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Hello and happy Friday afternoon-  such a crazy busy week over here. We have been up to our ears in ornaments and getting orders out fast and furious… would not believe how much we got done this week! I am looking forward to some down time tomorrow and we are planning on driving north into CT to see the lat of the fall foliage. It is so beautiful this time of year.

In addition to putting in overtime at the office/warehouse,  have been sprucing things up around the house and one thing I do every year is go on a towel buying spree:) I love getting fresh towels in and have tried many, I have a few tried and true favorites.

One of my favorites, because of their softness,  durability and how well they absorb are the Westcott towels from Ralph Lauren. And thought you should know they are on sale right now the lowest price of the year over at one of my favorites, Horchow!! So I have stocked up for a while!

It’s a great time to buy, then I got busy (and sidetracked) buying a few accessories for a few bathrooms that had been forgotten about and I thought it would make a fun post, all about bathrooms and adding small touches to spruce them up. So time to choose your two favorite bathroom items, ready?




CHOICE 1. My favorite bathroom towel in a huge assortment of colors, great price!! Click here


CHOICE 2 How pretty are these alabaster bathroom pieces? Love them! Click here


CHOICE 3 Isn’t this bathroom rug a beauty? Just ordered this for my guest bath, stunning and on sale:) Click here


CHOICE 4 Adore this elegant water carafe, what a pretty little piece for a bathroom/nightstand, click here


CHOICE 5 Great price on the Westcott bath rugs…$30! Click here


CHOICE 6 You know I love this shower curtain from John Robshaw, very chic! Click here


CHOICE 7 LOVE this set, and ordered it! Click here


CHOICE 8 When you need a great big luxurious bath sheet in a wide range of colors, this huge Westcott will do and at $26 it’s a bargain!  Click here


CHOICE 9 These polished nickel pieces are such classics, got a few for my sons bathroom, was desperately needed! Click here


CHOICE 10 The Westcott hand towels are on sale as well, great price in a wide array of colors! Click here

CHOICE 11 Isn’t this ruffled shower curtain the cutest! If i had a daughter she would have this in her bathroom:) Click here


CHOICE 12 This is a stunning bathmat and at $23 you don’t have to think twice! Click here


CHOICE 13 Isn’t this sconce gorgeous! I know I am getting ahead of myself but thinking for my PB bathroom this would be beautiful. I was floored to see they are only $250! Click here


CHOICE 14 These beautiful wicker laundry pieces could almost make laundry fun:) Click here



Ahh…this post makes me want to give every bathroom a makeover! So many pretty things, great prices and an amazing selection. You can always count on Horchow to deliver! Click here to see all of the bath goodies over at Horchow.

Don’t forget one more day to enter the giveaway for two great prizes, click here to throw your name in the hat. Thank you for stopping in as always, wishing you a wonderful Friday evening. Until next time…….

PS As of Saturday morning a fabulous new promo started on all the European Kitchen items, worth checking out, click here,




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Kay Kuloko on

Love all the goodies but I think 4 and 6 are my favorites.

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors on

Tina, Horchow always has the best sales! I love the Wescott towels. They are my favorites! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Kathy on

Once again I love your choices. Enjoy your weekend! It’s a great time of year.

Donna on

Those sconces are lovely and the towels are priced well.

Roxanne on

And don’t forget that Horchow prices on monograms are unbeatable!! Thanks for the heads up on the towels, I’m due for new in my bathrooms. Lucky husband will inherit old monogrammed towels for car washing. Lol

joan on

Love anything faux bamboo/lattice so definitely #7. Wall tile should be finished by mid-week so I’m thinking the #13 sconces would be lovely in my new main bathroom.
Thanks for the heads-up Tina!

Ellie on

I especially love 3 & 4 but as always I LOVE everything you share. Thank you for making our world more beautiful. ?

Arell on

I really love the silver trays that you used for chargers on one of your tablescapes! Such a great idea!

Khadija on

What lovely items. I think 13 and 4 would be my top choices but I looove the first bath rug and that shower curtain.

Eve on

I have shopped Horchow for years–great prices and quality. Have never been disappointed. Love their monogramed bath sheets.

ApRil on

Very much like the alabaster collection and the #3 bath rug.
Always interesting and fun Tina. Thanks. AFN

Laurie on

Love the sculpted towels!

Kathleen on

I think the crystal carafe/glass set is so perfect as a house gift instead of a bottle of wine! It’s a gift that is so usable, looks great on a nightstand, and something that the person will always remember you by. I also love the sconce.

leslie on

I have the RL towels too and LOVE them. The price is right too! I need to order one of those carafes for my bedside table! Enjoy your Saturday!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

I am all about pampering myself with luxurious towels so I chose #1 and #8. But that sconce sure is beautiful! Oh, who am I kidding? Every single selection is fabulous!

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