floored at how many wonderful choices there are basically with everything!

I had to look for tubs that would fit in our parameters and found two that worked great as when they pour the foundation within a week or so we need to specify where the plumbing will go-

unnamccved unnaasdf3med

Simply amazed at what they are doing with tile that looks like real marble above, incredible!


Love this thick marble countertop above, then I remind myself we will be on a budget:)


Always drawn to polished nickel, it’s so classic



I have  lots of inspiration pictures in my various online photo albums but there are certain kitchens I keep going back to. I know I want this to be really light and airy…probably white or a creamy white and definitely white marble.

I go back and forth between polished nickel and brass. I am really loving brass lately and it does give a certain pop and dresses things up a bit but probably will go the polished nickel route. Really torn on that one.

kitchen-pendant-triple-window-melissa-haynes-design kitchen-stools-lee-ann-thornton ivory-kitchen-cabinets-ivory-french-kitchen-hood-ivory-x-back-counter-stools f9f9d22f635b

This picture above and below is a good representation of what I see, definitely want to do eclipse doors!


Some of the elements I love and am drawn to-

white-and-gold-kitchen-hood-la-cornue-cornufe-range gray-cooktop-cabinets-vintage-brass-pulls

LOVE these metal hoods and hope we can work it into the budget


Already sold on white marble, there is no second choice:)


If the metal hood will not work, then it will be a lovely wood range hood-


But then I see this incredible sink and suddenly want to banish the word “budget” from my vocabulary!! Gorgeous!


Love what is referred to as eclipse doors-


I see upper cabinets on either side of range hood with these doors (love both variations)

taste_bir_062813_0082 darlana-lantern-gray-kitchen-island-eclipse-mullion-cabinets

Pretty very pale blue island above


Love this Ilve range but it will most likely not be within the budget so will look at other options but sure love this look:)


And then I spotted this beauty from Viking, beautiful! My very first “adult” stove was  a Viking and I was really happy with it, I know they went through some changes in their company but hopefully are back on track, will be considering this-



So much to love here….but I do feel the elements are coming together, enough so that I would be able to make some decisions. We have two kitchen people working on plans/quotes and we hope to get the kitchen ordered by Jan.1st.  We are simultaneously working on bathroom vanities/cabinets so that will be what I will talk about next.

The kitchen (to me) is my most important room and because it is open I want it to make a statement. That is probably the one room where I am least likely to make concessions, but am also willing to think outside the box and keep an open mind as we get started with this process.

Thanks for stopping in , wishing you a fabulous day.  Here it’s been really mild lately but supposed to turn cold again. The foliage is really starting to explode now, favorite time of year! Until next time…..

PS Yesterday was the last day for the presale ornaments, if you submitted an order but did not get an invoice/response, let us know today. We caught up last night but if anyone fell between the cracks, just let us know:)

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Mari Harter on

Hi Tina,
I live in Hilton Head and have a lot of friends at Palmetto Bluff. Hope you know to keep Teddy away from the lagoons and the alligators!!! Love your blog and look forward seeing your lowcountry house take shape, I’m sure it’s going to be gorgeous.
Mari Harter

Celia Becker@ on

Thanks for sharing the photos of Palmetto Bluff post hurricane. I was wondering how they fared. It’s fun to see all your ideas for your Palmetto kitchen. Such tough but wonderful choices! The Viking Range is beautiful but unless they have made major improvements I don’t recommend them. I have a very similar model to the one in your photo and have had nothing but problems with it. I’m buying a Wolf for my next reno project. Keep your updates comin’!

Lisa on

Congratulations! Since we just started to build a new home (CT) this post was so much fun to read. I love all of your kitchen ideas, white with white marble is timeless.
I am nervous about upkeep though, what is your experience?

So many great ideas in one post. Our current home we have two Vikings and I am very happy with them, have had no problems whatsoever. I like that they come in colors now.

Last, got my provence planters in yesterday and they are so much more beautiful in person. Going buy trees for them today!

Lynn on

For your kitchen, you may want to consider 2 wall ovens instead of an all-in-one cooktop and 2 ovens beneath. It is a lot easier to check what is in the oven basically at eye level and put items in and out of the oven instead of awkwardly bending over and squatting to use the ovens. Saves your back!!

Eve on

Looking forward to the completion of PB. Beautiful ideas,
I have off white kitchen cabinets and need new countertops. Was wondering how the white marble will go with the cabinets?

Always look forward to your posts!

Design chic on

Our neck of the woods is cleaning up post Matthew,too and happy to say life is getting back to normal. So excited for your project and loving all of your ideas. We used white cabinets and marble in Beaufort (NC) and like you, never wavered from that decision and love it! So fun to see what it might look like! Happy Thursday!

Linda Cashman on

I have that Rohl by Perrin and Rowe nickel bridge faucet in the picture. I put it in my renovation of my 112 year old historic home. It is paired with a hammered copper farmer’s sink and white cabinets. I did a large mantel type hood over the range with carved corbels on each side. I love that faucet. It was $2,500 and so was the sink, so it is an investment. Everybody loves it when they come to my house.

Fran on

I would love to see some samples of faux marble countertops, since those of us that really cook sauces would find that marble stains too easily. What’s the next best thing that looks like marble but doesn’t stain? Thanks love the posts

Yolie on

I love your ideas! And I love the look of marble but I understand it is a real headache to maintain since it stains so easily. Do you have a trick or tips concerning the use of marble in high traffic areas?

Linda lubach on

The pictures are beautiful. My favorite, of course, is the Carrera farmhouse sink, that would be heavenly. Good luck.

Amy Chalmers on

Wow this is going to be a lot of fun living vicariously through you again as you make the choices and pull it all together in your glorious and thoughtful fashion. I am so impulsive, I like to see how you make your decisions in regards to these important things….you want it to be just right!!

leigh on

Thank you for sharing the photos after the hurricane and updating us on the house…Love all your “loves” especially that gorgeous sink! Your taste is so impeccable and appreciate the inspiration you give to all of us…Good luck on the decisions and thanks for keeping us updated on your progress! Always enjoy your blog and style!

Debbie Castillo on

That marble farmhouse sink is to die for. I will be looking that up!

Donna De Marino on

We were in Hilton Head and had to evacuate for the Hurricane. Our long awaited vacation plans thwarted but so glad to hear they are getting things back to normal there and no one was hurt.

Sherry M. on

I am so very happy for you. Thank you for sharing your dreams and plans! Living vicariously through your blog postings. Enjoy every minute of your planning stage. In years to come, you will want to relive it again and again! Your classic choices will be so beautiful..can’t wait, to see it come alive on your property. Have a wonderful weekend!

Splendid Market on

I think the storm is a good luck sign that everything else will go smoothly. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen coming together.

Bev freiley on

I too was in Hilton Head and had to evacuate before Matthew hit the area. I was glad to hear that the area had less damage than anticipated. I love the island, and hope to get back soon.

I’ve so enjoyed seeing your plans for your new house. Those white kitchens are wonderful; it would be hard to choose cabinets. A good choice if one is leery of marble (and if a bright, airy look is desired) would be quartz. I have white quartz countertops, and love them. They wear like iron!

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Happy to hear that Palmetto Bluff is recovering quickly from Matthew – it is sad to see the trees destroyed. Your kitchen plans look fabulous!! Have a great weekend, Tina! xoxo

Carolyn on

I love your PB updates!! I have the white marble above and wouldn’t waver on it either. I cut out other things just to have two slabs for the kitchen. I do wish that someone, anyone would have told me how easily is scars, and pits. Can’t spill anything acidic, oily, orange, red etc etc. We aren’t wine drinkers so I thought I’d be SAFE. I stressed for the first 6 months in our new home as my husband called them “the counter tops we can’t use”. Now I just take a deep breath wipe it up and hope some day I can have them redone. They are a showstopper for sure!! Blessings, C

Mo at Mocadeaux on

I absolutely love a bright, light kitchen with lots of windows. The elliptical cabinet fronts are fantastic!

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