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Hello and happy Tuesday to you from chilly NY. The weather has suddenly turned very cold, it is sweater and boot weather and I am loving it:) I have such fun hosting these contests…..they are such a testament to the talents and tastes of my amazing readers/customers!

So thank you one last time to everyone for entering and for those who are voting. Today we have a showdown of two incredible pictures that embody all that is good about fall. It is not an easy decision as they are both so exquisite. But it’s time to make a decision! So here are your two finalists-


CHOICE 1 from round 1


CHOICE 2 from round 2


OK now put on your thinking caps and vote for your absolute favorite-



Sneak peek- While I have your attention I just had to share with you these most gorgeous pictures I just got back of my magnificent ornaments excited with how these came out. I am obsessed with these ornaments, they are bigger and more amazing in person, and the details are really special, seeing is believing!  I cannot wait to hear the first round of feedback from those who have ornaments en route:)

They were professionally photographed a few days ago and will be added to the new site (very soon, we are really at the final stages now). You know I have no patience and have to share right away!!

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Can you blame me for being over the moon about these ornaments!! It was years in the making so the satisfaction is extra sweet:) And how about those two finalists…amazing indeed!

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…….







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Jane Goforth on

I look forward to receiving your post each day. You have exquisite taste…my kind of beauty for the home,

Donna on

Love reading your lovely news and information! ?

Betsy Carson on

I can’t wait to use the ornaments year round in my blue & white “foot bath” container. Right now it’s filled with gourds & pumpkins.
Thank you for your impeccable taste!

Donna c on

Thank you for all that you share and the work you put into each and every post. You make my day! I’m so excited and can’t wait to get the ornaments. Have a great day!

Grace Williams on

Can’t wait to receive my ornaments!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, I cannot believe how beautiful these two finalists are! I love them both! As for your ornaments…stunning! These are going to make a lot so people happy and create a lot of beautiful holiday trees!

Have a great day!

Donna on

The ornament photo shoot is wonderful!

Looking forward to viewing the holiday compositions of home and hearth using these special gems.

You have so much to share and each and every one of us love every segment.

Katherine W on

Just four words.
You make me smile!

Katherine Pitts
Vicksburg Mississippi

PeggY on

Looks like you picked the best of both photo rounds, as they are very close in the voting! Good luck to each finalist.

Tina, I was wondering if you know what the oriental characters mean on the ornament or is it just a decorative design?

Can’t wait to see your Christmas tree this year; I am sure it will be spectacular!?

Beth Brace on

Just love your post. It makes my day.

SusaN on

Love the dragons ornaments. Would love to see dragon figuRines!

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